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Alba Iulia
Sunday, December 8, 2019

plant source of food

The components of food: Functions and Sources

What is food? Food, put simply is any nutritious substance taken into the body for the maintenance of life and growth. Food is comprised of different components, and we all eat food to get energy. So, this energy can be...
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Causes and remedies of swollen feet

OVERVIEW Shoes! One of the essential pieces of an outfit, Yeah, everyone has something beautiful to say when your shoe...
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7 essential oils for warts (USAGE)

If you are among the individuals who have had warts, you're going to understand the discomfort of getting them. Warts are also one of...

Are you going through stress? Stress Management Tips

Are you going through stress? Or You know someone who is undergoing severe stress right now. You shouldn't stress yourself further by thinking much....

Health benefits of avocado to the heart

  According to the research carried out by Penny Kris-Etherton and her team of researchers, it was uncovered that taking one avocado a day could...

Advice on cough treatment: ‘Honey & Cough medicine’

  As a result of the growing problem of antibiotic resistance, health professionals have been giving new health guidelines. These health guidelines urge health professionals...
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