Top 7 Best Auto Insurance Companies In Germany

Top 7 Best Auto Insurance Companies In Germany

We research and review all the best auto insurance companies in Germany, and these 7 are our top recommendations.

In Germany, every driver must have some auto insurance. Without it, you cannot register a car. Even if you imported your car from overseas and are a long-term resident of Germany, you must obtain German auto insurance; foreign auto insurance does not suffice.

The cost of auto insurance in Germany is influenced by some risk factors, including the car’s worth and engine size, the driver’s age, experience, and location. For instance, your insurance will probably cost more if you just learned to drive. Choosing to pay a more incredible amount in exchange for cheaper monthly premiums might be worthwhile.

In this article, we will explain the basics of auto insurance to you, the benefits you will enjoy when you purchase auto insurance, and the top 7 best auto insurance companies in Germany.

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What is Auto insurance?

Auto insurance refers to a contract between you and the insurance provider to protect you from incurring financial loss in the event of an accident or theft.

auto insurance companies in Germany

The insurance provider promises to reimburse your losses according to the terms of your policy in return for a premium you pay. Auto insurance protects property such as theft or damage to your car.

Most U.S. states mandate basic personal auto insurance; however, there are differences in the laws. The cost of each auto insurance coverage is listed separately to allow you to customize the amount of coverage according to your needs and budget.

Policies are often issued for six months to one year and are renewable. When it’s time to renew the coverage and pay your premium, the insurance provider notifies you.

Benefits Of Buying Auto Insurance

1. Loss or damage to an insured car.

You are covered if your car is damaged in an accident, a fire, or a self-ignition. Additionally, your insurance policy covers losses caused by terrorism, strikes, riots, burglary, or theft of your car. The fact that loss or damage is covered while being transported by train, inland waterways, air, road, or lift is another benefit of having auto insurance.

2. Personal accident insurance

Another benefit of auto insurance is that it provides personal accident coverage for a certain amount. Accidental death protection and permanent disability are provided by personal accident insurance. Furthermore, under the terms of the auto insurance contract, this coverage may be added for other passengers anonymously.

 3. Third-party liabilities

The auto insurance company will pay out if your vehicle is involved in an accident that causes loss or damage to any third party’s property. Additionally, your auto insurance shields you from any liabilities you may incur in the event of a third party’s death or physical injury.

4. No claim bonus

The no-claim bonus is a significant benefit of having auto insurance. The customer is qualified for this benefit for each year without a claim. It could come in the form of a discount on the premium, thereby lowering the cost of auto insurance.

5. Large network of garages

Across the nation, HDFC ERGO Car Insurance maintains an extensive garage network. It guarantees access to cashless services in each location if the need arises. This feature makes it simple to obtain repair services if your car sustains damage.

Top 7 Best Auto Insurance Companies In Germany

1. R+V24

R+V24 stands for competitive car insurance, ranging from liability insurance to fully comprehensive coverage. R+V24 was established in 2008 and is a part of R+V Direktversicherung AG and the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken Cooperative Financial Network.

They provide excellent service at affordable prices, which is its consistent online strategy. The company continues to distinguish itself from its rivals because of its remarkable price/performance ratio and is now among Germany’s top 10 direct insurers.

R+V24 did a significant relaunch when the CMS used on the R+V24 website needed to be updated. Also, a complete cleanup needed to be carried out while ensuring existing content could be easily migrated.

2. Württembergische Gemeinde-Versicherung

WGV is an insurance company located in Stuttgart, Germany, founded in 1921. It offers various insurance products, including liability, accident, legal, casualty, and pension insurance. The management board is in charge of the administration of the company.

3. DA Direkt

DA Direkt is a German direct insurance provider with headquarters in Oberursel and is a member of the Zurich Group Germany. The insurer focuses mainly on auto insurance.

You must obtain basic auto insurance in Germany if you own a car. DA Direkt offers up to 57% savings compared to other insurers while providing one of the best services and all-around protection.

DA Direkt’s affordable car insurance is considered one of the best plans available in Germany and has won numerous accolades. They have recently been crowned Germany’s top auto insurance company.

4. Getsafe

Getsafe offers affordable auto insurance. The Company URL provides alternatives like a garage partner network, deductibles, and a no-claims bonus in addition to its competitive costs. To give you the best prices, they employ the most recent technology.

You can save up to 30% with GetSafe compared to other insurers.

5. Keysurance

Keysurance will give you peace of mind. It is designed as a digital platform that enables users to gather driving experience from services like car sharing, company cars, and rental cars and to offset these against auto insurance, thereby saving them money on their auto insurance premiums.

6. Helvetia Insurance Group

They have developed from several Swiss and foreign insurance companies since 1858 into a thriving international insurance group with about 12,000 employees and more than 7 million clients.

They are currently Switzerland’s top all-lines insurers. Helvetia has built firmly anchored market positions in the Europe segment, which includes the nations of Germany, Italy, Austria, and Spain, and is experiencing above-normal growth.

The Group’s second strong pillar is in Europe. They have access to the international market through the Specialty Markets segment in selected niches.

Helvetia provides specialized reinsurance and specialty coverage in this area. As the number two market player in this industry, the France market unit is a focused transport insurance specialist.

7. Provinzial

The second-largest public insurance company in Germany is called the Provinzial Group. They cover essential things for their clients, including their property, homes, cars, labor, health, pastimes, and sometimes even life.

They aid with retirement planning as well and their regional connections with their subsidiaries provide them with power. More than five million individual and business consumers rely on Provinzial today.

Provinzial is unique because of their proximity and region. Their advisors can be accessed anytime through their numerous digital channels and are typically only a few minutes away from customers.


Does my car have an impact on my auto insurance rates?

Yes, your car’s make and model affect how much you pay for auto insurance. The cost of your car also makes a lot of difference; the more expensive it is to fix or replace your car, the more you will have to pay for insurance.

What does auto insurance not cover?

Although auto insurance is excellent for covering repair costs due to an accident, it does not cover routine wear and tear expenses. That implies that you are responsible for paying for having your car’s oil changed or its tires rotated.
Other items not covered by automobile insurance include any damage exceeding your coverage’s limitations and any stolen personal property from your vehicle.


I’m sure you’ve gathered a lot of information concerning the best auto insurance companies in Germany. In summary, you are required by law to have liability auto insurance. The prices and policies are entirely individual. Use this guide to compare various insurance companies according to your needs.

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