Blast Auxiliary Portable AC reviews

Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Reviews: Read Before Purchase

Blast Auxiliary Portable AC is a fantastic air cooling system manufactured by Quality Performance Limited.

The incredible personal cooling device is designed to keep small areas cool by supplying air through a water curtain, bringing coolness through the fan — keeping your home comfortable all summer and winter long.

As it is widely known, Summer is a season that is the warmest of the year.

During this period, the weather grows warmer, and in some areas, the heat gives off drier temperatures. This time of the year, usually hot and dry, often leads to droughts, where water is short.

Heat waves, times of scorching weather that include spikes in temperature, can also occur during the summer.

In the northern hemisphere, the period usually starts in June and ends in August, while it normally starts in December and ends in February in the southern hemisphere.

During this period, people would get hot quickly; hence there would be a need to cool the environment.

Standing and ceiling fans are not helpful in this period of the year. After working for some hours, the air the fans blow usually gets warmer. This situation will increase the amount of heat you are experiencing.

A lot of people always choose to spend their time outdoors during the summer season. However, during the winter season, the converse is true. The heat in summer will make your home dry and hot, while the winter cold makes everywhere chilly, people hardly want to spend time outside.

Cracked lips, nosebleeds, and itchy, dry skin are part of what the winter season brings because of the scorching heat it is associated with. In the winter, cases of influenza, colds, and coughs usually increase.

As earlier stated, this AC is helpful in the Summer season, and it is also helpful during the winter.

This season, notorious for being the coldest of the year, can mean trouble for asthma people.

Cold temperatures keep people indoors, which means more exposure to air pollutants such as dust, dander, and mould that can trigger asthma attacks.

The season, which usually starts from December to February in the northern hemisphere and June to August in the southern hemisphere, is very tough on the skin.

The cold temperatures in winter coupled with low humidity levels usually end in dry air that generally draws moisture from the skin. Winter winds which are always harsh on the skin, and dry indoor heat also make the problem worse as they can cause cracked and even bleeding skin.

Both the summer and winter seasons come with challenges that need to be alleviated to navigate them while also staying healthy. The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC is what you need in your house to solve all these problems, as mentioned earlier, that come with each season of the year. The device does the work of adding a calming humidity and coolness that will make you feel comfortable in the home.

This kind of situation is where the fantastic device, Blast Auxiliary Portable AC, comes into play.

The Blast Auxiliary AC review is a newly manufactured device that just hit the market. You might have or might not have come across the AC, but the device is selling fast for a freshly launched product.

The incredible lightweight device is easy to use. It cools and humidifies the air around it, allowing you to access an unlimited supply of the freshest, safest air at any time of any season.

Having this AC around you will make you feel relaxed, safe, and revitalized at home, no matter the season — whether in summer or winter.

We recommend that everyone who wants to stay healthy and save every season of the year will want to have a fantastic device like the Blast Auxiliary AC as their companion.

But the question is, are there genuine and shocking complaints from consumers and warnings to know about, or is the Blast Auxiliary Portable Desktop AC Ultra worth the money and cooling benefits as reviewed by many buyers you may have come across on other review sites? Well, this article is centred on shedding light on the product. Carefully read our honest review about the product below to know the answer. In this review, you will get the answer to every possible question you might have about the AC.


Blast Auxiliary Portable AC review is a unique, classic, noiseless, compact air conditioner that can be helpful with the problem of heating or warming of the environment such as your workspace, bedroom, home, or dorm room, in a difficult situation just like in the summer.

Unlike the usual ACs, Blast Auxiliary is a very small and cheap air conditioner with many features. Although the AC seems unreal in reality, the device is a must-have companion all summer long.

The air cooler, which derives its name “Blast Auxiliary Portable Desktop AC,” from a desktop, is shaped like a desktop. It also has a minimal size and can fit on a desk or a bookcase; and unlike popular ACs, it runs on much lesser electricity; this means that the owners of this fantastic device won’t have to worry about their electric bill going up by hundreds of dollars with its usage.

Blast Auxiliary has a plastic outer skeleton. It also has three components inside for multi-purpose features and multi-purpose usage. The device also has and handles above it; the handle is for carrying the weightless AC.

While all usual and popular ACs dries the air in an environment to cool it, the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC instead adds moisture to the atmosphere while also cooling it. Instead of drying out your skin and your sinuses, the Portable AC ver 2 can create a comfortable indoor environment with minimal effort.

Unlike a traditional air conditioner that dries the air to cool it, the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC comes with a new and improved modern design and more advanced features. It adds moisture to the atmosphere while also cooling it.

That air cooler is a new and heavy in-demand device currently trending and sending very fast in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Norway, Russia, Kazakhstan, etc.

Blast AC, instead of drying out your sinuses and your skin, can create a comfortable indoor environment with minimal effort, hence the reason why consumers of the newly manufactured product are hurriedly buying it as they gear up for what appears to be another heat-intense and humid summer season.

WHAT DOES THIS BLAST AC DO? (Blast auxiliary Portable AC reviews)

As stated earlier, the Blast AC is an air conditioner. The device helps prevent your personal space from getting too dry and hot so that it can make your stay comfortable. The AC works perfectly to keep the air in your house revitalized, calm, and fresh.

The Blast Auxiliary was not designed to cool an entire home, nor was it intended to replace the traditional ACs used in homes. The device is so small, portable, and designed to cool a small environment, hence the reason why it is for personal use.

The Blast Auxiliary AC is very affordable and pocket-friendly. Even if you charge the device over and over again, you won’t see a significant impact on your monthly electricity bills.

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Consumers can also switch between three different modes; (i) air Conditioner, (ii) regular fan, and; (iii) Misting Pump. The AC provides such unique and mind-blowing flexibility to its consumers with its small size, which we can say is remarkable.

You can use the Blast Auxiliary Portable Desktop AC on your desk while you work. You can also put one in the kid’s room so as to prevent them from sweating as a result of heat while they sleep.

The device weighs less than 2 pounds unfilled, and this makes it very much easier to carry anywhere you go so that you don’t suffer in the harsh, sweaty, and miserable summer heat. Like we shifted from massive computers to handheld smartphones, Blast AC can also be moved and used anywhere.

Blast AC also produces incredibly low noise, and you don’t have to worry about disturbance while you work or sleep.

How Does The Blast Auxiliary Portable Desktop AC Work?

The Blast AC works just like an Air Conditioner itself; a regular fan as well as a misting pump, so it has a 3-in-1 feature. Refilling the big capacity tank with water whenever it runs low is much very easy to do.

This excellent air cooler lowers down the room temperature and starts cooling a heating room within a minute, eventually making the area more comfortable to stay in. Consumers of the device can also adjust the coolness as per the consumer’s preference.

This Desktop Air Conditioner produces no loud, obnoxious fan noise to disrupt your leisure. The device is so fantastic that it can lighten the mood when you want intimacy. It also has an adjustable blind to direct the cool air wherever you want it.

Another thing that is also a plus about this device is that it is cordless and rechargeable, so you don’t worry about running out of juice on the Blast Auxiliary Portable Air Conditioner and humidifier. The humidifier helps moisten dryness on the skin as well as nasal and mouth passageways.

Thankfully, the technology used in air conditioning has come a very long way. With air cooling technology, the effects of scalding heat have been curbed without needing tons of space and power.

Is Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Good?

Blast Portable AC is reviewed to be a fantastic air cooler that creates a cooling breeze, and it can be switched to a regular fan, whichever way you like the air in your environment.

This device is not just an ordinary air cooler; it is also a multi-purpose device with many features and different types of usages that other cooling devices don’t give.

While many air cooling devices in the market provide single features like conditioning the air or cooling it, this Portable Desktop AC also includes a misting pump and a regular fan.

If you often experience dry air or stuffed sinuses, the Blast Auxiliary AC can make you feel better as It is designed to also function as a humidifier. According to reviews by some consumers of this product, this Portable AC generates cool air. Some consumers also claimed to enjoy rapid cooling very fast as the air conditioner pumps out 2.7 m/s of cool, fresh air within a minute.

There are many ACs available in the market. Still, these Air Conditioners are either very expensive, very large and heavy, or have high maintenance time and cost, usually sulking up all the time and money. Most significantly, they don’t usually give the comfort the user deserves. All the aforementioned makes the effectiveness of the device reduced.

Also, most of these ACs come with just two units. The outer unit that blows out heat can increase the potency of heat all around the house, making sitting outdoor very exasperating, and summer will feel more infuriating than light and fun.

Some portable devices provide Air-conditioning, but these devices are pricey for the size they have and the functionality they provide. And, there isn’t a good device life for these portable Air Conditioners.

Most portable Air Conditioners aren’t as easy and convenient as Blast Auxiliary and don’t give better battery time. At the same time, Blast Auxiliary has many components inside it. It has a power of 3 fans. It has better battery life.

Additionally, the Blast AC can easily be operated at three fan speeds, and the user can set it to their optimum comfort level.

These are some of the known reasons why Blast Auxiliary Portable Desktop AC is unique and different and sells fast than many other cooling devices in the market. HealtWeakness can barely make them fast enough.


THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE BLAST AC IS VERY SIMPLE: as water evaporates, it requires heat. That heat has to come from somewhere. This Air Conditioner sucks hot air into one side of the device, then expels it from the opposite side of the device. Then air evaporates water from the water curtain inside, which then results in cooler temperatures.

HOW THE SCIENCE WORKS: You soak the water curtain into the water, soaking it with moisture before placing it back to the Blast AC.

Hot air passes one end of the Desktop AC and encounters the water curtain. As hot air meets the water curtain, it starts the evaporation process: the recent air causes the moisture within the water curtain to evaporate, and that is because, without heat, evaporation can’t take place.

Your skin feels cool once you get out of the shower because evaporation requires heat to work; when water evaporates off of your body, moisture and heat are drawn far away from your body.

As the air evaporates, the device pushes cooler, wetter air out the opposite side of the device. This cools the environment without employing a conventional Air Conditioning system.

Traditional air conditioners work in a completely different way from Blast Portable AC. These ACs use and consume electricity as they use metal coils, high-powered fans, and vents to spread cool air throughout your home. They’re effective for giant homes. They’re also expensive. Plus, they dry out your home.

However, with Blast Auxiliary Portable Desktop AC, you get similar cooling capability in a minimal, portable unit.

The Portable Desktop AC even encompasses a bonus filter. After air passes through the unit, it then passes through an additional filtration layer with silver ions. Silver is, of course, antimicrobial. Germs cannot survive on the surface of the silver. As germs encounter the silver particles within the filter, they die.

The result? The Desktop AC releases cool, clean, and refreshing air into the environment you are in. It’s that easy, and it happens within a minute just before your eyes after putting on the Portable AC.


We’ve summarized the science behind the Blast AC. However, below are the import features and functions of the device:

Multiple Operating Modes: One of the most fantastic things about the Blast Auxiliary Air Conditioner is the downright adaptability that it possesses. This portable AC is not in any way a one-trick pony at all. Instead, it has various modes in which it can operate according to the user’s liking. The main one is evidently, the air conditioner mode that cools the environment you are in. However, users can also switch off the air conditioner mode and use it as an average fan.

The modes don’t stop there either, as the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC comes with a humidifier function. This function eliminates dry air in your room and replaces it with pleasant humid air, making you feel more energized and revitalized.

Moreover, you don’t want dry air in your room as it is known to cause uneasiness. So, in terms of getting humid air, cool air, or just normal air wherever you are, this portable air cooler becomes your go-to device as it comes with different modes to switch in between.

Multiple Fan Speeds: Whenever you buy an air conditioner or a fan, you want it to be versatile. For example, if the weather isn’t hot enough for a fast fan yet, you need to reduce its speed to a comfortable level per the temperature.

Fortunately, the Blast Auxiliary Portable Air Conditioner comes with not two but three different fan modes. These modes have been tweaked to suit a vast majority of varying weather conditions. So, either you want an ultra-fast fan to cool you down or want to enjoy a gentle breeze, you are all covered with the Blast Auxiliary AC in your possession.

Multiple Cooling Solutions: We have already discussed how multifaceted the little machine is in its modes of operation and fan speeds, but the trend doesn’t just stop there. In inclusion to the features mentioned earlier, Blast Auxiliary Portable AC also comes with several ways for you to cool your surroundings.

Firstly, you can generally use it as an air conditioner, which will take time to cool down your environment. Still, you can also use the ice tray to inject some additional cooling power into the box and speed up the entire process to enjoy the breeze quicker. Moreover, you can also use the other water curtain for a much more euphonious cooling result. Or, if you are up for some fancy air filled with mist, you can use the misting mode, which can be helpful, especially for your skin and sinuses.

The ice Tray; In this part, you add ice cubes that help cool the air, making it chillier and more enjoyable for you. Some people prefer the icy-cold air, and expecting the Blast Auxiliary AC to provide the same without adding a cooling source sounds impossible. That’s why this ice tray is a real help for people who like freezing air.

Water Curtain; The Blast Auxiliary air cooler has its water curtains added, which help cool the air even more. Just like how you fill the ice tray with cubes, these water curtains require cold water. Once they are moist, the wind that passes through these curtains automatically becomes more relaxed and pleasurable.

Air Filters; Blast Auxiliary AC design has air filters that control the air quality coming out from it. These filters ensure that the air you are getting is free from contaminants, allergens, and dust.

So, How Is The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Unique And Different?

If you started reading this article from the very beginning without a skip, you would have read how the Blast AC works, the job it does, its features, and its functions. However, you might still wonder how the device is ‘so different and unique, as mentioned. Below are a few reasons why the Blast Auxiliary AC is fantastic;

Cools the Air Around You: Like all other air conditioners, the Portable Desktop AC will cool the air around you. The device sucks in hot air to one side, then expels a cooler one through the other side.

Evaporation removes heat from the atmosphere, while the water curtain adds moisture to the dispelled air. That means you get a colder breeze circulating in your space.

Directs Cool Air: Like all sound air cooling systems, the Blast AC has vents to control airflow direction. You can control the movement of the cool air, pushing it wherever you want it to go.

While some people like cool air directly on their face, others like it towards their body. Also, some want to circulate air around the room, while others want it to point in a specific direction. With this device, you can choose where you want the breeze to go.

Filters the Air: The Desktop AC does not just cool the air. It also filters the air using silver (which is naturally antimicrobial) particles. This, however, does not mean that the device filters 99.99% of contaminants out of the air, nor does it remove all airborne pathogens. Still, the included silver filter within the Desktop AC could eliminate germs, microbes, and other particles in the atmosphere.

Adds humidity to the Air: Traditional air conditioners can leave you with dry sinuses and skin. However, with Desktop AC, you can add humidity to the air instead of taking it out. Air make its way through the water curtain inside the Blast AC, filling the air with moisture. If you dislike the dryness of a typical air conditioning system, then the Desktop AC Ultra may be the right choice for you.

Portability: The Blast Auxiliary AC is a cordless compact device that can fit into small spaces. Being that portable means you can quickly move it from one place to another if needed. You can also use the device in your living room and then move it to your bedroom when you want to sleep.

Carry the device with you when moving to a different city or even when moving abroad is possible because of its portability, unlike standard ACs, which is almost impossible to move as they are not portable and are usually heavy. Also, standard ACs are permanently mounted on walls, meaning moving it from one room to another; from the living room to the bedroom is not possible. Blast AC is compact and doesn’t require installation or be mounted in walls on the flip side.

Simple to use: Ceiling fans are very stressful, and that is because they are permanently fixed to ceilings. For you to be able to clean them, you must use a ladder. Traditional ACs are even more challenging to clean, so it always requires specialists to clean them. If you try cleaning your AC on your own, it can get damaged. This case is not the same with the Blast Auxiliary AC. This device is straightforward to clean. You use a rag to clean it and remove any dirt stuck on its surface and its curtains.

Regular cleaning of the device can be done per the user’s wish because you won’t have to go through a rigorous task before completing the cleaning; moreover, it takes just a few minutes to clean. When talking in terms of maintenance, Blast Auxiliary AC is also very easy to maintain. The only thing that needs replacing once in a while is the water curtain. According to the manufactures of the device, the curtain needs to be replaced once every three months.

Can be charged many times: The Blast Auxiliary AC doesn’t use any wires (it’s cordless). Meaning you can quickly turn it on whenever it’s charging. However, the device comes with a USB charger, which is a thing that is quite popular today. When you want to charge it, you plug it into the power source. You won’t be able to detach its cord until the device is fully charged.

Blast AC is noiseless: This is perhaps is another reason why many homeowners like this incredible machine. With the AC, you get to enjoy fresh and cool air in a quiet room. This function differs from other ACs, which produce a lot of noise when switched on.

With the Blast Auxiliary AC, working and getting to sleep is made easier without worrying about noise. It also makes it a great device if you want to concentrate on watching your favourite programme on television or reading a book and or/magazine.

Consume less electricity: Unlike some other portable Air conditioners in the market and traditional ACs designed for use in large homes and spaces, they consume ample electricity, increasing your electricity bills. Blast, Auxiliary AC consumes less power.

Many users endorse Blast portable AC for its minimalist design and simplicity of usage. Read their experiences about this personal air cooler on the official website of Blast Auxiliary Portable Desktop AC Ultra.



  1. High Quality Is Guaranteed: Blast Auxiliary air conditioning system is reliable and delivers consistent results, whether on cold, dry winter days or in hot, dry summer seasons.

Made from high-quality materials that also make it durable, the device can help improve indoor and outdoor air quality in summer and winter while ensuring that humidity is kept at an optimal level for optimal comfort levels.

  1. Hassle-Free Returns: If for one reason or another, you find this device is not serving you as expected, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days. Customer service agents will give your case the priority it deserves.

When purchasing this device, know that your money will be safe if you find that its performance is not satisfactory.

  1. Easy To Set Up: Set up the Blast Auxiliary AC quickly and easily. The setup only takes a few minutes to get up and to run. There are no uncertainties or complications in setting up this device.
  2. Dual Purpose AC: The Blast Auxiliary AC serves as a fan in summer and a cooler in winter. IT means that you will feel comfortable with this device all year round without having to worry about buying an independent air conditioner for summer or winter. It also means that it is the cheapest option for keeping you comfortable in your home.


The air cooler is made for people who need an air conditioner but couldn’t afford the standard ACs. Also, the device is suitable for people working from home and feel irritated due to heat while working. To attain this, all you have to do is keep it in the front right beside the Laptop/ PC on the desk; then, you stay refreshed as you work.

The Blast Portable AC Reviews is also useful when sleeping at night or during the day.


The machine can be handy in an office while there is an ongoing meeting or the user is just sitting idly or working on a PC.

It can also be used in children’s room, cars, trucks, pickup vans, workstation like Car Garage, woodworking station, etc. The usage is simple, just plug it in a USB port and then you are good to go. Remember that the Blast AC is best for individuals on desk work at the office. That is the reason why the device is called a personal air cooler.


  1. Blast AC is very compact in design.
  2. It is portable and can easily be carried anywhere it is needed.
  3. It is very flexible and versatile
  4. It has the power equivalent to 3 fans.
  5. It has three modes: regular for everyday usage, water curtains for vaporizing heat, ice tray for making it work like the traditional air conditioner and humidifier to get rid of dryness, and moistening the air.


  1. The device helps moisten the nasal passageway and oral cavity. Drying these two areas can result in wounds that work as an incentive, giving way for bacteria to have their way into one’s body.
  2. It helps in reducing skin irritation to the barest minimum.
  3. It helps in keeping the room cool. The device cools the environment (small) within a minute of putting it; faster than numerous air conditioners that are being sold on the market.
  4. It has an easy power source and very flexible in this regard. If there is no power outlet, and you are working on a laptop or a PC, you can just connect the USB side in a USB port and enjoy working on a Laptop without a power source.
  5. It has lighting that can set the mood to calm and relaxing
  6. It has no noise, which standard humidifiers have.
  7. It doesn’t take up much space and allows more stuff to be on the desk
  8. Can easily be adjusted to preference.

In spite of the fact that hot summers may be fun for a while, especially for engaging in outdoor activities, the truth of the matter remains that prolonged exposure to the sun can have a profoundly severe and unpleasant effect on one’s health. That said, this Blast Auxiliary Portable AC can help users deal with any heat-related problems effortlessly.

Blast can be used in arid conditions, especially since it comes with a built-in, high-quality humidifier that can quickly help moisturize our surrounding environment with ease.

Blast auxiliary Portable AC review can also aid users in controlling their surrounding environment when used frequently, allowing for improved health, relaxation, hobbies, and work.

The air cooler can stop a host of dry air-related issues and irritations that are known to affect our skin, eyes, and nasal passages during the summer months, and the credit is to its built-in humidifier.

At the time of this review, several and numerous positive reviews are available online about this AC cooler product. All individuals who reviewed blast auxiliary ultra acclaim to be pleased and satisfied with its overall utility and functional output.

In all, the Blast Auxiliary AC is a good machine for minimalist people and those who want more for less.


Blast auxiliary Ac Reviews


There are uncomplicated steps and directive to use Blast Auxiliary Desktop Air Conditioner. If you read the steps on using the device, you will know that it is effortless, hassle and struggle-free.

  1. Charge the device through a standard outlet by Type-C charging cable, which comes with the portable ACs out of the box.
  2. Plug the cord into a USB Port or standard outlet for a power source.
  3. When the battery is fully charged, unplug the charging cable from Blast Auxiliary Desktop Air conditioner.
  4. Place the Desktop AC on a flat surface.
  5. fill the ice tray with ice if more cool air is needed.

    Make sure the ice you are filling the ice tray with is freshly out of the freezer, must be very solid and shouldn’t be all watery. These measures are necessary to avoid electrical hazard to the user as an ice tray is under the device and can create electrical destruction.
  6. Soak the water curtains in a bowl of water so that Blast Portable AC Ultra can dry up heat out of the rooms through it, or fill the 300 ml water tank with 270 ml water.
  7. Fill the water tank with water, then choose your preferred setting.
  8. Set the light to freshen or calm the room’s environment or set the room’s mood to relax.
  9. To use it as a regular fan, just don’t add an ice tray and humidifier.
  10. The user has all the options to set the Blast Auxiliary according to needs and preferences.
  11. If the room is moistened enough, there is no use of it, but it is usually that hot and dry in summers. Misting device is essential, so adjust the misting device in the last slot of the Blast Auxiliary Desktop Air Conditioner.


Unlike traditional air conditioners, the super portable Blast Auxiliary AC needs no professional services for its maintenance. The basic cleaning of the device can be done by yourself, like every 15 to 30 days. The only precaution is while using the water curtain, which requires a replacement every three months.


The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC is a top-rated product so that high demand can be expected. However, the company understands its market so well and does not charge an enormous sum for it.

There are four packages with different prices available

They are;3X Blast Portable AC: This initially costs $415.34, but with the 50% discount that’s currently ongoing, it costs $202.99

i. 1X Blast Auxiliary Portable AC: Original cost is $138.45 but is currently sold for $89.99 due to the 50% discount.

ii. 2X Blast Auxiliary Portable AC: Original price is $276.89. The promo price is currently $179.

iii. 4X Blast Auxiliary Portable AC: Original price is $553.78, and the promo price is $247.99

Please note that the offer may only be valid until the current stock lasts, so we’d suggest buying it as soon as possible to avoid any availability issues.

The company offers worldwide shipping with a very diverse and straightforward payment method.

The company accepts payment via Apple Pay, Google Pay, Norton, PayPal, VeriSign, and many other trusted payment gateway. An introductory 50 % discount code has already been applied as soon as you reach the checkout section of the company’s website.


Where Can I Buy The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC?

The device can only be bought through the company’s official website () and nowhere else.

Any other site different from the above-given URL is most definitely a scam. So, we strongly advise prospective customers not to buy from any other third-party website as your details and savings might be at risk.

How Do I Buy The Blast Portable AC?

To purchase the product, correctly fill in your details site and fill in the credit card info you want to use to order the Blast Auxiliary Air Conditioner. Continue to checkout, then ensure that each detail you filled is accurate; otherwise, the order would possibly get shuffled up, or the order may be unfinished, and the transaction might not be made complete.


“Fast delivery, thank you, for that. Keeps me very cool in my home office and I love the fact that I can be chilling while my husband likes it hotter.” – Carmen W. Toms River, NJ

“This unit is amazing. I use it to cool my work space because I have a desktop and notebook and two monitors. It just gets too hot, but the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC does the trick.” – Jason L. Hempstead, NY

“This is a space-saving device. Sits on any desktop and very small, but produces clean cold wind. I love the fact that it has a special filter using silver to kill germs in the air. that is a big plus to have clean air.” – Heather M. Bakersfield, CA


Blast Auxiliary Portable AC per our review, looks like a very effective and potent device that can help many people in these summer days, which is what’s needed in the summer days. Plus, it’s not summers yet, but it still feels like it, so the stock is available, and many individuals can load up on these, and it will reduce bills on electricity and help save money on electricity.

It is eco-friendly as it uses ice and water only for cooling. The price range is very affordable and can be used by people with low income too. Plus, the portability is remarkable, and its compactness is just incredible. We recommend that you buy this product.

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