How To Use An Acupressure Mat For Weight Loss

How To Use An Acupressure Mat For Weight Loss

Yes, you can use an acupressure mat to lose weight and if you want to learn how to use an acupressure mat for weight loss, this article will guide you on how to do it right.

Acupressure is a method for releasing congealed energy all over the body. It is an unorthodox medicine technique often used in conjunction with acupuncture or reflexology.

An acupressure mat is a pad that is covered with spikes made of non-harmful plastic. It is also known as a spike mat or needle stimulation pad. These small spikes deliver pressure to body parts in contact with the surface.

How can an Acupressure Mat aid in weight loss?

It’s essential to comprehend how stress can cause weight gain before learning how an acupressure mat aids weight loss.

Our bodies release the hormone “cortisol” when we are under stress, and to survive, our bodies require cortisol. However, when we experience ongoing stress, cortisol levels stay excessive and cause havoc throughout the body.

Stress has several negative side effects, such as sadness, anxiety, heart disease, insomnia, and weight gain.

Acupressure mats for weight loss are fantastic since they may be used anywhere, at any time. These mats gently stimulate acupoints from head to toe using raised plastic “pins,” which send signals to the brain to unwind, rebalance, and realign.

How to use an Acupressure Mat for weight loss

acupressure mat positions

The body’s metabolism and digestive functions can be boosted by applying pressure to four key areas. Consider encouraging the following points if weight loss is something you’re interested in:

  • CV12
  • SP10
  • ST36
  • SP6

Benefits of using an Acupressure Mat for weight loss

Acupressure mats have many advantages that can help with weight loss and general wellness. Here are some of the most promising benefits:

1. Enhanced Sleep

Hormone dysregulation increased hunger, and obesity has long been associated with lack of sleep. Acupressure mats can help calm the mind, reduce anxiety, and ground energy to activate pressure points linked to insomnia. This promotes deeper, more restful, and restorative sleep.

2. Reduced pain

Increased joint stress from extra weight results in severe inflammation. Exercise may be challenging due to this discomfort, which could result in additional weight gain. Acupressure mats can truly help relieve common aches, including neck, back, and shoulder pain, by enhancing the body’s natural healing processes.

3. Reduced Cellulite

Acupressure mats also have the added benefit of helping to hide cellulite. The mat’s spikes promote elasticity and reduce fluid retention by soothing the skin and underlying tissues, resulting in reduced dimpling and a smoother overall appearance.

4. Better Digestion

There are locations all over the body where digestive functions can be brought into harmony. To assist good digestion and lessen bloat, lying on an acupressure mat can holistically address areas related to the stomach and intestines.

5. Enhanced Energy

An acupressure mat might give you that extra kick if you struggle to muster the motivation or stamina to exercise. Athletes commonly utilize acupressure to boost endurance, combat fatigue, and hasten recovery.

Safety tips when using an Acupressure Mat for weight loss

using acupressure mat
Using acupressure mat for weight loss

Some people may not be safe using acupuncture mats. Before purchasing or utilizing one, you should bear the following in mind:

1. When utilized improperly, mat spikes have the potential to penetrate the flesh. Avoid using an acupressure mat to prevent cuts or infection if you have diabetes, thin skin or poor circulation.

2. Most acupressure mat producers advise against using them during pregnancy.

3. Acupressure mats should not be used to start labor.

Acupressure during labor should only be used under the guidance of a medical practitioner.

4. Use of acupressure mats should not replace seeking medical attention or taking prescribed medicine.

5. Children under the age of six should not use acupressure mats.

6. Consult your doctor if you have high or low blood pressure before using it.

Positions on an Acupressure Mat for weight loss

To address the systems involved in balancing your body’s energy and metabolism, it’s crucial to use a variety of positions. Try these postures when using an acupressure mat for weight loss:

1. With your legs extended, sit on the mat in a forward fold position. Grab your calves or ankles while folding with a flat back.

2. Standing: Take a seat in a chair and firmly plant your feet on the mat. Stand on the mat if it’s comfortable for a better experience.

3. Lie flat on your back, unwind, and let the needles do their magic to relieve tension. Ideally, this position is performed without a shirt on. Ensure you keep your back as loose and relaxed as you can.

4. Flat on the Stomach: Lie down with your chest and stomach on the mat to activate your digestive system. To create a “pillow,” cross your arms beneath your head.

5. The “up dog” position is certainly familiar to everyone who practices yoga. Pressing your hands into the floor will lift your upper body while keeping your thighs and lower tummy on the mat.

Acupressure Mat purchasing guide

These days, the market is flooded with acupressure mats with so many people using acupressure mat for weight loss. Think about the following inquiries before selecting a mat:

1. Can you conveniently bring the mat with you on the road or to the office?

2. Does the mat have an adequate surface area to cover the regions you want to work on?

3. Is there any padding to make it more comfortable?

FAQs (Acupressure Mat For Weight Loss)

How frequently should I use an Acupressure Mat for weight loss?

It’s okay to use acupressure mat for weight loss every day. Make time to use your mat each day if you want to reap maximum benefits.
During your “midday slump,” you can try a mat session, maybe when you’d typically crave an afternoon coffee if you want to increase your energy levels. If getting better sleep is your goal, make the mat part of your nighttime routine.

How effective are Acupressure Mats for weight loss, according to science?

Using an Acupressure mat for weight loss is still the subject of preliminary clinical research. Acupressure, however, has been demonstrated in multiple studies to be effective in lowering stress and anxiety, enhancing energy, and relieving chronic pain.
The data for acupressure mats’ ability to reduce tension and discomfort is therefore encouraging, even though it may not be easy to relate them to numerical values on a scale.

How long should you use an Acupressure Mat for Weight Loss?

Acupressure mats might be uncomfortable at first for some people. Still, as soon as your body adjusts, you’ll immediately fall in and experience a wave of calm.
The precise posture you are in, and your comfort level will determine how long you use the mat.
Lie down for 20 to 40 minutes is advised to get the most advantages. For positions with greater activity, 5–10 minutes (or even less) might be sufficient. Slow down, pay attention to your body, and don’t forget to breathe.

How long can you lay on an Acupressure Mat for Weight loss?

Though less than 30 minutes is generally advised, no set amount of time should be spent on an acupressure mat for weight loss because doing so too long might result in bruising or injury to the skin’s surface. Overnight use of an acupressure mat is generally not advised.

Who is not fit to use an Acupressure Mat for weight loss?

Acupressure mats are a popular and secure form of alternative medicine. However, if one of the following applies to the individual, an acupressure mat is not suggested:
1. A pregnant woman
2. Someone with a cardiac ailment
3. A hypertensive person
4. A nursing mother
5. Someone with an infection on your skin
6. Someone who possesses an open sores

What distinguishes Acupuncture from Acupressure?

Acupressure uses manual pressure from fingers, elbows, etc., to apply pressure to acupoints. The body is pierced with incredibly tiny needles to apply pressure in acupuncture.

When to visit the doctor

You should talk to your doctor about any medical issues. Never substitute an acupressure mat for professional medical care.
An acupressure mat cannot replace prescription drugs or medical care. Visiting a doctor is crucial if your pain does not go away. Call your doctor immediately if pain, numbness, or weakness spreads or worsens.

Final Thought

Many individuals are turning to Traditional Chinese Medicine knowledge when the globe seems to be spinning faster to deal with stress, tension, and the ensuing weight gain.

Although acupressure has been practiced for thousands of years, it is still effective and applicable today. Thanks to modern tools like acupressure mats, anyone can now easily enjoy the practice’s well-established advantages at home.

Using an acupressure mat for weight loss has really helped many and the acupressure mat might be a helpful and calming component of your journey if you’re prepared to manage weight gain in a holistic, whole-body manner.

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