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Health Conditions

Causes and remedies of swollen feet

INTRO Shoes! One of the essential pieces of an outfit, Yeah, everyone has something beautiful to say when your shoe game is on point! But, and, a big BUT, they can be a bother sometimes, especially when they are bugging...

7 essential oils for warts (USAGE)

If you are among the individuals who have had warts, you're going to understand the discomfort of getting them. Warts are also one of the health challenges that face both the young and old. While common warts are usually benign,...

Are you going through stress? Stress Management Tips

Are you going through stress? Or You know someone who is undergoing severe stress right now. You shouldn't stress yourself further by thinking much. Here are stress management techniques you should observe to ease off! But first, let's know...

Natural remedies for cold and flu

The use of natural remedies to treat cold and the flu is becoming a widely accepted practice. Are you down and miserable because of a cold? Or the flu is making a plaything out of you. Here are some...

Health challenges common to Children, Adults, Elderly

Life is full of so many problems and challenges. Health challenges can be seen as a state in which one is unable to function normally and without pain. Before we dig deep, lets first have detailed definitions of terms: What does...
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MindInsole Reviews: Is the Mindinsole Shoe inserts worth the hype?

Mindinsoles reviews: We all encounter body pain at some point in our lives. Pain is the body's reaction to...
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