Names meaning sacrifice

57 Sweet Powerful Names Meaning Sacrifice

A name represents identity, heritage, and pride; some represent these better than others. Names meaning sacrifice describe people willing to sacrifice to achieve something great.

A name that means sacrifice could be the name of someone who sacrificed something to help someone else or someone who sacrificed something willingly to show love or honor to another person.

A lot of us give our children names that mean something, often as an expression of our hope or vision for them in the future. And Yes, many names mean sacrifice, and we’ve included fifty-seven of them here.

If you have or are planning on naming your child, consider one of these 57 names meaning sacrifice. It can be fun to look through this list to brainstorm future children’s names, even if you aren’t expecting a baby now.

So, let’s take a look.

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Names Meaning Sacrifice

Every decent parent wants to see in their child the ability to sacrifice or leave something for the benefit of others. To pass on the trait of sacrificing and compromising one’s happiness for that of others, people frequently give their newborns names meaning sacrifice.

names that mean sacrifice

Children who possess this quality eventually prove to be better people. Choosing a name with meaning could encourage someone to create a compromising and selfless inner condition.

In the majority of religious traditions around the world, sacrifice has been a central theme. Therefore, the likelihood is that a baby name meaning sacrifice will have some form of religious influence or link.

However, choosing a name for your child might be challenging, especially if you seek a name with a particular significance. These names, in our opinion, will help shape your child into the person you genuinely want them to be.

Female Names Meaning Sacrifice

1. Gilda: is an Italian name meaning “sacrifice.”

2. Havana: is a name that means “the sacrifice.”

3. Ijya: which has Sanskrit roots, means “sacrifice.”

4. Moriah: Means “God’s chosen” or “sacrifice.” It is the mountain where Abraham planned to offer Isaac as a sacrifice to God.

5. Ashwathi: “Ashwathi” is a female given name. The name is derived from the king’s name, Aswamaetha Yagna. “Ashwathi” refers to a king who sacrifices a white horse to a deity. Grace is another meaning of the name.

6. Axelma: is a girl’s name that has several connotations. It denotes justice, sacrifice, and God’s unfailing protection. It also connotes tranquility.

7. Bashar: is a name that means “sacrifice” or “devotion.”

8. Faeema: is a name for a powerful woman willing to sacrifice herself for the good of others.

9. Februa: This name means “sacrifice for atonement or restitution.”

10. Feda: is a female name given to females which means sacrifice.

11. Fedaa: It also means sacrifice. It is the same as Feda.

12. Fadwa: is a female given name. It denotes self-sacrifice.

13. Fadwah: is an Arabic name with the same meaning as “Fadwa,” i.e., self-sacrifice.

14. Mowriyah: Mowriyah is a Hebrew name that means “sacrifice” or “selected by God.”

15. Naseeka: Naseeka is an Arabic name that means “sacrifice” or “a piece of gold.”

16. Andromeda: Andromeda is a name with Greek roots that means “thinks like a man/warrior.” This is the name of Cassiopeia’s daughter, who was to have been killed and sacrificed to the sea monster Medusa but was saved by Perseus in legend.

17. Natalia: This is a female given name that means “guardian” or “sacrifice.”

18. Selma: This girl’s name denotes sacrifice, health, and safety under God’s protection. It can be found in Celtic, Arabic, and Scandinavian cultures.

19. Selmine: Selmine is a female given name that denotes ruler, sacrifice, and protection from God.

20. Sumaiyya: This Arabic name means “perfect sacrifice.”

21. Ijaya: The Hindu name Ijaya, which is given to females, means sacrifice. It exalts the modest character of giving and selflessness. It is also the ideal moniker for a young princess.

Male Names Meaning Sacrifice

1. Zevachya: Zevachya is a Hebrew name meaning “sacrifice of the Lord.”

2. Havishan: It is of Tamil ancestry and means “sacrifice.”

3. Leather: Leather is an Arabic name that means “sacrifice.”

4. Illanko: This Tamil name means “he sacrificed the kingdom for Tamil.”

5. Nithar: Nithar is an Arabic name that also means “sacrifice.”

6. Gurkurbaan: Gurkurbaan means “one who is a sacrifice unto Guru.”

7. Fady: This is an Arabic name for boys that denotes a sacrifice or survivor.

8. Tasadduq: This is an Arabic-derived boy’s name. It means Donations, Giving, and Sacrifice.

9. Fidaa: This is an Arabic name for a boy. It means devoted, sacrificer or ransom.

10. Habel: This is one of Sayyidina Adam’s sons, who offered a sacrifice that God accepted while rejecting that of his brothers.

11. Pareshti: Pareshti is derived from Sanskrit, meaning “having the highest sacrifice or adoration.”

12. Zadkiel: This is the name of the archangel of liberty, goodness, and mercy. Although he wasn’t given a name in the Bible, Zadkiel is thought to have been the angel that restrained Abraham from offering his son as a sacrifice.

13. Doron: It is a name meaning “sacrifice” and has Old Greek roots. It also means Gift and stranger.

14. Ermingild: This is a Teutonic name made up of the Germanic “ermin,” which means “complete, whole,” and the Gothic guild, which means “sacrifice, tribute.”

15. Fadi: This Arabic name means “sacrificer.”

16. Savan: This is a boy’s name in Hindi. It alludes to the fifth month of the Hindu calendar, during which Hindus give a sacrifice and are afterward followed by heavy monsoon rains.

17. Gurbalihar: Means “sacrifice unto Guru.”

18. Issar: Issar is a boy’s name in Arabic. This name means sacrifice.

19. Dinis: This is a Greek name that means “the one who is sacrificed to Dionysus.”

20. Adhiyaman: This is a boy’s name of Tamil origin that means “Great King who sacrificed for Poets.” Adhiyaman refers to a great king who gave his life in the service of poets.

21. Adhvara: Adhvara is a Sanskrit name for boys, referring to a sacrifice that does not harm anyone.

22. Adisisir: Adisisir is a boyish name that is used to refer to the chief or leader of a religious sacrifice.

23. Nisar: This is a name for boys in Arabic. It denotes being devoted, sacrificed, or successful.

24. Aheen: Aheen is a boy’s name from Sanskrit that alludes to a particular sacrifice. It can also signify many different things, such as total, exceptional, and undeprived.

25. Arpun: This is the name of a boy who makes sacrifices or offers.

26. Azazel: Azazel is a Hebrew name that alludes to the victim of injustice. The goat slaughtered for sin by humans is referred to by this term in the Bible. The name is also sometimes used to refer to the angel of death.

27. Havish: Havish is a name for a boy. This name has several connotations. It denotes a sacrifice or a fire. It also stands for Shiva, the Hindu god.

Unisex Names Meaning Sacrifice

1. Havanai: This is a gender-neutral name. It can be interpreted as a prayer or invocation to God or a Sacrifice.

2. Kurban: This is a name for both sexes that means sacrifice.

3. Medhas: It is a Sanskrit name meaning sacrifice.

4. Mowriah: This is a Hebrew name that means “God has chosen.” The name also alludes to the mountain where Abraham decided to sacrifice Ismail following God’s purpose.

5. Pareshti: This is a Sanskrit name that alludes to a significant sacrifice.

6. Prayaag: This is the name for Allahabad, the site of sacrifice or adoration.

7. Qurbaan: It means Martyred, devoted, or sacrificed.

8. Fidai: This is also a unisex name that denotes devotion, giving one’s life in sacrifice for others.

9. Ahuka: This is a unisex name that means a sacrificer or an offeror.

This concludes our list of names that have a sacrifice-related meaning. We hope that this article has given you the motivation to look past the fact that many names have sinister connotations to choose a name that will inspire and uplift your newborn’s ideal qualities.

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