8 reasons why scorpios are so hated

8 Undeniable Reasons Why Scorpios Are Hated

Scorpio does appear to attract a lot of hostility. After all, they rank second among the zodiac signs people despise the most.

Scorpios are hated mainly due to their tendency to exercise excessive control and their feelings of retaliation.

Scorpios are expert manipulators who are excellent at getting what they want from others, frequently by lying to them.

We’ll be going in-depth on some of Scorpio’s most hated characteristics in the article. You can bet that many individuals have lost all patience with Scorpio for acting in such a way.

Let’s get started with our list and figure out why are Scorpios so hated.

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Why are Scorpios so hated?

All zodiac signs have positives and negatives, but no matter how much the positives outweigh the negatives, some people will still find a cause to hate a specific zodiac sign.

why scorpios are so hated
why are scorpios so hated

But generally speaking, most individuals detest some signs for various reasons. Gemini and Scorpio are the two most hated zodiac signs, with Gemini taking the top spot.

Scorpios are, by nature, extremely possessive, jealous, sarcastic, and incredibly secretive, in addition to being one of the most misconstrued signs.

Scorpios may not view these as undesirable features because they perceive them as universal characteristics everyone should have.

As a result, they can misunderstand why most people despise them.

It makes sense why some Scorpios dislike being around other Scorpios as a Scorpio would only genuinely appreciate how awful some of these traits they possess are if they were the ones experiencing them.

8 Reasons Why Scorpios Are So Hated

scorpio zodiac sign so hated

Why are Scorpios so hated? Because they view most of their traits as red flags, many individuals prefer to steer clear from dating Scorpios. These qualities include:

1. Scorpios are hated for their capacity for deception

Let’s start with a characteristic that Scorpios are known for.

You have to be constantly alert for subtle manipulations when dealing with Scorpio. They are skilled in persuading people in ways that support their perception of their superiority.

They are perfect masters at gaslighting. They are very intuitive and have a book-like ability to read people.

They will mislead those with weak wills and non-intuitive personalities by instinctively using this information for personal gain.

They are very clever in their manipulation. To them, it is a game. They frequently play you for a fool the entire time, knowing far more than they let on about a situation.

They are exceedingly wary and are aware of the strength of vulnerability.

Scorpios frequently use pretended weakness to gain information from others or influence how they perceive them.

It might feel quite disgusting if you realize that they are acting in a way that will make you feel bad for them or put their needs first.

2. Scorpios are so hated due to their oppressive side

Here we see the solid controlling aspect of Scorpio’s manipulative character.

Scorpios adore having a sense of control and strength, and here’s why.

Pluto and Mars are Scorpio’s planetary masters, and power is both planets’ central theme.

Mars is a commanding planet, and Aries is an aggressive sign. However, it is less harmful and more apparent.

Under Pluto’s direction, Scorpio will subtly use cunning and deception to dominate people.

Scorpio probes deeply to uncover a person’s vulnerabilities so they can take advantage of them.

To keep an eye on them, they keep friends and partners as near as possible. Scorpios detest feeling in the dark about what other people are doing.

They might push someone’s boundaries over what is comfortable for them, but they will subtly control them and keep them faithful.

They also have a good deal of self-control. Because of their paranoid nature, they become alarmed whenever they feel themselves slipping out of control.

They gain from recognizing their need to control and, for the good of everybody, learning to let go.

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3. Scorpios are hated for being obnoxious

Yes, there’s another hefty and related subject. I’m assuming you can already see the pattern.

Scorpios are possessive and obsessive in all of their endeavors.

They deal in black and white in almost every situation. It might become quite tricky when they start a relationship.

When they get a crush, they frequently go from 0% to 100% in seconds. Both individuals typically experience incredible, total immersion in one another.

But eventually, the other will partially awaken from the soul-merging slumber and realize that they are feeling too intensely unless Scorpio has ensnared another Scorpionic person.

While the other person may feel like they lost themselves in the heat of the relationship, Scorpio is typically still in a pleasant mood.

So when the partner takes a small step back, Scorpio’s possessive concerns start to surface. Things then get turbulent and nasty as Scorpio develops paranoia.

Scorpio should perhaps encounter someone who won’t make them feel “controlled” by them.

Scorpio truly enjoys having total power over its companions. It is ideal if they disclose it at the beginning of the relationship.

4. Scorpios are so hated because of their volatility

Scorpio is a transformative sign. And people around them frequently pay the price for their constant demand for change.

You see, Scorpio requires turmoil to transform. They need a certain amount of drama, either private or public.

And they typically have no reluctance to trap everyone in their web of darkness and expansion.

Their partner had best be ready if the crisis they’re going through involves their relationship.

It can be incredibly draining to have intense passions and emotional depths when your sign is Scorpio.

Additionally, a relationship with a Scorpio can rapidly turn unpleasant if things go south. Lots of solid and powerful emotions, and the drama exhausts both parties.

The most compatible partners for Scorpio can manage their emotional unpredictability.

5. Scorpios are hated for their vengefulness

As previously stated, Scorpio is a sign whose love can change into hatred in the blink of an eye.

The typical self-control of a Scorpio can test when they feel hurt or misled, and they may react violently toward the person they formerly loved.

They can say hurtful things about someone with such a savage tongue that it leaves painful emotional scars.

Seeing an insecure Scorpio immersed in resentment is terrible.

If you find yourself on the receiving end of one, pray that they use one of their better (and less explosive) strategies, which is to entirely cut you off from their life and carry on as if you didn’t exist.

6. Scorpios are so hated for their trust issues

Scorpios excel at covering up their vulnerabilities. For self-defense, they keep individuals at a safe distance from them.

Even when you are a part of their group, they could doubt your reliability.

Before they open their hearts to you, they will study and evaluate you for a very long period.

Scorpios run the risk of developing paranoia when they scrutinize other people. Knowing the trust is not reciprocal would harm those who genuinely love them.

Scorpios may frequently find themselves alone and with no one to associate. Through their paranoia, they drive people away.

7. Scorpios are hated for their victimization mindset

Scorpios tend to whine often, especially if they are close to you.

However, they don’t blame themselves as much as they do for the timing, possibilities, surroundings, and economy.

Each of us experiences highs and lows in life. However, Scorpio really can not let go of the negatives.

In addition to blaming others, a less mature Scorpio will resist changing. They believe that all of their efforts will be in vain. Why then bother?

Scorpios will drag you down a dark memory road when you attempt to hold them accountable.

The destructive quality of Scorpio makes other people feel helpless. It is self-defeating, and neither they nor anybody else benefits from it.

8. Scorpios are so hated for their Insensitivity

Empathy is a virtue. Scorpios have it naturally because they are a water sign.

 However, they are too busy to care about others. Scorpios are frequently carried away by their feelings.

Call them egotistical, yet they delve deeply into their world. And the feelings of others only scrape the surface.

You could feel a distance between them even while they were trying to help.

They don’t always exist to sympathize with you or acknowledge your emotions. And for this reason, falling in love with a Scorpio can occasionally be isolating.

Which zodiac sign blends well with Scorpio?

Because of their commonalities, Scorpios get along quite well with other Scorpios, which other signs might not grasp. Additionally, they get along well with Pisces and other water signs like Cancer.

Do Scorpios make great friends?

If you take the time to learn the motivations behind their acts, Scorpios make good companions. If not, you might consider them to be enigmatic and uninteresting people.


Why are Scorpios so hated? There you have it—eight characteristics of Scorpios that make people despise them.

Recall that not all Scorpios behave in that manner. Most Scorpios who fall into these tendencies are the most insecure and self-destructive.

Being a Scorpio is challenging and demands a lot of introspection.

Many Scorps don’t have evil hidden motives. Before people lower their defenses, they need to feel secure.

You may find that you have a firm companion or lover in Scorpio if you can win their hearts and manifest their tender, sympathetic inner version. One that has sincerity and is very authentic.

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