What do cold hands mean spiritually here are 7 signs

What Do Cold Hands Mean Spiritually? Here Are 7 Signs

It’s normal for our hands to feel cold when the temperature dips outside during the wintertime, especially if we are not wearing gloves.

Also, there can be several medical reasons for having cold hands, including poor circulation. But have you ever wondered, “what do cold hands mean spiritually?

Cold hands are more than just physical discomfort. The concept of having cold hands has a lot of spiritual significance.

This article is for you if you are curious about the spiritual significance and meaning of having cold hands. Keep reading to learn more about the spiritual meaning of cold hands.

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What Do Cold Hands Mean Spiritually?

cold hand meaning

Many people often ask, what do cold hands mean spiritually? Here is the answer to the question: what do cold hands mean spiritually?

1. It Could Mean You Are Feeling Some Inner Fear

Cold hands could signify a feeling of fear you’re not entirely aware of or have acknowledged. It could result from starting a new career, relocating to a new city, or embracing any unique opportunity.

However you may appear to be excited at the prospect, but deep down, you are feeling a great deal of worry.

You might be thinking about the challenges and your capacity to handle them. Fear of the unknown is pervasive, but the fear we develop is often not found in reality.

Feeling a little nervous when you’re about to embark on a new adventure is acceptable, but try not to let the fear of the unknown keep you from moving forward.

2. It Can Be A Sign That You Have Grown Spiritually Cold

Did you stop working on your spiritual side? Perhaps life has become so busy, and you don’t have the energy or time to meditate or listen to your intuition. Your inner self has just been kept aside as you become distracted by the busyness of life.

If you frequently experience cold hands, this could be a sign that unfavorable circumstances are entering your life as a result of your neglecting to maintain a warm and glowing spiritual energy.

It can also indicate that you are out of balance and that your chakras are not aligned. Your hands should feel cozy and warm when your chakras are aligned.

Therefore, having cold hands indicates that something is out of balance, and you need to realign your chakras.

Consider setting aside some time each day to meditate and start focusing on growing your inner spirituality. Instead of ignoring your inner feelings because you’re too busy, pay attention to what your intuition is trying to tell you.

3. It Could Be  A Sign That You Need To Make Significant Changes In Your Life

Sometimes, having cold hands signifies that you need to make significant changes in your life. When something is preventing you from progressing, whether a person or an object, you know things won’t get any better until that thing is gone.

Even if you make an effort to push ahead without it, you will still feel bad, and this bad feeling won’t go away until you have let go, whatever it may be.

So here’s what to do; work through whatever problem preventing you from moving forward by working on yourself, forgiveness, and love.

Starting with self-forgiveness and letting go of your resentment will help you resolve the problem.

Even though the situation is more serious and you feel trapped by it, take that as a hint that you need to change your life and move on. Also, prepare to develop fresh perspectives because things will never be the same again.

4. It Could Be A Sign That You Are About To Encounter A Breakthrough

Another significance of your cold hands is that a breakthrough will occur in your life. It can signify the end of a challenging phase and the start of a more amazing and rewarding one.

So, having cold hands is a sign that you are entering a more prosperous phase of your life. It’s especially auspicious if you’ve recently launched a new business or are making changes for your business’s future.

The fact that your hands have suddenly turned cold signifies that your plans will likely have the positive outcomes you desire. Also, you could be heading towards a higher spiritual awakening, especially If you’ve been focusing on your spiritual growth.

Therefore, experiencing cold hands during a growth phase is a sign from the spirit world that you should keep moving forward as your spiritual awakening is about to happen.

5. It Could Be A Sign That Something Has Been Taken From you

For spirituality, this is the major cause of cold hands. You feel as though something has been taken from you, but you don’t know how to deal with it or what to do about it. It could be that a loved one passed away or something terrible happened.

6. It Could Be A Sign That  You Need A Push.

Having cold hands all of a sudden could be a sign from the universe if you’re inactive or simply going through a phase of laziness.

It reminds you that you must take the necessary steps to advance. Therefore, pay attention to the message and start taking action.

It would be best if you devoted time to working on the tasks at hand, whether it involves working harder on your business or devoting yourself entirely to your academics.

7. It Could Be A Sign That The Spirit Of Your Loved Ones Are Somewhere Around you.

The fact that we cannot physically perceive the spiritual realm does not prevent us from communicating with it sometimes.

The spiritual and the physical world exist in various aspects but coincide within the same space. So, your body might be reacting to the close spirits of your loved ones.

Are Cold Hands Spiritually Dangerous?

are cold hand dangerous
are cold hands dangerous

No, cold hands are not spiritually dangerous. They only come to notify us about what lies ahead. But once we take the necessary actions, we will stop experiencing cold hands.

Cold hands are just physical signs of the spiritual state of our minds. Whenever you experience cold hands, the easiest way to deal with the issue is to look for the spiritual significance of it and take the appropriate action.

What Can You Do If You Have Cold Hands?

First, you should rule out any medical issues contributing to a lack of blood supply to your hands. If you’re in good health and still notice your hands occasionally go cold for no apparent reason, pause and pay attention.

Remember that the spiritual realm often communicates with you by giving you chills, so if you still notice your hands are getting cold, pause and reflect on your thinking. Are you worried about a problem? Are you trying to make a big decision that will change your life?

If you can calm your mind during moments like these,  your spiritual guides can give you the necessary answers. Remember that our spirit guides often communicate to us by putting thoughts into our minds.

However, some individuals discover that meditation works well as they see visions while their eyes are closed. Spiritual communication is also possible through dreams.


Cold hands could result from physical or medical reasons but never ignore the spiritual meanings involved.

Cold hands signify that the spiritual realm is trying to communicate with you. It could be a message from your angels, spirit guides, or even a special loved one who has passed away.

So, whenever you notice your hands are getting cold, consider taking a quiet moment and pay attention to the thoughts coming to your mind. You could get the answer you’re seeking.

Also, remember cold hands are not spiritually harmful. They happen to warn us of what is to come. But once the necessary actions are taken, we won’t have cold hands again.

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