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Alba Iulia
Friday, December 13, 2019

animal source of food

The components of food: Functions and Sources

What is food? Food, put simply is any nutritious substance taken into the body for the maintenance of life and growth. Food is comprised of different components, and we all eat food to get energy. So, this energy can be...
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Is Salsa good for you? 8 FACTS to Consider

I don’t think there is anyone on this planet, who does not know what Salsa is; however, Salsa is...
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Why you have headache after a massage – A MUST READ

Although massage is often used to relieve headaches, circumstances arise when, after a massage, you can get a headache or feel exhausted. Serious massage...

You’ve black specks in stool? 5 Possible causes and Treatment

So you go to do number two, and in the process of flushing, you notice your stool has black specks. What could that mean?...

Index finger twitching: 11 major causes and treatment

What is Index finger twitching? So out of the ordinary, your fingers start moving side to side, that movement is called a twitch, and sometimes...

Causes and remedies of swollen feet

INTRO Shoes! One of the essential pieces of an outfit, Yeah, everyone has something beautiful to say when your shoe game is on point! But,...
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