16 Awkward Reasons why girls go to the bathroom together

16 Awkward Reasons Why Girls Go To The Bathroom Together

When one female decides to use the restroom, the other girls decide to do the same, as though it were a natural occurrence.

I’m sure all of the boys out there have repeatedly seen it happen just that they don’t know the reasons why girls go to the bathroom together.

Perhaps, you and your pals are enjoying a drink at the bar when suddenly, you see that five or more girls have run into the bathroom as if they were getting ready to host their little party there.

why girls go to the bathroom together

And I am aware of what each of you is contemplating. How are girls all able to fit inside at once? What might be happening there?

Do they belong to a gang that meets only in bathrooms for women? You know the saying: “Two is a company, three is a crowd, but more is a party”?

Well, that’s true! Hopefully, our article clarifies why girls use the restroom in groups.

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16 Reasons Why Girls Go To The Bathroom Together

Have you ever questioned why females frequently use the same restrooms while on a date, in a club, or at a party? I can, however, assist you in figuring out what they’re up to and why they are going in a group.

1. Gossip

One of the main reasons why girls go to the bathroom together is to gossip. As awful as it may be, girls carry drama wherever they go, including the restroom.

It is most likely the most accurate explanation for why girls use the bathroom in real life and in movies.

Here is where girls congregate to talk about a boy or even another girl. That is merely the first explanation for why girls use the restroom together.

2. Put on makeup

Another reason why girls go to the bathroom together is to put on their makeup. You will undoubtedly put on makeup or lip gloss if you are heading out or on a double date.

You feel sweaty and unappealing after spending a lot of time chatting, dancing, or drinking.

Therefore, girls go into the bathroom to touch up their cosmetics or gloss. A lot of girls chat in the restroom while applying their makeup.

3. Mirror Selfies

Yes, girls do go to the restroom to take group selfies in the mirror. It is definitely another reason why girls go to the bathroom in groups.

Many bathrooms come with good lighting and occasionally full-length mirrors. Of course, you want to take pictures to commemorate nice clothing or a great hair day!

You need lighting if you want to take a good picture, especially if you’re in a bar or club.

The majority of locations are dark, which makes for poor photography. So they go to the restroom!

4. Safety

Things can occasionally go awry if you’re at the pub or on a double date.

You should take your friends and leave the room, whether escaping a horrible date or a dork at the bar.

Going in groups or pairs will also safeguard you because there is always safety in numbers.

5. Women’s Issues

Another reason why girls go to the bathroom together is a result of women’s issues.

If two girls get up to use the restroom simultaneously, it may indicate that their periods are syncing and that tampon sharing is necessary.

Additionally, it served as a place for girls to express how much they detest their periods or even how disgusting they feel.

The restroom provides a discrete setting for talking about these feminine issues.

Additionally, since most ladies keep feminine items in their purses, you must use the restroom together if it is your period.

6. Stand In Line

The wait for the women’s restroom is typically five times longer than the one for the males.

It can be rather monotonous to wait and stand in it, so why not get a friend to join you and share the monotony? For companionship, most girls go with one another.

7. Alone Time

The scene may become boisterous and unruly if you are out at a club or pub. The toilet is a perfect spot to hide for girls to find peace and be alone.

You can catch up with an old acquaintance or plan something with your roommate. Girls do so frequently, and it’s one of the main reasons they often use the same restroom.

8. Fear of missing out

In all honesty, FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is one of the main reasons why girls go to the bathroom together.

When girls go to the restroom in groups, they want to join in on any drama, conversation, or even diving into the mirror selfies that are going on.

9. The Heart to Heart

Girls will go to the bathroom after a terrible night with their friends or boy issues. Following behind is always a friend.

Women frequently have heart-to-heart conversations in the restroom. The restroom is always a go-to, whether sitting on the floor and talking about life or offering each other advice.

10. Pep talks

More often than you might imagine, these occur. When a girl pauses your conversation to “go to the restroom” with her friend, she’s trying to gauge her friend’s opinion of you.

Since most girls occasionally doubt their appearance, you see them confide in a friend in the restroom to feel confident and lovely.

The strategy is also used after a breakup to deal with the ex. A good old-fashioned pep talk in the restroom will boost your confidence.

11. Making New Friends

Another reason why girls go to the bathroom together is to make new friends.

You run across so many unique people in the restroom, some of whom even end up becoming friends.

Girls like to make many friends by complementing one another’s outfits or chatting about their nights while they are out in groups of girls or even just by themselves.

It is a great atmosphere for meeting new people and forming new friendships.

12. Locks

In all honesty, it’s often tough to urinate, and you hope no one will barge in on you in the restroom since the locks don’t work.

When you are with a companion, they can seal the door and defend the stall like a bodyguard while you pee. For this one, having a friend is essential!

13. Going to the bathroom

It’s almost tough to avoid using the restroom frequently when you have a small bladder. When your friends go with you, they probably have to go too.

14. Crying

It is a significant one for ladies when they start crying or feel the need to take a brief break.

When the girl gang emerges, all of the women rush to the bathroom door to offer assistance with having to clean up their makeup and advice.

Since you certainly don’t want anyone to watch you cry, the girls encourage you to get back on the dance floor and be yourself while simply having fun.

15. Secrets

It is the last reason for “why do girls go to the bathroom together”? The revelation of secrets can occur in the bathroom. While trying to adjust yourself, you can eavesdrop.

It’s a fantastic place to gather your friends to tell them about something you saw or you had too much to drink, and you should head home as soon as possible.

16. Discuss topics that are taboo in public

Sometimes it’s best to keep things secret until you have some privacy.

If your friend sends you a private message, you can go to the bathroom with them to discuss it.

The best part is that while everyone is engaged in their talks, no one will pass judgment. The bathroom is where you should go if there is anything you need to discuss right away.

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What do you call a women’s restroom?

The term “powder room came into existence during Prohibition and is now frequently used to describe women’s restrooms in public buildings in America. The era gave rise to the term “powder rooms” for the female restrooms accessible at bars.

How long does it take a woman to use the restroom?

According to studies, the typical bowel movement lasts 12 seconds. You shouldn’t use the restroom for more than 10 minutes at a time, even though it may take longer occasionally.

Are 30 minutes spent in the bathroom excessive?

Most experts advise utilizing the restroom for no longer than it takes to pass a stool. The typical bowel movement lasts 12 seconds. Although sometimes it takes longer, you shouldn’t stay on the toilet for longer than 10 minutes.


Why do girls go to the bathroom together? Whenever a girl states that she needs to use the restroom, a complete cliché follows, regardless of the social context.

Why do girls go to the bathroom together? They do not share a schedule for emptying their bladders; therefore, it is undoubtedly not that.

We’ve included further information in our article on the subject for those perplexed by the enigma.

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