What is a dolce diet and how can you lose weight with mike dolce diet

What Is A Dolce Diet? How To Lose Weight With Mike Dolce Diet

Have you ever sought to reduce your weight, ever taken into account adopting a diet to achieve that? But you had no idea where to start or which option to pick.

Perhaps the Mike Dolce diet will work for you. Today, we’ll analyze it more to determine its full implications.

Following the Dolce diet, made by prominent weight maintenance coach and mixed martial arts expert Mike Dolce, will help you lose weight quickly.

You may lose weight so fast with the Dolce diet due to the personalized workouts and meal programs it offers. It guarantees weight loss of up to 21 pounds in just 21 days.

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Who is Mike Dolce?

Mike Dolce, born on April 15th, 1976, is a dietitian, strength and fitness coach, author, and one of the best weight-loss experts in mixed martial arts.

He has years of expertise preparing combatants for the weigh-in as a veteran mixed martial artist. UFC fighters like Thiago Alves, Johny Hendricks, and Ronda Rousey are a few of his most noteworthy customers.

Dolce was awarded World MMA Trainer of the Year for three years running (2013–2016) and has used his 20 years of expertise working with some of the top athletes in the world to develop what is now known as the Dolce Diet.

What is a Dolce Diet

what a dolce diet is
what a dolce diet is

What is a dolce diet?

The Dolce Diet focuses more on a complete lifestyle transformation than on a diet that restricts calorie intake.

When asked about this lifestyle modification, Mike Dolce answers, “If you can regulate what you eat, you can control all other elements of your life.”

Mike continues by saying that it entails having the right proportion of ingredients and knowing where food production is done. The idea is to eliminate the chemistry and genetics permeating our world.

Mike advises that you change your perspective on eating the right foods at the correct times rather than tracking calories to support your new “living lean” lifestyle.

Mike prefers to keep it as easy as possible because he understands it’s tough always to eat the right things.

Foods you can find in Dolce’s diet meal plan

In the Dolce diet meal plans, natural, unprocessed foods that are as near to their organic state as possible are in it. These plans emphasize the following:

  • Whole grains
  • Legumes
  • Eggs
  • Natural oils
  • Peanut oils
  • Coconut
  • Hemp
  • Grape seed.
  • Fish
  • Seafood
  • Avocados
  • Fruits
  • Plant-based milk, like almond milk
  • Nut and nut butter
  • Vegetables
  • Seeds
  • Drinking a lot of water

The Principles of The Dolce Diet

What is a dolce diet? Dolce suggests six fundamental nutritional concepts you should live by in the book “3 Weeks to Shredded.

·        Healthy Eating

Your top priority while making meal plans each day is to eat whole foods rather than factory-made and processed food such as bread, premade meals, and the rest.

Keep your focus on eating wholesome, naturally grown meals, with meats, fruits, and vegetables being the most crucial. Analyze whether the feed has undergone any modifications.

Orange juice is a great illustration. Even though drinking orange juice for breakfast is standard, Dolce suggests just eating an orange.

The dietary fiber in industrial orange juice is taken away by processing. The less expensive types are frequently “from concentrate” or have added sugars or chemicals added to prolong the shelf life.

One of the guiding concepts of this lifestyle modification is eating complete, clean foods regularly.

·        Increase your water consumption

You must consider boosting your daily water consumption during the three weeks you have to shred the book.

Water consumption not only keeps your body more healthy but also reduces appetite and keeps you content for long periods.

If drinking water is too monotonous, try adding a few slices of lemon, lime, or some other fruits to provide more sweetness without the artificial sweeteners that liquor or squash include.

·        Start the day off right

There is a perfect reason breakfast is the day’s most important meal. It jump-starts your metabolism, assisting you in burning those essential calories.

According to the regimen, you should aim to eat breakfast between 30 and 45 mins after waking up.

Breakfast is one of the essential meals because your body does not speed up its metabolism when you are active and, instead, prefers to hang onto as much energy as possible.

·        Key to Portion Control

One of the most crucial components of weight loss is portion control, like any diet or lifestyle modification.

Remember that a portion is not the same as a serving size. If the suitable serving size for a food item is a half-cup and you consumed three cups, that’s six servings.

You can avoid overindulging and guilty feelings by being aware of your quantities and servings.

·        Healthy Snacks are Important

The best way to maintain a healthy metabolic rate is with snacks, which will also prevent you from overeating during your next meal.

The diet suggests low-sugar veggies, fruits, and nuts like almonds as the best between-meal snacks.

Despite being promoted as healthy, try to avoid dry fruits because they contain a lot of sugar.

·        Eat until satisfied, not full

When you eat, savor every bite. Allow your stomach to overtake your head.

Even while you might not yet feel complete in your mind, if you pause just a short while, your stomach will signal to your brain that you are already content and don’t require any more food.

Eat until you feel content before going into the entire stage rather than eating until you start feeling like you are about to burst.

In his diet, Mike Dolce also emphasizes substituting trans fats for saturated fat in foods like red meat, butter, cheese, nuts, fish, milk, egg yolks, and naturally made vegetable oil.

Vegetables, fruits, and whole grain items are also abundant in his diet.

Why is it worthwhile to attempt the Dolce diet?

Dolce diet

What is a dolce diet? Despite being quite essential and unrevolutionary, it can, however, be beneficial for some people. The only things the Mike Dolce diet regimen offers are simple food and exercise.

He intended to create something that would assist ordinary people in achieving their ideal bodies, which is why it appears this way.

Therefore, it might be beneficial if you’re seeking a food plan to lose weight quickly without sacrificing your power and vitality.

There are numerous instances of how it operates in real-world settings if you’re still unsure. It is available on the Dolce website.

But Mike Dolce believes there is one crucial thing if you want to start a diet, whether it is the Dolce diet or something else or wanting to start working out more.

Just quit making excuses and get to work, regardless of what you do.

Workout Plan by Mike Dolce

15-Minute Workouts

The fantastic thing about workouts is that you can get in shape without going to the gym.

Sounds easy. That’s the basic notion, at least. Unless your body (and mind) are entirely at ease with your new workout routine, Dolce advises sticking to the essentials.

Dolce recommends that you should alternate the muscle areas you work on each day. The workout’s breakdown is as follows:

Booster for body weight

  • 20 sit-ups
  • 80 jack squats
  • 25 squats
  • 20 alternating lunges
  • 15 push-ups
  • 60-second wall sit
  • Repeat three times


  • Five burpees
  • Ten squats
  • Five burpees
  • Ten sit-ups
  • Five burpees
  • Ten lunges
  • Repeat for 15 minutes

Tabata Trimmer

  • Work for 20 seconds, then ten rest break
  • Jumping jacks
  • Lunges
  • Push-ups
  • Wall sits
  • Plank holds
  • Side plank holds.

Dolce often begins his day with a 5-minute meditation, which might surprise you. He claims that it helps him focus his day. Dolce then jots down his objectives and engages in some energizing activity.


What is a Dolce diet? The Dolce Diet is innovative but also serves as a helpful reminder for those who want healthier lives.

With books like “Living Lean” and “3 Weeks to Shred,” Mike Dolce effectively accomplishes this goal by offering easy-to-follow guidelines and recipes tested and proven effective on some of the world’s most talented fighters.

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