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Aircoolr desktop ac reviews written by Samuel Hendrix and reviewed by Healthweakness staff

“David was in the office, he was sweating profusely, the weather in town was extremely hot, coupled with the fact that he had to dress corporately at all times – Office rules. Unfortunately, the air conditioning in his office was not working, he had written to the management on numerous events but nothing was done to remedy the situation. Luckily, someone recommended him to buy and install the aircoolr desktop ac. Now, he has done it; he is feeling the office vibes, ideas are flowing, and work is the best. This is because of the heavenly office atmosphere created by the aircoolr desktop air conditioner.”

I am in awe as to the product; aircoolr desktop air conditioner, it is just amazing, freaking amazing. It’s exciting features are just marvelous to the eyes and ears, this is coupled with its numerous benefits, that leaves you wondering who is the blessed individual who developed such a beautiful product. This, is what brought about the aircoolr desktop ac reviews by Samuel Hendrix.

What is an Aircoolr Desktop AC?

The aircoolr desktop air conditioner is a small portable device that is used for personal use with the aim of cooling an individual and for relaxation. The key words are personal and portable, these form the key features of this beautiful device.

The aircoolr desktop AC device can spray water, ice cube and essential oils, to make the air cool and smell pleasant. Superb right? I bet you.

Aircoolr AC can be used by everyone, especially people living around dry and hot weather. One can easily choose from a window cooler, a dessert cooler, or even a personal aid cooler, depending on the requirements and individual needs.

I have been enjoying this device and will like to share it with you. These are not sugar-coated words, but ones necessitated by the beauty of this appliance and its functionalities.

Features (AirCoolr Desktop AC Reviews)

So you are curious to know and then you ask, what are the exciting features of aircoolr AC that made it stand out among the rest?

The aircoolr desktop air conditioning contains juicy features that make you lick your lips, literally. And I am going to point some of them out for you; these were the features I observed from my experience while using this marvelous product. I will also drop some experiences of other consumers who have used the aircoolr desktop AC and testified because testimony is the evidence of good deeds, one which this product is not lacking.

Lets get down to these features:

Multifunctional practical humidifier

This mini air cooler has three-speed, can spray water humidification, moisturize skin, and it also keeps cool. Wow just wow.

This device is more than an air conditioner, to moisturize skin with the application of oils and creams. It is a live saver, a joy giver. A multi-purpose beauty.

And this is tested and trusted, a friend of mine wrote to me about this device. He said “Nosa Oyinbo na witch” – meaning that the manufacturers of aircoolr desktop AC are gods. He had purchased the device to assist his ceiling fan in the office, and he never regretted it. Apart from keeping him fresh, irrespective of a heavy workload, the essential scenting oil which the device makes room for was just mind-blowing.

Also, the major function which is cooling the environment is just excellent. Someone told me, she had to put on her sweater when she turned on the device, cause it was another level of coolness. I mean this device makes you think you are in the coolest part of the earth. This is pure magic.

Personal Use

This is one of the exciting features of this device. It does not cool the whole room or environment but gives maximum comfort to the individual who makes use of it. Most people share large offices, and most time work hits differently, and you begin to sweat. So you make an attempt to on the air conditioner or fan as the case may be, only to be resisted strongly by your office mates or Boss. I can see you bowing your head in agreement. You, yes you, is this your situation? Worry not, this device is purely for personal use. You can have your cool comfort without any resistance from anyone.

Someone was in such a situation, and he reviewed this product with the caption, “gotten my aircoolr desktop ac, all my office colleagues love it and requesting to make a purchase too”. Now he can be comfortable at work because of the presence of the air cooler. So why not get yours, you do not need to wait for the management to respond to countless letters when you can get this product, and bring the coolness of Canada to your cubicle.

Sink Design

This is a special feature. The in-front tank is connected to the water tank at the back, and the water droplets that have been condensed by the spray are recovered into the water tank through the water tank. It ensures the water drops do not drip everywhere, and that some of the water is recycled.

Such sheer beauty. A normal air conditioner drips water everywhere, in fact, most people put a bucket to help catch dripping water, and otherwise, the surrounding environment will be messy. This is not the case with the aircoolr AC. Its system is created in such a way that the dripping water finds its way back to the water tank, so you do not have to worry. Magnificent!!

Anita heard of the exciting features of the air cooler desktop air conditioner, but she was hesitant to be the owner of this marvelous device because she knew how messy an air conditioner could be.

However, she was reassured by an ad she stumbled on google. She decided to for it, now she can enjoy a cool atmosphere without worrying about water droplets. This is the beauty of an air cooler.


This is probably one of the most interesting features of this aircooler. Its ability to be transferred from one place to another, from one table to another, without stress, is to kill for. This device is portable for personal use. It can be conveyed anywhere you want to go. It is like bringing comfort with you anywhere you want to go.

Here is what a friend, Andrew, said about the aircoolr desktop ac; “My friends forced me to go to Hawaii for the summer vacation. I was hesitant to go because of the heat in that period. However, when I was recommended the aircoolr desktop AC as a remedy, I knew I had struck gold. So I hopped on immediately online, and ‘grabbed myself a copy’. It was portable, anywhere I needed it, it was there and it was like bringing Antarctica to Hawaii”.

Like Andrew, there might be times you need an air conditioner with you when it is not made available. So why don’t you get an air cooler desktop air conditioner now before the summer strikes?

Energy saving

The device is energy-saving. In fact, this portable air cooler desktop AC is more energy-efficient than an air conditioner or simple circular fan.

In Nigeria and most African countries, where an average citizen spends over half a million or more on electricity bills, or in countries like the US, UK, Australia, Canada etc where you pay bills by consumption, it is life saving to get an air cooler desktop conditioner. As one of the ultimate features of this product is its ability to use less power and give maximum personal comfort.

Benefits of aircoolr desktop AC (Review)

  1. Affordable: There are lots of benefits to this product. One of such is its affordability. More energy means higher affordability, but this is not the case with the air cooler desktop air conditioner. These devices are cheap in the market. I did not spend much on this device, and after using it for some time now, I still think I cheated the seller. But this, not my story alone.

    Getting maximum comfort at a smaller price of $89.99 approximately the best offer ever.

    Compared to the regular air conditioner devices the air cooler desktop air conditioner is way cheaper. And one spend less amount on servicing and maintenance. This is because they lack components in the air cooler desktop air conditioner. Due to this, there are few instances where they break down. This is extremely important on hot days when you do not want to wait for a repair. This leads us to the next benefit; durability.
  2. Durable: The durability of an air cooler desktop air conditioner is just amazing, freaking amazing. You could use it for years without taking it for repairs or it developing one fault or the other. I mean, I have been using mine for close to months now, and I can legit count how many times I have taken this air cooler out for repairs. It is that durable.
  3. Easy Installation: Another exciting benefit of this product is the fact that it involves no installation hassles. A layman could install it without scratching his head and fussing. Due to its portable nature, it is very easy to set up.

    I remember getting one for my dad last year, and daddy is someone who hated bringing persons over to install devices in the house. Luckily, this device was no stress at all, and the old man had the device up and running in no time. “It is remarkable,” dad said to me when I asked him over the phone about the aircoolr AC.

    Installing an air conditioner is a cumbersome process. It requires a trained technician to set up the unit, and if it is a central air unit needs to be connected to your existing duct work. This can be a tedious process and on hot days you want a method to cool down in as little amount of time as possible.

    Personal air coolers desktop air conditioners are the easiest to operate and no complex installation procedure required. You have no need to connect it to any ducts.
  4. Very Portable and Moveable: The portability of this device is also another of its benefits. The mere fact that one could move a device of this nature is beneficial. It makes for cool comfort to be easily accessible and for this customers will be forever grateful. That means chillaxing in any environment or location has been made possible. I mean remember Andrew who brought cold all the way to a hot summer Hawaii vacation.

    Portability is perhaps the biggest advantage that you get when you buy a personal aircoolr desktop ac. These products can be easily moved from one place to another easily. You can move it to any room you want without any hassle for immediate cooling needs.

    So imagine you want to watch a movie in the sitting room, and you want a cool atmosphere, and the air cooler desktop air conditioner is in your room, all you need to do is move it to the room, and when you are done, you return it. No stress at all.

    Or let’s say that you are eating at a restaurant and you bring your own personal aircoolr desktop ac and place it on the table to cool you and your guy’s as you are eating. That’s what this product is all about.
  5. Energy Consumption is at Minimal: Less energy consumption is yet another benefit to this device. The tariff on electricity bills in the country is really high at an alarming rate. Due to this reason people have left the use of air conditioners to the privileges of the rich. However, with the emergence of the air cooler desktop air conditioner, one can enjoy this privilege without worrying about the electricity bill at the end of the month.

    Because an aircoolr desktop air conditioner consumes less electricity, this leads to noticeable savings. Money to be used on high electricity rates will be used to cover other expenditures.
  6. Saves space for other home appliances: An aircoolr desktop ac occupies less space. This I believe is another exciting benefit. You can use it in your workspace without worrying about the space it is going to occupy.

    They are perfect for you if you rent a room or a smaller apartment. Many people who live in such areas find personal air cooler desktop air conditioners as the best choice.

    If you live in a small place then natural light and the amount of living space are very important to you. You would not want to sacrifice these necessities by installing an air conditioner that takes up a lot of space or blocks out light from a window, would you? Therefore in a situation like this, a personal air cooler desktop air conditioner is the best fit.
  7. Great for rentals Services: Another benefit to the air cooler desktop air conditioner is the fact that is the best suited for rentals. Landlords/landladies and their troubles. There are a lot of limitations or restrictions whenever you rent a house or apartment. You are sometimes not allowed to install a permanent air conditioner. You might be charged heavily for that.

    Thus, personal air cooler desktop air conditioners are the best choice for rentals. They can be installed in a way that does not alter living space. They can also be moved to a new location easily when you decide to move. There is no need to be harassed by your landlord or landlady when you can enjoy cooling comfort with less stress.
  8. Highly Efficient: An aircoolr desktop ac is efficient and highly effective. It has the capacity to keep you cool for a long period of time. And the amazing thing is that it does it within minutes. Like before you say, Jack Robinson, a hot atmosphere has been transformed into a cold relaxing atmosphere.
AirCoolr Desktop AC Reviews

Comparison Between the Air coolers and Regular air conditioners (AirCoolr Desktop AC Reviews)

Quality of Air and freshness

Have you ever queried about how an AC or an air cooler functions? and how it affects the quality of air freshness in your home or office?

An air conditioner diffuses the internal air of the room over and over again, whereas an aircoolr desktop ac pulls fresh air from the outside and then chills it down. Also, aircoolr doesn’t make the air dry as air conditioners do. This is as a result of the way it functions, an air cooler offers a more excellent quality of air for your comfort. So much so, that the air distributed from an aircoolr desktop air conditioner is preferable for people with asthma or dust allergy.

Economical advantage

When it comes to getting “value for money”, an aircoolr desktop ac definitely scores high over an air conditioning machine. Although both can end up cooling the room, an AC can cost anything ranging from higher, whereas an air cooler will be available for a lower price. Also, apart from the first purchasing cost, even an air cooler’s operating cost is less than an air conditioner. You can approximately expect 70-80% less electricity bill from an aircoolr as compared to an air conditioner, making it economical in the long run.

No Installation Hassles

As hammered numerous times, an air cooler desktop air conditioner requires no installation, which is a clumsy task in the case of an air conditioner. Whether you have a split AC or a Window AC, they all require extra arrangements for installation. An aircoolr, on the other hand, can easily be moved into your home as a standalone appliance. Many of the modern air coolers like the aircoolr also come with castors, making it more convenient for the owner to move them around from one room to another. And believe me you, this endears the device to the hearts of individuals.

Eco-friendly Route

Going evergreen is something that concerns every one of us, and air coolers trump the card here as well. Air conditioners use HFC (hydro-chlorofluorocarbons) and CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) as their refrigerant, which is relatively harmful to our environment. Whereas, air coolers are eco-friendlier since they use water as their refrigerant.

With the new laws and regulations going on about the green environment, it is clear as the sun in the sky that personal aircoolr desktop AC is the future.

Other minute differences (Summaries)

  1. An Air conditioner is more expensive to maintain than an air cooler desktop air conditioner.
  2. An air conditioner also occupies more space than the air cooler desktop air conditioner.
  3. People have argued, though correctly, that it is a disadvantage of the air cooler desktop air conditioner that it does not cool an entire room. Well, that’s is a mistake on your part. To expect an air cooler desktop air conditioner to cool a full room is to expect a volcano eruption from an icy mountain.
  4. The air cooler desktop air conditioner is solely for personal enticement. This, however, does not take anything from this product. The air cooler desktop air conditioner is king in the space in which it was designed to operate.
  5. Coupled with this, it is quite a fantastic fact that an aircoolr tends to asthmatic persons. Any mere discomfort in the atmosphere triggers these persons. Thus, an air cooler desktop air conditioner is designed to make an asthmatic persons feel comfortable in a cold environment. This should have been impossible because difficulty in breathing could be a result of cold weather. But the aircoolr creates an asthmatic conducive environment.
  6. Another amazing fact about the air cooler desktop air conditioner is; HUMIDIFICATION & COOLING WIND. It has a large 420ml water tank, sprays continuously for 3-4 hours for a water tank, drips your favorite essential oil into the water, the evaporating air comes out to increase the humidity, purify the air and moisturize the skin. If you add some ice with water, you will feel the more fresh and cooling wind.
  7. Someone might argue that the aircoolr desktop air conditioner is a waste of money, while not get an air conditioner, but you’ve seen practical reasons why an aircoolr desktop AC is the best appliance for personal cooling and refreshment.

Other Additional Features of the Aircoolr AC!


  1. Voltage: DC24V (DC adater included)
  2. Power: 18W
  3. Water tank capacity: 420ml
  4. Power cable length: 63 inch
  5. Winds speed: 3 modes (high / medium / low)
  6. Noise: In less than 68dB (A)
  7. Spray: About 70ML/Hour
  8. Product size: 5.33 * 3.45 * 9.29 inch
  9. Spray Time: 3-4 hours

Cost price for Aircoolr Desktop AC

Aircoolr desktop ac
Aircoolr AC cost

There are different purchase options for the aircoolr desktop AC.

  1. One AirCoolr Desktop AC: $138.45. But with 35% discount, you get it for $89.9
  2. Two AirCoolr Desktop AC: $276.89. But with 35% discount, you get it for $179.98
  3. Three AirCoolr Desktop AC: $415.34. But with 51.25% discount, you get it for $202.48
  4. Four AirCoolr Desktop AC: $553.78. But with 55.31% discount, you get it for $247.47

Please Note: All purchase from the company’s store comes with extra $10.95 shipping fee to any country.

Finally, Let’s Talk

Is the air cooler desktop air conditioner the future?

YES! Without a doubt, the air cooler desktop air conditioner in the future, the next big thing.

This must be due to its environmentally friendly nature. There is a global awareness concerning the environment. Every country is looking for an alternative product that is Eco-friendly. And the air cooler desktop is the perfect fall back.

The problem with a conventional air conditioner is that they often use a lot of energy and emit carbon dioxide, both of which is bad for the environment.

An air cooler desktop air conditioner is way different. It doesn’t emit CO2 and consumes less energy. It also makes less noise, which makes it ideal to use in any environment. Thus, soon it will definitely take over.

One of the reasons it is the future big shot is the fact that it moisturizes the skin. Human wants a skin-friendly product and the air cooler desktop air conditioner is the golden product.


As you can see that air coolers definitely have their own place in the world. Especially since they come with such a host of features like silent operation, remote control, multiple speed settings, and more, nowadays, coolers are digitally enhanced and aesthetically pleasing to fit right in.

We have different kinds of air cooler air conditioners, for example; the Hessaire MC18M Portable Evaporative Cooler is one of the best ones out there. It goes for $245. Another quality cooler is the Yescom Evaporative Cooler, which goes for $180. It offers 50 ft. powerful air throw and four-way air deflection to give you even cooling all across the room. You can also look for coolers with a minimalistic design like the COSTWAY Evaporative Cooler. This personal cooler, which goes for $140, has a slim, tower-like structure to meet the aesthetics of your room perfectly.


However, if you are looking for an air cooler that is more portable, efficient, cheaper, and easy to be carried around, then we recommend the aircoolr desktop ac to you.

In conclusion, the aircoolr desktop ac is a perfect device. It does not have many disadvantages; the only demerit is relative and not generally fetched.

For example, on a review online, Someone once wrote that he was angry because it does not cool the entire house. Another argued that he is not happy with the size. These demerits are absurd as the product is clearly designed for specific purposes, and it will take not even a miracle for it to perform outside its function.

People should take this opportunity. Very soon, full attention will be focused on the aircoolr desktop air conditioner, and it may be out of stock then. So we advise that you get yours now!

AirCoolr Company Support Information

For more about the Aircoolr air conditioner, consumer reports, countries office addresses, Money-back guarantee and Refund policies, or for any inquiry of your choice, contact the AirCoolr support Team with these details below:

Company Website:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: North America: 844 846 5344 (toll-free)
COMPANY ADDRESS: Able Look Online 68308, G/F Kowloon East Building, 12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong

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