Is It Safe To Ride A Motorcycle While Pregnant?

Is It Safe To Ride A Motorcycle While Pregnant?

Motorcycle riding is good. It burns calories, builds mental and physical strength, conquers fear, and gives a feeling of freedom. The question is, is it safe to ride a motorcycle while pregnant?

Motorcycle safety has long been a heated debate. Some people agree that motorcycles have risks but can be safe with precautions, while others believe they are death traps.

Many motorcyclists vouch that riding a motorcycle is no riskier than driving a car when using the proper safety precautions and gear. However, there are many more brutal deaths and injuries for motorcyclists than for car drivers.

In this article, we will discuss in detail the answer to the question: is it safe to ride a motorcycle while pregnant?

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Motorcycle Riding

Motorcycle riding is an excellent form of exercise for maintaining fitness. Generally, whether you are pregnant or not, when riding a motorcycle, you rely on your bone structure and postural muscles for balance to control and steer the motorcycle.

riding motorcycle

However, it is a bit tricky for pregnant women. Riding a motorcycle while pregnant isn’t the same as when you’re not.

A pregnant woman’s anatomy is changing, so her center of gravity and spine change along with it. How she handled her bike 2 months ago may differ from 2 months later. When cycling during Pregnancy, you must be extra careful and consider some things.

Everything you should consider when deciding whether it’s safe to ride a bike while pregnant will be covered in this article. With that being said, let’s answer the question: is it safe to ride a motorcycle while pregnant?

Is It Safe To Ride A Motorcycle While Pregnant?

One of women’s most frequently asked questions is: is it safe to ride a motorcycle while pregnant?

is it safe to ride a motorcycle while pregnant
is it safe to ride motorcycle while pregnant

Riding motorcycle while pregnant is not dangerous. However, it exposes pregnant women to more risk than usual. You should know the risks and benefits even though they may be safe.

Even if you are an expert rider, you should first speak with your doctor. They will assist you in deciding whether you’re in good health to continue riding.

Benefits of Riding a Motorcycle while pregnant

Unlike cars, motorcycles don’t have covered bodies or seatbelts. As such, the chances of motorcycle accidents are higher. However, there may be benefits to motorcycling while pregnant if your doctor gives the go-ahead. Here are the benefits of riding motorcycle while pregnant

1. Aids in the gradual loss of extra calories.

2. Being physically active is good for everybody, including pregnant women. Therefore, adding a motorcycle ride to your fitness routine can be beneficial. Your body produces more endorphins, which can elevate your mood.

3. It can make you feel in charge and accessible. You may feel like you have no control over your body while pregnant. Therefore, enjoying this kind of freedom might benefit your mental health.

Risks of riding motorcycle while pregnant

Riding motorcycle while pregnant may be tempting, but there are some serious risks. Despite being a great exercise, riding a motorcycle has a high risk of injury to you and your unborn child. Below are the possible risks.

1. A woman may encounter high-stress levels and conflict with other drivers while riding a motorcycle during Pregnancy. The baby’s brain development may be affected by these negative emotions. For instance, it could result in a  concentration disorder or poor cognitive development.

Additionally, disturbed emotional bonding and prenatal complications may result from stress and anxiety. Also, pregnancy-related weakness, nausea, and vomiting are dangerous for the baby.

2. A motorcycle accident involving a pregnant woman in her second or third trimester might potentially damage the ligaments supporting the uterus or even result in irreversible damage to the developing fetus.

3. Another risk of riding motorcycle while pregnant is that motorcycles are so heavy and they require a lot of effort to stop in traffic. Repeatedly straining yourself physically, like speeding over bumps, can result in miscarriages or even premature labor.

4. The body is put under a lot of stress when riding motorcycles. A pregnant woman’s uterus may be subjected to shocks and vibrations when riding, which may impact the embryo’s implantation during the early stages of Pregnancy.

5. Although it might seem like a low-risk activity to ride a motorcycle while pregnant, a woman’s balance and center of gravity may change, making her more likely to fall.

6. To prevent a placental bleed while riding during Pregnancy, avoid leaning forward or making sudden movements. Additionally, kicking the engine’s starter lever while pregnant is not advised because it could harm the unborn child.

Precautions to take when  riding a motorcycle while pregnant

Despite the possibility of major risks, you should be able to ride a motorcycle as long as you are willing and able. Many people’s mode of transportation is a need rather than a choice. Therefore, they must ride whether they are pregnant or not.

However, you must adhere to safety rules and precautions to prevent fatal injuries.

1. Always wear safety gear, such as light clothes that fully cover your body and a proper, good-quality helmet. It will make moving around easier and help you control your bike better.

2. It’s important to sit properly on a motorcycle while riding a motorcycle. Sit straight and grasp the motorcycle’s handles at the proper angles. You should also support your back. By doing this, you can avoid putting too much pressure on your baby pump.

3. Avoid straining yourself by riding long distances as you often get tired quickly during Pregnancy.

4. Your motorcycle might have a kick start if it’s an older model or a dirt bike. Numerous scooters and mopeds also carry an electric start and a kickstart. Avoid using the kick start if you are pregnant because you must apply force. If you must use it, get someone else to do it.

5. You should avoid rough terrain, bumpy roads, and other things that could increase your chances of falling.

What types of motorcycles can pregnant women ride?

Of course, choosing the right motorcycle type is a personal choice. However, it is well-known that certain motorcycles incur more road fatalities than others. So, this makes them much more dangerous if you are pregnant.

1. Mopeds and scooters are the most practical options. They have simple gear which makes them easy to ride. They are also easy to control and not very powerful.

2. Trikes, which are three-wheeled motorcycles, may also be an excellent choice. They are generally regarded as being safer than motorbikes. They provide excellent stability and are less likely to topple over. They are also easier to ride, balance, and control and more visible on the road.

3. Another excellent choice is cruisers. They are often extensive and heavy but not the most powerful; many riders consider them the more comfortable to ride and control due to their lower seat height.

Motorcycle safety equipment

Riders can now feel the utmost security when wearing helmets, pantsgloves, jackets, and boots when riding, especially the high-end and pricey ones. The number of injuries one would sustain in an accident is significantly reduced by wearing appropriate and high-quality gear, but wearing a helmet does not make you invulnerable.

Yes, motorcycle safety equipment has advanced significantly, even in the last few years. Wearing safety equipment will protect you from bruises, scrapes, and possibly broken bones.

However, the protection provided by your motorcycle safety equipment is only effective up to a certain impact force or speed. Even the best and most costly motorcycle safety equipment won’t be able to save you if you collide with a wall fast and forcefully enough.


The best time to spend with your family and enjoy their company is during Pregnancy. Riding a motorcycle during Pregnancy is safe, but it’s not without risks. The most crucial thing is to stay calm and secure and obey the above instructions to keep you and your baby healthy and safe.

There will always be people with strong opinions on the safety of motorcycles for pregnant women. However, they cannot decide because various people may have different experiences with Pregnancy.

If you are healthy and your Pregnancy is normal, you can keep up with regular physical activity. It’s best to consult your doctor to be sure whether to continue riding or not. Always take all necessary safety measures if you decide to ride because It is better to be safe than sorry.

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