Do newborns have Eyebrows

Do Newborns Have Eyebrows? When should I worry?

Each newborn has a number of developmental milestones to attain, both large and tiny, and their parents will have many questions, such as: When do babies get eyelashes? Do newborns have eyebrows? And many more.

While some babies discovers their eyebrows even at earlier stage, others may not. Often, moms do the finding and keep observant of the babies transition.

Video by Adalin shows how their baby Leon discovered his eyebrows even as feint as it still looks.

Only the mother herself can express the feelings that moms experience throughout pregnancy. When you get the sense that a new life is forming within you, it is a completely other sensation.

An expectant mother thinks about her unborn kid at all times. A large majority of pregnant women would prefer to engage in activities that are beneficial to the health of their unborn babies.

A pregnant woman’s desire to learn about her unborn child’s health and development is never-ending. They pay close attention right from when the baby is still forming to the time the child is born and growing to adulthood.

It is through keen observations that mothers discover when newborns smells behind their ears and immediately seek the help of a pediatrician. It’s common to compare your baby’s growth, health and other physical exhibitions to that of newly borns. But in all you’ve got to know that all newborn babies are created differently, and so it is with their natural growth.

Questions and concerns usually arise following the comparison. One of the most frequent questions from first-time parents concerns the shape and hair growth of the newborn’s brows. Every pregnancy is unique, and there can be significant differences in how pregnancy progresses.

Whether or not a baby is born with eyebrows will depend on the individual baby and the rate at which they develop. This all boils down to the fact that not all newborns have hair.

Some parents do inspect their child’s face and when they fail to notice the presence of eyebrows in their child, Do newborns have eyebrows, is a question that is frequently asked after.

As your child grows and develops, the hair on his or her head goes through numerous different phases. Continue reading to understand more about these many stages and find your much-needed answer to the question, do newborns have eyebrows?

Do Newborns Have Eyebrows?

Yes, newborn babies do have eyebrows; however, it is not always the case for every newborn. Since the development of eyebrows begins around the 22-week mark in pregnancy, any infant born after the 22-week mark is likely to have eyebrows (with premature babies inclusive).

  • Do newborns have Eyebrows
  • Do newborns have Eyebrows

Every newborn is different, and as a result, each one accomplishes developmental milestones at his or her own speed. Each newborn will have unique features, including varied hair color, growth pattern, and brow hair.

However, despite these disparities, the hair development patterns of most newborns are very similar. After about the 22nd week of pregnancy, a baby’s brow hair follicles begin to grow and form.

The formation of a baby’s hair follicles does not occur after birth but rather while the kid is still in the womb. Another intriguing thing to know is that every infant’s hair (regardless of the kid’s ethnicity) grows without pigment in the pregnancy, which is a unique phenomenon.

Some infants, particularly those with dark hair, begin to develop pigment in their hair over time. Even if a baby is born with a full head of hair, it will still be thin and smooth. As a result, the eyebrows of most babies will be so faint that they will appear nearly undetectable.

Early hair growth in babies occurs between 8 and 12 weeks, and an intermediate hair shedding phase follows this period of an initial growth spurt. Your baby’s eyebrows will also begin to thicken and become more noticeable at this point.

In the first 2 months of life, the color and texture of a baby’s eyebrows and eyelashes begin to change significantly. The eyebrows of some newborns are also apparent due to their dark hair color. For those born with no hair, their eyebrows will also be unable to be seen.

While it’s important to remember that the visibility and texture of a baby’s eyebrows are heavily influenced by heredity, any baby born after 22 weeks of pregnancy will have eyebrows that are more or less visible to the naked eye.

While it’s important to remember that the visibility and texture of a newborn’s eyebrows are highly dependent on their genetics, any baby born after 22 weeks of pregnancy will have eyebrows that are more or less apparent to the eye.

At What Age Do Newborns Have Eyebrows?

Most babies develop distinct brows by the time they are 2 to 3 months old. After this period, your newborn’s eyebrows will begin to thicken, and you will be able to detect that the brow line is beginning to appear. 

This, however, is dependent on a number of other circumstances. The development of eyebrows begins in some newborns directly out of the womb, whilst others take a little longer to develop.

Should You Concerned if Your Newborn Is Without Eyebrows? 

No, you should not, for any reason, worry about your newborn baby not having eyebrows out of the womb. It may take some time before your newborn’s eyebrows grow prominent enough to be noticed.

However, the length of time it takes will vary from newborn to child. Some newborns will take a few weeks before they grow eyebrows, while others may take a month, year, or longer.

It makes no difference if the brows appear sooner or later; either way, it is natural. There is no cause for alarm whatsoever.

Additionally, you must consider genetics. If you or your spouse has scant eyebrows, it’s possible that this is the reason why your newborn’s eyebrows haven’t emerged yet.

Preemies may require more time to develop eyebrows, but they will eventually grow one enough to be visible.

Below are useful and necessary things you might need to know about newborns’ eyebrows, especially if you are worried about when do newborns have eyebrows.

Newborns Do Have Eyebrows In The Womb

Some newborns acquire eyebrows while still in the womb. It is possible that your baby will be born with his or her brows already in place and also very visible. As time passes, the color of the flowers may alter, and they may become more prominent.

Newborns who do not appear to have eyebrows may actually have a few small tufts of hair in the area where their eyebrows will eventually develop. This simply indicates that it will require some time for them to get their own eyebrows.

Eyebrows in Newborns Can Take Weeks

It is possible for some kids to be born with very scant eyebrows or virtually non-existent brows, depending on their genetics. The fact that they do not have eyebrows does not imply that they are not going to have it later when the time is right for them.

In around 3 to 4 weeks after the birth of your newborn, you should begin to notice the few patches of fine hair that will eventually grow into brows. Some newborns, however, may require a little more time. Some babies, particularly those born prematurely, may grow eyebrows within the first week after birth.

Eyebrows in Newborns Can Take Few Months

First-time parents may be concerned if their newborns have reached the one-month mark and there are still no eyebrows visible on them.

Your newborn will have eyebrows during the first few months, so there’s no need to worry about do newborns have eyebrows or when a newborn eyebrow will appear!

Your newborn’s eyebrows will begin to take form as his or her hair continues to develop. Some newborns, on the other hand, may require more time.

Eyebrows Growth in Newborns May Take A Year

When a baby is just one year old, he or she may not have any noticeable eyebrows. As with everything else, this is within the range of expected results. Some babies may take longer than others to grow the eyebrows hair.

While some babies may have visibly developed eyebrows by the time they are two months old, some may barely have eyebrows in their first year. As a newborn parent, you need to realize that both extremes of the range are quite normal, and your baby will ultimately grow eyebrows.

Eyebrows Growth Can Take Longer in Premature Babies

It takes longer for preemies to do anything, even eating baby food. This is inclusive of their growth of hair as well. Your newborn would be at least a month behind in hair growth if they were born earlier by a month.

When a baby is born prematurely, he or she may not have any eyelashes or eyebrows. Consider their due date instead of the day they were born when determining where they are in their development. 

Knowing that your baby is only a few weeks old and so unlikely to have eyebrows may help you worry less about the hair growth.

Newborns Eyebrows May Be Hard To See!

While your infant may already be sporting eyebrows, you may not be aware of it! It is rare to see someone, especially a baby, with natural light brown eyebrows in photographs. To see if your child’s eyebrows are formed of pale blonde hair, you may need to hold them up to the light.

Alternatively, you can use your phone’s flashlight or window light to help yourself see if your newborn has begun to grow eyebrow hairs. 

Scant eyebrows are another possibility. Because genetics typically play a role in the shape of one’s brows, it’s a good idea to examine your own and your partner’s brows closely.

It’s possible your baby’s eyebrows have reached their maximum size if you’re filling in your own and wishing your partner would do the same with his or her own scant eyebrow hairs. Keep your cool, and your newborn’s eyebrows may start to take form. On the other side, you may have to come to terms with the fact that your child will have thinner eyebrows when they get older.

Vellus hair eyebrows are so easy to miss because they are so sparse at first. Also known as peach fuzz, vellus hair may be hardly noticeable, even if your newborn is going to be blessed with wonderfully formed, dark, and precisely defined eyebrows.


To answer the question, “Do newborns have eyebrows?” the answer is YES; Newborns’ eyebrows are formed while they are still in the womb.

Some newborns have such fine hair that their eyebrows are virtually undetectable.

Several old wives’ tricks can be used to help your newborn with his or her eyebrows if you’re concerned about their eyebrows’ appearance. They include aloe vera, coconut oil, massage oils, as well as giving you newborn iron-rich foods (e.g., chicken, eggs, fish, legumes, turkey, etc.)

Please take note that it is not advisable to use commercial hair enhancement creams or lotions such as Beeswax used for hair growth and hair removal on newborn babies.

Usually, everything will fall into place if you keep your newborn healthy and well-fed, which is essential for better overall growth.

And don’t forget, whether or not your baby has eyebrows, he or she is still the most gorgeous creature on the planet!

When you still have some worry about your newborn baby, it is best to seek for the guardian of a pediatrician as reported by Sonya Collins of WebMD 1

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