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Sleepgram Sheets Review: Is Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets Scam or Legit?

Product Review: “Sleepgram Sheets.”
Manufactured by: Sleepgram, LLC.
Reviewed By: John Chris.
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Sleepgram sheets package
Sleepgram sheets pack

Overview (Sleepgram Sheets Review)

The Sleepgram Sheets Review is for customers looking for cool, breathable, comfortable, and cheap bedding sheets. The Sleepgram Bamboo sheets are trending all over the media and attracting several consumers’ attention. This review will guide you into making an informed decision before buying sleepgram sheets.

Considering that we spend about one-third of our lives in bed, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment is critical to getting a good night’s rest. In order to maintain a healthy mind and body, we must get enough sleep. If you frequently have difficulty sleeping, falling asleep, or getting out of bed, you can experience considerable improvements with bamboo sheets.

Everything in a room revolves around the bedding. A bedroom would be incomplete without quality bed sheets, and they enhance the aesthetic attractiveness of the space. You can choose from a variety of designs and colors to give your space an appealing appearance.

There used to be only one option when it came to bedding: cotton. This all changed when Polyethylene Terephthalate (PBT) was introduced. Suddenly, we had sheets that were long-lasting and comfortable to sleep on. In spite of this, there were still some drawbacks, notably a lack of breathability.

Is your bed still made of standard cotton sheets? Well, it’s interesting to note that a bamboo-based fabric is on the increase (Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets). In other words, the grassy stuff that pandas eat. After being turned into a silky thread, this fiber is used to create some of the most luxurious bed linens imaginable (Sleepgram Sheets). Among the many benefits of bamboo sheets is that they are hypoallergenic, and in this article, we’ll take a deeper look at Sleepgram Sheets, which is currently the best bamboo sheet on the market.

Sleepgram was founded in 2016, and the company is best known for producing pillows. The company also makes bed linens, such as the Sleepgram Sheets and blankets, and other home decor items. Fine grade materials are employed in the manufacturing process for Sleepgram Sheets. We’re going to dive deep into all that Sleepgram Sheets has to offer you in this review.

The rayon used to make the Sleepgram Sheets is a byproduct of the bamboo industry. In addition to being smooth and having a silky texture, the sheets are made with long-staple fibers in the sateen weave for maximum breathability.

In this Sleepgram Sheets Review, we’ll take a closer look at the Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets, including information about the company, the Sleepgram policies, construction of the sheets, pricing, and maintenance instructions. Also, we’ll look at how well Sleepgram Sheets function to see if they’re right for you.

Sleepgram Sheets offer excellent antifungal and antibacterial capabilities, but they are also excellent at regulating the body’s temperature. The sheets are naturally resistant to mildew, and mold is undoubtedly one of the most compelling features.

It’s important to keep in mind that while there are numerous bamboo sheets on the market, Healthweakness has done the work for you, so you don’t need to worry about it. The Sleepgram Sheets Review was born out of the need for cool, breathable, comfortable, and cheap bedding sheets. The most important considerations when shopping for sheets are how they feel and how long they will last and how easily they will be cleaned, all of which the Sleepgram Sheets offers.

The Sleepgram Sheets, which have been increasingly popular since their introduction, are discussed further in the following paragraphs. Our Sleepgram Sheets Review is here to help you decide whether or not the Sleepgram Sheets are the best bamboo sheet set for your home after you’ve finished reading it.

But before we dive deep into the main topic, which is the Sleepgram Sheets Review, let’s talk about the company that produces the awesome sheets?

About Sleepgram – The company

(Sleepgram Reviews)

Sleepgram, which was founded in 2016, is a major supplier of high-quality bedding. The company’s mission is to improve the quality of sleep for everyone.

Located in Los Angeles, the headquarters in Los Angeles, the company provides delivery everywhere in the United States, including the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico and international destinations such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and others.

Sleepgram currently has an average customer rating of 3.4 of 5 on Trustpilot as of the time of this publication. 

According to customer feedback, Sleepgram’s beddings are well-designed, plush, and of high quality. Customers have also reported feeling pain-free and comfortable after using the brand’s products.

What are Sleepgram Sheets?

Sleepgram sheets

(Sleepgram Sheets Review)

You may have heard of Sleepgram before or that this is your first exposure to the company. In fact, you may already own or know a person who does know the country and has been using their signature pillow. This very same pillow producer is selling a high-quality set of bed sheets. The Sleepgram Sheet Set, which is available in all conventional sizes and fits all types of beds, has received lots of positive reviews from users.

Depending on your perspective, a bamboo sheet may be constructed of bamboo or viscose (you can use either phrase). Bamboo, a grass, is gathered and then converted into rayon, a fabric with a slick sheen. Depending on the company, some rayon is made with chemicals, while others are made with salts. After being harvested, bamboo is first processed into a fiber and then into a pulp. After processing, the pulp is dried before moving on to the next step, where the strands are weaved together. It’s a lot like the complete process of making cotton. The disparities, on the other hand, are enormous.

Bamboo must be broken down and dissolved in a particular solution before it can be used to make fibers. The fibers are then employed in a weaving procedure to form the real fabric.

Bamboo rayon (also known as viscose) is used to make the Sleepgram Sheet Set. To simulate the feel of silk, the sheets have an extremely fine sateen weave.

Because of their promise to improve a person’s sleep, Sleepgram has grown from selling a Pillow to selling high-quality sheets. Sleepers with sensitive skin may appreciate the soft hand feel of these breathable sheets and those who prefer a cooler night’s sleep.

While Sleepgram Sheets sheets are more expensive than others made of popular textiles, their price is comparable to that of other low-end bamboo sheet sets. The sheets are machine washable and should last long if decently cared for.

We really liked Sleepgram’s approach to selling these sheets was how they presented them. Every Sleepgram Sheets purchase comes with free delivery, a 100-night sleep trial, and a lifetime warranty, among other perks.

What Makes Sleepgram Sheets Stand Out?

(Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets Review)

There are a variety of fabrics available for bamboo sheets. Bamboo rayons are the most frequent. To dissolve bamboo cellulose in chemicals like chlorine bleach, sulfuric acid, carbon disulfide, or lye. This is how the pulp is obtained, and the finished rayon fabric is produced as a result. It’s one of the most budget-friendly options. In addition, there’s Lyocell, which is constructed of bamboo fibers. For these sheets, hydrogen peroxide is used in a less abrasive procedure. In an environmentally responsible method, the sheets are extremely breathable and durable.

Natural bamboo is more difficult to come by and more expensive, but it is created using a gentle technique that relies on natural enzymes to break down the pulp. The anti-microbial qualities of bamboo are retained in this particular sheet type.

There are additional bamboo blends on the market. Bamboo and cotton or bamboo with polyester are both used to produce some sheets. This results in a more durable and soft sheet, although it may not be the most environmentally friendly option. Sleepgram Sheets are made in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Below are the things that we found about Sleepgram Sheets Review which make the Sleepgram Sheets better than others; 

The Feel

No matter what size Sleepgram Sheets you choose, you can count on them to be smooth and luxurious to the touch. The Sheets are hypoallergenic, which means they don’t get hot and sweaty like other fabrics.

Sleepgram Sheets are as breathable as cotton fabrics, but they’re even lighter and more absorbent, so they’re a better choice for hot climates. The Sheets offer a silky smooth sensation like you’re resting on the softest, high-thread-count sheets — like exquisite Egyptian cotton.


It’s good to use Sleepgram Sheets because of their durable nature. When shopping for sheets, durability is an important consideration because they are used every day and must be able to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. In addition, Sleepgram Sheets are just as durable as cotton if you take care of them properly.

Healthy Properties

The anti-microbial characteristics of bamboo are well-known; however, it’s not always the case with all bamboo fabrics. As a result of its natural bamboo construction, Sleepgram Sheets have the anti-microbial feature making the sheets the finest option for everybody (especially if this is essential to you).

One of the best ways to sleep cool and dry is using Sleepgram Sheets, which have been shown to drain away moisture. Designed for those who sleep overheated or suffer from night sweats, the Sleepgram Sheets Review is definitely a must-have in all homes.


Sateen weave is used in the production of Sleepgram Sheets Review and most other bamboo sheets. You get a softer cloth since this weave’s top threads are visible. The Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets also have a slight gloss to them.

The Ecological Conundrum

The Sleepgram Sheets Review, for example, is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product like every other product made by the Sleepgram company.

Bamboo is a fast-growing, low-maintenance crop that doesn’t require any chemicals to keep it growing. However, chemicals are employed to turn the bamboo into cloth, which may pose a health hazard. As far as chemical waste goes, this is something to consider. People with chemical sensitivities will appreciate the natural bamboo materials used in Sleepgram Sheets as well as its eco-friendliness.

Who are the Sleepgram Sheets for?

(Sleepgram Sheets Review)

Anybody and everyone can benefit from these Sheets. Some sleepers have concerns with their linens, such as being overly hot or scratchy; the Sleepgram Sheets Review can be used to address this.

Sleepgram’s Sheet Set is additionally made into more eco-friendly fabrics that are highly useful and breathable, despite bamboo’s natural wicking ability. Sleepgram Sheets Review is as comfortable as silk, allowing you to fall off to sleep each and every time. As a bonus, the sheets are excellent at keeping away moisture from your skin while you sleep.

All of the problems associated with ordinary sheets are alleviated with Sleepgram Sheets, making them an excellent investment.

Features of Sleepgram Sheets

(Sleepgram Sheets Reviews)


Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets contain antibacterial characteristics that keep them fresh and clean for a longer period of time than regular sheets, which are notorious for getting dirty fast.

Cooling Sheets

Compared to cotton, bamboo is 3 degrees cooler to the touch. This makes the Sleepgram Sheets superior in breathability and 3 degrees of the cooling feature. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy a more comfortable night’s sleep.

More Durable

Instead of stitching together cheap, short cotton fibers, which degrade considerably more quickly, Sleepgram manufacturers used longer bamboo strands in making the Sleepgram Sheets, resulting in much better sheets.

Highly Sustainable

The materials used in the Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets are designed to maintain their form, making their lifespan much longer than conventional sheets, which may have a shorter lifespan.


The Sleepgram Sheets Review are hypoallergenic, enabling them to help individuals with various skin allergies and irritations.

Minimal Wrinkles

Even though wrinkles in sheets aren’t a big deal to many, it is a big deal to some, which is why it’s worth stating that the Sleepgram Sheets Review has hardly any wrinkles compared to standard sheets.

Eco-friendly Certified

OEKO-TEX is one of the certifications that Sleepgram Sheets have received. This accreditation indicates that it has been examined by a third-party agency and confirmed to be free from hazardous substances.

In order to attain perfection, the producers of Sleepgram Sheets use a smooth bamboo long fiber composite.

Benefits of Sleepgram Sheets (Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets Review)

(Sleepgram Sheets Review)

All Natural

While cotton, the most heavy pesticide crop in the United States, includes a wide range of toxins, Sleepgram Sheets materials are chemical-free, ensuring the safety of your infants, children, and the entire family!

Clean Cooling Sleep

Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets wick away perspiration up to 50% quicker than cotton, allowing you to stay fresh and clean as you sleep happily.

Eliminates Skin Irritation

The Sleepgram Sheets are made entirely of silk, and they will not dry out your skin or deprive it of its natural oils. With Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets, you can finally say goodbye to acne, irritation, rashes, and puffiness that is caused by long-term exposure to allergens and germs in the bed. (Sleepgram sheets reviews)

Enhances Sleep

During the manufacturing process of the Sleepgram Sheets, antibacterial and antifungal bio-agents contained naturally in the fiber are utilized. This allows the sheets to remain clean 200 percent longer than cotton. Even after numerous washings, the Sleepgram Sheets retain their ability to combat harmful microorganisms.

Sleepgram Sheets Pricing

(Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets Review Cost Price)

With a discount, the prices of the Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets range from $169.98 for Twin size Sleepgram Sheets and $239.98‬ for California King size of Sleepgram Sheets Review. Below is the breakdown of Sleepgram Sheets Review discounted price:

  • Twin-size Sleepgram Sheets cost $84.99.
  • Twin XL size Sleepgram Sheets cost $89.99.
  • Full-size Sleepgram Sheets cost $98.99.
  • Queen size Sleepgram Sheets cost $99.99.
  • King size Sleepgram Sheets cost $119.99.
  • California King size Sleepgram Sheets cost $119.99.

There are two pillowcases as well as flat sheets and fitted sheets in each set of sheets in all sizes. 

Please note: As of the time this Sleepgram Sheets Review was written, all of the discount rates shown below are still in effect. To ensure that the Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets are still available and at the most current price, always use and confirm current discount prices using the official company store link provided in this review.

Pros of Sleepgram Sheets

(Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets Review)

  • Super soft and silky
  • Reducing hyperthermia while sleeping.
  • Ideally suited to extra-long mattresses
  • The use of dust mite-killing materials
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • 100-night risk-free trial & a lifetime warranty
  • Bamboo-based 100 percent rayon

Cons of Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets Review

(Sleepgram Sheets Review)

  • Out of stock soon
  • Unavailability of purchase in third-party stores

Where to Buy Sleepgram Sheets? (Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets Reviews)

The Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets are available for purchase only on the manufacturer’s website. You can purchase your preferred quantity of the Sleepgram Sheets by clicking the COMPANY OFFICIAL STORE LINK here or anywhere in this Sleepgram Sheets Review to get a fantastic discount.

Sleepgram Sheets is backed with a 100-nights money-back guarantee valid from the date of purchase. Please contact the manufacturer if you are not entirely satisfied with the Sleepgram Sheets or the Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets results within the first 100 nights of using it.

How to Buy Sleepgram Sheets

The Sleepgram Sheets can be ordered directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Buying the Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets is simple and easy. You Select Order Quantity of the Sleepgram Sheets, proceed to input Payment information and Delivery information, then Confirm your order through the safe and secure checkout.

You can also select the color of your choice, which ranges from Classic White, Sand Beige, and Slate Grey. Also, if you want to order the Sleepgram Pillow with your sheets, you can select the option and choose the size of the pillow of your choice. Adding a pillow to your Sleepgram Sheets purchase means an extra fee; however, you get an extra 20% discount.

Sleepgram Sheets Review US; Sleepgram Sheets Review UK; Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets Australia

Are Sleepgram Sheets available in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia? YES. Sleepgram Sheets Review is available in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, etc.

Customer Reviews on Sleepgram Sheets Review

(Sleepgram Sheets Reviews Consumer Reports)

The Bamboo Sheet Set is the comfiest linens I’ve ever slept on. My hubby is a big fan of them as well. Adding extra pillowcases in different sizes would make it even better. Most of us sleep with at least two pillows on our bed.“, Says Julia S., from the United States (US)

The most amazing, softest, and highest-quality linens I’ve ever purchased have just come in the form of a new pair of Sleep Gram sheets. I used to patronize other brands. However, my silk sheets lasted only a few months before they began to fray. Bamboo Sheets from Sleepgrams will be my go-to choice from now on.Says Connor T., from Canada (CA)

Exceptional bedding. It regulates my body temperature and soothes my skin. It feels better now that I don’t have to remove my covers to keep cool or use the ceiling fan to combat hot flashes! They are toasty warm after a few minutes under the blankets on a cold night. Good purchase from me!Says Brown W., from Australia (AU)

Sleepgram Company Support Information

(Sleepgram sheets reviews)

  • Company Name: Sleepgram, LLC
  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
  • Support Email: [email protected]
  • Support Phone: 877-25-SLEEP (877-257-5337)

Frequently Asked Questions About Sleepgram Sheets (Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets Review)

What Is Rayon From Bamboo?

Rayon is a fiber created from regenerated cellulose, which means that a specific chemical process transforms the organic raw material.

Do Sleepgram Sheets Keep You Cool?

The Sleepgram Sheets are going to help keep you cool, and this is mostly due to the sheet’s capacity to wick away sweat while also providing ample airflow.

Is Sleepgram Sheets Worth the Money?

Yes. Sleepgram Sheets are more of an investment than a purchase, and they should be treated as such. It’s worth the splurge because of the luxurious feel of the cloth and the ability to regulate temperature. Hypoallergenic bamboo bedding saves you money on medical bills because of the material’s ability to withstand water. However, the moisture resistance capability of bamboo distinguishes these sheets as hypoallergenic and helps you save money on healthcare bills.

To top it all off, Sleepgram Sheets are incredibly long-lasting, so you won’t have to replace them as frequently as you would with cotton ones.

How Long Do Sleepgram Sheets Last?

Sleepgram Sheets are highly durable. Like many other 100% bamboo sheets, Sleepgram Sheets may even last up to 15 years. Because of the tight sateen weave and long, thin bamboo fibers used in their production, these sheets resist pilling and ripping.

How Do You Wash and Care for Sleepgram Sheets?

Sleepgram Sheets aren’t your average bedding purchase, and they need to be cared for properly. Whether or not your Sleepgram Sheets come with their own set of washing instructions, there are a few general guidelines to keep in mind. A light detergent and a soft cycle are best for washing Sleepgram Sheets because they shrink more than cotton sheets.

To prevent pilling, avoid washing your Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets with any material having zippers or hooks, including towels or blankets. After washing, air dry or use a low heat setting on a clothes dryer.

Our final words on Sleepgram Bamboo Sheet Reviews

Sleepgram Sheets are one of the best sheets currently on the market due to their breathability, durability, softness, and affordability.

Check out the NeckRelax Couple Pillow Review for more beddings and a better sleep experience.

Everything about the Sleepgram Sheets Review is fantastic. The manufacturer’s bamboo has been treated into fine fibers, making the sheets strong and pleasant to the touch, and environmentally friendly. Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets are ideal for those who sleep hot because of their naturally breathable fabric.

Although the pricing is a little more than comparable sheet sets, the quality of the Sleepgram Sheets more than makes up for this minor difference.

We highly recommend using Sleepgram Sheets Review due to its excellent customer service and quality product.

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