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The HVN Sleep Pod reviews – Put an END to SNORING on the GO?

How can I stop snoring? This is the question bordering the mind of every individual who suffers from this menace when nighttime reaches near. The snoring problem led us to detailed down the HVN Sleeping Pod reviews, answering the most asked question: Why HVN Sleep Pod is the best snoring therapy trending currently?

Snoring? Why you need to have HVN Sleep Pod

Everyone wants a peaceful sleep, free from every encumbrance or hiccups. One of such hurdles is the issue of snoring. Snoring is a problem, no matter the angle you look at it. It is an embarrassment to the individual in question; anyone in their immediate environment, while they sleep, is disturbed and greatly irritated or annoyed, as the case may be. The problem of snoring, funnily, has led to the end of many relationships where one party is not “snoring tolerant.” HVN Sleep Pod Review

A lot of people are victims of this problem. AP news records that 90 million people in the United States are affected by the issue of snoring. Snoring is estimated to affect 40% of women, and 57% of men in the United States 1. From NCBI reports, it occurs in up to 27% of children 2. This is the figure of the United States alone, and it is freaking high. Imagine a model for the entire world is released; it will be a major shocker.

Many persons have lost their self-esteem due to this issue; they have been subjected to a thousand, and one teases by friends, even family. Thus, the major prayer request of these individuals is a way to end the problem of snoring. Many who are not emotionally strong suffers from external traumas, heartbreaks, even attempted to commit suicide because they couldn’t find a near-perfect solution to their snoring problem over the years.

There are a lot of inefficient solutions developed over time. Take, for instance, that an individual only snores when his back is against the bed surface, so you try turning him over to quench the snoring. But this only works for only an hour or so, the reason being that snoring is associated with a deep level of sleep. You may have tried several snoring remedies including using these best essential oils for the treatment of snoring, yet none may have worked for you. However, if you are snoring intolerant and want to put a stop to your bad snoring habits or for your partner, the HVN sleeping Pod reviews a perfect solution. For the remedy of snoring problems came the HVN sleeping pod. A product that is tested and trusted by specialists. It is probably every snorer’s new best friend.

Now you ask yourself, what is this 21st-century technology called the HVN sleep pod?

Before we dig deep into the HVNSleep Pod, Let us enumerate some of the causes of snoring.

Causes of snoring (HVN Sleep Pod Reviews)

According to Mayo Clinic 3, snoring can be caused by several factors such as excess alcohol consumption, the anatomy of your mouth and sinuses, a cold, allergies, and weight gain (Obesity).

When you sleep-off and progress deep from a light sleep to a more deeper sleep, the muscles in the roof of your mouth (soft palate), throat, tongue relaxes. The tissues in your throat can relax enough that they may partially block your airway and cause vibration.

The more your airway narrows down, the more forceful the airflow through the airway becomes. This increases vibration in the tissue, which causes your snores to grow louder with more intensity.

These are the following conditions that can affect the airflow through your airway and cause you to snore as you sleep:

  1. Sleep position: Your sleep position may determine how bad you may snore. When you sleep on your back and gravity effect on the throat narrows your airway, snoring is eminent.
  2. Your mouth anatomy: Having a low, but thick soft palate can also narrow your airways. People who are overweight may have extra tissues in the back of their throats; this may narrow their airways as well and vibration can increase.
  3. Alcohol consumption: Snoring can also be caused by consuming much alcohol a few hours before bedtime. Alcohol relaxes the throat muscles and perhaps, decreases your natural defenses against airway obstruction during sleep.
  4. Chronic Nasal problems: A crooked partition between your nostrils (deviated nasal septum) or Chronic nasal congestion may contribute to your snoring during sleep.
  5. Sleep deprivation: Not having enough sleep can lead to further throat relaxation, and thus, causing over snoring.
  6. Inheritance: Yes, having a family history of obstructive sleep apnea snoring is one of the reasons why many people snore. It can be an inherited habit from any of your family lineage.

Now, you have seen some of the reasons why you snore above. I’m quite sure you are more eager for a solution. Not to worry either, this HVN sleep Pod review explain everything on how HVNSleep Pod can effectively proffer a timely solution to your snoring habit.

What is HVNSleep Pod?

(HVN Sleep Pod Review)

HVNSleep pod reviews
HVNSleep Pod Reviews

HVNSleep Pod or HVN sleep Pod is an anti-snoring device. It is a small but potent device that possesses innovative motion technology designed to detect snoring and emit gentle pulses meant to massage your throat muscle, allowing you to sleep well and OK; hale and hearty.

It is a small device comprising amazing technology that gets the job done. It records information, develops a therapeutic plan, and then reconciles this plan with the already recorded information.

The HVN sleeping pod is an artificial device that provides the most natural and easy-to-use solution to snoring problems.
A very smart device, the HVN sleep pod possesses over-the roof technologies that get the job done.

Having known about the device and the amazing function, one will be pushed to ask; what are the technologies making up the HVN sleeping pod? Read on

3 Core Technologies behind HVNSleep Pod

The HVN sleeping pod contains tons of jaw-dropping advanced technologies. Here are three (3) major technologies behind the solutions provided by the HVN sleep Pod:

  • A DISCREET ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The process of an ergonomic design is to develop a product that gives the consumer not just comfort, but a stress-free experience. Although. the main essence of a discreet ergonomic design is comfort. The presence of this kind of technology in the HVN sleep pod goes a long way to prove the fact that the HVN sleep pod is a product meant to ensure the maximum comfort of its users. It does not compound the individual’s problems but rather creates avenues to establish a comfortable condition for the user.
  • ADVANCED SOUND RECOGNITION: The HVN sleeping pod’s primary purpose is to perceiving snoring sounds as they are about to occur and then dampening such sounds. Please note that it blocks the sound as they are about to be released; thus, it possesses an advanced sound recognition technology geared towards this purpose.
  • TENS TECHNOLOGY: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a technology used to relieve pain through mild electrical current. The electric impulses help relax the muscle. The primary benefit of the TENS technology is to relax the muscles. Therefore, its addition to the technologies making the HVN sleeping pod ensure that the muscles responsible for chronic snoring are relaxed.

There are more to these next-generation technologies. The result is the numerous exciting features of the HVN sleep pod.

What are the features of the HVN Sleep Pod Review?

  1. Portability: The HVN sleeping pod is a small but mighty device. Its portability is a significant feature. The HVN sleep pod is a very convenient and lightweight device that can be carried around any time, anywhere. As such, it is an exciting feature; the ability to carry comfortably with you at all times whether you are spending a night with your friend at a hotel, in another city or you are travelling to another country entirely, you need not to worry about the size or weight of carrying your HVN Sleep pod device around.
  2. More functionalities through a Mobile App: The HVN sleep pod works hand in hand with a downloadable mobile app called SLEEPLUS. This app provides an overview of your nights by examining your sleeping cycles and detecting snoring. This mobile app enables you to keep track of snoring and sleep activity. This produces an effective system meant to help the user achieve optimum comfort while sleeping throughout the night.
  3. Easy to use: The HVN sleep pod is very easy to use. No much stress in setting up and operating. No complexity or stressful procedure. The HVN sleep pod is designed not only with user comfort in mind, but also very easy to operate.
  4. TENS Technology: As stated earlier, tens technology happens to be one of the advanced techs that make the build-up of an HVN technology. This is a significant feature of the HVN sleep pod. The HVN sleep pod makes use of TENS technology to stop snoring outrightly. The HVN sleeping pod sends electric signals to your body, triggering both your muscles and nerves to adjust themselves, which leads to you subsequently stopping to snore.
  5. Ergonomic Design: Another feature of the HVN pod is the presence of an ergonomic design. A design meant to produce a maximum level of comfort. How so? The HVN sleep pod usually sits below a user’s neck as they sleep, enabling them to sleep without being an obstacle to their sleep. It (the HVN sleeping pod) sticks to the user’s neck by means of a unique design; an adhesive strip.
  6. Snore Stopping Power: This is probably the weightiest feature of the HVN sleep pod. The HVN sleep pod emits mild electric impulses, which help relax the muscles associated with snoring so you and everyone around you can have a peaceful and much restful sleep.
  7. Mobile App Data Analysis: As established earlier, the HVN sleep pod works hand in hand with a downloadable mobile app; called the “sleeplus”. This enables you to keep accurate and sleep tracking statics needed to ensure a snoring-free night. Thus, making use of the HVN sleep pod comes with the exciting feature of reviewing your sleep cycles, with the opportunity or room for improvements.
  8. Magnetic Electrode Patch: The HVN sleep pod comprises a magnetic electrode patch, which is a medically graded material. The magnetic electrode patch is hypoallergenic (i.e., your body becomes allergic to the nerves that cause snoring, and the HVN sleep Pod, and does not irritate the skin), and it is very much adhesive, meaning it would not fall off, not now or never! Mind you; it is designed to suit your comfort.
  9. Magnetic charging base: A very advanced feature; the HVN sleep pod makes use of a magnetic charging base which enables you to charge the device almost anywhere. Thus, every morning, you place the HVN sleep pod into the charging base. Then charge it using a peculiar micro-USB.
  10. Durable: The HVN sleep pod is very much strong and long lasting. Its durability exists in two senses. First, it has a long life span and does not require occasional maintenance and repair. It also has an extended-lasting battery capacity; the HVN sleep pod can last for two nights on a single charge. All you need is a maximum 15 hours charge.
  11. Records and analyzes snoring: The HVN sleep pod allows you to track snoring and sleep activity over the nights; this it does through its mobile app. By virtue of this feature, you can review the level of snoring you from night tonight more like a full sleep report.
  12. Better breathing device: A feature of the HVN sleep pod is that it serves as a breath-enhancing device for the user. Snoring results from clogged breath from the nasal pipe; thus, the HVN sleep pod emits impulses that relax the muscles around the area, leading to better breathing, hence no snoring.
  13. Fragility: You might start to wonder why a durable product can also be termed fragile; well the HVNSleep pod has a sleek portable design that makes it look fragile. We won’t advise that you handle carelessly to avoid hitting on the ground floor; even though it falls out mistakenly, it may be able to withstand the tensions from the ground but you wouldn’t know when the devil is on a mission, therefore handle your fine gadget with care.
  14. Fast charge capability: Another feature of the HVN sleep pod is its ability to fast charge. The device needs two (2) hours to charge, and it is ready to deliver for some extended hours in a day.
  15. Curated soothing sound: The HVN sleep pod produces well-curated sleep sounds intending to enhance sleep. This is another unique feature of the HVN sleep pod.
hvn sleep pod

How does the HVN sleep pod Review work?

In this HVN Sleep Pod review, let us talk about the working process too. Why it is the best snoring therapy for better sleep?

The sensors in the HVN sleep pod are designed to detect and accumulate snoring data. The device uses the most advanced and effective technologies such as bone conduction and sound recognition technologies to recognize and subsequently analyze your snoring.

Immediately the HVN sleep pod hears you snoring, and it emits out a range of 10HZ-60HZ micro electro impulses that enhances your throat muscles, and then it makes adjustments based on your breathing. It does this without causing painful shock or a rude awakening.

The HVN sleep pod also enhances the muscles under the tongue (the sublingual muscles) and nerves, enlarging the respiratory tract airflow and keeps your breathing smooth and noiseless throughout the night.

The working nature of the HVN sleep pod is a determinant of its effective nature. This is a result of the pressure that it places on the nose. The HVN sleep pod ensures that the airways are not congested or closed. It strives to open the airways to eliminate snoring. This is made possible through the silicone device of the HVN sleep pod.

The patch that the users use to place along their chin makes use of magnetic electrodes to detect the slightest snoring pattern and other necessary data while the user sleeps peacefully through the night. The HVN sleep pod is made up of medical-grade materials (fabrics), which are aimed at ensuring that the device does not irritate the skin. These fabrics are both safe to use and hypoallergenic. As the data is recorded, the HVN sleep pod learns to recognize the snoring pattern of the user while he or she is sleeping.

Benefits of using the HVN sleep pod (HVN Sleep Pod Reviews)

The conglomeration of these features results in a fantastic device, the HVN sleep pod. As such, there are lots of juicy benefits that come with using the HVN sleep pod; some of which include:

  • The benefit of a product being easy to use cannot be overemphasized. No matter the numerous features and benefit have to offer, if its operation is no simple and less complex, the product will lack popularity. This is not the case with the HVN sleep pod, which is very easy to use and very convenient at that. Its operation does attribute stress and does not require specialized and intense technical know-how.
  • The HVN sleep pod was geared to please the user. As such, all its features are user-friendly. Another aspect of this is the fact that the HVN is drugs free. Most drugs have one side effect or the other, no matter the exciting the benefit it brings to the table. There are no such drugs or any drug at all present in the HVN sleep pod; this endears it to the users.
  • Durability is a major benefit in the usage of any product, and the HVN sleep pod is no exception. With a long-lasting battery capacity after intensive 15 hours straight charge, one can make use of it (the HVN sleep pod) for two nights straight. Thus, in developing countries where electricity is not a constant, this is an exciting benefit. Therefore, two hours of light a day can ensure a peaceful sleep at night.
  • Two hours of charging of the HVN sleep pod equates to a reasonable sleeping period. This fast charge feature is nothing but sheer genius and very beneficial; one does not need to wait for a thousand and one hours to ensure maximum charge.
  • The HVN sleep pod is a portable device. This is a benefit that endears it to the user. Distance is not a barrier to the maximum comfort to be enjoyed through the HVN sleep pod. No matter the location, no matter the situation. The lightweight feature of the HVN sleep pod makes it easy to move around, and when the time for sleep comes around, the HVN sleep pod is there to help you all the way.
  • The benefit of this feature to the HVN sleep pod is that by virtue of this magnetic base, the HVN sleep pod can be charged almost, if not anywhere. All you have to do is simple; every morning, after use throughout the night, you place the HVN sleep pod into the charging base and then charge it through a USB and viola, two hours of charge by the magnetic base together with the USB charge equates a load of comfort and easy sleep.
  • By virtue of its ergonomic design, the HVN sleep pod sits below your neck as your sleep. As such, it aids you to sleep without disturbing you. It also sticks to your neck by making use of an adhesive strip. Thus, you need not worry about it falling off or it shifting out of position.
  • The HVN sleep pod uses TENS technology (i.e., transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) to stop snoring. The HVN sleep pod emits imperceptible electrical signals. Thus it sends to the body, triggering the individual’s small muscles and nerve to adjust, leading to them (the individuals) to stop snoring.
  • The sleeplus is a plus in using the HVN sleep pod. This app can record and analyze sleep data and cycles of your nights which assists you to make quickly find a suitable solution for the problem of snoring.

    Also, this app controls the function of the HVN sleep pod, and its mobility combined with the portability of the HVN sleep pod is a significant benefit to any user.

    Furthermore, this app is downloadable, which increases its accessibility. Just go to the app store on the net and download this app, and should you lose it for any reason whatsoever, you can get it via the app store. Is this not an advantage or what?
  • The HVN sleep pod helps individuals breathe properly by encouraging their throat, tongue, and neck muscles into optimal possession without waking such persons up. The better breather feature kicks in and enables the user to breathe hale and healthy. This is a significant advantage to the use of the HVN sleep pod. Individuals buy the HVN sleep pod because of breathing problems (snoring) while deep in sleep. To this extent, their problems are solved immediately through the use of the fantastic HVNsleep pod.
  • The HVN sleep pod makes for less stress and a comfortable and beautiful sleeping experience every night through its well-curated selection of sounds and calm as well as relaxing music. Sleep is made possible and not just any kind of sleep but also peaceful and comfortable. Thus, the HVN aims to please.
  • The HVN sleep pod records and analyzes your snoring. How is this beneficial? Under these recordings and analysis, one can find a suitable solution that works for you. By keeping track and records of changes in one snoring decibel level, you can determine the sleeping methods that suit you better and adjust subsequently.
  • The purpose of the HVN sleep pod’s design is to deliver a maximum comfort level to its user. It is very comfortable to use, and this means it has no side effects and only enhances the user’s comfortability, and does not serve as an obstacle or disturber. It also helps in relaxing the user’s muscles and nerves, which goes a long way in achieving comfort. As such, it is a suitable product for you and your partner to sleep comfortably and peacefully.
  • Also, the HVN sleep pod creates the more you know, the more you sleep. And this bestows comfort. How so? The records made available to you via the downloadable mobile app provide information. At the back of your mind, information (knowledge) is power, and power, in this case, is your comfort.

How to use and operate the HVN Sleep pod (Reviewed)

Step One

Ensure you charge the HVN sleep pod before night falls; this is done by connecting the USB cable to the magnetic charging base and placing the device to set for at least two hours.

Step Two

You have to download the mobile app, which is SLEEPLUS. Having done this, turn on the Bluetooth function on your smartphone and open the already downloaded app. Follow the guidelines on the application to pair the device with the app.

Step Three

Make sure your throat is very clean and dry, then place the adhesive strip below your chin. Ensure the groove of the HVN sleep pod is close to your throat. Press the adhesive strip for about 3o seconds to ensure contact is good, then put on the HVN sleep pod and place it into the groove.

Step Four

Then fall asleep. The HVN sleep pod is meant to take care of you while you were sleeping. The HVN sleep pod`s sensors detect and record snoring data. This is done through bone conduction technology.

What makes the HVN sleep pod special in the world of sleep pods? (HVN Sleep Pod reviews)

They are probably a thousand and one sleep pod products on earth. However, the HVN sleep pod in the future and has come to stay. What makes the HVN sleep pod special, what makes it efficient?

The technology advancement featured immensely in the HVN sleep pod is it secret to the top, literarily. The HVN sleep pod clears the airways of the user and thus stops snoring immediately it is detected. This is what makes it effective and efficient.

Most importantly, the HVN sleep pod makes use of a silicone design that is carefully put into place by virtue of magnets. There are also no electric components and drugs in the HVN sleep pod. This has endeared it to the heart of countless users and has ensured that it is tagged effective and efficient.

The HVN sleep guarantees a comfortable night and takes away the bad habit of chronic snoring that plagues the user. It does this in the quickest time possible. Throughout the night, the HVN sleep pod ensures maximum comfort that rubs around the environment. If there is a silent night, everyone can sleep peacefully and happily. No need to hear it’s over in the morning.

Furthermore, the HVN sleep pod produces soothing and well-curated sounds and music that aids sleep. It also offers an in-depth analysis of recorded sleeping data of users and assists it in making a selection of a suitable solution. It also makes use of superior and medical graded materials that are not only comfortable but also safe to use. As such, it does not irritate the skin, and that makes it extremely user-friendly.

The HVN sleep pod prefers a near-natural solution to the problem of chronic snoring. This is a product of a tested and trusted brand, THE HVN company. A brand specialized in providing maximum comfort for its end users.

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Why buy the hvn sleep pod?

HVN sleep pod

After all these long drills on the HVN Sleep Pod reviews, some persons may still be forced to query themselves thus: why do I need to buy the HVNSleep Pod?

Well, being more inquisitive is not a crime. In fact, it shows you are a human with sound minds.

There could be lots of personal reasons why you may want to buy an HVN sleep pod device. But for the general consumers’ sake, let us highlights 7 outstanding facts that answer your question: “why you need your own HVN sleep pod!”

  1. If any of your families or friends ever told you of your bad snoring nature, you need HVN sleeping pod.
  2. If your partner snores horribly and it has to be a cause of worry in your home, you should get HVNSleep Pod for them.
  3. If there’s a friend who has ever complain of how over snoring is tearing her life apart, recommend HVN Sleep pod right away.
  4. Even if you don’t snore, but you desire to keep records of your sleeping manners, the HVN Sleep pod is the best gadget that will deliver as you wanted.
  5. If your partner has always accused you of disrupting their night sleep, and you doubt her claims, get an HVN sleeping pod to clear your doubts.
  6. If you have this snoring problem, but don’t have excess money to waste on different remedies, you could save cost today and buy the HVNSleep pod. Give it a trial for 30days, and if it didn’t work as described, feel free to place a return ticket and get back your money 100 percent.
  7. Everyone wants an incentive to motivate them to use a product. This is apart from the facts. People wish to the testimony of the awesomeness of a product. And the sleep HVN pod thrives in this category. There are a lot of reviews on various platforms about the amazing HVN sleep pod. This is the motivation, which also answers your question: why should I buy the HVN sleep pod?
hvn sleeping pod reviews
HVN sleeping pod reviews

Cole commented on the HVN sleep pod: “this is a dream come true. I have always prayed for a solution to my chronic snoring problem. And an answer came in the form of the HVN sleep pod. When I read the reviews of this product, I rushed immediately to get myself a copy. And since then, I have been enjoying a peaceful and comfortable sleep all night.”

Ashley also said about the HVN sleep pod: “it was kind of weird for a girl to snore loudly. That was my predicament, but once I found the HVN sleep pod, I sleep like an adorable angel.”

There are countless testimonies as to the use of the HVN sleep pod. This can be found on their official website, buyhvnsleep.com, Amazon, Ap news, and many other retail websites. The sheer awesomeness of the HVN sleep pod has had a lasting effect on its end users.

How much is HVN Sleep Pod cost?

(HVN Sleep Pod Price)

1 unit of HVN Sleep Pod is Priced for $119.99. The HVN Sleep Pod reviews feature different pricing options for both consumers, retailers, and wholesalers. The more of the device you buy, the lesser the cost per unit. Here is a draft of the current pricing and shipping fee:

S/NQuantity (HVN Sleep pod)Today PROMOOfficial Cost
11x HVNSleep Pod$119.99$184.99
22x HVNSleep Pod$239.98$369.98
33x HVNSleep Pod$269.98$554.97
44x HVNSleep Pod$329.97$739.96
5Bulk PurchaseUp to 75% Discount———-
Cost Price for the HVN Sleep pod (Reviewed Price list)

NOTE: Shipping fee if you are buying a single piece of HVN sleep pod is $8.95, but reduces by more than 50% when you buy more than a piece or in bulk.

They offer several secured payment options. You can pay with your debit card (either VISA or Master card), pay with paypal, Gpay, ApplePay etc.

They also offer 30 days money-back warranty. So feel confident why you place your orders.

HVN Sleep Pod reviews Consumer Reports

Let us show you some end-users, retail customers, and a few consumer reports as reviewed on different online retail stores about the HVN Sleep Pod. However, you should clearly note that these are the opinions of buyers expressing their happiness, so you are not going to feel it until you test yours. Utilize the 30 days Money-Back warranty as offered by the company to try out yours, if the HVN Sleep Pod works for you as described, do not hesitate to come online to share your thoughts as well. But if the product didn’t satisfy your need as described within the first 30days upon purchase, proceed to file a refund notice and the company will refund you every penny you paid for the HVN Sleeping Pod.

Happy to buy the the HVNSleep for my husband. He has stopped snoring since using it and he said that it is really comfortable and everything is easy to use. Highly recommend the product!

Sophia E. (Omaha, NE)

The most effective anti-snoring equipment I ever used. I was using two different kinds of anti-snoring products and they both didn’t work for me. My friend told me about the HVNSleep so I tried it and now I love it. Great product for anti-snoring and bringing comfort to sleep!

William R. (Albany, NY)

I bought this item recently and I can see how effective it is just after one day of use. It improved my sleep quite a bit. I feel better when waking up.

David S. (Los Angeles, CA)

I bought this a week ago and it’s working like a dream. A beautifully simple product that really works.

Becky T. (Denver, CO)

Worth every cent! My husband has snored for years and it’s really had a negative impact on his health. He was always tired and sluggish. He just started using the HVNSleep and in just a few days it’s already had a massive effect on him. It’s completely stopped his snoring and he’s feeling energized and awake. I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with snoring.

Anne A. (Miami, FL)

It’s changed my life. My girlfriend has been a heavy snorer for years and it’s really taken its toll on my sleeping pattern. Can’t believe I found something that works. Super easy to set up and it’s beautifully designed. It’s an extremely effective solution.

Taylor P. (Portland, OR)

Contact Information for HVNSleep Pod company

(HVN Sleep Pod Review)

For support, bulk purchases, reviews, returns, and inquiries, use the following details below to contact the HVNSleep pod company. Their customer services are topnotch.

  • Company Name: Quality Performance Limited
  • Official website: Buyhvnsleep.com
  • Support Email:  [email protected]
  • Support Phone (United state and Canada Toll-Free): 855 219 4892
  • Support Phone (Australia & New Zealand): (02) 5133 5668
  • Support Phone (United Kingdom): 033 0818 0828
  • Company office address: 377 Valley Rd #1123, Clifton, NJ 07013

Final Takeaway (HVN Sleep Pod reviews)

The HVN sleep pod is the savior from snoring embarrassment. There is no need to get agitated about sleeping in public settings or traveling because of your chronic snoring problem. Just ensure you have the HVN sleep pod handy with you, and its portability makes this possible.

It has been tested and trusted, proven and endorsed by specialists — maximum comfort for a decent amount with a 30days double assurance warranty. So head over to the HVNSleep pod company’s official website to secure yours as only limited stock are available for this batch of production.

Updated: 20th April 2022.

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