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Your breath smells like poop? 7 major causes and Treatments

Maybe you might have been told that your breath smells like poop or fart? or a foul body odour...
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How does Lithium for depression work? Dosage, 17 side effects, and precautions

Maybe you might have just heard of using lithium for depression. Yes, research has proven its efficiency, but this article, explains how it works,...

Do you drink WHITE TEA EXTRACT? 5 newly discovered health benefits!

Often times, you may have yourselves a cup of white tea made with white tea extract from the herb Camellia sinensis. Why shouldn’t you?...

Must you smoke after tooth extraction? READ THIS FIRST!

You have your tooth removed, and you want to find out how soon you can smoke after tooth extraction. This article covers that and...

Average Biceps Size: 4 things you should know

So you have been working out lately, and you are wondering if your biceps are in the range of the average biceps size. You... Protection Status