Top 7 Best Motorcycle Insurance In Australia

Top 7 Best Motorcycle Insurance In Australia

The best motorcycle insurance in Australia offers excellent, affordable service and has the finances to pay claims. Your motorcycle, other property, and possible injuries are all covered by motorcycle insurance.

Most states mandate the purchase of motorcycle insurance, and depending on the rider, the bike, and the region, annual rates can range from $100 to $1000.

If you are currently living in Australia or you are planning to move there, and your motorcycle isn’t covered, or if you want to change insurance companies, keep on reading to find out more about the best motorcycle insurance in Australia and a list of the cheapest-insured motorcycles.

List Of Motorcycles That Has The Cheapest Insurance

motorcycle that has the cheapest insurance

1. Yamaha V-star: Retro Cruiser

This entry-level cruiser features a 249cc V-twin engine with a top speed of 85 mph and a fuel efficiency rating of 78 mpg, making it an actual scaled-down cruiser model. The average annual insurance cost for this bike is close to $400.

2. Kawasaki Ninja: Sportbike

This bike appeals to younger riders who enjoy the sportbike scene when they desire to feel a feisty little strike. Liability coverage can cost as low as $120-$200 annually, while collision and comprehensive coverage cost about $400-$500 annually.

3. Royal Enfield Classic: Retro Cruiser

The Bullet is an excellent nod to the past while embracing new technologies for a good commuter motorcycle if you’re a rider who is a vintage purist at heart.

Despite having the same engine, it rides smoother and more comfortably than its Thunderbird cousin. Be aware that it is not qualified for any ABS discounts that some insurance companies may give due to the absence of ABS.

4. Honda Shadow Phantom: Cruiser

A good option with adequate power and gear-changing capabilities for avoiding rush-hour traffic.

Despite having the same level of quality and dependability as other Honda cruisers, the Shadow is less expensive to insure than its sportier stablemates. Insurance can range from $114 per year for a rider who is 22 years old to $600 per year for a rider who is 60 years or older, which is still less than the national average.

5. Harley-Davidson Softail Standard: Cruising/ Light Touring

H-Ds are the most expensive model on the list, but when they are well-maintained, they also have a high resale value. This bike can be used for errands around town and has the stamina to travel 500+ miles. With a base price of $8,400, the Harley Street has the lowest insurance cost, while the Softail is more forgiving to new riders and still has a low average insurance premium of about $200+.

7 Best Motorcycle Insurance In Australia 2023

1. Youi

Youi is one of the best motorcycle insurance in Australia. Youi has its headquarters in Queensland, Australia, and was established in 2007 by its parent company OUTsurance.

youi motorcycle insurance company

Why choose Youi?

In Australia, the company offers insurance services and products such as motorcycles, cars, trailers, home, business liability, caravan, and roadside assistance.

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2. The Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia

RAC WA is a mutual organization and motoring club. They are one of the best motorcycle insurance in Australia.

The Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia (Inc), RAC Insurance Pty Limited, RAC Security Services Pty Ltd, RAC Finance Ltd, and RAC Travel Services Pty Ltd are all members of the RAC Group.

Why choose RAC WA?

They provide insurance, travel services, finance, driver training, motoring services, and unique benefits for their members. RAC is concerned with all perspectives of road and community safety in its capacity as the independent voice for road users in Western Australia.

3. National Road and Motorist’s Association

Another best motorcycle insurance in Australia is the National Road and Motorist’s Association.

nrma motorcycle insurance company

In the Australian Capital Territory, the National Roads and Motorists’ Association provides roadside assistance, advocacy for motorists and other road users, motoring advice, car maintenance, travel, and other services.

It is a mutual company owned by members that are limited by guarantee. It was established in 1920. The headquarters is in Sydney Olympic Park, New South Wales, Australia.

Why choose NRMA?

Aside from Motorcycle insurance, NRMA Insurance now provides a variety of insurance in

  • New South Wales,
  • Queensland,
  • South Australia,
  • Western Australia,
  • The Northern Territory,
  • The Australian Capital Territory, and Tasmania,

The kind of insurance they offer includes landlord insurance, income protection insurance, bicycle insurance, and comprehensive car insurance. It provides insurance for homes, businesses, travel, boats, and caravans.

4. Budget Direct

Budget Direct insurance company is an insurance brand of Auto & General insurance company with its Headquarters located in Australia, Brisbane. Auto & General Insurance Company Limited provides their home and car insurance plans.

Budges direct is an Auto & General Insurance Company is an Australian insurance company that is regulated by APRA and is actively part of the Insurance Council of Australia. Budget Direct started offering Singapore car, motorcycle, and travel insurance in 2016.

Why choose Budget direct?

In addition to its company headquarters in Toowong, Brisbane, Budget Direct also has three call centres in Queensland, in Kawana Waters and North Lakes. The organization also has numerous assessment centres in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. The company had more than 1,700 employees and more than 1 million policyholders as of April 2020.

Company URL:

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5. GIO

Another best motorcycle insurance in Australiais GIO. GIO is a general insurance company in Australia.

ItThey primarily serves the states of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory by providing insurance products like motorcycles, cars, home and contents, travel, business, boat, caravan, and public liability.

In 1927, the company was established as the Government Insurance Office New South Wales to provide workers’ compensation insurance, and it took the name GIO. In August 1992, the insurer was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, and AMP acquired it in January 1999.

Why choose GIO?

Aside from Motorcycle insurance, GIO offers the following products and services: vehicle insurance, third-party liability insurance that is required in the Australian Capital Territory and the New South Wales: home and contents insurance, caravan insurance, boat insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, business insurance, and bird insurance as well as worker’s compensation insurance.

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6. Australian Warranty Network Insurance

AWN is the largest independent Mechanical Breakdown Insurance provider in Australia. They have over two decades of experience providing proven programs that deliver accurate results.

AWN is managed by a team of industry-respected professionals who bring considerable know-how and expertise to manage their selling agents and customer needs. They offer the best Mechanical Breakdown Insurance products and back that up with superior claims performance.

Why choose AWN?

AWN has been providing products & services to the motor vehicle industry for over 25 years. Their products include General insurance products, administration and claims management, roadside assistance, asset protection, training programs, and mechanical breakdown Insurance such as motor vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, motorhomes, and caravan mechanical breakdown insurance.

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7. Presidian

Presidian provides tailored financial services. The company’s financial services include insurance, financial brokerage services, general insurance products, mechanical-specific extended warranties, and other warranty programs, enabling clients to reach their business profitability goals while given their customers the highest quality products.

Why choose Presidian?

Presidian offers warranty products with a no-form claims process and a repair network across Australia to protect you in the event of a mechanical breakdown. It is simple to set up a policy. Presidian is so easy to deal with and very efficient. Consider presidian if you are looking for motorcycle insurance in Australia.

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Something exciting is fun about riding a motorcycle on wide roads. However, even the most expert riders have accidents, so it’s crucial to be ready with high-quality motorcycle insurance that will offer you the coverage you need. If you own a motorcycle and have been searching for the best Motorcycle insurance in Australia, do well to choose from our list.a

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