Why do i have double chin when i'm skinny

Why Do I Have Double Chin When I’m Skinny

A double chin is the accumulation of fat below the jawlines. Although the condition is in connection to obesity, some people ask, “Why do I have a double chin when I’m skinny?”

Someone with a sleek jawline will seem and feel more beautiful. The cause of a double chin in someone skinny could be in the shape of their jaw.

A double chin may result from loose skin in the lower jaw of someone with a tiny lower mandible.

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Why do I have a double chin when I’m skinny?

It’s not you; it’s a genetic predisposition to have a double chin if you’re skinny.

According to some research, 47% of adults nowadays are upset by under-chin fat. Having a double chin is unattractive.

double chin
double chin

It not only takes away from the beauty of a beautiful face but also makes one feel less confident. It’s accurate to say that confidence and attractiveness go hand in hand.

In most cases, the primary cause of double chins is high body fat levels. Losing weight enables people to get rid of their double chins rapidly. However, having a double chin is not just a problem for obese people.

There is a double chin on a lot of skinny people. You won’t be able to effectively get rid of their double chins by losing weight.

Causes of Double Chin in Skinny People

Why do I have a double chin when I’m skinny?

You have a double chin when you are skinny, probably because of high body fat. But even if you are skinny, you shouldn’t have a double chin for whatever reason in the first place.

So, in other words, there are certain causes why you may have double chine, and some of them are as follows:

·        Genes

Genetics plays a role in how a double chin emerges. Irrespective of age or weight, you are more likely to get a double chin if your family has a history of having one or if your skin is not very elastic.

If any or all of your family relatives also have excess fat in that place, you may also develop excessive fat there.

·        Skinny Fat

Being thin does not always equate to having lesser body fat. Even with minimal muscular mass, a double chin could still form. The reason seems to be that a double chin relates more to body fat levels than weight.

Therefore, skinny people with double chin shouldn’t work out to lose weight.

Instead, such individuals might profit from a balanced diet and an activity regimen that burns fat. While maintaining a healthy weight will support the burning of fat.

·        Age

Age is a significant factor in double chins. As we age, human skin loses elasticity and collagen. Our jaw gradually sags due to the loss, which results in an accumulation of skin under the chin.

It eventually develops into a double chin, making your face look terrible. Surprisingly, the cause is increased skin draping rather than body fat.

Aging also lowers the metabolism, resulting in weight increase, less desired fat storage, and a double chin.

·        Poor Posture

Your jaw and neck both have a few muscles. It is in charge of keeping the skin of your face and cheeks flexible. Inactivity and poor posture make these muscles weak.

When it grows weak, the skin under your jaw starts to sag. You have what seems like a second chin on your face. A double chin could ruin your desired appearance.

What to do when you have a double chin

People with high body weights may be able to eliminate their double chins via diet and exercise.

woman who have double chin

However, those with medium to low body weight can address the disease in some ways. You could give some of these listed below a try.

·        Pucker Up

You must first sit upright to perform pucker up. Next, reposition your head to look up at the ceiling.

Then, extend your chin and pucker your lips into a kissing stance. For 10 seconds, maintain the position before releasing yourself.

·        Tongue Stretch

Maintain a straight back while looking forward.

Attempt to reach your nose by pushing your tongue out as you open your mouth and then let go after retaining the position for at least 10 to 15 seconds.

·        Straight Jaw Jut

Keep your gaze fixed above while tilting your head back when sitting upright on a flat surface.

For about 12 seconds, maintain the same position. Release your jaw and raise your head when it’s time.

Diet plan to get rid of the double chin

A good diet, exercise, and body mass result in little extra body fat.

Everyone with a double chin starts by changing to a diet that has a calorie deficit to lose it. For those with a skinny double chin, it’s not a unique approach.

But limiting your consumption of fried foods, highly processed foods, and sweet drinks is important.

These meals help the fat in your neck area to accumulate. You need to limit your intake of these foods and follow basic wellness food guidelines. Below is a list of them.

  • Up your fruit and vegetable intake. Take at least 4-5 servings daily. Switch your meals to whole grains from refined grains.
  • Try consuming lean foods, such as fish and chicken.
  • Choose fruits for snacks rather than processed food items.
  • Replace saturated fat with healthy fats like avocados, olive oils, almonds, etc.

Of course, be mindful of your daily caloric intake restrictions. If taken more than what is necessary for the day, even a healthy diet might have detrimental effects.

Therefore, remember to use portion control when putting food on your plate. You’ll be able to eat no more than your body requires.

Non-invasive methods for treating a double chin

Non-invasive fat reduction procedures may be able to help. It includes:

·        Kybella

Deoxycholic acid is an ingredient in the FDA-approved injection. Kybella efficiently “eats away” at fat cells formed beneath the chin and around the jawline.

These fat cells eventually drain and deflate, producing a much more defined jawline in their aftermath. The body’s metabolic systems eventually eliminate some of the fat cells.

With a series of Kybella injections, the chin fat will significantly decrease. The most significant prospects for Kybella injections are those with double chin but already practicing healthy habits.

Since Kybella can’t fix skin that might sag after chin fat goes, it works best on patients who already have excellent skin laxity.

·        CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting aims at fat cells and freezes them to the extent of natural removal using Cryolipolysis or controlled cooling technology.

It has emitters of varying sizes to treat various body parts. The chin, underarms (bra fat), and knees are among the smaller areas that the CoolMini handpiece.

Depending on the patient or the region to be treated, the number of CoolSculpting treatments will vary.

Based on how much fat is beneath the chin, some people might only need two treatments, while others might need more.

A CoolSculpting session can last roughly an hour, and schedule appointments for one month apart.

The fact that the treatable fat cells have gone and won’t reappear or move to new locations may satisfy you. The lymphatic system removes them, and the liver processes them as waste.

Just be aware that bad habits following your CoolSculpting surgery could lead to the development of fat in the chin and other places.

·        ZLipo

Controlled cooling temps are used in this non-invasive fat reduction method to destroy fat cells.

The ZLipo Mini applicator, made primarily to treat small pockets of fat on the chin, underarms, and knees, is one of its many different size applicators. ZLipo helps eliminate fat that won’t go away with diet and exercise.

Before subjecting the bulges to cooling temperatures, the handpiece suctions in the nodes.

The treated fat cells are then gradually metabolized by the body, becoming waste processed in the liver and eliminated through the lymphatic system throughout 10 to 12 weeks.

After that, you’ll see a thinner layer of fat or a leaner area.

The number of ZLipo sessions required will vary depending on the size of the region or the quantity of fat it possesses, much like with CoolSculpting.

Additionally, it is essential to note that ZLipo includes 360-degree applicators that provide complete 360-degree cooling, treating the entire skin surface. It also offers a kinder vacuum function to make fat freezing more comfortable.

Final Note

If you have a double chin when you are skinny, you need to be patient when attempting to get rid of it. Without minimally invasive techniques, it won’t go. Depending on the size, your double chin can take months to become less prominent.

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