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KoreTrak SmartWatch Reviews (Read Before purchase)

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KoreTrak SmartWatch Reviews
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The struggle for healthy living is an unending marathon. Having been so engaged with many life activities, the majority of people fail to listen to the rhythm of their body until they fall so weak that every other life activity has to be placed on hold to get over the health knockdown. Here at HealthWeakness, we are pleased to bring you the latest researched articles on different health conditions, possible solutions, and product recommendations to enable you to live a stronger life. Read more about us and our team here -->> https://healthweakness.com/about-us/
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So lately, you began to see lots of Koretrak Smartwatch Reviews and wondered if it is safe to buy? In this KoreTrak review, our team of researchers has dug through different functions of the Koretrak to give you enough informative insights about the KoreTrak – its effectiveness, benefits, pros, cons, how to buy, and whether it is valuable for your money.

In today’s busy world, everyone aspires to keep track of time while maintaining physical fitness. Luckily, smartwatches with features that provide both functionalities are already on the market. It becomes sad that an average earner can not easily afford a useful smartwatch with the best features because of its cost. This cost and efficiency issue is one of the many reasons we introduce to you KoreTrak SmatchWatch manufactured by the KoreHealth Fitness Company – multiple functionalities in 1 smartwatch that fits in as a fitness device yet serves the primary purpose of a smartwatch 100%.

Being fit and healthy is becoming a controversial topic for most businesses. Obesity is escalating at an alarming rate because governments spend billions of dollars on technological components to minimize this health issue. Consequently, for this article, we are going to be looking at the KoreTrak smartwatch.

From the sit-stand desk to different tech mobile apps that hint to the number of tracks you need to hit per day, all these innovations creatively appeared in 2007 and gained traction at an incredible pace. One of such technological components is the day-to-day smartwatch devices – It has nevermore seize in modernizing and gaining more popularity over time.

As more office spaces and technologies are oriented to make people commence sedentary lifestyles, the idea of hitting 10,000steps a day using your smartphone seems like an illusion. Concurrently, tracking burned calories using your smartphone is not the best alternative, and this is where the KoreTrak smartwatch fitness tracker for smart body fitness comes in.

Koretrak smartwatch Reviews

KoreTrak watch
The KoreTrak Watch

Earlier before now, smart fitness devices had overrated prices that made them very difficult to own. The $20 billion smartwatch companies continually raked in millions of dollars in earnings from end-users and consumers until the KoreHealth Fitness Company launched Koretrak at an outrageously pocket-friendly price with well-to-do features and functionalities too.

It is reliable to say that KoreTrak features an elegant smartwatch with smart fitness options while keeping purchase costs at an affordable rate for all. Aside from featuring smart body components that help you accurately monitor your well-being, this tracker smartwatch has an inherent feature that allows you to attain your health and fitness goals through regular and automated monitoring of your body.

Digital smartwatches vary in their abilities; some can be used to synchronize laptop data to the phone and the smartwatch, while others may even have unit converters, calculators, etc. Before the discovery of the smart-watches, digital wristwatches were the most high-tech timekeepers in the market then. The design of the koretrak smart-watch, however, changed everything.

From the year 2000, many tech companies begin to release watches with smartphone-like abilities. Companies such as Pebble, Apple, Huawei are some of the companies that have spent and kept spending millions of dollars in the smartphone watch industry.

These companies have created tech devices that have the capabilities to:

  1. Notifying you of future upcoming events (scheduled and major fixed events)
  2. Synchronize with your Phones, Tablets, and laptop to perform several functions
  3. Play music and change track effectively.
  4. Perform different AI gesture functionalities
  5. GPS and tracking services

What is KoreTrak Smartwatch?

KoreTrak Smartwatch reviews
The beauty and fitness of KoreTrak watch

In plain words, KoreTrak Smart-Watch is a fitness tracker along with other messaging and smartphone notifications. Furthermore, it is also convenient as well as of unique style with a fantastic feature of biometrics. It has a touchpad, and you can easily control the watch with this intuitive feature as it is easy to navigate with mobile apps. KoreTrak smartwatch is a product of KoreHealth Fitness Company. The device has been designed to give consumers clear, accurate, and real-time information to help them accomplish their fitness goals with ease through its outstanding features not available in any other similar brand for such an outrageous amount.

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KoreTrak is a high-tech device wristband used as advanced biometric technology to analyze the body and give real-time health and metric fitness data. With a quick scan, the koretrak smart wristband can tell you your heart rate, blood pressure, or even your blood oxygen level.

What does the KoreTrak smartwatch do?

KoreHealth Fitness – the manufacturing company behind this koretrak smartwatch, strives to arm KoreTrak with the capabilities of a complete smart-watch and a fitness tracker in one simple device. Aside from offering powerful and indistinguishable smartwatch abilities, KoreTrak records and tracks a whole range of user biometric data.

Koretrak got a built-in fitness app designed to support your exercise. KoreTrak can track your steps while running or working and tell you how far you have run, count how many calories you’ve burned per mile, and many others.

It can wirelessly connect to your Android or Apple smartphones, so you can get text message alerts, remind you of missed calls, and even help you find your missing phone should in case you misplaced it!

In contradiction to smartwatch manufacturers like Pebble, Apple, Huawei, KoreTrak’s main aim is to provide a wellness smart-watch with lifetime protection and a replacement warranty for an affordable price.

What are the specifications of KoreTrak Smart Watch?

The Koretrak smartwatch comes in handy with lots of available specifications. There could be other smart wristbands or watches that could have the same specs but certainly not for the price of koretrak. The noticeable specs of the Koretrak watch include:

Health & fitness trackerThe smart body health and fitness tracker help you lose weight and burn calories with ease.
Waterproof ratingBody rated at IP67; hence it is water-resistant when deep under 1 meter of water; it is rainproof, splash-proof, and sweat-proof.
BatteryDirect USB chargeable
DisplayLCD screen with full LCD color display and a touch button operation key
SensorsHeart rate, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, G-sensor, and oxygen circulation
MemoryThe KoreTrak watch can hold on to biometric data for up to 7 days or more
KoreTrak smartwatch reviews

Features of KoreTrak smartwatch (Reviewed)

The fantastic features of KoreTrak smartwatch are the central selling point that makes the company attract numerous retail sales monthly.

Koretrak Smartwatch Reviews
Features of the KoreTrak smartwatch

Here are Key Features of the KoreTrak smartwatch as reviewed by our team:

  1. Health Tracking: Unlike most smart wristbands out there, with Koretrak smartwatch you can track many essential health metrics like heart-rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels in less than 30 seconds. Apart from that, the fancy watch is perfect for a person looking for both smartwatch fitness tracker with regular watch features too.
  2. Fitness Tracking: The best way to attain your weight maintenance goals faster is by closely monitoring your calories and keeping track of your fitness. The KoreTrak smartwatch is lightweight, fanciful, and can be worn everywhere at all times without disrupting your other activities. This means that you can wear the smartwatch device while cycling, running, walking, sleeping, or while performing any other relatively physical activity. Whether you aim to keep fit or join in a sporting activity, The wristband has fitness trackers engineered to monitor your body behavior every second.
  3. Acts as a personal Reminder: KoreTrak smartwatch can serve as your personal reminder that reminds you when to engage in your routine fitness activities like running, walking, gyming. KoreTrak watch comes with a built-in customizable inactivity feature that reminds you to get up and perform a task when you need to. If you always have a busy schedule, some fitness activities can quickly get out of your mind; therefore, it becomes necessary that you have a smart device that alerts you when to engage in your working out activities for the day. KoreTrak smartwatch is the best fit for this purpose.
  4. Sleep Monitoring: With KoreTrak, you can analyze your sleep patterns while sleeping and seeing the results as you wake up. Without much doubt, performing your daily tasks to the peak without adequate sleep is close to impossible. You will rarely find these features in an ordinary stopwatch or fitness tracker, and if it is available, you will purchase the gadget at an exorbitant price. Why then spend more when the KoreTrak smartwatch performs all for a reasonable cost?
  5. Compatibility: The KoreTrak Manufacturers have made it possible that you can easily connect your KoreTrak smartwatch to your smartphones (Be it an Apple and Android device). Most advanced tech lovers will prefer simplicity in a gadget to anything; in fact, many would choose to get it costly when it has all features in one than paying differently to get two devices for two different functions. In most cases, consumers are sad when they have to spend extra money to acquire a device compatible with their mobile smartphones at an added cost. This is never the case with the KoreTrak since it allows you to synchronize and monitor your phone activities at no extra cost. When you synchronize your phone successfully with the KoreTrak smartwatch, you will be able to put off focus from your phone and give full attention to what you are doing since the KoreTrak is there on your wrist to notify you of all calls and SMS alerts they may beep in your phone immediately they come in.
  6. Intuitive Tracking: Earlier before now, you could only get results of your heart rate, calories burned, and much other vital information concerning your health with the help of specialized medical equipment operated by the doctors alone. The KoreTrak all-in-one smartwatch has defied the past restraints and helped you have this intuitive tracking feature at your disposal. The KoreTrak fitness tracker and wristband has been designed to help consumers understand and monitor their health system 24/7. Just wear it on your wrist, and it will give you essential information like heart rate, calories burned, and steps you’ve taken over time.
  7. Adaptability: The KoreTrak wristband can adapt to any environment of your choice and still function efficiently. It is equipped with intense, long-lasting waterproof and comfortable straps that permit you to wear it without fear while swimming, running, sleeping, cycling, or other physical activities.
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What are KoreTrak Functions that make them unique?

With all haven said, whether you are looking for a smartwatch with a replacement and protection warranty or you are in a weight loss program and want to burn-off calories without missing your timing, KoreTrak smartwatch is your to-do device.

Besides aiding you to exercise much better, the KoreTrak smartwatch seeks to establish an operational plan to help you hold to an actionable routine that will enable you to actualize your fitness goals. Koretrak connects to your smart Android and iOS phones, allowing you to meet your fitness needs at a faster pace.

This smartwatch makes it possible for a sedentary worker to receive important calls, send messages, and count calories along with your oxygen levels and heart rate simultaneously coupled with an elegant design that fits everyone.

In summary, here are 14 lists of functions that make KoreTrak unique from other smartwatch devices:

  1. A fancy wristband that fits in for both Men and Women
  2. Measurement of oxygen saturation.
  3. Calorie counter
  4. ECG and heart rate measurement
  5. Serve as a Pedometer
  6. Finding your missing smartphone
  7. Sleep tracking
  8. Phone calls
  9. Text message
  10. Photo capturing
  11. Customization and controls
  12. Water-resistance functionality
  13. The company grants 30days money back warranty protection
  14. The KoreTrak smartwatch is very versatile and flexible. This makes it very easy to wear and makes the consumer feels comfortable when worn.

How Does KoreTrak Work? and How to use it! (KoreTrak Reviews)

Just like every other smartwatch from companies like Apple, Huawei, etc., it is simple to use the Koretrak watch. Take these few steps to activate your koretrak smartwatch to function effectively:

  1. Connect the device with its USB to a power surge for charging.
  2. After charging is completed, you can then wear the smartwatch on the wrist and then connect it to your preferred smartphone.
  3. Head over to your mobile app store and download the KoreTrak app to your Android or iPhone. Like many other health tracking apps, the KoreTrak app gives you all the insights about your health, which you can review daily or weekly depending on your choice.
  4. Ensure your smartphone has a BlueTooth technology-enabled. This is because the KoreTrak smartphone comes with an inbuilt Bluetooth sensor for which you can effortlessly connect to your smartphones without hedges.
  5. Now that you have both your KoreTrak smartwatch, your phone, and the koretrak mobile app at your disposal. You should connect the mobile app to the phone through Bluetooth to synchronize your phone data with the smartwatch.
  6. Once the connectivity is perfected, you will get a notification update on the watch’s LCD screen.
  7. Your KoreTrak watch is now connected to your mobile phone; now, you can start setting up your meeting, booking schedules, reading, and making phone calls at will.

    P.S: KoreTrak has an IP67 rating, making the smartwatch safe to be worn during swimming, in the shower, and walking in the rain or in a wet environment.

Consumers Reviews about KoreTrak smartwatch

KoreTrak smartwatch Reviews: Here are what consumers are saying about the KoreTrak smartwatch device on their official websites:

It might sound silly, but this thing really lights a fire under you! Having all my stats right there on my wrist is great motivation to get up off the couch and do something active. I think I finally found a way to trick my brain into liking exercise!

5 star KoreTrak reviews from consumer “Natalie A.” (New york)

It works great! I like being able to see how I’m improving. Since I started working out more regularly my resting heart rate and blood pressure have gone down, and the quality of my sleep has improved a lot. It’s nice having proof that I’m on the right track.


I love my KoreTrak, it definitely pushes me to work a little harder at the gym. Just when I think I’ve hit that wall and I should call it a day, I’ll notice I’ve only burned 500 calories and decide to push it for 100 more. Nice design, fit comfortably, all around great fitness tracker.


I’ve looked at a lot of smartwatches and I was shocked at how much cheaper KoreTrak is. At first I thought it might just be a cheap knockoff, but it has all the same apps and works just as well as the expensive models. Why pay an extra $150 just for a brand name? Save your money, go with KoreTrak.


It was my new years resolution to finally get in shape and KoreTrak has been a HUGE HELP! The daily goals feature is great, it keeps me motivated to stick with my workout. I’ve lost 14lbs since I bought it!


Highly recommend this for anyone who works out. It’s almost like having a personal trainer. You can check your stats at any time and see how your body is doing. It’s really cool seeing the numbers show how I’m improving!


I’ve been trying to live healthier lately and my KoreTrak has really helped with that. The step counter reminds me to walk more and the sleep tracker helps me make sure I’m getting enough rest.


I love my KoreTrak! It’s comfortable, easy to use, and all the fitness apps work great. I don’t know why anyone would pay an arm and a leg for the other big brands when this thing costs a tenth of the price and has all the same features


KoreTrak Smartwatch Company contact support

You can contact KoreTrak helpDesk for any complain or enquiry through their support contact details below:

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Comapany Name: Quality Performance Limited
Company Website: KoreTrak
Company Address: 377 Valley Rd #1123, Clifton, NJ 07013
Mailing Address: Suite 2201, 21/F Chinachem Century Tower, 178 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Company Email Address: [email protected]
Company Phone (US & Canada): 609-414-7087
Company Phone (UK & Ireland): 08708 200084
Company Phone (Australia & New Zealand): (02) 8607 8316

KoreTrak Watch Price (Purchase Cost)

11 KoreTrak Watch$76.85
22 KoreTrak Watches$153.69
$99.99 (Most Purchased)$19.98
33 KoreTrak Watches$230.54$111.99$22.48
KoreTrak Watch Price
KoreTrak SmartWatch Reviews

“You can further add a Lifetime Protection and replacement warranty to your purchase for only an additional $9.99 for 1 KoreTrak, $19.98 for 2 KoreTrak, and $22.48 for 3 KoreTrak watches. This extended warranty means your product is covered for LIFE.”

Where to Buy the KoreTrak smartwatch

The KoreTrak Smartwatch can purchased offline from retailers in Australia, United Kingdom (UK), United state (US), Canada and many other countries where there are retail dealers.

However, the KoreHealth company marketing this device only sell online on their official store. You can click here to visit the KoreTrak official store directly and make your purchase either as a retailer (Resale) or just for your personal use.

Buy KoreTrak watches

Pros and Cons of The KoreTrak Smartwatch (Reviews)

As there is to every other products, the KoreTrak smartwatch comes with good and downsides too. But the goodnews is, “the downside has no effect on the device itself”.

PROS of KoreTrak watchesCONS of KoreTrak Watches
1. KoreTrak Watches are Highly durable
2. Track blood pressure effectively
3. It helps you stay connected to your mobile Phone to avoid distraction
4. KoreTrak watches come with a built-in water Resistance functionality
5. They can store data for up to 7days
6. Friendly cost with extra bonus for first-time customers
7. Adaptable with every environment
8. Easily track your sleep while you are sleeping
9. Help track your fitness
10. Acts as your personal assistance reminding you of events and schedules
11. Comes with a money-back guarantee
12. The KoreTrak company provides extra security with their LIFETIME PROTECTION offer for a very affordable price
13. Intuitive design
1. Costly to purchase offline in stores
2. Limited stock produced by the company in batches
3. The company only sells directly on their official store online. It’s a con because not everyone can purchase stuff easily online.
Cons and Pros of KoreTrak watches


If you search for best fitness tracking smartwatch online, you will see several adverts from different companies promoting their wristbands. But the truth is that aside from the smartwatch devices made by big companies like Apple, Pebble, Huawei, KoreHealth, and few others, many fitness tracking smartwatches do not serve consumers satisfactorily.

The only challenge with these smartwatches from Pebble, Apple, Huawei is their high cost. This is where the KoreTrak smartwatch beats them hands down. The KoreTrak watch serves consumers well with all the necessary health fitness tracking features of a smartwatch while selling at an affordable cost.

When you purchase the KoreTrak smartwatch, you won’t have to visit any health personnel to get insights about your health & wellness tracking.

P.S: “We include products we think should be useful to our audience with special discounts direct from the distributing company. If you make a purchase through the links on this page, we may earn a small commission which will have no negative effect on you”.

FAQs on KoreTrak Smartwatches

For the KoreTrak reviews, here are our answers to the frequently asked questions by customers and intending customers.

If I buy KoreTrak watch, do i still need the doctor for any diagnosis?

Yes, you always need to consult your home doctor anytime you feel unease with yourself. But for KoreTrak, it will serve you efficiently as a smartwatch and a fitness tracker put together.

Is KoreTrak a fitness tracker or smartwatch?

KoreTrak is both used as a fitness tracker and a smartwatch. Aside from featuring smart body components that help you accurately monitor your well-being, this tracker smartwatch has an inherent feature that allows you to attain your health and fitness goals through regular and automated monitoring of your body. The KoreTrak comes with a very intuitive sleek design of these modern smartwatches and perfect for every environment.

How is KoreTrak smartwatch controlled?

You can control the KoreTrak smartwatch either from the watch LCD display screen or through the KoreTrak App installed and connected on your mobile smartphone.

Can KoreTrak watch be used to diagnose diseases and infections?

No, the KoreTrak watch is a smart watch that could only be used to monitor and track your body fitness level while you are either trying to keep fit or on a weight loss program.

Can I use my KoreTrak watch without my phone?

If you are buying the KoreTrak watch only to serve as a normal regular watch or wristband, then you may not need your phone for anything. But if you want to explore all the functionalities of the Koretrak smartwatch, it is advised that you download the KoraTrak mobile App from your respective App stores (Playstore or iOS), then connect both device through Bluetooth so you can synchronize both data together.

Does KoreTrak have GPS?

No, the KoreTrak watch doesn’t come with a stand-alone built-in GPS but when connected through the KoreTrak App on your phone, you can always get a realtime location update directly on the KoreTrak watch.

Is KoreTrak smartwatch Water-resistant?

Yes the KoreTrak smartwatch body is rated at IP67; hence it is water-resistant when deep under 1 meter of water; it is rainproof, splash-proof, and sweat-proof.

What smartphones are compatible with KoreTrak watch?

KoreTrak smartwatch is compatible with Apple and android smartphone. You can get their apps directly from your respective app stores.

P.S: We include products we think should be useful to our audience with special discounts direct from the distributing company. If you make a purchase through the links on this page, we may earn a small commission which will have no negative effect on you.

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