5 best sex positions when you have endometriosis

5 Best Sex Positions When You Have Endometriosis

Sex is meant to be fun and enjoyed, but when you have Endometriosis, it can be painful, and your symptoms can make it difficult to get in the mood.

But that doesn’t mean you do not want it sometimes, which is why it’s important to keep in mind that there are some best sex positions when you have Endometriosis that work better than others.

Endometriosis occurs when endometrial cells (cells similar to the uterine lining) grow outside the uterus. Most people know that it can cause painful cramps during the menstrual period, although its effects don’t stop there.

sex positions for endometriosis patients
sex positions for endometriosis patients

Many women undergo chronic pain and tiredness regardless of the time of the month, and for some women, sexual intercourse can heighten this pain.

That is because penetration can push and pull any tissue growth located behind the vagina and lower uterus.

Keep reading to find out the meaning of Endometriosis and the best sex positions when you have Endometriosis.

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Endometriosis is a medical condition in which the “endometrium,” or cells that generally make up the uterine lining, begin to proliferate outside the uterus. The fallopian tubes, pelvic tissue, and ovaries are the areas that are commonly affected by Endometriosis.

Endometrial cells can virtually grow anywhere, including the bladder, bowel, and intestines.


If this tissue grows in between the vagina or behind the vagina and the front of the rectum, penetration and other intimate movements can expand or pull it, resulting in painful sex, which is medically known as dyspareunia.

In addition to painful sex, other common endometriosis symptoms include pelvic pain, excessive bleeding both during and between periods, severe menstrual cramps, and fatigue.

The symptoms of this condition can differ from person to person, like many other medical conditions, and treatments will also vary accordingly.

However, experimenting with different sex positions, especially gentle and not overly aggressive or intense sex positions, may relieve those who consistently experience pain during and after sexual intercourse.

Before we list the best sex positions when you have Endometriosis, let’s first discuss how Endometriosis can affect sex life.

How Can Endometriosis Affect Your Sex Life?

Even while Endometriosis is a painful condition on its own, sexual intercourse often makes it worse. The tissue growth behind the vagina and lower uterus caused by Endometriosis can be pushed and pulled by penetration.

Here are some of the common scenarios you could experience when attempting to have sex while dealing with Endometriosis:

1. Pelvic pain during sex

Over 50% of women with Endometriosis complain of some endometriosis pain during sex, and pelvic pain is one of the main concerns.

Sexual intercourse can be painful, especially when deep penetration and the tissues behind the vagina and lower part of the uterus are pulled and stretched.

2. Vaginal dryness

Because of vaginal dryness or a lack of lubrication, some women experience pain during intercourse.

Adding lubrication to your sex life can be very beneficial if you have Endometriosis (it can also improve fertility).

Vaginal dryness can be caused by hormonal treatments taken to reduce endometriosis symptoms or other surgeries like ovary excision.

Any decrease in estrogen level in the blood can cause vaginal dryness, resulting in pain during sex.

3. Emotional pain

Emotional issues are common in women with Endometriosis. Because of their sexual difficulties, they may feel inadequate, frustrated, or depressed.

Best Sex Positions When You Have Endometriosis

Everyone believes that sex should be enjoyed, but experiencing pain whenever you do it can be frustrating.

best sex positions when you have endometriosis
best sex positions when you have endometriosis

Below are some of the best sex positions when you have Endometriosis.

1. Cowgirl

One of the best sex positions when you have Endometriosis is the cowgirl sex position. Enjoy less pain during sex by controlling the rhythm and the penetration depth using the cowgirl sex position.

– How To Do It

Make your partner lie down in bed and lie on top of them. Change the position by placing your leg more straight than bent while leaning your torso forward. It will ensure shallow penetration while stimulating the clitoris.

Additionally, place hard pillows beneath each of your knees to lessen your bouncing and ease any pain that may be present. It’s essential to use a water-based lubricant to make everything more comfortable, so try to keep some close.

2. Reverse cowgirl

The reverse cowgirl position is one of the best sex positions when you have Endometriosis. It is an alteration of the cowgirl position.

Reverse cowgirl is a suitable sex position for people who have Endometriosis because it gives the person on top control over rhythm, pace, and, most importantly, depth of penetration.

– How To Do It

Instead of looking forward, like in a cowgirl position, the person receiving penetration is seated on top of their partner and facing either backward or towards their partner’s feet.

3. Spooning

Spooning is also one of the best sex positions when you have Endometriosis. Many people consider spooning to be the laziest sex position. However, for women with Endometriosis, it’s a great sex position to reduce pain.

– How To Do It

Both partners will lie in a cuddling position. The woman lies in front, and her partner cuddles her from behind.

4. Lotus

The lotus position, known as one of the most intimate sex positions, is also one of the best sex positions when you have Endometriosis. It has a wide range of variations and is accessible and adaptable for any partner.

– How To Do It

In the lotus position, one partner sits cross-legged and straddles the other. It seems difficult, but it isn’t.

Due to proximity and face-to-face positioning, partners can deepen their intimacy through other means, such as eye contact and kissing, rather than deep penetration.

5. Modified Doggy Style Sex

Doggie style is not a sex position for those with Endometriosis due to the deep penetration. However, there is still a way to enjoy all the benefits of the doggie style without having to experience pain.

– How To Do It

You will lie flat on your belly instead of your knees and hands. Then your partner will lie on top of you and enter you from behind.

Compared to the traditional doggie style, penetration is much more shallow in this position. It is also a very intimate and pleasurable position for you both.

What Are Other Alternatives To Enjoy Pain-free Sex?

There are several alternatives to reduce your pain and have pain-free sex. Try one or all of these alternative tips to keep the pleasure in your sex life.

1. Use toys

Sex toys and other arousing alternatives to penetration can enhance intimacy without causing more pain. Endometriosis may be a factor in your sexual life, but it doesn’t have to define your intimacy. Sex toys are a great way to increase sexual pleasure.

2. Use lubricant

Lubrication can help make your sex life more pleasurable. Lubrication is essential for getting your body ready for penetration. It decreases the friction of penetration and helps maintain the vaginal lining during intercourse.

Since Endometriosis can result in increased vaginal dryness, using a silicone or water-based lubricant for your sexual activities can make a significant difference.

3. Find the appropriate rhythm

Deep penetration and quick thrusting can worsen Endometriosis, so finding the proper rhythm is essential to help you feel less pain during sex.

Communicating with your partner and using positions that provide a gentle angle of penetration is also important. Work together to find a slow and soothing rhythm that doesn’t worsen the pain.

4. Take a pain reliever

A pain reliever like ibuprofen or aspirin can help reduce pain during and after sex. Pain relievers do not only help with headaches but also help to reduce inflammation, which lessens any discomfort or pain you may feel.

Endometriosis symptoms might differ from woman to woman, and not all women with Endometriosis feel pain during or after intercourse.

However, if you have Endometriosis and feel pain during sex, try putting any or all of these tips into practice to help restore pleasure to your sex life.

Final Note

Endometriosis can negatively impact your sexual life, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Discussing with your partner about having Endometriosis and its effect on your sexual desire and pleasure is key to an honest and open relationship.

Sex is supposed to be fun and enjoyed between you and your partner; always tell your partner whatever sexual positions make you uncomfortable. Do not feel pressured to perform painful positions.

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