Hearing Hero Reviews

Hearing Hero reviews (Best hearing Aids – FDA APPROVED)

Hearing loss has become a commonly occurring disability in the world of today. They often neglect people with this shortcoming because of its invisible nature that makes those living with hearing loss unnoticed unless subjected to a test (Either physical or laboratory test). The FDA Reauthorization Act of 2017 (FDARA) on August 18, 2017, signed into law 1 to allow FDA-approved manufacturers to produce over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids or devices (amplifiers) and the requirements that apply to them. Hearing Hero by TrekFirst LLC and many other best-rated hearing aid devices on amazon passed through this quality check test by the FDA before being distributed by retailers and used by end consumers. This is one of the many reasons why you see hearing hero reviews and hearing aids reviews everywhere on the internet.

For the purpose of this article, we shall be answering different questions on hearing aids regarding hearing impairment. Questions like:

  • What is Hearing Aids?
  • Why do you need a hearing aid?
  • Which hearing aid will work best for me?
  • How can I care for my hearing aid?
  • Are new types of aids available?
  • What is Hearing Hero?
  • How much does Hearing Hero Cost?
  • How do I troubleshoot a hearing aid device?

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What is Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids are small OTC electronic devices approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to assist hard-of-hearing patients with their hearing ability. Hearing aids are worn in or behind one or both of the ears. It amplifies sounds irrespective of the environment so that a person with hearing loss can listen clearly, communicate effectively, and participate fully well in daily activities with the people around. A good hearing aid will cancel all background and environmental noise (including wind noise) and create perfect conditions for the user to hear only the sound they focused their mind on.

A hearing aid can help people (whether hearing impaired or not) hear clearer both in noisy and quiet situations. The majority of people suffering from hearing loss is on the increase; however, only about one out of five (1 out 5) people who would benefit from hearing aids actually use them. Some are due to ignorance, while others are due to negligence and lack of purchase funds.

Unassisted hearing loss can negatively affect victims’ communication, relationship lifestyle, work and school performance, and emotional well-being in general. However, hearing loss doesn’t have to put restrictions on your daily activities. Properly fitted hearing aids like Hearing Hero by TrekFirst LLC, alternative quality hearing aids on amazon, and aural rehabilitation – AR (techniques used to recognize and diagnose hearing loss disabilities, and also implement therapies for patients who are having a hearing deficiency, including using amplification devices like the Digital Hearing Aid Amplifier by Britzgo to aid the victim’s hearing abilities), can help in many listening and hearing situations. Aural rehabilitation aids a person focus on adjusting to their hearing loss and using their hearing aids, as this review explains. It also explores assistive gadgets to help improve communication. Although some people may only need one hearing aid, many others who are hearing-impaired will need two hearing aids as both ears may be affected by hearing loss.

Why you need a hearing aid

There are lots of reasons why you may need to have a hearing aid for self-use. Here are 9 out of numerous reasons why you need a hearing aid.

Hearing Aids reviews

You will need a hearing aid if you:

  • Strain your ears to hear peaceful nature sounds such as birds chirping.
  • Have difficulty hearing the TV even with the volume up high.
  • Are always struggling to understand what actors are saying in live performances.
  • Find it very uncomfortable to coordinate a meeting with your business partners, families, and friends because you will keep stressing to hear their opinions.
  • Keep worrying about not being able to hear your dog whining about being let out or your grandkids when they wake up from their siesta.
  • Keep asking waiters in restaurants to repeat themselves again and again.
  • Find it very difficult communicating with your clients because you barely hear what they say.
  • Can’t play with the kids; share moonlight stories as the storytelling won’t be mutually enjoyed because you will keep asking them to come again after each line of a story.
  • And many other reasons that may interest you.

Quick Statistics About Hearing loss and Hearing Aids in the United States

In the United States, statistics about hearing loss reviews the following:

  1. according to a report cited by Blackwell DL, Lucas JW, Clarke TC, 2, National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), shows that approximately 37.5 million (15% of American adults) aged 18 and above reported some trouble with their hearing ability.
  2. As of December 2012, approximately 324,200 cochlear implants (CI) have been implanted worldwide. In the United States, roughly 38,000 devices have been planted in children and 58,000 in adults, as estimated based on manufacturers’ voluntary reports of registered devices to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (USFDA).
  3. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) 3 reviewed from 1999 to 2007 that about 2 to 3 out of every 1,000 children in the United States are born with a noticeable hearing rate loss in one or both ears.
  4. Mitchell RE, Karchmer MA. in their research also cited that more than 90 percent of deaf children are born to hearing parents. 4
  5. A research work published in JAMA Otolaryngology by Hoffman HJ, Dobie RA, Losonczy KG, Themann CL, Flamme GA reviewed that age is the strongest predictor of hearing loss among adults aged 20 to 69, with a tremendous amount of hearing loss between the range of 60 to 69 age group. Within the same age bracket (20 to 69), they discovered that Men are almost twice as likely as women to have hearing loss deficiency. Non-Hispanic white adults are also more likely to have hearing loss than adults in other racial/ethnic groups, while non-Hispanic black adults have the lowest hearing loss prevalence. About 18 percent of adults between 20 to 69 age group have speech-frequency hearing loss in both ears, having being exposed to 5 or more years of very loud noise at the workplace, as compared to the 5.5 percent of adults with speech-frequency hearing loss in both ears without any report of occupational noise exposure. 5
  6. Based on standard hearing examinations carried out by NIDCD Epidemiology and Statistics Program staff using National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey – NHANES data from 1999 to 2010, About 2% of adults aged 45 to 54 have hearing loss disability. The rate increases to 8.5% for adults aged 55 to 64. approximately 25% of those aged 65 to 74 and 50% of those who are 75 and older have disabling hearing loss.
  7. One in eight persons in the USA (30 million – i.e., 13 percent total) aged 12 years or above has hearing loss in both ears. 6
  8. Also, Based on calculations performed by the National Institute of deafness and other communications disorder (NIDCD) Epidemiology and Statistics Program staff obtained from the 2008 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) shows that about 25 million Americans or roughly 10% of the U.S. adult population has suffered tinnitus lasting at least for five minutes in the past year.
  9. Five out of every 6 children experience otitis media (ear infection) by the time they are 3 years of old, according to the report published by Teele DW, Klein JO, Rosner B. in NCBI 7
  10. About 28.8 million U.S. adults could benefit from using hearing aids – NIDCD Epidemiology and Statistics Program, based on Dec. 2015 Census Bureau estimates of the noninstitutionalized U.S. populations, and personal communication; May 2016.

Quick Statistics About Hearing loss and Hearing Aids in the United Kingdom

Research has it that an estimated 11 million people in the UK suffer from hearing loss, making it the second most commonly suffered disability in the UK but unnoticed. Few statistics about hearing loss in the UK reviews the following:

  1. One in six (1 in 6) of the UK adult population is affected by hearing loss. While 8 million of these estimates are aged 60 and above
  2. 1 in 10 adults with hearing loss in the UK also have tinnitus (experiencing ringing or other noises in one or both ears)
  3. More than 12,000 people in the United Kingdom use cochlear implants, with approximately 324,200 been implanted worldwide as of December 2012.
  4. Over 900,000 people who have hearing loss are profoundly or severely deaf.
  5. Only about 2 million hearing-impaired persons use hearing amplifiers in the UK, whereas 6.7 million people could benefit from it.
  6. Hearing loss increases drastically with age – approximately 42% of those aged over 50 years in the UK have hearing loss, rising to about 71% of people aged 70 plus. This calls for faster adoption of hearing hero hearing aids devices approved by the FDA.
  7. Also, in the United Kingdom, at least 4.4 million people with hearing loss as estimated are of working age.
  8. The number of people with hearing loss disabilities is increasing daily. Estimates suggest that about 15.6 million people in the UK will have hearing loss by 2035 – that’s 1 in 5 of the population.
  9. By 2030, adult hearing loss and disability will be in the top 10 disease burdens in the UK above diabetes and cataracts as measured by disability life-adjusted years.

So with the statistics above, you’ve seen that you are not alone in this problem. According to statistics, millions of people (both children and adults) in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and many other countries worldwide, are struggling with some form of hearing loss. In this hearing aids review, we shall be using hearing hero as a case study since it’s the most talk about on the internet, according to our research. After which, we shall give you other best-selling hearing aid alternatives on amazon, so you make your pick as to your test. So grab a cup of coffee and read on.

What is Hearing Hero?

Hearing Hero
Hearing Hero reviews

Hearing Hero is an OTC hearing aid device approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to amplify sounds, reduce tinnitus and promote hearing ability in hearing-impaired patients. It is manufactured by the company “TrekFirst, LLC” in New York City and distributed directly by them on their official retail website “Buyhearinghero.com.” You can also get a Hearing hero hearing aid device from retail stores in your country. Hearing Hero offers affordable selling prices to retail consumers while providing high-quality hearing aids and premium sound features with a double 45days insurance guarantee. It is the most trending over-the-counter hearing aid currently in the market, together with its alternative on Amazon.

Although, there are lots of pre-existing hearing aids in the market before hearing hero came to play. But as you can see, good things take over demand irrespective of when it came into existence. Like you can get employed in a firm today, and few months you got promoted to a higher rank than your old mates (seniors) have been aiming for. Did you ask yourself why? It’s simply because you possess some premium qualities your Boss can’t see in the rest. At this point, you’ve gained recognition beyond your mates, so you will start facing lots of threats from them. This scenario explains what happens in the gadget world; many existing companies may start writing fake scam reviews for the product that outranked them in the market. For over 12 months of distribution, there has never been any negative scam review seen for the Hearing hero hearing aid, maybe because there are more good feedback/reports from consumers on the hearing hero reviews.

Features of Hearing Hero (Reviewed)

There is nothing worse and more disgraceful than losing the ability to communicate with your friends, family, and relatives easily. It makes you feel rejected and causes you severe emotional traumas. Over the years, we see lots of hearing-impaired patients seriously or mildly suffering from tinnitus. Some end up losing their hearing abilities entirely because they couldn’t maintain a perfect balance from the start.

Regardless of whatever the cause of your hearing impairment may be, Hearing Hero will help you restore sound perception. It took decades for this hearing impairment solution to be revealed. But now, we have it right at our comfort with highly sophisticated built-in Tech programs that allow it to block and filter out background noise, control soundwaves, and bring to your perception every vocal information you put your listening attention to.

Here are some general features of the hearing hero hearing aids devices:

Approved by FDA

Hearing Hero is Specially Designed by an audiologist and approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This proves the device’s quality and provides double assurance that it will help hearing impaired or hearing loss patients regain the apparent hearing ability. You do not need a doctor’s prescription to use it. And you take total control of the device.

Super Loud and Crisp Voice Quality

Honestly speaking, the main feature every hearing-impaired patient looks for in a hearing aid is the ability for such a hearing aid device to produce an adjustable super loud and crisp voice quality. No doubt, hearing Hero hearing aids devices comes programmed with an awesome voice/sound management technique that allows you to switch over different environments and regulate the background noices, thus making you focus on exactly that which you want to hear and in a clearer perspective.

The majority of the customers that purchased the hearing hero device did because of the high-tech sound definition it comes buit-in with. However, non ever got a bad experience after buying.

K Sanders, who purchased this incredible hearing aid device, reviewed and I quote: “I am enjoying my new Hearing Hero aid… I have a full set provided by the VA, but this set of yours is so much more sensitive; I can hear things with it that the VA just discriminates…hard to understand women’s voices, but your product seems to work nicely; I can hear better.”

R Poaha, after buying and using the hearing hero device for the first day, couldn’t hold her joy than to share it; she reviewed, and I quote: “I received the 3 Hearing Hero hearing aids, and they work just perfectly! The first thing I noticed when I went down to our lobby was I could hear everyone speaking normally, but my HHs were turned up relatively high, so their voices were booming, and I could hear everything! I’ve since tested them on my job, and they work just fine–loud and clear!”

These are just a few different consumer reviews and testimonies for the hearing hero hearing aids devices on the Voice quality. They are proofs that the hearing hero sound and voice quality are perfect as just described.

Invisible Cutting Edge Design

This is another feature that TrekFirst LLC didn’t keep aside while designing this hearing hero aids device. The Hearing Hero comes with a well-to-do invisible cutting edge, looks good, and is well fitted. Whatever your demand for a hearing aid device, the hearing hero comes out best.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

How would you feel buying an expensive hearing aids device that the battery can’t spend hours without recharging? Disheartening right? Anyways, this is the more reason why you should go for the best instead of the rest. Irrespective of the fact that all Hero hero hearing aids devices are cost-efficient and affordable, they all come in handy with a long-lasting zinc battery that could stay hours without draining. It is so comforting to get added value for your money. You buy cheap and gain extra values beyond your pay.

Adjustable Multi-Level DSP

Digital signal processing (DSP) does not only improve the fidelity and flexibility of sound processing. According to the results of the study made by Hearing Review 8, it indicates that DSP expands the tools available to dispensing professionals for troubleshooting and fine-tuning a patient’s hearing aid complaint. The hearingHero Hearing aid comes with an adjustable Multi-Level digital signal processing (DSP). Also very perfect for your demand!

Replaceable Earbuds and Invisitube

The hearing hero comes with multiple earbuds for your selection. Please always keep clean for your hearing hero’s optimum performance and replace the invisitube and earbud every three to six months as at when due.

Speech Focus, Speech Enhancement, and Noise Cancellation

Being able to ignore all background noises and focus on the speech is a pro feature of the hearing hero device. In old hearing aids devices, wind sounds were often amplified. But Modern hearing aids like the hearing hero suppresses these annoying noises, thereby making outdoor situations more enjoyable. Your hearing hero automatically recognizes and distinguishes between background noise and the actual voice (Be it in the Restaurant, Market, or any outdoor place). You hear friends, families, relatives, business partners, and clients while they are talking to you, while your hearing aid ignored even the least wind noise around to give you a perfectly filtered voice.

Digital Feedback Cancellation

Irritating acoustic feedbacks is a common problem with older hearing aids devices. But here, in the modern age, we have the Hearing Hero hearing aids devices that come with a digital feedback cancellation function that eliminates this high-pitched whistling sound.

A handy storage case

Every modern hearing aid must come with a handy storage case to protect it from dust particles when not in use. If it doesn’t come with one, then the company is not interested in perfecting your hearing desire, so we wouldn’t recommend buying from them. Get a hearing hero hearing device from TrekFirst LLC that has your satisfaction at heart. They provide a handy storage case without an extra cost of purchase.

Completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing Function

Completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids feature is one of the modern designed hearing aids that trend the markets today. They are very portable and can be fitted more in-depth into the ear canal, making them almost impossible to see by anyone looking at you. With the hearing hero CIC device’s production, TrekFirst LLC provided the great function and many others. The Hearing Hero CIC is relatively costlier than regular hearing hero devices, but the value you will get having this device can’t be measured.

Money-back guarantee

Because TrekFirst LLC is very confident that you will enjoy what you get, they had to give you a double assurance to try their product first for the next 45days. If it fails as described, you can opt-in for a full refund or replacement as stated in their terms and conditions, and you will be refunded every penny you paid to acquire the hearing hero device. What else could you desire before you get your hearing aid device? I bet nothing else left

Hearing Aids Price (Hearing Hero Reviews)

S/nHearing AidsActual PricePromo PriceNo. of ProductsCheck Promo availability on TrekFirst LLC Store
1.Hearing Hero$276.99$138.501 Per earVerify Promo
2.Hearing Hero Pro$369.00$184.501 Per earVerify Promo
3.Hearing Hero CIC$622.50$249.001 Per earVerify Promo
Hearing Hero Cost (Hearing aids reviews)

OPTIONAL LIFETIME PROTECTION: Extra $27.70 for any of the Hearing hero purchased

P.S: With the lifetime protection added to your purchase, you have secured protection for your Hearing Hero device for a lifetime. This means that you can always request for replacement of the device even after the first 45days warranty period elapsed.

How to Use, Setup, Wear and Maintain the Hearing aids Devices (Hearing Hero Reviews)

First, unpack your hearing aids device (the hearing hero, precisely) from its packaging. You should then bring the attached manual 9 that contains some of the instructions we shall be given here and go through them meticulously line after line.

What is included in the Hearing Hero Package

  1. Hearing Hero Medical Grade Hearing Aid(s)
  2. Silicone earbuds (various sizes)
  3. Invisitubes (L/R)
  4. Cleaning brush
  5. Carrying case

Get to know your hearing aid. See illustration below

Hearing Hero reviews
Parts and Label of a Hearing Hero device

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please save this box and all its contents. If you choose to return the hearing hero hearing aid for any reason in the future, it must be returned in the original packaging before you will are refunded in full.

Battery installation and replacement

Your hearing hero uses a size 13 battery. Make sure to peel off the sticker from the battery and wait at least one minute before using it. The hearing hero comes with long-lasting zinc batteries that use air as an energy source, so it needs a minute or two to charge fully. Below is how to insert or replace the battery:

  1. Gently open the battery door by pulling the battery compartment knob
  2. Insert the battery with the positive (+) sign facing UP (towards you.)
  3. Close the battery compartment.
  4. Your hearing hero is ready for use.

Assembling your Hearing hero

P.S: The hearing aid is color-coded, red for the right ear and blue for the left ear.

  1. First, select the Invisitube for the corresponding ear (red=right, blue=left.)
  2. Insert the Invisitube onto the TOP of the hearing aid, then screw in until hand tight
  3. Insert the earbud onto the end of the Invisitube.

Wearing the Hearing Hero

Hearing aids reviews
How to wear any hearing aids devices
  1. Place the hearing hero behind your ear, near to the top
  2. Then insert the earbud snugly into the ear canal.
  3. You can then move the surefit stable line into the lower bowl of your ear. (Optional.)

Adjusting the Volume function of a Hearing Hero

To raise the volume, simply turn the volume wheel from 1 to 4, with 4 being the maximum volume setting and 1 being the lowest volume setting.

Adjusting Noise Canceling of a Hearing Hero

  1. N function Switch up towards “N” for regular use
  2. H function Switch to H function to eliminate additional background noise. i.e., Restaurants, sporting events, etc

Quick maintenance of hearing hero

To maximize sound quality, optimum performance and extend the life of your hearing hero device, follow these simple steps:

hearing hero
How to Maintain and troubleshoot a hearing hero
  1. Wipe your hearing hero daily with a tissue or soft cloth to keep it free of dust and debris.
  2. Always clean the invisitube periodically. First, remove the earbud from the hearing aid, and then insert the thin end of the cleaning brush into the tube to clean any debris or soil from the invisitube.
  3. Your hearing hero’s optimum performance always replaces the invisitube and earbud every three to six months regularly.
  4. Also, clean the microphone periodically. First, use the thin end of the cleaning brush to clean any debris or tint from the microphone openings.
  5. Avoid physical shock to the hearing hero, such as dropping something heavy on the device or dropping the hearing hero on a hard surface.
  6. Keep your hearing hero carefully away from moisture or heat. Always use the provided carrying case to keep the hearing aids device covered when not in use.

Other Hearing aids products By TrekFirst LLC

TrekFirst LLC has other excellent hearing aid devices; although the prices are slightly higher than the hearing hero, their features are more intuitive and cool. If you have additional money, we will recommend you go for either of these listed hearing hero hearings aid according to your need. But if you don’t, Just with the Hearing Hero will still give you the great results you seek.

Hearing Hero Pro

Hearing hero pro reviews
Hearing Hero reviews

Hearing Hero pro is an advanced Hearing Hero device with extra functionalities that made it worth the pro price. Aside from the fact that Hearing Hero hearing aids devices are all made by TrekFirst LLC and approved by FDA, they all have extra special features according to their pricing. There is non you will buy and regret the price worth.

For Example, Aside others, the primary features of Hearing Hero are:

  1. Being made by an audiologist
  2. It possesses an Invisible Cutting Edge Design
  3. With Super Comfortable Snug Fit
  4. Long-Lasting Battery Life
  5. And Adjustable Multi-Level DSP

But the Hearing Hero Pro comes with all these fantastic features above plus:

  1. Invisible Thin Tube Design
  2. Digital Multi-Channel Noise Reduction
  3. Digital Feedback Cancellation
  4. Adjustable Speech Program
  5. Adjustable Restaurant Program
  6. Adjustable Noise deduction Program
  7. Adjustable Outdoors Program
  8. And a hassle Free Bluetooth connectivity function

You can buy the Hearing Hero Pro from TrekFirst LLC retail store here.

How to Setup, Wear, and Maintain the Hearing aids Devices (Hearing Hero Reviews)

First, unpack your hearing aids device (the hearing hero Pro reviews) from its packaging. You should then bring the attached Instructional manual 10 that contains some of these instructions we shall be given here and go through them meticulously line after line.

P.S: The hearing hero pro and hearing hero devices have the same manual setup. So click here to see the setup and maintenance method applicable to both hearing aids, as we reviewed above.

Hearing Hero CIC

Hearing Hero CIC
Hearing Hero reviews

Hearing Hero CIC (Completely-In-Canal) hearing devices is an over-the-counter hearing aid device for hearing-impaired patients and fashionistas. TrekFirst LLC also manufactures them to produce an even more fascinating design, longer battery lifespan, better sound amplifiers, and background noise cancelation. Hearing Hero CIC can be used by anyone (Whether hearing impaired or not) because it’s a multi-purpose hearing aid. It comes with different kinds of earbuds for your selection and a handy storage case to protect it from dust particles when not in use.

EXTRA Features of Hearing Hero CIC

Hearing Hero CIC modified all hearing hero and hearing hero Pro features to a much-advanced technology with a higher-tech program. It has all the features of a hearing aid device and more:

  1. Built-in Noise Cancelation: This feature Will help you focus on the people and conversations you want to hear by canceling all background noise with a high-tech built-in program for noise cancelation. What a powerful function!
  2. No-hassle volume control: You’re in control of how your hearing hero CIC filters sound volume. Without taking them off your ear, you can choose how much or how little you want to hear sound from your environment.
  3. Longer-lasting premium Zinc batteries: Be out all day without worrying about the batteries running out with the long-lasting premium zinc batteries that the hearing hero comes with.
  4. A lightweight, slim, and discrete design: With the modern, intuitive design, its thin, lightweight, and very portable to the point that you won’t actually “feel” like you’re wearing hearing devices
  5. A selection of different earbuds: The hearing hero comes with extra earbuds to help them fit perfectly & snugly in your ears
  6. A handy storage case: Hearing Hero CIC comes with a handy storage case to protect it from dust particles when not in use.
  7. FREE shipping: No matter where you live, they’ll ship it to you FREE!
  8. Optional Payment Plan: No need to pay in full today! With their secure payment plan, you can spread the total cost over 4 payment plans, so you don’t have to dip your hands into your savings to get them!
  9. Fashionable: Its intuitive, very fascinating design makes it suitable for fashionistas and fits into every kind of consumer demand.

You can buy the hearing hero CIC from TrekFirst LLC retail store here

How to Use, Setup, Wear and Maintain the Hearing aids Devices (Hearing Hero Reviews)

First, unpack your hearing aids device (the hearing hero CIC reviews) from its virgin packaging. You should then bring the attached instructional manual 11 that contains some of these instructions we shall be given here and go through them meticulously line after line.

P.S: Like we said above, the hearing hero aid is color-coded, red for the right ear and blue for the left ear. The color is indicated on the adapter. Below is how to set it up, wear it and maintain it:

Attach the Dome

The Dome is an earpiece used to secure the hearing hero CIC comfortably in your ear canal and protect the sound outlet from earwax intrusion. Put the Dome over the grooves on the adapter to mount it.

To insert Hearing Hero CIC:

  1. Hold the hearing aid with the removable handle at the bottom and the trimmer at the top between your thumb and forefingers
  2. Gently insert the canal part of the hearing aid into your ear by pushing back and tucking the hearing aid completely into the right place with your forefinger.

Tip1: Before placing the hearing aid into your ear, ensure that the battery is inserted correctly and the battery door is closed securely.

ON/OFF function
  1. When the battery door is tightly closed, the hearing aids on
  2. To turn off the hearing aids, partly open the battery door.
Inserting/Replacing the battery
  1. Use any of your fingernails to open the battery door completely.
  2. Remove the used battery if present. Then Insert the new battery with the positive side in the correct position.
  3. Gently close the battery door.

Tip2: Never force the battery door open or closed. Handle the battery door gently. The operation requires only a minimum of force. If there is any resistance or difficulty while closing the battery door, ensure that the battery is correctly inserted. When the hearing aids or hearing hero are not in use for a long time, removing the batteries may help prevent the battery compartment corrosion and ensure that battery life is not shortened.

Volume control

Adjust the amount of output sound, turn the trimmer clockwise for max sound amplification.

TIP3: Handle the button gently; the operation requires only a minimum of force. If there is any resistance when rotating the button, just stop. (do not pass 270°)

Care for hearing hero CIC aid batteries

The performance of the hearing hero aid depends mostly on the quality of the battery.

  1. To enjoy the full benefit of your hearing hero hearing aids devices, it is necessary and paramount to use high-quality batteries. A battery’s lifespan depends on the quality and care. With a reliable battery, you will eventually avoid periodic hearing aid failures. The hearing hero CIC comes with long-lasting premium zinc batteries already. So for replacement purposes, always get a strong alternative.
  2. Please note that it is essential that air doesn’t enter the battery before use. This is why each battery is provided with an adhesive label that ensures that the batteries are sealed and fresh until use.
  3. Do not keep an exhausted battery in your hearing hero hearing aids device. If you mistakenly leave a dead battery in the hearing aid device, it may leak and cause damage to the hearing hero or hearing aid device.
Clearing Cerumen from your Hearing CIC devices

Cerumen will accumulate on your hearing hero device from regular use. It can damage the device if the cerumen gets inside it. Cleaning is very much more comfortable when all accumulated cerumen is dry; So we advise that you clean your Hearing aid device every morning before inserting it into your ear.

Cleaning the Hearing aids device (Hearing Hero CIC reviews)
  1. Clean the hearing aids device with a soft, dry cloth and a small brush. Please do the cleaning on the smooth table to avoid damage or scratches if you drop the device.
  2. Please do not use water or other liquids on the hearing aids devices.
Replace the Dome

Replace the Dome of your hearing aids every week or once in 2weeks if possible. This will help to prolong the lifetime of your device.

NOTE: Clean your hands thoroughly before replacing the Dome of your hearing aids. Never change the Dome with wet or dirty hands.

The perfect Working condition of a Hearing aids device (Hearing Hero reviews)


The Hearing hero hearing aids device can operate in the following environments:

  1. Range of environmental temperature: -10~+40 ℃
  2. Range of relative humidity: 10%~90%
  3. Rang of atmospheric pressure: 700~1060hPa

Transportation and Storage

  1. Range of environmental temperature: -40~+70 ℃
  2. Range of relative humidity: 10%~100%
  3. Range of atmospheric pressure: 500~1600hPa

How to troubleshoot hearing aids (Hearing aids reviews)

HEARING AIDS PROBLEMS: Intermittent, distorted,
weak, Low sound or no sound, feedback, or whistling

S/nPossible causesAction steps
1.Volume may be turned downTurn Volume control on
2.Battery may below or deadReplace with a new battery
3.The hearing aid may not be turned onTurn on the hearing aid
4.Startup delay is onWait for a few seconds for device to turn on
5.Dome, invisitube or earbud maybe blocked with moisture or debrisUse the vent cleaning tool to clean the dome, earbud, invisitube
6.You may have excessive cerumenConsult your hearing healthcare professional
7.Your hearing state has changedAlso Consult your hearing healthcare professional
Troubleshooting hearing aids (Hearing hero devices)

Top Hearing aids on Amazon based on consumer reviews

We have also gone on Amazon to research the best top 3 Hearing aids based on the highest customer reviews. Here are our top 3:

  • Digital Hearing Amplifier By Britzgo Store
  • Walker’s Game Ear Elite Digital HD PRO Beige Assisted Listening Device By Walker’s Store
  • La Medicals Mini (RIC) Personal Sound Amplification Product (PSAP) By La Medicals

P.S: If you care to see these results and others listed on Amazon prime directly, click here to use the Amazon filter

Hearing aids reviews consumer reports

We found it very useful to share several customer reviews, buyers’ complaints and consumer reports for the hearing aids reviews, as seen on top selling brand stores. This reports also cover for the hearing hero reviews and other hearing aids we reviewed on this article as a case study.

Here are what buyers are saying about the hearing aid devices:

Hearing Hero reviews
Hearing Hero consumer reviews

Long story short, my left eardrum ruptured due to an infection YEARS ago. Instantly 60% deaf in that ear, and slowly getting worse. Then with age, right ear has started to fail me. Can’t hear the TV, can’t understand people speaking in the same room, etc. It was leading to me feeling like an annoyance, asking everyone to constantly repeat themselves plus it was a bit depressing feeling left out, because I was just sitting there quietly trying to keep up without being a nuisance. Then these arrived yesterday. I have only started using the one in my left ear and honestly I had to hold back the tears… I CAN HEAR. I just gave myself the gift of hearing this Christmas. I could never afford a hearing aid, so I took a chance on this… BEST money I EVER spent. I pray it works for everyone else as well as it has for me.

Robin E.B. Haynes (usa)- For the Digital Hearing aid Amplifier

I am enjoying my new HearingHero Pro aid… I have a full set provided by the VA, but this set of yours is so much more sensitive, I can hear things with it that the VA just discriminates…hard to understand women’s voices, but your product seems to work nicely, I can hear better.

K Sanders (UK) – for the hearing hero pro (5 star review)

Love the unit—can hear like I did as a kid. Wow.

B Pike (CA) – for the hearing hero cic (5 STAR REVIEW)

My husband has been in denial that he has a hearing problem for several years. He finally agreed to try these and they made all the difference in the world. We recommend the product to a few of our friends and they say the product works better than the $4000.00 hearing aide they were previously using. I’m so glad my husband has these because now I don’t have to constantly repeated what I am saying to him.


You were right I can hear better with these hearing aids than my previous ones…

R Scott – For the hearing hero cic (5 star review)

I received the 3 HearingHero Pro hearing aids and they work just perfectly! The first thing I noticed when I went down to our lobby was I could hear everyone speaking normally, but my HHs were turned up relatively high so their voices were very loud and I could hear everything! I’ve since ‘tested’ them on my job and they work just fine–loud and clear!

R Poaha – for the hearing hero pro (5 star review)

Thank you for the hearing aids that surpass the $4,000.00 + pair I’d been struggling with. Thanks for releasing me from unending increasing costs for “upgrades” each time I went to the Hearing Life office.

K Dunigan – for the hearing hero pro (5 star review)

You saved me much worry and anxiety! For me, a client friendly customer service says much about the quality of the business. It looks like, thanks to you, HearingHero Pro would get an A plus, plus!

M David – for the hearing hero (5 star review)

I’m 73 and my ears have gotten old with a typical mild to moderate hearing loss. Starting last fall, I have tried several BTE devices and I used one model for a number of months until it failed. When I found this listing I gave it a try since most commercial hearing aids are the RIC type. I am very pleased that I did. The sound is definitely clearer – quite natural, less artificial. In a way, I don’t notice the amplification until I take them off. Also they are so small and light that I forget they are there and find myself checking to see if I had put them on. With the Stay-at-Home situation, I haven’t really been able to test the different environment settings. The differences seem rather subtle. I’ve been happy using the first setting virtually all the time. A sudden loud sound or the clanking of silverware or dishes are not harsh at all. Whatever noise management it is doing is working. The only caution I have is that no batteries are supplied with the order. I discovered not all size 10 batteries are the exact same shape and some do not fit this very small device. The PowerOne brand works. Battery recommendations should be added to the descriptive information. Last but not least, the support from the seller, Travis, has been excellent. All my questions have been answered promptly and a device functioning issue was resolved quickly with replacement. You’ll be happy buying from him.

JohnLFP (Us) – FOR La Medicals Mini (RIC) Personal Sound Amplification Product

Hearing Hero company support details

For different personal reasons, you may want to contact hearing hero company. It may be for inquiries, complaints, returns, partnership, order placement, and any reason at all for best customer service demands. Here are their contact details for your easy reach:

  • Company name: TrekFirst, LLC
  • Hearing Hero Website: Buyhearinghero.com
  • Company address: 40 West 37th Street, Suite 500, New York, NY 10018-7405
  • Email address:  [email protected]
  • Phone number: 1-800-405-8934 (United States)

FAQs on Hearing Aids Reviews

Does hearing Hero really work?

Yes, Hearing Hero works perfectly well. You may see adverts of other hearing aids trying to attract you with mouthwatering offers, but most of them ain’t what they preach. The hearing hero devices are cost affordable and efficient in operation. If you buy one and you are not satisfied, their company TrekFirst LLC offers you a 45days money-back guarantee, so you have enough time to return the product while you get back every money you paid on the purchase.

Why do you choose to use Hearing Hero as a case study for this hearing aids reviews

We used the hearing hero as a case study for hearing aids reviews because of the confidence we found in the company and testimonies we got from customers who we helped in making purchases for the product.

Everyone who has ever used the product felt satisfied and always recommended it to friends. This is the reason why we chose to put up this article to assist a broader audience.

What is the best hearing aid on the market now?

The best hearing aid on the market now is Hearing Hero devices from TrekFirst. They have the HearingHero, Hearing Hero Pro, and Hearing Hero CIC devices. All of them are good but the Hearing Hero CIC is best overall based on several additional programs that may interest.

We have many brands manufacturing hearing aids devices ever since FDA approved it. But many of the hearing aids you see on the internet may not be approved by FDA; so be very sure it is stated clearly before buying. All Hearing Hero hearing aids are approved by the Food and Drugs Administrations (FDA).

You Reviewed the Hearing Hero, Hearing Hero Pro, and Hearing Hero CIC, which should I buy?

Like we said in the review, all TrekFirst Hearing aids are good and working perfectly as shown, but they advanced their programs in each of them as their prices differ.

If you have enough money on you, go for the Hearing Hero CIC; but if you are not that financially buoyant now, then we advise you to go with the Hearing Hero or Hearing Hero Pro.

Is Hearing Hero sold on Amazon?

Yes, Hearing Hero is sold on Amazon by retailers. But TrekFirst LLC has their online store they sell their Hearing Hero devices at the company price. So whether you are buying as a wholesaler, Retailer, or Consumer, you can simply hover to Buyhearinghero.com and make your purchase directly from them at the best price without hidden charges.

Is Hearing Hero sold in my country?

Yes, Hearing Hero is sold online and can be ordered from any country worldwide. The majority of their buyers are from the USA, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, and FRANCE. When you place your order, it gets shipped to your location of preference directly, no matter the country.

How do I buy the Hearing Hero hearing aids?

To buy the hearing hero hearing aids devices, here are 7 easy steps:
1. Visit their online store at Buyhearinghero.com
2. Select any of your preferred packages
3. Fill in your correct Customer Information for easy shipping of your product
4. Select your preferred payment method; either PayPal or card
5. Click on “complete checkout”
6. Fill in your payment details correctly
7. Click on make purchase and you are done.

Is Hearing Hero Website secured?

Yes, the Hearing Hero website is very much secured. They are also using recognized payment processing companies and accept several payment options such as PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, etc.

Is Hearing Hero a scam?

No, Hearing Hero is not a scam. Go through our review processes again and clear your doubt. Buy with confidence!

You love our work?

We know you did like how detailed we reviewed the Hearing aids using Hearing Hero as a case study. Please use the share button to distribute to your friends on all social networks. Also, feel free to drop feedback to our review team after using the Hearing Hero hearing aids device.

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