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10 Best Life Insurance Companies in USA

The best life insurance companies in USA are the company that offers you the most excellent coverage at the most affordable price, has a solid track record, and offers customer support.

There are so many life insurance companies in USA. Finding one might not be difficult, but finding the best and most affordable insurance company in the USA might be challenging.

In this article, we will discuss Life insurance, the 10 best life insurance companies in USA, what to look out for while making a choice, and our recommendations to make your choice easier.

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What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance refers to a contract between an insurer and an insurance policyholder. A life insurance policy ensures that, in return for the premiums paid by the policyholder throughout their lifetime, the insurer will pay a certain amount to named beneficiaries whenever the insured dies.

life insurance companies

How can one choose from the best insurance companies in the USA today? Check out our top ten list to see each company’s features.

What are the Best Life Insurance Companies in USA

The following are the 10 best life insurance companies in USA.

1. Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company

Northwestern Mutual is a good life insurance company with excellent ratings. It offers a variety of affordable policies to customers.

Why choose Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance?

Northwestern has the best financial ratings, affordable coverage, user experience, and customer service ratings. It has one of the greatest brand names ever.

2. New York Life Insurance Company

New York Life Insurance Company competes with Northwestern. They both have similarities. They are the biggest mutual life insurance company currently.

They are the owners of NYLAARP, the life insurance program for AARP, which is well-known and positioned for the senior market.

Why choose New York Life Insurance Company?

They offer affordable coverage, the best financial ratings, and outstanding user and customer satisfaction ratings. They also offer life insurance policies comparable to Northwestern Mutual’s and enable full financial planning.

3. MassMutual

MassMutual is a top mutual life insurance company that is almost comparable with Northwestern Mutual and New York Life, as well as underwriting for the Haven Life insurance firm, which offers, by far, the best non-medical policy on the market right now.

Why choose MassMutual?

Massachusetts Mutual is more affordable than New York Life and Northwestern Mutual, with nearly perfect financial ratings. They have a different brand recognition than some other significant insurers and get low user ratings. MassMutual is unique in its versatility.

4. AIG Insurance Company

AIG is one of the top life insurance companies in USA. It is one of the oldest and most popular companies in the world. AIG is also one of the most reliable life insurance companies operating for more than 140 years.

Why choose AIG insurance company?

AIG Insurance offers a variety of life insurance products, like term life, variable universal life, universal life, accidental death benefits, and permanent total disability income benefits. Additionally, various investment products are available, such as annuities and mutual funds. It has a long history of abiding by all national and state rules, which makes it a trusted life insurance company.

5. USAA Life Insurance Company

One of the most well-known insurance companies may be USAA, but this is more due to its influence among veterans and service members than in the life insurance industry.

Why choose USAA?

Many people are familiar with USAA because of its extensive range of financial services and products aimed at active-duty people who have previously served or have close family members who did. For millions of Americans, it has evolved into a one-stop shop. For individuals who already use USAA, its life insurance plans are modestly competitive but straightforward.

6. Pacific Life

In the last few years, Pacific Life has performed incredibly well and has significantly advanced in the life insurance industry. It’s one of the most competitive companies you may have access to.

Why choose Pacific Life?

Customers have expressed their satisfaction with Pacific Life,  and the company’s commitment and proactivity to customer diversity have solidified its position as a top choice for most people. However, its financial ratings and brand recognition fall short of those mentioned above.

7. Guardian Life Insurance Company of America

Guardian is famously conservative and highly safe life insurance in the insurance industry. Guardian has all the most popular products and the brand to support its storied history, and its current competitive price strategy outlines them apart.

Why choose Guardian?

They have nearly perfect ratings for financial stability and excellent customer satisfaction ratings from all major credit rating companies. The fact that they provide extra insurance coverage that many of these other companies don’t can make a big difference if you prefer to have all your insurance plans in one place.

8. Ameriprise Financial

Another of the best life insurance companies in USA is Ameriprise Financial. They offer a wide variety of products and services that can assist you in protecting your loved ones.

Why choose Ameriprise Financial?

The customer service offered by Ameriprise Financial is one of its benefits. They are always there to assist you with everything you require, from filing a claim to receiving financial planning advice. They also have a group of experts that can assist you in choosing the best life insurance plan.

9. Penn Mutual

One of the top companies of life insurance in the US is Penn Mutual. They offer a wide variety of goods and services to satisfy the demands of their customers. They have a group of experienced advisors who can assist you in choosing better coverage for your needs.

Why choose Penn Mutual?

One of the most trustworthy life insurance companies in USA is Penn Mutual. Retirement plans, annuities, and estate planning services are just a few of Penn Mutual’s many products. Both  Term and Universal life insurance are other widely used products. Universal life insurance offers coverage for your whole life, and term life insurance lets you protect yourself for a specific period. These two policies can be set up as separate or paired policies.

10. MetLife

MetLife is one of the USA’s top and most reputable life insurance companies. They offer a range of insurance products, like long-term care, health, and life insurance.

Why choose MetLife?

MetLife is well known for its top-notch customer service. They have a reputation for being helpful and responsive while resolving problems. Additionally, their rates are very affordable. MetLife should be at the first of your list if you’re looking for a reliable life insurance company.

What to Consider Before Buying Life Insurance

The following are the things you need to consider before buying any life insurance policy.

  1. Decide on the type of life insurance you want, like a term or whole life, before comparing companies.
  • Decide the life insurance riders you want the policy to include, if any.
  • Decide how much life insurance you require and the duration of the coverage.
  • Verify that the insurance companies you are considering offer the coverage you require.
  • When comparing prices, ensure the quotes are for the same amount of coverage over the same time.
  • It’s crucial to confirm that the policy’s medical criteria meet your needs. For instance, be sure the application procedure for each policy you’re considering suits your desire to skip the life insurance medical examination but be okay with answering health-related questions.

Our Recommendations

Each of these life insurance companies in USA has unique features and is worth purchasing. Our top recommendation will be Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company because of its products, security, price, and customer satisfaction.


Life is unpredictable and uncertain. One can only act proactively to deal with adverse circumstances. The idea of “insurance” emerged to reduce risk and provide protection. The most fundamental method of managing life hazards is insurance. Choose the life insurance company that best meets your needs from the list of American life insurance companies provided above.

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