Can You Have Burrata While Pregnant

Can You Have Burrata Cheese While Pregnant? Safety measures!

Feeling concerned to know if you can have Burrata while pregnant is ok. It shows how important you care for your health and that of your unborn child.

There are several kinds of cheese available throughout the world, with the majority of them being classified as Italian. The cheeses produced by the Italians are well-known Burrata cheese is a new product that has only just made its way into our diets, having first appeared in the early twentieth century. This newly invented cheese is soft and made from fresh cow’s milk, and it is delicious.

Despite the fact that burrata cheese can be produced anywhere, the use of pasteurized milk or cream is not required for the production of burrata in Italy, and there are no regulations in this regard. The producers will make the ultimate decision.

Due to the fact that cooking kills the majority of bacteria (including listeria), cooked burrata is completely safe to consume for an expecting woman.

It’s a question of personal preference whether or not cooked burrata tastes as good as raw ones. In order to be assured that cheese is good, you should cook it until it is blisteringly hot. Smoked burrata is safe for pregnant women to consume if the milk and cream used are pasteurized. Burrata cheese cannot be safely consumed if it has not been pasteurized; the smoking process does not do this.

How Healthy Is Burrata for a Pregnant Woman?

Burrata is an excellent source of calcium and protein. Essential amino acids, calcium, and phosphorus are all present in this high-protein food.

Burrata also contains sodium, potassium, and the rest of the essential nutrients our bodies require. Despite its high caloric content (100 grams of cream-based burrata can contain 350 kcal), burrata should be consumed in moderation as part of a healthy diet.

Whole milk is used to make the outer shell of the burrata cheese, while the creamy inside is comprised of fresh Mozzarella, cow’s milk, and cream.

Can You Have Burrata While Pregnant?

Yes, you can have burrata while pregnant if the Burrata cheese and cream inside it are created with pasteurized components, particularly milk.

The food components used in making the burrata should be boiled so as to destroy the majority of microorganisms that may harm both the pregnant woman and her unborn baby. 

Many of the worries about burrata, including whether or not it is safe to consume while pregnant, are a result of lots of dos and don’ts around soft and hard cheese given by medical specialists. These do’s, and don’ts have generated lots of concerns for pregnant women, as it is with burrata. Can you have burrata while pregnant?

As you can see, we already highlighted that you could have burrata while pregnant as it is safe for pregnant women only when the cheese and cream are created with pasteurized components.

The fresh Burrata cheese is commonly served as an appetizer or in salads, but there are also different varieties of cheese available.

Pregnant women can consume cooked burrata because boiling temperature destroys the majority of microorganisms, including listeria. It is true that cooked burrata will not have the same flavor as uncooked burrata, but it all boils down to the individual’s choice of taste.

Is Burrata Cheese Classified As A Soft Cheese?

Can You Have Burrata While Pregnant
Prepared Burrata cheese

Yes, burrata cheese is classified as soft cheese. It is known that soft cheese are not considered safe for pregnant women, however, there are some exceptions that make the burrata cheese safe.

So, what are those exceptions that may make burrata cheese as a soft cheese safe to eat? Continue reading to find the full answer to the second most frequently asked question regarding eating burrata while pregnant.

Can You Have Burrata Cheese While Pregnant?

For starters, let’s take a look at what burrata is and why people might ask such a question before diving into the answers. To reiterate what we’ve already said, this product is an Italian cheese, and in terms of flavor and appearance, it most closely resembles Mozzarella.

However, can burrata be considered a soft cheese type that expecting women to avoid at all costs? Consumption of soft cheese by expectant mothers is discouraged since it is thought to be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

As a result, burrata falls under the category of soft cheese. Women who are expecting should remember the NHS warning about soft cheese, 1 which states that it is only safe to consume if it is manufactured from pasteurized milk before eating burrata.

So, as a pregnant woman, it is reasonable to presume that before considering including this product in your diet or eating a meal that includes burrata, you should ensure that the cheese is manufactured from pasteurized milk.

Pregnant women can enjoy burrata cheese, which is rich in nutrients, as long as they take the proper measures. Your body needs fats since they are an essential macronutrient in dairy products. Additionally, it is rich in vitamins A, B12, and B2, which can improve your vision and even help keep your skin healthy. In addition, these nutrients help your baby grow.

Is Burrata Pasteurised?

All Burrata Cheese made in the United States and Canada are pasteurized and hence meets with FDA standards and certified safe to eat for pregnant women.

However, the Burrata cheese that is particularly popular in the Murgia area of Italy may not be safe for pregnant women as majority are not pasteurized.

“Burrata di Andria” as it was named in Italian was granted protected geographical indicator status in November 2016. However, despite this, Burrata cheese can be produced anywhere, and there is no law requiring it to be produced in Italy only.

Can You Have Burrata While Pregnant?

There are also no standards in place specifying that the burrata has to be produced using pasteurized milk or cream, which is another issue. It is entirely up to the manufacturers of each specific burrata cheese to determine this.

Keeping this in mind, it is possible that burrata cheese in Italy will either be pasteurized or will not be pasteurized. To be safe about the type of burrata cheese you eat while traveling, it is best to check with restaurants, supermarkets, and other establishments prior to eating burrata overseas.

It’s important to note that burrata cheese made in the United States is always made using pasteurized ingredients, as required by FDA regulations, which implies that it should be generally safe to consume while pregnant. This satisfy that you can have Burrata made in the US and Canada even while you are pregnant.

Can You Have Burrata Raw While Pregnant?

No. A pregnant woman shouldn’t have burrata raw while pregnant.

It is recommended that you eat cooked burrata to protect your health and the health of your unborn child to avoid dangerous bacterial illnesses that may result from the consumption of burrata raw.

Is It Safe to Have Cooked Burrata While Pregnant?

Yes. Considering that most germs, including listeria, are killed during cooking, it is totally okay to consume cooked burrata while pregnant as long as the burrata is made with pasteurized milk and cream.

The main drawback to cooking burrata is that it does not taste as delicious as it does when it is raw.

Generally speaking, burrata cheese is used as an appetizer or served fresh in salads, but it can also be prepared in a variety of other ways.

When it comes to cheese, you need to be cautious if you are pregnant and wish to eat it. As a last resort, you may always heat them until they are piping hot, which will eliminate any form of bacteria.

While pregnant, you can consume smoked burrata provided that it is produced with pasteurized milk and cream, which may not usually be the case.

Smoking differs from cooking in the sense that it does not sufficiently cook the cheese to ensure its safety for consumption for pregnant women. Ingredients are everything when it comes to this form of burrata cheese, and they must be pasteurized to ensure their safety for consumption.

Is There a Difference Between Eating Burrata Cheese That Is Raw or Cooked?

Yes, there is a difference between eating raw burrata cheese and eating cooked burrata cheese.

Speaking health-wise, cooked burrata is always good and safer to have by pregnant women. However, speaking delicacy-wise, raw burrata cheese is always better for consumption, although it is not safe for expecting mothers.

In general, it is recommended that your burrata should be cooked prior to consumption. However, due to the possibility of bacterial infection, this is true for nearly every undercooked or raw cheese.

One thing to keep in mind when deciding whether to use cooked or uncooked cheese is that cooking does not imply pasteurization. Consequently, if your burrata isn’t pasteurized, boiling it doesn’t rule out how unsafe it is for consumption while pregnant.

Do Burrata Go Bad?

Yes. Burrata cheese does go bad. The best way to enjoy burrata is to consume it as soon as it is made. Burrata has a sour taste and smells like old milk when it goes bad.

In the US, you are less likely to encounter burrata that has gone bad, however, if you are buying packaged burrata from a local store, it is still advisable to check for “best-by” or “use-by” dates on your burrata before eating it.

In addition, ensure that you consume your burrata within 24 hours of cutting it open.

Precautions to Take When Having Burrata Cheese

It is recommended to consume burrata cheese within 48 hours if it is prepared fresh. Burrata that has been freshly produced should be consumed as soon as possible after it has been produced.

If you are purchasing commercially prepared burrata or purchasing it from your local grocery shop, always make sure to consume it before the ‘use-by’ date.

Burrata should be packaged in a way to prevent cross-contamination when it is purchased from the deli.

Some safe US and Canadian Burrata Cheese brands for pregnant women

Can you have Burrata cheese while pregnant
  1. Lioni
  2. Vanata
  3. Gioia
  4. Calabro
  5. Belgiogioso
  6. Deca & Otto
  7. Di Stefano

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Wrapping Up (Can You Have Burrata While Pregnant?)

Because burrata cheese is considered a safe cheese to eat, in as much as you take the necessary precautionary measures, you can still enjoy it while you are pregnant.

It is difficult to classify burrata cheese as safe or unsafe because of its key ingredient, milk, and the manner it is prepared and served. But buying and consuming burrata made from pasteurized components will assist in minimizing the danger of food poisoning or illness.

Pregnant women should keep in mind that burrata cheese is not safe to eat just because it has been cooked. If you are looking to have a burrata, make sure it has been pasteurized, as not all of it is. To be safe, always talk to your doctor before consuming any type of burrata cheese.

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