Starscope Monocular reviews

Starscope Monocular reviews (Newly Upgraded Version)

Taking Photos is part of human nature. Photography is a profession that almost everyone has engaged directly or indirectly. Directly in the sense that they take photos for a commercial reason; indirectly, they take pictures for fun or research documentation. Looking for well-to-do monoculars or binoculars that are cost-efficient and service deliverable, keep reading this Starscope Monocular reviews.

Days are gone when nature lovers had to wait for a very long time to reach their desired destination. Now, with starscope binoculars, nature enthusiasts can easily have a sneak peek into their favorite destination from a certain distance without interference.

If you don’t have the suitable binoculars in your mini bag, you will eventually not be able to make the most out of your adventurous journey. Traditionally, many people were obsessed with higher telescopes, but with the advent of binoculars and Monoculars, the dynamics of sightseeing changed utterly.

Many stock photo sellers are nature lovers too; they like taking real-life images and marketing them for commercial sake. They live a life of adventure just to earn a living – bringing the joy of nature to humanity. Yes, there are many persons who would love to explore these adventurous nature contents as it is without having to go over the process a stock photo dealer will go through. These consumers are willing to pay any amount to have access to these awesome photos; now, you are making money while creating helpful content that you love.

Years back, many photo lovers are denied the opportunity to take excellent photos. Here are the reasons:

  1. Some travelers fear going closer to wildlife to avert the danger of losing their own life. Why? They are on a mobile phone camera which cannot take long-distance photos without an external enhancement.
  2. Many adventurers don’t have the financial capacity to own a binocular because all the available as of then were very expensive to purchase by an average earner.
  3. The available binocular is too heavy to carry on a journey or looks inconveniencing to the user.

Now, as the number of travelers has increased exponentially in the last few years, manufacturers of gadgets are coming up with cool travel accessories that can magnify your experience of visiting new locations.

Keeping memories is awesome, but then, having better imaging of your memory renews your complete existence of the past each passing day. Starscope monocular is your best-have adventure partner to help you take a better fascinating image of your memories on the go.

Not minding the type and condition of the phone you are traveling with or taking pictures with, the Starscope monocular, when attached to the mobile phone, enhances your photos 10X better than expected. Thereby giving you a clear and high-quality shot for your preferred use. When you upload to social media, all your friends would feel that you took the pictures with a professional camera or maybe a professional photographer took the images for you.

With all been said, let us now dig deeper into the starscope monocular review, its benefits, costs, about the company manufacturing it, their customer service, disadvantages, and previews consumer reports. So take your time and keep reading.

Brief reviews on Telescopes

According to Wikipedia, a telescope, in general, is an optical instrument using curved mirrors, lenses, or a combination of both to observe and amplify distant objects for perfect viewing. The first known practical telescopes were invented first in the Netherlands at the beginning of the 17 century by using glass lenses.

There are different types of telescope, we have:

  1. Optical telescopes
  2. Radio telescopes
  3. X-ray telescopes
  4. Gamma-ray telescopes
  5. Other types of telescopes

But for this review, we shall only center on the “Optical telescopes.”

starscope monocular telescope review

Optical telescopes are used for astronomy and in many non-astronomical instruments, including theodolites (including transits), camera lenses, spotting scopes, binoculars,  monoculars, and spyglasses. There are three main optical types:

There are also three (3) types of optical telescope: (The refracting telescope, reflecting telescope, catadioptric telescope.)

  • The refracting telescope is a type of optical telescope that uses lenses to form an image.
  • The reflecting telescope is a type of optical telescope that uses an arrangement of mirrors to form an image.
  • The catadioptric telescope is a type of optical telescope that uses mirrors combined with lenses to form an image.

Now, let us dive into the main content of our review, which is “The Starscope Monocular review.”

What Starscope Monocular?

Starscope monocular review
See the 10X zoom effect of the Starscope Monocular

Starscope Monocular is an optical telescopic device that lets you shoot magnifying photos with your smartphone that possibly surpasses the quality of photos you can get with a professional DSLR camera.  It comes with 10x magnifying lenses that enable you to take professional nature photos from any distance. When attached to your smartphones, it allows you to capture every moment in grand style, giving you quality at the best cost.

What are the uses of Starscope Monocular? (Starscope Monocular reviews)

The starscope monocular comes with many benefits. Here are some of them explaining the use of this fantastic monocular.

  1. Starscope Monocular is used to capture quality virtual moments for adventurers.
  2. It can be used for sightseeing, like watching footballs and other sporting events and viewing anything from a far distance to get a magnified view.
  3. You can use the starscope monocular to take awesome pictures of yourself and that of your friends without having to pay a professional photographer for social media engagements.
  4. The hunters can easily use the starscope monocular to zoom significantly closer to their targeted animal without drawing the attention of such an animal while hitting the trigger.
  5. Its best use as a telescope during hiking to see ahead of the road using the built-in compass.

Features and Specification of Starscope Monocular Review

This next-gen Starscope monocular has even more incredible features than its predecessors! Here are some amazing, groundbreaking features that made Starscope the ONLY choice for zooming in on the action!

Starscope Monocular features
  1. 10 TIMES PLUS MAGNIFICATION: Most time, we come across things on our way and would love to capture them for a moment; unfortunately, at the slightest tip, we’ve lost distance to the initial spot. What do we do? Quit or keep trying to get closer? With the starscope monocular, you can easily zoom your targeted object 10X its original size and have a moment capture at ease. This is probably one of the major reasons you checked through the starscope monocular review for confirmation.
  2. LIGHTWEIGHT AND STRONG: Having weighed only 320g, the starscope monocular has outperformed its competitors. It is very light, strong, and can be moved around at your best convenience.
  3. BUILT-IN BAK4 CRYSTAL PRISM LENS: Those in the photography industries will tell you, “go for the BAK4 lens for better quality.” Bak4 stands for “Baritleichkron,” and it is one of the highest lenses for binoculars. Hey, that’s the best you are getting from the starscope monocular.
  4. FULLY MULTI-COATED (FMC) HD GLASSES AND LENS: This adds more strength to the starscope monocular. The glasses are multi-coated and, thus, will hardly break.
  5. LENS WIDTH: Starscope monocular comes with a 50mm lens that enables you to capture a broad view of the target without making you lose a shot.
  6. ADVANCED POLYMERS: The starscope is made with an advanced polymer material that makes it very difficult to break or scratch when it falls. In other words, starscope monocular is scratch resistant and impervious to Dust.
  7. BUILT-IN DIOPTER: Starscope monocular features a built-in diopter that can be adjusted to provide perfect viewing for eyeglass wearers. This is a very important feature for people wearing eyeglasses lacking in other monocular and binocular telescopes.
  8. SURE-GRIP AND STREAMLINED DESIGN: The starscope monocular review comes with a 15.5 x 7.0 x 4.4 cm dimension and weighs as light as 320g. This makes it very fascinating to grip and capture at ease.
  9. FIELD VIEW: With this monocular telescope, you can comfortably view mountains, hills, rocks, flying births, or anything even from a far distance. It has a field view of up to 114 to 1100m.
  10. HIGH DEFINITION PICTURES: Taking pictures with the starscope monocular does not only amplifies your photos, but it also gives you a high definition image with very glamouring colours just as you would love it to show.
  11. PRECISION CAD/CNC CONSTRUCTION: Super quality with aspherical elements for the sharpest optics. The high-performance light-transmission optics in the Starscope allow you to view and photograph scenes in absolute razor sharpness – no matter where you go.
  12. Water and Fog Proof: Surely, there comes a time when you want to capture moments in the early hours of the morning, and fogs won’t let you do. Smiles! That will now be a thing if you order and start using the starscope monocular for your H.D. sightseeing. Even on rainy days, you can use your starscope telescope in all weather conditions for the best moment capturing.

How does starscope monocular work?

Let us show you in 5 practical steps how to use the starscope monocular telescope. This will also guide you on how the starscope works.

INITIAL STEP: Unpack your starscope and its accessories from the bag

How to use starscope monocular
Initial step (Starscope telescope review)

STEP 1: To view an object, whether far or close, simply hold the starscope monocular up to your eye to view it. SKIP DOWN to STEP 4

How to use starscope monocular

STEP 2: To view through your smartphone, attach your phone grip to the starscope and grip in your smartphone to view the object.

How to use starscope monocular

STEP 3: Point your starscope monocular to your desired object. You will see a magnifying thing you never saw with your bare eye.

How to use starscope monocular

STEP 4: Viewing with your smartphone, you can control your capture and recording to save your moment for future reference. What do we mean by this? You can take quality photos or record quality videos as shown from the starscope monocular view.
How to use starscope monocular video review

Who is the starscope monocular made for? (Starscope Monocular reviews)

The starscope monocular per our review, is made for:

  1. Adventurers who love exploring new things and new places.
  2. Travelers who love keep recorded moments of visited places.
  3. Hunters whose aim is to kill on sight without stress.
  4. Photographers (whether for personal or commercial use.)
  5. Sports lovers and lovers of concerts
  6. Hikers and every other person who loves keeping records of moments while engaging in outdoor activities.

Pros and Cons of Starscope monocular reviewed


  1. Water Resistant feature: This is a tremendous advantage that the starscope monocular has over its competitors. You can use it in all weather conditions for the best moment capturing.
  2. Scratch and Dust resistant feature: Although it’s generally not advisable to allow electronic gadgets to hit the floor above any height, mistakes do happen. Everyone has at one time in their life being a victim. So the manufacturers of the starscope monoculars took this into consideration while making this device. Do not allow it to fall; nonetheless, if you did by mistake, your gadget will be ready to resist both the Dust, the scratch and uphold its build-in firmness.
  3. Fog Resistant feature: Surely, there comes a time when you want to capture moments in the early hours of the morning, and fogs won’t let you do. Smiles! That will now be a thing if you order and start using the starscope monocular for your H.D. sightseeing.
  4. Enhances Your Camera: This is also why many consumers purchased the starscope monocular. They needed enhanced camera functionality to help capture H.D. photos with their smartphones. They got every satisfaction as promised by the manufacturers.
  5. Hands-free with Tripod: Starscope monocular comes handy with a free tripod that makes it easier for you to use this device without holding all the time.
  6. In-built compass: For hikers, this advantage could mean a whole lot to them. The in-built compass helps you stay on the track during hiking if you forget to take your actual compass along with you. So you never fear missing your way when you have your starscope monocular handy with you.
  7. Durability: What’s the gain of spending even a penny for something that wouldn’t stay over the night for its proposed cause? Don’t waste your money on monoculars that will fail you. Go for the starscope monocular, and your satisfaction is covered and guaranteed.
  8. Also, consider the quality multi-coated glasses and lens as a greater advantage for the price you are getting the starscope telescope.
  9. Very affordable: Yes, comparing with the actual prices of competing telescopes, the starscope remains the best choice both in price and quality for the likes.
  10. Money-back guarantee: This is where the confidence comes in. The company is offering you a 100% money-back guarantee if you purchased the starscope monocular and find it unsatisfactory; you get back your money upon return of the telescope—no hidden charges. Read down for company details.
  11. First buyer Discount: You know the good path? Getting a 50% slash of any number of pieces you are buying for the first time. Is this not incredible? Yes, it is!

You can check if you are qualified for the discount here:


  1. Single eyepiece: Some persons are already used to binoculars, so even with the good and advanced features that the starscope comes with, it may still not be convenient for an addicted binocular telescope user.
  2. Personal use: Starscope monoculars are made more for personal use other than for commercial purposes. So it’s a disadvantage for anyone who would love to build a bigger brand with one starscope in possession.
  3. Delivery time: Depending on your location, it might more time than expected to get delivered to you. For example, someone in the Uk, US, Canada, Australia would get it delivered faster in a few days than some making purchases from Nigeria, Ghana, and other African countries.
  4. Limited Stock: The company usually produce the starscope monocular in batches, so when there are high demands for it in a particular country, just as it is currently in Uk and Us, it tends to finish faster, and the company has to stay for weeks before restocking product for that particular country.

Starscope Monocular cost / Pricing

4x STARSCOPE MONOCULAR£119.97$143.97
Buy from UKBuy from US Global
Starscope Monocular Price List on Special discount

Why is starscope monocular UK trending more? (Starscope monocular reviews)

The company made starscope monoculars for all countries, whether you are in the U.K., US, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and other parts of the world. However, you may see it trending in your country just as it’s doing in the united kingdom if your country also has much demand for it.

So, if you are buying starscope monocular from the UK, here’s the company’s U.K. store

If you are buying from the US, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and other parts of the world, here’s the company’s U.S. store for global sales.

Starscope Monocular Reviews Consumer Reports

From reports we got online, and on the company’s respective online stores, these are what customers who purchased the Starscope Monocular reviewed:

As a professional ornithologist (fancy word for bird watcher), I don’t only need a telescopic lens – I need one lightweight and easy enough to carry that I can get close to the birds without scaring them away. I’ve stopped carrying all my cumbersome DSLR lenses – Starscope does the job just as well, and I won’t have a HEART ATTACK if I drop it on the trail!

Jean-Louis S. (Lincoln, NE)

I know a lot of the people who buy Starscope are professional photographers and astronomers, but the price was so tempting, I couldn’t resist getting one for myself! As a complete amateur, I have to say I positively LOVE my Starscope. I take it with me everywhere, it’s great for sightseeing and nature photography. When I took it to visit Mt. Rushmore, strangers actually started LINING UP to look through my Starscope!

Mason G. (Seattle, WA)

I was always jealous of pro photographers who could afford to spend over $9,000 to get 10x magnification on their cameras. Well, I’m not jealous anymore since I got Starscope! It lets me shoot like a pro, and for just a micro-fraction of what pro DSLR lenses cost! You can’t BELIEVE the amazing photos this thing lets me shoot!

Kieran B. (Orlando, FL)

I used to carry all my bulky, heavy camera gear with me on trips. I was afraid to leave them in my hotel room because they might get stolen. Now I take the Starscope Monocular with me, and I carry everything in my pocket!

Jack Crandall (New York)

I used the Starscope Monocular lens on an ocean voyage. Everyone else was fumbling around with heavy old-fashioned binoculars or giant telephoto lenses. I was able to see further and clearer with just my Starscope Monocular. Everyone tried it and wanted to buy one!

Hitoshi Yamamoto (Ontario)

I’m an engineering student. I know about the high-tech CAD/CAM equipment that the Starscope Monocular lens is made on. I can tell you that the precision and the sharpness of this monocular is as good or better than any lens made. And that includes to German optics like Zeiss.

Hans Gottfried (Alberta)

My photography professor clued me in on this lens! It’s small, but the quality is so high it takes better photos than my Nikon. I just put this in my bag wherever I go, and I can use my iPhone for amazing

Amiri Ellens (Toronto)

My DSLR lenses are so huge and heavy that I hated to carry them along with me, meaning I missed out on a LOT of great shots. Not so for the Starscope! It’s so compact and light that I keep it with me at ALL times! And I love how durable it is, it’s certainly not fragile and I don’t have to move around so gingerly like I did with a DSLR!

Cane W. (Manhattan, NY)

Where to buy Starscope Monocular

Starscope Monocular can only be purchased online directly on the company’s official store. Unless otherwise, you want to buy from retailers who sell in your countries shopping malls. Click on the button below to visit the starscope online store and check product availability.

P.S: Buying Starscope online, the company has different payment methods, and your card details are highly protected with encryption.

Starscope Monocular Scam

Starscope monocular is not a scam. The company “Complete Performance Commerce B.V.” is well registered with head office located at Anna van Buerenplein 41, 2595DA, The Hague, The Netherlands. They offer a 100% 30days money-back guarantee, so you have every confidence to return the product if not satisfied with the package, and you get back your complete refund.

We may not really be in the best position to tell why some consumers claim to have been scammed. Maybe they purchased from the wrong website, or competitors of starscope monocular paid them just to bring down the company’s trust. However, you have your choice to make, and feel free to report your satisfaction after purchase.

Starscope Monocular Company details

If you want to make more official enquiries before purchase, or wants to return purchased starscope monocular and get your refund, or for warranty and repairs, delivery delays, you can contact the Starscope Monocular company using these their provided support information.

  • Company name: Complete Performance Commerce B.V
  • Company Contact Address: Anna van Buerenplein 41, 2595DA, The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Company Website (store):
  • Company Contact via Email:
  • Company Contact via Phone:
    • US & Canada (Toll Free): 855 581 2950
    • Australia & New Zealand: (02) 5133 5680
    • United Kingdom & Ireland: 03308 180841
  • Live Chat: Visit their website above.

Our Final Verdict (Starscope Monocular Reviews)

Having taken our time to discuss this starscope monocular review intensely, it’s believed that we made available all the necessary resources you need to make a perfect decision of choice. However, if you are a Photo lover, traveler, adventurer, hiker, sports lover, or someone who likes going to concerts, please get yourself a starscope monocular for better viewing and image enhancement. Check for product availability in your country with the button below and grab the first-time purchase discount if you are qualified.

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