Aspen Dental Reviews Negative Complaints And FAQ

Aspen Dental Reviews: Negative Complaints And FAQs

Aspen Dental has become a large provider of dental services across the United States, operating over 950 dental offices in over 40 states as of 2022. As with any large corporate dental provider, reviews and complaints from patients vary significantly.

This post aims to examine some of the most common Aspen Dental reviews, complaints, and frequently asked questions to help readers make informed decisions about their dental care options.

Positive Aspen Dental Reviews

Despite some negative reviews and complaints, many patients do report positive experiences with Aspen Dental. Some common positive reviews focus on:

Affordability and Payment Options

Aspen Dental accepts most dental insurance plans and also offers payment plans for uninsured patients who cannot afford treatment costs upfront. Reviews praise the affordability and flexibility with payments.

Convenient Office Locations and Hours

The large number of Aspen Dental locations means most patients can find an office nearby with convenient hours that fit their schedule, including some weekend and evening hours. This makes routine and emergency dental care more accessible.

Thorough Cleanings and checkups

Some reviews emphasize having a positive first experience with thorough cleanings, checkups, and x-rays to establish a baseline for their dental health. Staff reportedly took the time to explain findings and answer questions.

Friendly and Professional Staff

Positive reviews frequently mention staff who are friendly, knowledgeable, gentle with procedures, and care about patient comfort. The large corporate structure may provide training and resources that help employees deliver quality care.

Modern facilities and equipment

The growth and success of Aspen Dental has allowed investment in new facilities and technology. Reviews note modern, pleasant offices with the latest equipment, creating a positive environment for dental visits.

While negatives reviews do exist, the convenience, affordability, and quality care reported by satisfied patients indicate Aspen Dental meets expectations and needs for some consumers. Let’s now examine some more common complaints.

Common Aspen Dental Complaints

As with any large corporation, not all patient experiences will be positive. Aspen Dental complaints tend to focus on the following issues:

High Prices and Upselling of Treatments

The most frequent complaints center around allegedly high prices charged for routine procedures like cleanings, fillings, and root canals. Some patients feel pressured into more expensive treatments they don’t necessarily need.

Poor Communication and Explanations

Some reviews allege a lack of clear communication from dentists and hygienists about diagnoses, treatment plans, and costs. Patients complain of not understanding what procedures will actually be performed or why certain treatments are recommended.

Long Wait Times

With a high patient volume, some experience extended wait times for appointments due to a perceived emphasis on productivity over patient care. Delayed treatment can worsen existing dental issues.

Rushed Appointments and Treatment

Complaints include feeling that appointments are rushed just to get patients in-and-out, with a lack of personalized care. Treatments themselves may feel hurried according to some reviews.

Difficulty Rescheduling or Cancelling Appointments

Late cancellations are subject to fees, and some report difficulty rescheduling unwanted appointments despite open availability online. This frustration impacts patient flexibility.

Billing and Insurance Issues

Reviews mention incorrectly billing patients for treatments not actually received, as well as difficulty navigating insurance settlements and payments.

Addressing patient concerns is important for any business, so let’s dig deeper into some frequently asked questions.

FAQs About Aspen Dental Prices, Insurance, and Treatment

People considering Aspen Dental often have questions the corporation or clinics don’t always clarify adequately online or over the phone. Here are answers to help enlighten readers:

Are Aspen Dental Prices Really That High?

Pricing can vary significantly by location, procedure, and insurance. However, some studies show Aspen Dental charges an average of 20-30% more than independent dentists for the same procedures according to claims data. High overhead of large corporate practices is one factor that influences costs.

Do They Really Upsell Unneeded Treatments?

Accusations of overtreatment are difficult to substantiate without examining individual records and x-rays. However, corporate dentistry models do face pressure to maximize production and profits, which could theoretically incentivize unnecessary procedures. Clear second opinions are always advisable.

How Does Insurance Work With Aspen Dental?

They accept all major plans but note insurance often only covers a portion of costs. As an “out-of-network” provider for some insurers, patients pay more out-of-pocket compared to dentists within those networks. Aspen should provide insurance estimates upfront.

Are Appointments and Wait Times Reliably On Schedule?

For routine cleanings and checkups, most report 15-30 minute waits once checked in. However, emergencies or more complex procedures involving multiple specialists can result in delays, especially as offices strive to keep to schedules. Flexibility is important.

Do They Offer Payment Plan Options?

Yes, in addition to taking all major credit cards, Aspen Dental provides internal no-interest payment plans for treatment costs over $300. Plans can be 6-12 months or longer, helping close the gap between insurance coverage and total bills. Late and missed payments incur fees.

What If I’m Not Happy After Treatment?

Customer service should address any quality, communication or billing issues. Complaining to your state’s dental board about clinical matters is also an option as a last resort. Ask about guarantees or money-back policies for specific unsatisfactory outcomes. Prevention and second opinions are still advisable upfront to avoid problems.

Making the Best Dental Care Decision

With pros and cons to both corporate dental chains and private practices, folks must evaluate their specific needs, location, insurance, and budget to determine the right provider. But there are also ways to help ensure a good Aspen Dental experience if choosing them:

  • Thoroughly review treatment plans and costs prior to any procedures
  • Ask questions until fully understanding diagnoses and recommended work
  • Request an itemized receipt afterwards validating services received
  • Consider a second opinion for any large or invasive treatments
  • Provide positive and constructive feedback when pleased with care
  • Calmly address any issues directly with the dental office first
  • Leave helpful online reviews to aid others in decision making

Overall transparency, clear expectations, two-way communication, and acting as an informed consumer can go a long way towards having a satisfactory dental experience regardless of the practice.

With the right precautions, the affordability and accessibility of Aspen Dental may be the right fit for some patients seeking routine preventative care and basic treatments.

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