Bodybuilding stretch marks on biceps

Bodybuilding Stretch Marks on Biceps and Shoulders (How to Get Rid of Them)

Bodybuilding stretch marks on biceps are those kinds of stretch marks that appear on individual biceps due to excess muscle-building workouts done within a short period (Bulking cycle). Building your body isn’t a bad idea at all, but you will have to know that when you stretch your body muscles so rapidly, you would get your desired body shape but never without stretch marks on the biceps and shoulders.

Naturally, some persons crave stretch marks on biceps, and as such, they engage in body building to grow their muscles and attract these stretch marks even to their shoulders and arms. But it gets worrisome when the stretch becomes visibly too much and rough to the sight. This is where people start searching for why bodybuilding stretch marks on biceps get thicker and thicker beyond control.

If this is you, then worry less. In this article, we shall be talking all about bodybuilding stretch marks on biceps and shoulders, listing out helpful ways to prevent them or minimize their effect while you continue your workout routine.

What causes Bodybuilding stretch marks on biceps?

Just as the topic implies, “bodybuilding stretch marks on Biceps,” it is clearly referring to those stretch marks gotten through bodybuilding exercises aimed at building up the biceps and shoulders. In general, stretch marks on the biceps may be caused by one or more of the following related activities:

  1. Stretch marks evolve when you start suffering from obesity or rapid weight gain from bulking cycle.
  2. When children in their puberty stage are experiencing rapid growth, it could be accompanied by a stretch mark.
  3. When you engage in different athletic training for muscle development without watching your diets, supplements, and self-weight, you call for bodybuilding stretch marks on biceps.
  4. When you lose too much weight in a short period, this can also pull some awful stretch marks out from your skin, especially when you lose weight that you gained through quick bodybuilding workouts.
  5. When you suddenly have a change of environment, it may come as a skin reaction.
  6. When you smoke a lot, the tobacco you inhale makes the skin less elastic and may aid stretch marks growth on your skin.
  7. Your skin type can also contribute to why you see stretch marks on your biceps.
  8. Cushing’s disease has also been reported to cause stretch marks on biceps.
  9. Changing body creams and lotions that react against your body may also cause stretch marks on the body.
  10. Pregnancy is another breeder of stretch marks, and many mothers have reported noticing their first stretch marks during their first pregnancy.
  11. When you have augmentation surgery, such as breast enhancement, buttocks enhancements, and the like.
  12. Stretch marks on biceps can also be genetic in fewer cases, and your age and race can also play a significant cause here.

Those are fewer causes of bodybuilding stretch marks on your biceps and shoulder. While many said they never got their stretch marks cleaned out even after applying all recommended options from different forums and specialists, it doesn’t change the fact that bodybuilding stretch marks on biceps and shoulders can be prevented or treated if you don’t like them. Read on as we take you along on how to prevent them and some proven bodybuilding stretch marks removal methods for those who already suffer it.

How to Prevent Bodybuilding Stretch marks on biceps

Bodybuilding stretch marks on biceps

Although, as we have said before, many persons never liked stretch marks even though they crave bodybuilding workouts, we have many who go into bodybuilding to attract those few light streaks on their bicep, arms, shoulder, thighs, etc. There is no denying that these streaks look beautiful when it is very few, light, and thin. Personally, I like them on the thighs, but when it starts getting thicker, it doesn’t look perfect and is seen as an eyesore by many.

Whether you like mild stretch marks on biceps or not, you should know that it is best to prevent bodybuilding stretch marks on biceps when they are yet to surface on your skin. In this way, even if they might come out, they won’t be on the awful level. If you don’t like them at all, always keep to these preventive measures we shall be highlighting in this article to stay safe while you continue with your bodybuilding journey.

PS: Why some of these preventive methods are said to be anecdote, many have recorded significant progress applying one or more of these bodybuilding stretch marks preventive strategies below:

1. Use of Vitamin E Oil

Many records have proven Vitamin E to be a key player in the fight against stretch marks on the biceps, shoulders, and thighs. It also helps prevent stretch marks from coming out from any part of the body in various ways. Vitamin E typically accelerates the synthesis and repair of cells, allowing the skin to recover more quickly. This penetrates deep layers of the body tissue, mending deeper wounds and helping remove and treat stretch marks and other skin problems.

Vitamin E also helps the skin become more elastic, stretching further without causing injury. This aids in reducing existing stretch marks and may also help prevent the development of new ones.

It Is often recommended that pregnant women apply vitamin E oils to their skin early in their pregnancy days to help prevent the appearance of stretch marks even after delivery.

It is also advised that bodybuilders should include the application of vitamin E in their before and after workout skincare routine to help prevent bodybuilding stretch marks on biceps and shoulders from even coming out at all. Many bodybuilders apply this method and have recorded significant positive effects so far.

2. Use of Vitamin E Supplements

Vitamin E supplementation can also help prevent bodybuilding stretch marks and other stress marks in some individuals.

Although not all who have used this method recorded good testimonies, they already have stretch marks before starting out. It is believed that when you take these supplements along while you maintain a mild bodybuilding workout routine, it helps prevent stretch marks on the biceps from showing up at all as the Vitamin supplement heals the skin from the inside and does not create room for stretch marks to form.

3. Use of Aloe vera gels

Aloe Vera gel is a natural herb that helps prevent stretch marks on biceps and shoulders during bodybuilding. It can also be used together with Vitamin E gel to form an outstanding combo to fight against stretch marks during bodybuilding.

4. Make sure you keep to a proper Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is essential for any bodybuilder who wants to prevent stress marks on their biceps. When you eat a balanced diet, you help your body absorb the vital minerals and vitamins needed for healthy skin growth and maintenance. Don’t know the best food to include in your balanced diet plan for glowing skin? Check this article by BBCgoodfood 1, they listed most diet plans that will help you eat your way to a glowing skill, even while on a bodybuilding plan.

5. Always Keep Your Skin Moisturized and Hydrated

It is advised that as a bodybuilder, using skin moisturizers and hydrating oils such as vitamin A and E skincare oils, cocoa butter, shea butter, Coconut oil, and olive oil on your biceps and shoulders is paramount. Also, applying these moisturizers to other body parts will help enhance your skin’s glowing properties and, as such, prevent you from having stretch marks while on a bodybuilding goal.

6. Maintain only Gradual Weight Gain or Loss

When it comes to weight loss or muscle gain, many workout regimens are designed to get you there as quickly as possible. However, stretch marks can be avoided by following a regimen that encourages gradual bodybuilding progress.

Allowing yourself to grow at a steady pace is the ideal practice while taking steroids to bulk up the muscles is a bad idea, and you must resist at all cost. Steroids can rapidly increase muscle mass, but they can also cause stretch marks because they prevent your skin from keeping up with your growth.

Bodybuilding stretch marks are caused by muscle growth exceeding the skin’s elasticity. As a result, it’s important to work toward building muscle tone gradually so that your skin has time to adjust to the growing muscles. Take it easy before you end up with a map of the world on your biceps (lol). However, it is essential to note that you’ll less likely get bodybuilding stretch marks on the biceps if you increase your muscle mass gradually by following a workout routine that promotes steady progress.

4 Bodybuilding Stretch Marks Removal Methods That Works

Bodybuilding stretch marks removal
Infographic: Bodybuilding stretch marks on biceps (Removal Methods)

The bodybuilding stretch marks removal methods have been asked countless numbers times on Reddit 2 and Quora forums 3 by disturbing members seeking for people’s opinion on how to treat stretch marks on biceps. Yet, more of the questions never stop surfacing as different solutions, and removal methods keep coming out by days.

While some bodybuilding stretch marks removals recommended on these forums work for some individuals, others do not. The best approach is to prevent bodybuilding stretch marks from coming out in the first place, but when it does, you may have to try out different removal options to get what works best with you.

When you find any bodybuilding stretch marks removal methods that work best for you, add them to your list for preventive measures. While you engage in bodybuilding exercises, you always watch those streak lines to make sure they never go beyond how you would want them to be.

Bodybuilding Stretch Marks Removal Methods That Works (for biceps, shoulders, arms, and thighs):

1. Use bodybuilding stretch marks cream

Most times, doctors may first recommend some bodybuilding stretch mark cream or gel after they have successfully diagnosed that you have bodybuilding stretch marks. Some persons start seeing significant improvement with this recommended cream or gel from the first two weeks, while others may take more time.

Some of the bodybuilding stretch marks creams recommended include:

  • Alphastria cream: Alphastria cream contains vitamin A, allantoin, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and dexpanthenol. Combining these ingredients helps stimulate collagen production in your body and hence prevents the rebuilds of stretch marks.
  • Trofolastin cream: Trofolastin cream is another bodybuilding stretch marks removal cream that works. It contains some extracts of Gotu kola (also known as Centella Asiatica.) Aside from collagen production, Centella Asiatica also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent for conditions like eczema and many other skincare needs.

    A 2015 Research study 4 has it that both trofolastin and alphastria cream showed evident results in the topical management of striae distensae (stretch marks); therefore it has been recommended safe for use by dermatologists. Check-in with your doctor to know which works for you and seek their recommendation.

    Where to buy Trofolastin cream and Alphastria cream?

    You can buy Trofolastin cream and Alphastria cream from any good pharmacy store near you or even order online from Amazon and other trusted online retail stores like eBay, Best Buy, and Walmart.

    Get Trofolastin from Amazon Prime here (Only a few left in stock)

  • StriVectin Anti-Wrinkle SD: The StriVectin anti-wrinkle SD is an advanced PLUS Intensive Moisturizing Concentrate for Wrinkles and Stretch Marks. StriVectin producers claim that their stretch mark removal cream targets 10 types of skin-boosting collagen that have proven to help fade the appearance of any stretch marks in four weeks while also reducing wrinkles in the face within 2weeks of proper application.

    With over 5,000 plus positive reviews and 1,000 plus average 5 star Amazon reviews, it has proven very effective for bodybuilding stretch marks removal. It can be used as your better alternative for Trofolastin and Alphastria creams.

    Where to buy StriVectin Anti-Wrinkle SD?

    The Strivectin for stretch mark removal is also found on Amazon Prime, Walmart, and eBay, but you can alternatively purchase from your local pharmacy stores.

    Get StriVectin anti-wrinkle SD from Amazon Prime here

  • Topical gels: According to a 2013 study 5, it proved that topical gels increases collagen levels and help lower melanin levels in stretch marks and as such can be applied for the removal of stretch marks on bicep caused by rapid bodybuilding.

2. Use a Dermaroller

A dermaroller is a skincare tool with a handle on one end and a roller with lots of tiny, fine needles on its surface on the other end. It is used to rejuvenate skin, treat acne scarring, and slow down aging. The act of using a derma roller is called dermarolling or micro-needling. Dermatologists have confirmed that dermarolling is an effective non-invasive skin treatment method that helps stimulate collagen production and hence helps treat bodybuilding stretch marks.

How does Dermarolling work for stretch marks removal on biceps?

The tiny, fine needles on the dermaroller puncture the skin as it is rolled over the stretch marks on your bicep.

 As the device is rolled over the skin, it creates small, superficial holes in the form of minor wounds (you can call it a controlled skin injury), which are made in the skin by the needles.

This mild puncturing process causes superficial bleeding on your skin, which helps the body to self-heal by forming new blood vessels and collagen creation. When collagens are created, it helps diminish the appearance of stretch marks on your biceps caused by excessive body building.

For optimal results, repeat the dermarolling process every 2 weeks or less. Do not forget to apply essential oils on puncture skin every day until your next round of micro-needling for finer skin rejuvenation.

Where can you Buy a Dermaroller?

You can get your Dermaroller on Amazon Prime here

Please note: If you don’t already have the Vitamin C Serum, consider adding the TruSkin Vitamin C Serum – it contains a complete mixture of Vitamin E & C, Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Aloe Vera, and Jojoba Oil that you can apply after using dermaroller.

3. Go for Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) Injection

Dermatological surgery made it possible for Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection. A Comparative Study by Ibrahim, Samia A. MD; Gamil, Hend D. MD; Albalat, Waleed MD; Ebrahim, and Howyda M. MD 6 confirms that the injection of platelet-rich plasma can help rebuild collagen which in turn lessen the appearance of bodybuilding stretch marks. The study also confirms that having PRP injection is more effective than tretinoin in treating stretch marks.

4. Consider Laser therapy

Dermatologists employ laser treatment to repair and regenerate skin cells. Although this is often expensive, just as with PRP injection, it has been shown to work overtime for many people. It helps reduce the appearance of bodybuilding stretch marks with time when done completely and makes them less obvious to the sight. Please note that complete laser therapy may require up to twenty sessions spread across many weeks, so you should be prepared while you embark on this bodybuilding stretch marks removal method.

When to see your doctor about bodybuilding stretch marks on biceps (Wrapping up)

Bodybuilding stretch marks on biceps – Video from Health and Beauty

Most times, skin reactions may cause stretch marks on your biceps. So when you are unsure of what prompted the stretch marks and are not on any bodybuilding plan for weight gain or weight loss, please discuss with your doctor for professional advice.

Also, feel free to talk with your mental health specialist if you keep getting depressed with the stretch marks on your skin. It is necessary to get the best medical attention from an expert.

Please, corticosteroid creams, pills, and lotion should be avoided as they can reduce your skin’s elasticity. If you have already bought some of the oils for the treatment, it would be nice to show them to your doctor even before use.

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