Top 10 Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in NY State

Top 10 Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in NY State

Buying from the best homeowners insurance companies in NY State is one of the most important decisions you will make as a homeowner.

Not only do homeowners insurance protect your home, but it also provides financial protection in the event of a loss. With homeowners insurance, you can be sure that your most valuable asset is covered in the case of disasters, accidents, and other unforeseen circumstances.

In this blog post, we review the top best homeowners insurance companies in NY State, and we discuss why homeowners insurance is essential, as well as what it covers.

Let’s dive in.

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Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is a type of property insurance that protects against losses and damages to a person’s home, as well as furnishings and other personal possessions.

best homeowners insurance companies in ny state
best homeowners insurance in NY state

Liability protection from accidents in the house or on the property is also included in homeowner insurance. Every homeowner’s insurance policy contains a liability limit that establishes the insured’s coverage in the event of an unexpected incident.

Below is a detailed review of the best homeowners insurance companies in NY state.

What are the top 10 best homeowners insurance companies in NY State?

Here are the top 10 best homeowners insurance companies in NY State.

1. Lemonade

Lemonade is one of the best homeowners insurance companies in NY state. It is a very innovative company. Their website makes onboarding quick and straightforward, and customer service is well-regarded.

Regarding insurance rates, Lemonade takes a different, distinctive approach. Lemonade decided to modify its revenue model to avoid the conflict of interest that conventional insurers have with their clients.

Instead of making money off unclaimed premiums, they charge a flat fee and donate any leftover funds to organizations after covering claims and expenses.


  • You may conveniently complete quotes, onboarding, and claim submission online.
  • Provision of renters, pets, and auto insurance.
  • Provides coverage for the entire family.


  • Limited discounts.

2. Allstate

In New York City, Allstate is consistently among the most affordable homeowner insurance providers for first-time homeowners.

The company gives first-time homebuyers excellent insurance options and provides helpful tools like course resources and discount offers tailored to people making their first home purchase.

When you combine your home and auto insurance with Allstate, you can receive generous discounts of up to 25%. It’s easy to find quotes on their website.

Allstate’s Common and Costly Claims tool enables first-time homeowners to select the coverage they require based on prospective zip codes.


  • Excellent for new homeowners.
  • Provides a range of deals.
  • Customizable options for coverage


  • The quality of customer service is average.

3. Amica Mutual InsuranceAmica Mutual

One of the best homeowners insurance companies in NY state is Amica. The company consistently receives adulation for its exceptional customer service.

Amica Mutual provides some of the most significant benefits regarding protection from natural catastrophes. In some regions, like Long Island, which is vulnerable to floods and increasing sea levels, you may add flood insurance to your house. Furthermore, compared to a conventional home insurance policy, Amica’s mutual policy provides up to 30% more coverage.


  • Outstanding protection against natural disasters like hurricanes.
  • Excellent client satisfaction and service.
  • Cost-effective prices.


  • Limited discounts.

4. NYCM insurance

The most economical home insurance option in New York State is offered by NYCM, with an average annual price of $676. A work-from-home discount is one of their nine discount options. With NYCM, New Yorkers can further optimize their savings.

Despite only providing home insurance in New York, NYCM Insurance has been able to do so for more than a century due to its status as a dependable and cost-effective home insurance provider.


  • The most affordable homeowner’s insurance in New York.
  • There are several discounts offered
  • Four policy options


  • Poor claims handling

5. Liberty mutual

Liberty Mutual distinguishes itself from other home insurance companies by providing unique features like their Emergency Home Repairs service, which is accessible 24hrs.

Your current coverage will cover any damage to your home amenities, and the firm will send experts to assist you in repair. Liberty Mutual also provides special group discounts for those who belong to their strategic partnership group.


  • 12 special offers, as well as various credit options
  • 24/7 emergency home repair service is offered.
  • It is simple to lock in affordable premiums because of the affiliations with numerous groups and organizations throughout New York.


  • Poor customer satisfaction rating

6. Travelers

With an AM Best rating of A+, Travelers is regarded as a highly dependable, competitively priced, and one of the well-rated best homeowner insurance companies in New York. Has a four-star rating for customer satisfaction.

With their multiple offers, travelers make it simple for potential clients to save money. A certified green home lowers taxes, your monthly insurance premium, and the environment. The company offers a 5% discount for those who own one.


  • Less expensive rates
  • Varieties of add ons


  • Low ratings for claim satisfaction and client service

7. Chubb

Chubb is a good option for high-value homeowners who need to insure additional vehicles and property. Chubb only offers expensive home insurance.

Your home and personal belongings are covered more thoroughly with the Chubb standard policy, and you won’t be required to pay a deductible for property damage. That means you won’t be responsible for paying any repair or rebuilding charges if a storm or fire damages your house.


  • Home replacement cost coverage
  • There are no deductibles
  • Options for cashing out a claim after a loss


  • Insures only expensive homes

8. American family

Consider getting home insurance from American families if you want exceptional customer service, New Yorkers. Homeowners can personalize their insurance policy with American Family by choosing various helpful coverage options.

American Family provides hidden water damage insurance, which guards against damage within cabinets, walls, floors, under appliances, and damage hidden under ceilings.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners reports that AmFam receives fewer complaints than other insurers.


  • Few complaints from clients
  • Several beneficial coverage options


  • Extremely high rates

9. Geico

As a trendsetter in the home insurance market, Geico has built a solid reputation as a trustworthy supplier owing to its A+ rating. They are also one of the best homeowners insurance companies in NY State.

Geico provides a few discounts, such as those for home security systems, bundling policies, and installing smoke and fire detectors. Additionally, they provide replacement cost coverage, identity theft protection, personal computers, fine jewelry, entrepreneurial pursuits, water backup, sump overflow, and HOA loss assessment coverage.


  • Dynamic contact page and live online chat
  • More affordable rates
  • Offer the best coverages for your needs


  • Fewer regional offices
  • Limited discounts

10. State farm

State Farm has a superior financial strength rating

and is one of the best home insurance providers in the US based on volume. Due to its remarkable client experience, we mostly suggest State Farm to New Yorkers purchase their first homes.

The company gives you access to a sizable network of regional agents. It also offers handy online tools, such as a tool that makes it easy to make an inventory of your possessions and a simplified quote process.


  • Offers substantial reductions for individuals who combine both home and car insurance.
  • Provides additional coverage for jewelry


  • Depreciation may reduce the amount of your claim

What Does a Good Home Insurance Cover in NY state?

A typical home insurance policy will cover particular “perils” of your personal property. Examples of the types of issues covered by home insurance include tornadoes, explosions, fire, vandalism, and theft.

The following are the primary coverage categories present in a typical home insurance policy:

• Dwelling: If your house is damaged, this pays to rebuild or repair it. It also includes affixed constructions like a porch or garage.

• Other structures: Rebuilding or repairing other structures, such as a shed or fence that are not a part of your house, is covered by this insurance.

• Personal property: This covers repairing or replacing your possessions following an incident like a fire or theft. Clothing, kitchenware, rugs, jewelry, and furniture all fall under the category of personal property.

• Liability: This covers any harm you unintentionally inflict on someone else’s property or person. For instance, if your dog bites someone, your offer may cover the cost of the victim’s medical bills, legal fees, and any settlement or court award against you.

•  Medical payments: This covers medical costs for claims filed by non-residents. This coverage, for instance, might cover the cost of an emergency room if a visitor stubs their toe upon your furniture.


The article reviews our top best homeowners insurance companies in NY state, their coverage options, proving, and unique benefits. You can access and choose the most suitable option for your home.

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