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Microwave Heating Pad (USAGE)

Principle Application of a Microwave Heating Pad (Overview)

Heat application for the treatment of body difficulties can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian colony’s era and the period of Greek early civilization when the heat from the sun was used as heat therapy for deep joint and muscle pain. The Chinese tribe also used the heat therapy method of treatment, and the hot spring heat method was used for sensational healing.

Heat therapy is also used to ease menstrual cramps; when heat therapy is used, it stop the clotting of blood in the pathway of the uterus, it gradually reduces menstrual pain to a stop. It is also used by people suffering from gastrointestinal infection to ease their pain. Heat therapy is also used in so many situations as a remedy, some of which are neck pain, joint pain, muscle and tissue inflammation, urinary tract infection, and so many other forms of discomfort we experience.

Heat therapy is useful because it aids the adequate circulation of blood when applied to regions of the body. The application of heat circulates blood effectively and reduces the amount of pain experienced in that particular part of the body. Heat also helps in the fast healing of damaged tissues. In some cases, unexplainable heat relieves us of stress and pain due to having a hectic day. Heat, when applied, deteriorates the fat obstructing the blood vessel opening the blood vessel. The most popular reason for heat application is because of weight loss and fat burn. Most times applied heat is not effective in this case as internal heat production would be useful. For fat burn, rather than wear something to burn fat, participate in physical activity that helps increase the body temperature, fasten the rate of your heartbeat, and generate heat from within your body’s internal environment.

There are many ways of heat application on the body. Out of the so many known ways of applying heat, the most used, surest for pain relief and the safest heat application method is the Microwave heating pad. You can make a microwave heating pad from many things like corn seed, cereals, beans, or thick inner material capable of heat retention.

What is Microwave heating pad?

Microwave heating pad is a type of heating pad made with cereals, beans, seed, and thick insulative fabric such as flannel; and then placed in a microwave oven to keep warm for a proper heat therapy on different parts of the body for relatively different body problems.

Types of Heating Pad

Over the years, there has been progress in the production style used in making heating pads. Better designs have been made to soothe our craving for comfort, and technology is not left out. As time progresses, there has been and will still be an update on the heating pad function mechanism’s technological background. There are different types of a heating pad, here are 3 most known:

  1. The infrared heating pad: The infrared heating pad uses an operating mechanism of the infrared rays capable of relieving deep tissue and muscle pain in the body.
  2. Microwave heating pad: This is the most common and one of the earliest types of heating pad; the microwave heating pad is as old as the invention of a microwave. Microwave heating pads can be made at home using the few materials available in your home. This crafting is very cost-friendly because you do not need any money to make yours.
  3. The electrical type of heating pad: This is very effective; it is one of the newest technology updates in the making of a heating pad. Second to the prevalent microwave heating pad, the electrical heating pad is commonly used today. They come with operational buttons and are rechargeable (and functions with a source of an electric current.)

Heat Intensity of Pad for Various Purposes

When using a microwave heating pad, please note that the pad’s heating duration depends on the areas it is to be used. If the body area you intend on heating is delicate, then the period you would use in heating the pad would reduce. For different purposes as shown on this table:

Purpose of heat ApplicationHeat Intensity of Pad (Time)
1. For neck warmTwo (2) minutes is enough time to get your pad heated in the microwave.
2. For face warmOne minute and twenty-five seconds (1m 25s) are enough to get your heating pad at just the right temperature.
3. For lap warmWarm for about two minutes or lesser to get the right temperature for you.
4. For warm handsHeat the pad for about 47 seconds before applying it to your hands.

You can apply your heating pad to affected areas once it is heated enough for your desired purpose.

5 Best Heating Pad companies according to consumers reviews

If you are contemplating on what brand of heating pad to purchase, this list will help you pick from the best heating pad production companies.

  1. Huggaro double purpose pad
  2. Pure Enrichment Pure Relief Heating Pad
  3. Maxicare Large Heating Pad
  4. Comfort Cloud Micro-wearable Heating Pad
  5. Sunbeam Goheat Portable Heating Pad

How to Make a Microwave Heating Pad at home

Heating pads are sold within the range of $11.99 to $37.96, depending on your purpose and type of heating pad you chose to purchase while some companies might sell even higher than the range. Since heating pad can be prepared at home, why not make a microwave heating pad yourself to save cost?

Making a Microwave heating pad at home is not really a hard task to do. These are the things you need:

  • Two-piece of hand towels
  • Plastic bag with an airtight lock
  • Essential oil.
  • And of course the microwave you would use to heat it.


  1. Take one of the hand towels and soak it in water. Please do not make it dripping wet; damp is enough.
  2. Put the damp towel into a plastic bag and close, make sure the lock is airtight.
  3. Clean the microwave of any grease or oil from foods. After your microwave is clean of every form of oil and grease, put the plastic bag (intended heating pad) into the microwave.
  4. Close the microwave, set the heat intensity to be very high, leave for two minutes, and bring it out. Be careful to prevent burn injuries from the plastic bag.
  5. Wrap your heating pad with a second-hand towel and apply it to your desired area.

N.B: This technique (method) above is just one way of making a heating pad at home; there are many other options you can use instead, depending on what materials you have available in your home.

  1. You can use a sock pair, fill it up with corn seeds, beans, or other available grain.
  2. Put essential oil into the grain in the socks to give it a pleasant smell. Put the socks in the microwave and leave it to heat for two minutes at a high temperature. When the time is due, bring out your heating pad and wrap it in a towel. You can now apply to the affected area.
  3. You can always replace your towel with a piece of cloth, but make sure to sew it into a pocket-like shape so it can accommodate the grain you chose to use.

When microwave heating a pad, always put some things into consideration. To prevent accidents or situations of overheating, do make sure that your microwave has a 1000watt heating capacity. If not, set it on a low if the heating capacity is higher than 1000watt.

Precautionary measures to apply when using a Microwave Heating Pad

Before using a Microwave Heating pad, you have to apply these precautionary measures to avoid possible side effects:

  • Always hang around when your heating pad is undergoing heating in the microwave to prevent a fire outbreak.
  • Make sure to clean your microwave of any possible grease or oil.
  • When using a corn heating pad, please do not allow it to come in contact with water, not even the slightest.
  • You can turn on your microwave a few seconds to a minute before putting in your heating pad, but note that you must leave it in for a shorter period.
  • Do not forget to turn your pad over to the other surface during the heating process to ensure proper heat circulation.

Health Cautions when using a Heating Pad

  • If you have an injury, skin breakage, or damaged skin, avoid using a heated pad around that area in other to prevent inflammation.
  • Do not use a heating pad on little children; because their skin is still too delicate. And if they suffer pains, visit a pediatrician for better options.
  • Do not use a microwave heating pad for people who suffer a stroke or any sickness that restricts body sensitivity.
  • After heating your pad, always wrap the initially heated pad with a towel or a cloth piece before applying it to your skin.
  • Do not use a heating pad on diabetic persons.
  • Do not apply beyond twenty minutes a day.
  • When using an electric heating pad, make sure you are wide awake, so you don’t sleep off with the heating pad on your body; if not, it can cause skin burns.

How to maintain and wash your Microwave Heating Pad

When you want to wash your heating pad, always remove it from its outer cover. Wash only the outer shell and dry it before putting your heating pad back into its body. Do not wash the outer cover with any detergent or cleaning agent.

Be very careful when handling your corn heating pad; on no occasion should water find its way into your corn heating pad.

Always store your heating pad in a cool and dry place with adequate ventilation.

Where to Buy a Microwave Heating Pad

You can buy already made Microwaveable heating pad from big retail stores around you. Or buy online from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and any trusted online retail stores.


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