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OshenWatch Luxe Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Product Review: “OshenWatch Luxe.”
Manufactured by: Quality Performance Limited.
Reviewed by: The Healthweakness staff.
OshenWatch Luxe official store: www.myoshenwatch.com

Overview (OshenWatch Luxe)

There is the transition of the wristwatch from a time-telling device to a mere accessory. There are many reasons for this new trend, including fashion advancement, technological development, and a host of others.

There is a new trend in the fashion industry that a complete dressing style involves a wristwatch. The wristwatch is like the finishing touches to a dressing.

An adage says “dressing for success,” and a true gentleman or well-groomed lady of success is usually noted with a watch on his or her wrist. The act is because rather than for a wristwatch to be time-telling, it has become an indicator of style and substance in our contemporary society.

If an individual was to dress to demand respect, there is the need for the presence of a wristwatch. For men, an intelligent haircut, a shoeshine, and a well-tailored suit are perfectly complemented by the finishing touch of a handsome wristwatch that demands attention and respect. The same for women, the watch is now for several fashionable functions.

Also, watches make for a unique style. As the sun in the sky shows that looks can suit any style, from classic – modern wears to traditional wears, a look serves as a complimenting instrument.

With the new fashion trends, wristwatches have taken more aesthetic (relating to beautiful appearance) functions.

Such an act is the reason people wear a wristwatch, more for fashion than to tell the time. To these effects, you find people wearing designers’ wristwatches that are not working anymore. In such circumstances, the wristwatch’s time-telling function is at sea and something to be forgotten soon.

There has been a shift in what technology entails globally. There are new trends in this aspect of society. What we had as technology in the past decade is not what we have now.

The development of real intelligent phones (such as Androids and IOS) has reduced wristwatches to a “timeless” accessory in every sense. However, with OshenWatch Luxe, Smartwatches can never go extinct.

In our busy lives, smartphones provide plenty of conveniences, yet we can get more value than that. A smartwatch is a minimal, well-equipped, and handy device that one can use to make daily tasks easier to achieve.

Most technology consumers are inclined to either invest in a smartwatch, which gives us the benefits of reading messages, taking calls, managing notifications, or investing in a fitness band that can take a bunch of health-related measurements but is so expensive to acquire. Not everyone is rich!

While there are many smartwatches like Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3 and Apple Watch available to pick from in the market with prices starting from affordable to unreasonable rates, Oshenwatch Luxe, another smartwatch, aims to get a pair of affordable devices.

The flagship Apple Watch known for its outrageous prices, has respective starting costs of $399 and $429. The Apple Watch boasts of notifications on the wrist. It reads messages, fitness tracking (calories, exercise minutes, standing), workout tracking, heart rate monitoring, warning about abnormal heart rates, detecting falls, ECG readings, blood oxygen tracking, and GPS tracking of workouts.

While all these might seem like an excellent product to buy, the watches’ prices are outrageous, and not everyone can afford them. There are also some of the features which are limited to some series of the Apple Watch!

This expensive cost is why we dug deep into the smartwatches market to look for a better alternative to buy at an affordable price.

During our course of the search, we came across this low-cost luxury paradox, “Oshenwatch Luxe”. After a few days of giving the Smartwatch a try and surpassing our expectations, hence what about the Oshenwatch Luxe review.

Oshenwatch Luxe is a promising alternative to look forward to buying. While it is affordable, the manufacturer of the products took its features to another level. It boasts of a high level of accuracy of its ECG and oxygen level monitoring. This excellent Smartwatch combines necessary technology essentials such as a watch, mobile phone, and health tracker in a tiny device.

This product was built with an electrocardiograph machine that carries out an electrocardiogram (ECG) on its users. The ECG is used in detecting cardiac (heart) abnormalities by measuring the electrical activity generated by the heart as it contracts.

While Oshenwatch Luxe is not limited to only that, it also serves as a heart rate monitor, a sleep tracker, a pedometer, an oxygen level monitor, which will help catch any issues in advance, and so many more. Which other Smartwatch has these fantastic features for a low price?

With these abilities, such as those in a small handpiece, wearing a watch has never been this loaded. OshenWatch Luxe smartwatch, which has the abilities of a fitness band tied together, comes at an unbelievably and low price of just $109.

The Oshen Watch provides everything that is expected of a good Smartwatch and fitness tracker to offer. The incredible Smartwatch is powered by long-lasting lithium-ion batteries that can be replaced if necessary.

The “Quality Performance Limited” being the product manufacturer promised that the Smartwatch is waterproof; this means that you do not have to bother about removing it from your hand when washing your hands, bathing, swimming, or raining. The waterproof is one of the many features other smartwatches do not have. Yes, we used it and confirmed it. Also, there are lots of 5-star reviews on the oshenwatch luxe from different online stores, which we shall share with you later in this article as we sourced deeper for other consumers satisfaction.

Compared to other health trackers, the Oshenwatch Luxe offers you much more functions. In addition to its classic data such as step number, calories, or heart rate, the health tracker also collects essential data about blood oxygen saturation.

The Oshen Smartwatch is not just a health and fitness monitoring device. It is also loaded with intelligent assistants to keep you informed with the daily updates. This fantastic wearable product brings together style and functionality.

Because of its simplicity (the oshenwatch luxe), the incredible device is also very easy to use for laypersons. We will share the oshenwatch luxe instructional manual later in this article. The Oshen Smartwatch offers everything a good fitness tracker should offer.

What Is a Smartwatch? (OshenWatch Review)

oshenwatch luxe
Trending OshenWatch Luxe

A smartwatch (OshenWatch) is a wearable, portable teeny machine specially designed in the form of a watch and is meant to be worn on a wrist 1. OshenWatch Luxe is one of those fashionable wristwatches that perform both the function of a wristwatch and as a health gadget.

Like our regular smartphones, smartwatches also use touchscreens, offer applications, play digital media, and most times, they specifically record your heart rate and other vital signs, which will help catch any advanced issues.

It is essential to mention that for users to use most smartwatch value-added features, there is a need for an internet connection for most of it to work.

Smartwatches are designed to be in sync with the user’s current smartphone, but they will not serve as a smartphone replacement, at least not for the time being but maybe in the future. However, The OshenWatch Luxe has performed tremendously well considering the reviews from happy consumers.

The smartwatches models from reputable tech companies like Apple Watch and Wear OS (formerly Android Wear) prompted users to appreciate the usefulness of wearing a mini computer on their wrists more. It seems that they will get more equipped with more advanced technology features in the foreseeable future.

Smartwatches designed explicitly for outdoor activities often supplement other, bulkier devices in an adventurer’s tool kit. If you want to know what time it is and at the same time, track your health fitness, you sure can bank in a smartwatch like the OshenWatch Luxe to do that for you. With a good working smartwatch, you have access to more than what an analog device is capable of providing you.

Brief History of Smartwatch

While digital watches with abilities such as calculations and unit conversion have been around for decades, tech companies only began releasing watches with smartphone-like abilities from 2010 2.

While top tech companies like Samsung, Sony, and Apple, among many others, are the major players who offer smartwatches on the consumer market, a small startup, Pebble merits credit for publicizing and making the modern-day Smartwatch a norm among tech consumers.

When Pebble Technology Corporation announced its first Smartwatch, “Pebble,” the startup raised a record amount of funding on Kickstarter. The tech company sold more than 1 million units of the watches after it was launched.

While companies like Garmin, for example, support smartwatches like the Fenix, which are more rugged and are optimized with sensors and trackers to support back-country expeditions, companies like Suunto released smartwatches optimized for scuba diving that withstand extended time at significant depths.

On the other hand, Pebbles operates on Pebble OS, which uses a customized FreeRTOS kernel; although, portions of OS are closed source. Pebble smartwatch also can communicate with Android and iOS apps using Bluetooth connectivity.

The Pebble smartwatch is no longer available in the market as the tech company discontinued its production. Until its discontinuation, the Pebble smartwatch sells for an introductory price of $99, and its steel version was sold at $149.

Pebble, on December 7, 2016, officially announced that it would be shut down. The tech company, during its announcement, also informed its users that it would no longer manufacture or provide assistance for any devices nor honor any existing warranties for its Smartwatch.

Pebble’s intellectual property was sold off to another technology company, Fitbit, a wearable technology company specializing in fitness tracking, who also hired some of the Pebble staff.

Smartwatches — when connected to smartphones, then transmit information between themselves. The information which is being sent can be retrieved by users whenever they please.

Users will then be eligible to set their desired goals on their smartwatches. Tracking your progress in any of your activities or health endeavors is then made possible on the wearable.

One thing that may sound uncool about the Smartwatch is that the intriguing features mentioned above are not made available in every Smartwatch. There are selected versions/generations of smartwatches which has the features.

While there are variants of smartwatches that offer activity trackings such as your health and fitness, some are specifically built for catering to a cross-country athlete. It helps keep track of running distances, routes, and lap times.

Users with Oshen smartwatches in their possessions, aside from checking the time, also have access to features like an oxygen counter, pulse monitoring, sleep tracker, a pedometer, calorie counter, among many other things.

The Oshenwatch also features a monitor which gives you data on your sleep while you sleep. This feature helps shed light on why you either had a good night’s sleep or why you had a night with unrest.

The Oshen Watch comes with a quick-witted alarm function, and the OshenWatch determines the right time to wake you up in the course of the light phase of sleep. With this feature, you feel more refreshed from a restful slumber as you are not jerked from a deep stage of sleep.

This particular Smartwatch does not lack the cool In the aesthetics department. The USA manufacturer of the Smartwatch tried their best to make sure that the OshenWatch does not in away lack excellent art-conscious design.

As a body accessory, wearing OshenWatch Luxe on your wrist can be a fashion statement. It can easily complement any stylish outfit one would typically wear at events and celebrations, especially with its interchangeable strap.

When you think about it, such smartwatches didn’t exactly create anything new, they just made many smartphones features a lot smaller, so they have become wearable.

Given the lightning speed of technology advancement, it seems about time that these devices be made affordable for the mass market. This feature is what Oshenwatch Luxe is currently tapping with its combination of luxury characteristics and affordability.

The belief that a smartwatch as it is named should be innovative all-around. This belief is one of the reasons that brought about the creation of the OshenWatch.

There was a time when consumers who need a smartwatch and fitness band have to purchase them separately. One of its many cons is you can’t wear a smartwatch and fitness band simultaneously.

However, as technology advances each blessed day, fitness bands’ features have now been incorporated into smartwatches, and those awful days of those as mentioned above are gone for good and will never be reencountered.

Although, not all of them are affordable. But, with just $109, you can acquire a smartwatch with the ability of both Smartwatch and fitness band at the best price – all thanks to OshenWatch Luxe reviews.

OshenWatch review

Can Wearing an Oshenwatch help improve One’s Health?

All smartwatches are built to able to act both as a timekeeping device and an activity tracking device. This device also allows you to store data at one’s disposal.

Smartwatches also function as a handy resource that can prompt one to set short or long-term goals while keeping track of our going achievements along the way.

With smartwatches, you get notifications and alerts in real-time, which serve as reminders, for instance, if you’re is still short of 500 walking steps from your daily target. Essentially, it’s like a form of encouragement to observe good health.

With a heart rate measuring tool that provides readings in real-time, the Oshenwatch Luxe, without any doubt, can come in handy at a crucial time — leading to the saving of lives as the case may be.

While Oshen Watch will function as your auxiliary health source, we strongly recommend that you not consider it the only backing you will refer to while making health decisions. It was not produced to replace actual medical devices. Hence, using of the OshenWatch Luxe as a health diagnostic is neither wise nor advisable.

Furthermore, if your Smartwatch indicates something out of the ordinary concerning your health, please, booking an appointment and seeking professional advice from a medical expert is very much advised.

Are There Any Other Benefits of using OshenWatch Luxe?

The portability and wearability of the oshenwatch are some of the evident benefits of having one. It is suitable for individuals who are occupied with one thing or the other and travel a lot, especially for works.

Oshenwatch reviews
Increase your result for office work by easily tracking your work performance with the Oshenwatch luxe
  • We now know that Aside from the fact that Oshen smartwatch tells the time and serves as a great fitness tracker, it does a lot more as it can count calories, sleep phases, heart rate, steps, distance, and pretty much all the healthful things. It also has the function to make related metric calculations.
  • With a well-built pedometer that counts every step you take with corresponding burned calories to boot, Oshenwatch Luxe comes much more essential tools. These tools can motivate the individual to shun the desk-bound lifestyle by being more active in a healthy way and eating within bounds.
  • With its near-accurate sleep tracking that provides data on different sleep phases that impact the quality of your much-cherished sleep, you have a higher chance to improve your sleeping habits by wearing an OshenWatch to bed.
  • With its waterproof ability, you can always check your messages and tinker with your Oshenwatch while in between dips— making it just the perfect piece for people who love to swim.
  • With OshenWatch Luxe reviews, you will never have a fear of missing out on gifts on social media as you can receive and read notifications from Twitter, Instagram, and the likes as well — effortlessly.
  • With this device, reading and replying to messages, receiving calls has never been much easier on smartwatches. Oshen Watch can be a blessing for those who frequently find themselves in situations which is awkward holding a smartphone.
  • This Smartwatch has a Find My Phone feature. This rare and fantastic feature makes it easy to find a lost or misplaced phone with your Smartwatch, and it comes in handy whenever you are experiencing memory gaps.
  • OsheWatches use lithium-ion batteries. Unlike in phones, the batteries in smartwatches offer longer battery hours such that you can stay connected for at least seven days when fully charged adequately. Having to cut short your video watching and music playing because of insufficient battery life is put to an end

OshenWatch Luxe Quality Features

Oshenwatch luxe reviews
Key Features of Oshenwatch Luxe

It is unbelievable that this Smartwatch has features that are the main advertisement for its products’ high-end. In terms of its quality specifications, the Oshen Watch, which costs only $109, boasts of:

  1. A tempered glass and rugged aluminum on its exterior.
  2. It has Leather and Metal Milanaise band options. While the leather comes in brown and black colors that you can choose from, the metal version comes in black and grey.
  3. 1.3-inch HD retina display
  4. 380mAH Li-ion battery
  5. Sleekness and versatility
  6. IP68 water-resistant
  7. 44mm X 10mm in dimensions
  8. 50g in weight
  9. Alloy casing
  10. USB Fast Charging
  11. 240*240, 1.5 HD IPS Touch Screen display
  12. 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 Bluetooth, which supports Bluetooth calling
  13. iOS and Android support
  14. Supports sound player

Oshenwatch Luxe Specifications and Functionalities

As stated earlier in this OshenWatch Luxe review, the Smartwatch comes with unique features. The responsibility that can be carried out with this device is high-end, considered one of the best in the smartwatch market. These functions are rare to be found in products of this price range.

oshenwatch luxe reviews
For your fitness tracker, time checking and health monitor, go for the OshenWatch Luxe
  • Time: Checking and telling accurate time is easier with the OshenWatch Luxe.
  • Alarm clock: For individuals with busy schedules, you can easily set alarms for different activities and get notified when it is time for each movement to be carried out.
  • Stopwatch: This function is perfect for measuring the amount of time that elapses between its starting and ending. It also serves as a time management tool as it can be used to set time used in completing a specific task.
  • Smartphone extension: The OshenWatch Luxe is a great phone extension as you can easily access almost everything on your phone without you touching your phone. This feature is perfect for when you find yourself in a crowded place.
  • Sleep and oxygen saturation measurement: This fantastic device also serves as a pulse oximeter, which helps you measure the amount of oxygen in your blood. According to medical experts, the average blood oxygen level should be between 94% to 98%. Anything below 90% oxygen level is dangerous to your body and requires intervention.
  • Heart rate monitor: With the HRM feature in your device, measuring your heart rate in real-time is made possible. If you notice any abnormality with heart rate, it is advisable to record it and take it to an expert physician for proper study and advice.
  • Calorie counter: It is a known fact that tracking one’s food and calorie intake is one of the most necessary things to live a healthy life. This fantastic feature tracks its user’s weight and calculates a recommended daily calorie intake.
  • ECG: The electrocardiogram is known for recording the electrical signal from your heart to check for different heart conditions.
  • Pedometer: This feature counts each step one takes, and it does that by detecting the motion of the person’s hands or hips.
  • Camera: The OshenWatch Luxe boasts of a camera that you can use to take pictures secretly. It can also be used to take photos underwater as it is water-resistant.
  • Long Battery Life: With a powerful 380mAh battery, your OshenWatch Luxe can run for at least two weeks during usage on standby.
  • Fitness and Health Sensors: The integration of these sensors makes the device capable of measuring everything health-wise in your body, starting from heart rate, steps taken, oxygen concentration, calorie intake, a 24/7 ECG monitor, and even a blood pressure monitor. These features, as mentioned above, including the affordability, make Oshen Watch one of the best fitness watches in the market.
  • Notification Management: Are you a busy individual and a social media person who hardly has time to keep up with the newest happenings across social? Worry no more. With the OshenWatch strapped to your wrist, you can easily read and reply to notifications.
  • Display size: With a relatively hefty 42mm display, ready notifications from the screen are very much easy to do.
  • Durability: Although a much more graded smartwatch with resistance to water and dust, the overall durability of the OshenWatch Luxe is made its low price.
  • Taking of calls and messages: As if all the above features are not enough, taking calls and replying to messages is possible with this watch. With OshenWatch Luxe, you have nothing to miss from the virtual world as you are always connected.
  • Fashionable: With its sleek and beautiful design, the OshenWatch Luxe is a design that can be worn to parties. The practical and durable design is enhanced with a leather and or metal strap, making the device look more appealing.
  • GPS: Using the inbuilt GPS, the OshenWatch luxe review lets you start navigating.
  • Find my phone: If you lost, misplace, or are unsure of your phone location, you can make use of the find my phone feature in your wearable device to find out where it is. This incredible feature of oshenwatch luxe reviews works with a phone that is connected to it prior before lost.

Why Should you Buy OshenWatch Luxe? (Reviewed)

As smartwatches go, the most common ones in the market with the big players such as Apple are incomplete, or if they are, they are pretty expensive to acquire. However, in terms of affordability, design, and quality, Oshenwatch Luxe is not one to be left behind.

With the rate at which ‘smart’ innovations are being rollout yearly and smartwatches getting much better and faster, OshenWatch Luxe reviews uses the best hardware and software combination to create a fantastic watch that provides to you the features of a high-end product at a low price.

The OshenWatch luxe has the Conformitè Europëenne (CE) marking, which indicates that the product has passed European Union (EU) regulations. The mark indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.

Other major reasons why you should buy oshenwatch luxe may include:

  • To keep an eye on your health – Biometric sensors instinctively measure your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, and even your sleep quality.
  • To meet your fitness goals – Keep track of your fitness journey with apps built to count your steps, record distances, and calculate all the calories you burn.
  • To get the Prompt notifications on the go – With this feature, receiving notifications for emergency calls and important SMS messages is much easier. You can quickly attend to them without having to remove your phone from wherever you put it.
  • To easily connect and manage all your devices in one end – Advanced Bluetooth 4.0 technology lets you connect with any iOS or Android device wirelessly.
  • Use all day long gadget – The long-lasting battery allows about 80 to 96 hours of everyday use and up to 15 days of backup time.
  • Super high value – You will be so happy with Oshen Watch, and you’ll want to acquire two or three more for some members of your family or your friends. And with their fantastic deal and discounted offer, you’ll be able to afford them easily.

    One of the things that make Oshen Watch such a great product is its 2-in-1 functionality, a unique feature. You can use it to monitor your health and crush those fitness goals, all while staying connected to your family and friends.

    Oshen Watch automatically monitors all your biometrics (such as your heart rate and blood pressure) and tracks your fitness progression (such as your steps and distances).

Oshenwatch luxe reviews consumer reports

Different people (buyers, customers, and consumers) with different satisfactory opinions after the purchase of OshenWatch Luxe. We have dug around online, checked different stores, and here are reviews of consumers who purchased the OshenWatch luxe:

My boyfriend was ALWAYS complaining about his smartwatch. It didn’t have the features he wanted and he didn’t even think it kept track of his steps correctly. I saw an ad for OshenWatch and the price was right, so why not! Well, he’s stopped complaining haha. He loves his new OshenWatch. He never takes it off! I really like it too. He does much more fitness now

Bethany G – Phoenix, AZ

Loving my new OshenWatch Luxe. It’s stylish and very comfortable. The functions are great. It keeps me motivated to get those steps in each day. I’ve already lost 6 pounds and I’m not stopping!

Howard T. – Hartford, CT

I hurt my back pretty bad a couple of years ago and haven’t been that active since. My wife bought this for me. She thought it might help motivate me to be a little more active. And boy has it ever! This is such a great smartwatch. I use it all the time and it really helps me to meet the goals I set for myself. I’m much more active now than I was even before my back injury! I’m very happy with my OshenWatch Luxe.

Leonard N. – Philadelphia, PA

This has become my new favorite workout buddy. I always have it at the gym and I track all my fitness goals and milestones. I love it. I honestly bought it more for its looks than its fitness functions, but now I use it more for fitness than for social events. It’s great for both, but it’s so handy to have at the gym. Best purchase I’ve made in awhile.

Colin M. – Franklin, TN

I use this watch for everything. First, I love how it’s classy enough that I can wear it to more formal functions as well as just to my local coffee shop. But the features are amazing. I track my blood pressure with it and I record my steps and distances every day. I like how the watch is easy to use, even for someone like me. Very happy with my OshenWatch Luxe and I would highly recommend for anyone looking for a good smartwatch.

Jim S. – Houston, TX

My OshenWatch Luxe is pretty cool. Aside from all the health and fitness stuff, it even helps me get my sleep schedule back on track! What a great little device. Easy to use, even for a beginner like me! Very happy my friend convinced me to get my own.

Nathan W. – Nashville, TN

Instructions are very poor—no mention of how to charge. (Watch plugs directly into wall charger using top strap connector, which means removing the band when setting. I don’t know how durable this will prove to be. Although Battery life is quite good. After 80 of wear, I had one bar remaining – so the advertised 96 hours seems legit. Build quality is good, but the inside tuck of the strap takes a little time to get used with its usage. Display is brutal to read in sunlight, but good inside. Vibrator isn’t powerful as I would have preferred too. Fitpro app needed to pair (called binding in the app) phone. The app is generally intuitive otherwise. Customer service (via phone) was responsive – emailed return instructions while I was talking to her. “That said, had the heart rate and BP been accurate, I would have kept it.”

Anonymous buyer – usa

Hands down the best-looking smartwatch I have ever seen. OshenWatch Luxe has set the new standard for low-cost luxury in a smartwatch. Literally every time I wear this outside of the house, someone stops me to ask me about it. And aside from how good it looks, it has all the features any of the more expensive brands.

Malcolm L. – Pensacola, FL

My first smartwatch and I’m in love with this thing. Tons of features and activities to record and I keep discovering new things every day. Maybe the best part of all is it looks like one of those super high-end smartwatches I could never afford! This watch exceeded my expectations. Buy it, you’ll love it.

Howard F. – Tulsa, OK

FAQs on OshenWatch Luxe Reviews

Video Presentation of OshenWatch review

Is OshenWatch Luxe A Scam?

No, Oshenwatch luxe is not a scam. While there are few negative reviews about the OshenWatch Luxe, it still didn’t make it a scam. Many buyers and consumers might have their different opinion on why they wanted the wristwatch and many use the word ‘scam’ wrongly even when they mean totally a different thing. So feel free to place your order, if you are not satisfied with what you expected, you have 30 days to place a refund ticket.

Individuals who claim to have used or had a bad experience with the product either bought theirs from websites that sell a fake version other than the company’s official store.

Where Can I Buy The OshenWatch Luxe?

If you are interested in purchasing the OshenWatch Luxe, we advise prospective buyers not to buy from Amazon or any other unofficial website. Visit their official store website https://www.myoshenwatch.com/ to make an order.

The Smartwatch is not charactered on Amazon, eBay, or any other online marketplace. The supplier makes it easy enough for anyone to navigate and place an order as much as they can.

Is the website safe?

Yes, the official website of the OshenWatch Luxe is secured with an SSL certificate.

The checkout is also secured with McAfee Secure, Norton, Comodo Secure, VeriSign, TRUSTe, and much more. All these Internet security shows that you can input your card details on the website without fear of getting leaked by hackers.

And lastly, your cards are securely processed by PayPal, Stripe, Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover.

Is There A Guarantee on OshenWatch Luxe Review?

The OshenWatch Luxe comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee on all new purchases. Simply send the item(s) back to the company (Quality Performance Limited) for a full refund or replacement.

Does Manufacturer of OshenWatch Luxe Offer Discounts?

Yes, you get up to 35 to 55% off of every Smartwatch you buy from their official website today.

With a 35% discount off, a pair of the OshenWatch Luxe which initially costs $169, is reduced to $109. Three teams of the OshenWatch Luxe which cost over $500, are reduced to $247 on a 51% discount.

Ordering 4 pairs of the device, which costs $676, attracts a 55% discount saving you a whopping $374.

Where is the Oshen smartwatch manufactured?

OshenWatch luxe company

Per our research, the OshenWatch company is headquartered in United states under the company name Quality Performance Limited. See full contact information below:

Oshenwatch Luxe Headoffice Address: 377 Valley Rd #1123, Clifton, NJ 07013
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone:
United Kingdom: +1 855 219 4892
United States and Canada (toll-free):
855 219 4892
Australia and New Zealand: +1 855 219 4892
Company online store/website: www.myoshenwatch.com

Is the Oshen Watch device for men only?

Although judging by the device’s masculine elegance, it is normal for one to think that the Oshenwatch Luxe is designed for men only. However, the Smartwatch, despite its look, also fits nicely on women.
The straps, which are made of classic colors, made this Smartwatch very versatile and suitable for men and women alike.

What are the types Of Phones compatible withOshenwatch Luxe?

The Oshenwatch Luxe is compatible with all types of phones, that runs on either IOS or android Operating System (OS), such as iPhones and Android devices.

What is the Future of Smartwatches?

With the Oshenwatch Luxe’s affordability at the bigger market, smartwatches are sure here to stay for good. Its transformation of taking a step beyond its health monitoring aspect makes other capabilities such as having an intelligent hearing aid or smart glasses that can measure one’s vision become possibilities shortly. It would be fascinating to see where this leads us and how we as individuals or society can benefit even more from such wearables.

The extra capabilities such as the physical activity trackers and health monitoring increase the consumer encounter. All you have to do is make sure that you get to use the benefits all these extra features have to offer. Otherwise, it may not be the most flawless device for you.

To put it another way, the Oshenwatch Luxe reviews will perform its roles as several things, packing them into a moveable and wearable gadget so they are worth the purchase. And yes, the device will still tell you what time it is, only with much more flair.

How often do I need to Charge my Smartwatch? (OshenWatch Luxe Reviews)

When a Smartwatch requires charging relies soles on its battery and how long it is used. Individuals who wear the watch usually need to charge it more often than someone who uses the device on occasions. This situation makes perfect sense for a device that has a lithium-ion battery. As they are also used in the Oshenwatch Luxe, these batteries add to particularly long battery life.

How expensive are smartwatches?

Most time, high-graded smartwatches cost more than 100 Dollars and have no limit. However, simple fitness trackers are also available. These types of smartwatches are sold for 40 to 50 Dollars. See Koretrak smartwatch reviews by Healthweakness for the first-grade alternative.

How can I repair my Oshen smartwatch?

Yes, repairing a Oshen smartwatch is possible. If you are experiencing minor technical problems with your device and you are torn between whether you should dispose of it or keep it, first troubleshoot for problem and possible solution with this oshenwatch manual. After troubleshooting and problem persists, then, you can take your Smartwatch to a good repairer to get the issue resolved.

Who can repair OshenWatch?

Many fixing services are available for smartwatches. However, if you are using the Oshenwatch Luxe, you necessarily do not have to repair it whenever you start experiencing issues with your device. If you have purchased the watch under warranty, you can simply send it to the dealer and have it repaired or replaced, as long as the warranty has not expired.

If warranty already expired or you never purchased at first, you will have to pay the company for repair and maintenance services, else you alternatively take it to a nearby smartwatch workshop around your city.

Is Accessing The Internet with my OshenWatch device possible?

While almost every Smartwatch has the possibility of accessing the internet, you may need to install an application for it to work. Thereby, nothing will stand in the way of surfing.

What Are The Cons of the OshenWatch Luxe?

Sedentary caution might get annoying at one point

What kind of features does the device have to compliment my fitness routine?

The device has an exceptionally correct ECG (electrocardiogram) monitor, sleep tracker, blood pressure and blood oxygen monitor, heart rate monitor, pedometer, and so much more.

Is The Oshenwatch water-resistant?

Yes, Oshenwatch is water-resistant. When it comes to the OshenWatch Luxe rating in terms of water resistance, it has an IP68 waterproof rating. The device also includes complete protection against dust as well. It can withstand washing of hands, rain, sweat even up to 50 meters of water.

What language does the Oshenwatch support?

The device supports 15 different languages. The languages include Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Thai.

Does The Oshen Smartwatch Have a user Manual I Can Check For Reference?

Yes, the manufacturer of Oshenwatch provided a detailed instruction manual to use the device provided. You may download yours right here

Will I be able to diagnose diseases with the Oshenwatch?

While the OshenWatch is good to use, health-wise, the device is not a medical-grade device. It is incapable of being used as a replacement for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Never ignore professional medical advice or delay medical treatment because of something you read online.

Does The OshenWatch Have Competition?

There are many smartwatches with features that are similar to the OshenWatch Luxe and maybe even more in simple terms. However, when talking about the devices in terms of prices, none come close to the OshenWatch.

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Our Final Verdict

The OshenWatch Luxe is among the best all-in-one smartwatches in the market. Nothing only does it have the features of high-end products, it also comes at a pocket-friendly price.

I was looking at the specifications of the Smartwatch. The device has good features; it has almost similar specifications to other Chinese brand smartwatches, which we might say is average.

For individuals looking into a healthier lifestyle and staying fit on their own accord, getting an OshenWatch Luxe is highly recommended. OshenWatch is an excellent device for anyone looking to simplify their life. It can also be given as a gift to loved ones.

Also, since the company offers a 30days money-back guarrantee, why not utilize the offer to try out this device; if it worked as reviewed, you call back for testimony, but if you feel not-satisfied after purchase, you place a return and refund ticket immediately. So either ways, you WIN.

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