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Top 10 Best Renters Insurance Companies In Texas.

If you’re a resident in Texas or planning on becoming a resident in Texas, finding the right Renters insurance companies in texas is necessary to keep your properties safe from any possible damage or catastrophe.

Texas is a beautiful place to rent a home, but for a better and safer living, one must invest in a renters insurance company as it ensures excellent safety.

There are so many renters insurance companies, particularly in Texas. Finding one may not be an issue, and getting the best and most affordable insurance company may be pretty tricky. However, search no more, we’ve done all the research for you.

In this article, we will discuss renters insurance companies, the top 10 best renters insurance companies in Texas, what to look out for while making a choice, and our recommendations to make your choice easier. Read on to find out more.

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Renters Insurance Companies

Renters insurance covers losses to personal property when unexpected circumstances occur and protects the insured from harm to his property and anyone within.

Renters insurance companies are there to provide coverage and liability insurance at a reasonable cost.

It is essential to invest in these companies as it protects personal properties, provides liability coverage, covers additional living expenses, and protect properties even when you travel! 

For those in Texas, be sure to make an intelligent investment in any of these renters insurance companies in Texas we would be pointing out below.

What is the Cost of Renters Insurance in Texas?

On average, the cost of renters insurance companies in Texas is $11 per month compared to the national U.S. average of $13.

However, in Texas, prices can range from $7 to $14 per month, giving a range average of as low as $84 annually to as high as $168 annually.

Renters insurance cost is the most crucial factor to look out for when choosing a company policy. Hence, we are here to help you find the best and most affordable renters insurance companies in Texas.

What Are The Top 10 Best Renters Insurance Companies In Texas?

Based on comprehensive research, we’ve reviewed some renters insurance companies in Texas and have selected the best 10! This choice was made based mainly on affordability, accessibility, and efficiency.

If you’ve been eager to know these companies from the start, anticipate no further because the long wait is finally over. Following are The Top 10 best Insurance Companies in Texas.

1. Lemonade

Lemonade Renters Insurance Company is known for its affordability and efficiency. It’s the perfect choice for those looking for cheap and capable policies.

Lemonade insurance company

Lemonade Renters Insurance covers essential features and offers additional features like flood and equipment breakdown insurance. The basic plan costs an average of $7 per month.

They also have one of the quickest and easiest quote processes and offer discounts for safety and premium protection.

Why Choose Lemonade Renters Insurance?

Lemonade Renters Insurance is a company to choose from as it is affordable and accessible and one of the cheapest renters insurance companies in Texas.

The company is known for its online presence; hence, easily accessible and highly recommended, as it also saves time.

This insurance company is also recommended for college students as it offers discounts and cheap renters insurance coverage; hence, it is an intelligent and cost-friendly choice.

2. Allstate

Allstate Renters Insurance Company is one of the best, and it’s known for multiple things. It offers nationwide coverage at very affordable rates and a surplus of discounts.

allstate insurance company

Allstate offers numerous discounts for bundling renters insurance with many other policies. The primary renters insurance policy starts at $8 per month, making it a very affordable choice for renters in Texas.

The company also entails excellent customer service and a user-friendly mobile app and website, which makes your renters insurance experience easy.

Why Choose Allstate Renters Insurance?

Allstate Renters Insurance Company is the right choice due to its financial stability and affordability.

With so many savings options, it’s no surprise that Allstate is one of the most popular choices for renters insurance in Texas.

Allstate Renters Insurance is also customer friendly, offering four additional coverage options and five discount policies.

In addition, if accidental circumstances occur, your legal insurance policy will cover temporary living expenses. These include hotel or motel reservations, restaurant meals, and many more.

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3. State Farm

State Farm Renters Insurance Company is one of the best renters insurance companies in Texas. The company offers low prices for renters insurance, and it also has a broad range of discounts.

State farm insurance

State Farm’s average cost for renters insurance is only $10 a month, falling within the average price range of $7 to $14 in Texas.

The company also offers unique pet coverage and personal medical and liability coverage. They also offer discounts for members of the military and the elderly.

Why Choose State Farm?

State Farm Renters Insurance Company holds industry-standard coverage options for the property, personal liability, medical bills, and pets!

Their quotes are easily accessible, and with their many coverage options and discounts, the prices come at affordable rates.

4. Nationwide

Nationwide Renters Insurance Company offers renters insurance in Texas to help protect your belongings when unexpected circumstances occur.

Nationwide renters insurance policies cover, personal property, liability, and additional living expenses. You can also customize your coverage to fit your demands.

Nationwide’s average cost for renters insurance is $13 monthly, and although a bit expensive, it is worthwhile.

Why Choose Nationwide?

We chose Nationwide because it has numerous local agents that make customer service more accessible.

Nationwide renters insurance offers comprehensive additional coverage options, customized coverage, numerous discounts, and a series of endorsements. The websites are also always user-friendly.

Annually, they also offer free On Your Side insurance consultation services.

5. Progressive

Progressive Renters Insurance Company is a top choice for named hazard coverage.

Most covered hazards and catastrophes are standard, but Progressive goes beyond and offers a wide range of hazard coverages like tornadoes, explosions, wind storms, etc.

The average cost for renters insurance is $14 per month. Progressive also offers many discounts and provides 24/7 customer service.

Why Choose Progressive?

Progressive Renters Insurance Company is an excellent choice as it offers increased coverage for hazards and natural disasters.

And since natural disasters like high winds, tornadoes, etc., often happen in Texas, Progressive will help keep you covered.

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6. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual Renters Insurance Company offers renters insurance at $5 a month.

Liberty Mutual is also known for providing add-ons so you can expand coverage to meet your needs.

In Texas, it provides additional coverage for items such as jewelry, furs, computers, and other electronics.

Why Choose Liberty Mutual?

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company is an excellent choice as it is pocket-friendly and gives multiple policy discounts.

More so, the company’s comprehensive coverage and top-notch customer service are one of its best features.

7. Travelers

Travelers Renters Insurance Company offers a wide range of coverage options compared to similar companies. Their average cost for renters is just $6 monthly.

With their 24/7 customer service, Travelers Insurance has some coverage options that other insurers do not offer.

Why Choose Travelers?

Whether you’re a renter in Texas, Travelers has the renters insurance coverage options you need.

It even has some coverage options that other insurers usually do not offer. For example, housing improvements, water backup, equipment coverage, etc.

With their affordable rates and wide range of coverage, they also offer numerous discount policies.

8. Farmers

Farmers Renters Insurance Company offers a variety of valuable features for renters, including several ways to customize the coverage and a user-friendly app.

Its average cost for renters insurance is $13 per month.

They have various additional coverage options, and although their rates are a bit high, the company offers several discounts.

Why Choose Farmers?

One benefit of choosing Farmers is its wide variety of online tools that make finding critical information fast and easy.

Farmers also offer numerous discount options that reduce the cost of your insurance premium.

They also have a high availability rate in all parts of Texas with quality customer service.

9. Geico

Geico Renters Insurance Company is an intelligent choice for renters looking to combine their renters insurance policy with their car insurance policy.

Geico makes it easy to access and manage your policy with its user-friendly app and connect to a local agent for any questions about your insurance.

Its average cost for renters insurance is $13 per month.

Why Choose Geico?

In addition to their standard Renters policy coverage, Geico Renters Insurance Company offers a wide range of additional coverage options, including earthquakes, identity fraud, and business liability.

They are also known for their availability and easy accessibility in Texas.

10. American Family

American Family Renters Insurance Company offers lots of coverage and discount options.

American Family offers numerous ways to customized renters insurance policy, and these include coverage for valuables, breakdown of electronic devices, and identity fraud.

The company’s $11 per month rates are slightly cheaper than the national average.

But American Family renters insurance isn’t available in all states, but it’s available in Texas with easy accessibility.

Why Choose American Family?

American Family Renters Insurance Company is best for those who want plenty of ways to customize and save on their renter’s policy.

It’s also best for its numerous discount options and standard customer service.

Our Recommendations.

Although each of these renters insurance companies in Texas is affordable, accessible, and efficient, our top recommendation will be Lemonade Renters Insurance Company.

We choose Lemonade for its uniquely affordable rate and premium accessibility, and as it’s cost-friendly, it also offers numerous discounts and has a wide range of insurance coverage.

Lemonade Renters Insurance will make your investment worthwhile.

Final Thoughts.

One can never go wrong with a Renters Insurance policy; each of these companies has unique features and is worth investing in. If you’re in Texas, choose any of these Top 10 Renters Insurance Companies in Texas and invest in them today.

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