Top 10 Best Renters Insurance Companies In Australia

Top 10 Best Renters Insurance Companies In Australia

If you’re a resident in Australia or planning on becoming a resident in Australia, finding the best renters insurance companies in Australia will keep your properties safe from any possible damage or catastrophe.

Australia is a beautiful place to rent a home, but for a better and safer living, one must invest in a renters insurance company as it ensures excellent safety.

There are so many renters insurance companies in Australia. Finding one may be easy, but getting the best and most affordable renters insurance company in Australia may be difficult. But search no more. We are here to help.

This article will discuss renters insurance, what renters insurance Covers, the top 10 best renters insurance companies in Australia and what they provide, and our recommendations to make your choice easier.

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What is Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance (or tenant insurance) is a type of insurance policy that covers your personal property, like your computer, if it is lost, stolen, or damaged or as a result of an incident in your homes, such as a fire or sewage backup.

renters insurance in australia

Some valuables, like jewelry, fine art, professional cameras, and other items, can also get extra protection.

Additionally, since you can be held responsible if a guest is injured in your apartment, renters insurance can protect you by paying for their medical bills, so you don’t have to endure the financial stress of treating them.

What does renters insurance cover?

A renters insurance policy often covers the following:

1. Personal Property

A renters insurance policy will cover personal property like clothing, furniture, gadgets, and appliances. Almost anything kept inside a rented apartment can be covered; some of those things could even be covered when they are not in the apartment. The personal belongings of family members, visitors, and domestic staff members like housekeepers or babysitters are also covered.

2. Theft

If something were stolen from your home or apartment, you would file a claim with your renters insurance provider, and they would reimburse you for the lost property. Renters insurance policies often cover incidents outside your home, such as pickpocketing or phone theft.

3. Living expenses

When your home is damaged, renters insurance coverage assists in covering any extra living expenses. Renters Insurance can help you to cover the cost of a hotel room if a fire breaks out in your building and makes your apartment uninhabitable.

4. Injury to visitors

Personal liability insurance comes in if someone is hurt or has damaged property, and you are held responsible. If the injured party decides to sue you, your renters insurance coverage may also cover legal defense costs or medical payment for the guest’s medical expenses.

What Does A Good Renters Insurance Company provide?

Good renters insurance company provides contents Insurance to renters to assist in paying for losses or damages to the contents in your rental house due to an insured incident. A good renters insurance company will also provide coverage for clothing, footwear, handbags, electrical items, furniture, appliances, BBQ, and other items.

Top 10 Best Renters Insurance Companies In Australia

We have reviewed so many renters insurance companies in Australia based on comprehensive research and have selected the top 10! This selection was made based on affordability, accessibility, and efficiency.

If you have been anticipating to know more about these companies, anticipate no more because the long wait is finally over.

Below are The Top 10 Insurance Companies in Australia.

1. ING home and content Insurance.

ING is part of the ING Group and is one of the world’s largest financial institutions. ING Home and Contents Insurance offer comprehensive protection for your house and belongings against various risks, including theft and burglary and natural catastrophes like fire, storm, and earthquake coverage.

Customers can save money by using ING Home Insurance. When you sign up online, you can receive discounts of up to 30% on new Home and Contents Insurance plans.


Another of the best renters insurance companies in Australia is NRMA. NRMA was established in 1920 and was formerly known as the National Roads and Motorists’ Association.

NRMA is an Australian company that provides travel insurance, home insurance, renters insurance, roadside assistance, advocacy for drivers and other road users, driving tips, car maintenance, International Driving Permits, and other services in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

Company URL:


SGIO is also one of the best renters insurance companies in Australia. State Government Insurance Office, or SGIO, is an insurance brand of Insurance Australia Group.

In Western Australia, SGIO conducts trades and offers a variety of commercial and personal coverage.

The company was founded in 1926, initially providing workers’ compensation insurance to Western Australians. Currently, it offers Insurance for cars, landlords, motorcycles, scooters, caravans, classic cars, homes, renters, farms, and boats, in addition to other products.

4. Australian Associated Motor insurance Limited

Australian Associated Motor Insurers Limited, also known as AAMI, is a general insurance company in Australia that offers business, renters, home, auto, and CTP insurance. Since 2007, AAMI has been a brand and a subsidiary of Suncorp Group.

AAMI offers  3 types of home insurance: Building, Contents, and a combined Home and Contents policy. They also offer optional extras to tailor your policy, and Landlord Insurance protects your investment properties.

AAMI Home Insurance policy will cover you for these insured events and more: Storms, Malicious damage, theft, etc.

Company  URL:


SGIC is a South Australian-based insurance brand of the Insurance Australia Group trading. Previously, it was known as the State Government Insurance Commission, and It was operated by the South Australian government, offering a variety of insurance. On January 4, 1972, SGIC opened its door for business.

6. Youi

Youi is an insurance provider based in Australia. It offers services for homes,  product liability, and automobiles. its headquarters is in Queensland, Australia, and was established in 2007 by its parent company OUTsurance.

With Youi insurance, your home, renters, and belongings are covered. It is reliable and worth investing in.

Company URL:

7. Insurance Australia Group Limited

Another of the best renters insurance companies in Australia is Insurance Australia Group Limited (IAG).

IAG is a multinational insurance provider. It is Australia’s largest general insurance company. Its headquarter is in Sydney, Australia.

They covers homes and contents, marine construction and engineering, and commercial property. The company also provides personal liability insurance, commercial liability insurance, farm, crop, and livestock insurance, income protection insurance, and travel insurance.

Company URL:

8. CGU

In Australia, CGU Insurance Limited is a reputable commercial, personal, and rural insurance provider. The company, which has a 165-year heritage, provides a wide range of insurance options, including travel, renters, home and belongings, auto, and more.

9. WFI

WFI is a reputable and outstanding insurance in Australia, founded in 1919, and the largest general insurer in Australia and New Zealand, with a growing presence in Asia. WFI provides a wide range of insurance products and packages for businesses, farms, homes, cars, and strata.

Company URL:

10. QBE Insurance Group Limited

QBE is a general insurance and reinsurance provider based in Sydney and is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. Over 11,700 individuals work for this organization across 27 nations.

Risk management, landlord or renter insurance, and home insurance are all offered by QBE. When it comes to both likely and unlikely events, QBE can insure your house and its contents.

Company URL:

Our Recommendations

All of these insurance companies in Australia are good and reliable. Still, our top recommendation will be ING home and content Insurance because of its customer service, affordability, and excellent coverage. 

ING home and contents Insurance will make your investment worthwhile.


One can never go wrong with Renters Insurance. These listed companies are worth investing in because of their unique features. If you’re in Australia, select any of these Top 10 Renters Insurance Companies in Australia and invest in them.

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