how to fake a fever without getting caught

How To Fake A Fever Without Getting Caught (New Way To Do It In 2023)

What could be the perfect way to miss a class or take a break from work? It’s by faking a fever. However, if you don’t know how to fake a fever, this post is definitely for you.

Faking a fever is quite common for students or kids who want to take a day or two off and spend some time with themselves. You want to convince your parents that you are ill so they will grant you the day off from school, or if you need to leave work early but can’t inform your boss without getting in trouble.

There are several ways to fake a fever for whatever reason, and this article will teach you how to fake a fever quickly and smartly without getting caught.

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Why You May Want To Fake A Fever

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There are numerous reasons you may want to fake a fever; in fact, this is not only done by  Children, but some adults with specific intentions also do it. The reasons why you may want to fake a fever include the following:

1. You may want to fake a fever to get a day off from school or high school.

2. To get a day off from work.

3. Sometimes, you will want to sit at home and avoid people when you’re in a bad mood.

There are a lot of reasons to fake a fever. You can never fake a fever usually, but you can always make people believe you do by acting like you have the symptoms of a fever.

How To Fake A Fever

There are various tricks and tips to fake a fever. However, using the tips effectively needs careful planning, effort, and consistency. The essential thing is not to overdo it because doing so could cause you actual harm or cause your loved ones unnecessary worries.

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Flu, sore throat, cold, etc., are all symptoms of bacterial or viral infections. Fever is a rise in body temperature due to your body’s reaction to these symptoms. The average human body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit).

You get a fever when your body temperature rises above this. A fever may be uncomfortable, but it is often not a cause for worry unless it reaches 39.4 °C (102.92 °F) or higher. Now that you understand how a real fever occurs read on to see how you can fake a fever to get out of a situation.

9 Best Ways To Fake A Fever

You can fake a fever using various techniques without actually being ill. Here are a few methods for you to try out when faking a fever:

1. Fake a Fever with Onions

Using onions is one of the best ways to fake a fever. Onion is a well-known element that can raise body temperature.

How to Fake a Fever with Onion

  • Cut 2 slices of onion, leaving the middle parts intact.
  • Place one slice in each armpit (left and right).
  • Sleep with the slices in your armpits till the following day. Your body temperature will increase when you wake up in the morning.

Because the armpits have a thin membrane, the chemical compounds found in onions, such as sulfine, alliin, and isoalliin, seep into your skin and enter your bloodstream. When the thin skin membrane of your armpit is exposed to onion juice, it causes local inflammation that the body fights by increasing body temperature. Additionally, onions contain pesticides and irritants, which can increase body temperature.

2. Fake a Fever with Garlic

The second way to fake a fever is by using garlic. It is the easiest and most commonly used method to increase body temperature, like an onion.

How to Fake a Fever with Garlic

All you need for this method is garlic cloves or minced garlic.

  • To use raw garlic, you must cut it in half vertically.
  • If you’re using minced garlic, a spoonful of it will do.
  • The next step is to put minced garlic or garlic under your armpits for at least 6 to 7 hours.

Applying garlic overnight will increase your body temperature when you wake up, just like the onion method.

3. Fake a Fever with Blanket

This method may be something you’ve heard of before. It is one of the simplest and least complicated methods to fake a fever.

How to Fake a Fever with Blanket

  • You need two or three blankets; however, you can add more if convenient.
  • Cover your body as much as possible with the blankets while sleeping at night to make your body sweat. That will increase your body temperature.
  • Furthermore, avoiding switching on the fan is best even if you feel warm. But be careful not to suffocate. Besides this, Remember to take out all the additional blankets in the morning so you don’t get caught.

4. Fake Fever Using Hot Water

Another risk-free technique to increase the temperature is by using this method. All you need is a thermometer and hot water.

How to Fake a Fever with Hot Water

  • Get a cup of hot water.
  • Slide the thermometer’s tip into the hot water after you have set it on.
  • After that, take your body temperature. It makes it easier for you to increase the thermometer instantly.

5. Fake a Fever Using the thermometer-rubbing technique

This technique in our list will answer the question of how to fake a fever with an infrared thermometer. A digital thermometer is used during this process. It is one of the safest methods as it doesn’t involve your body, and this method is harmless.

By changing the thermometer’s reading, you can convince your parents that you have a fever.

How to Fake a Fever By Using the thermometer-rubbing

A thermometer and a technique to alter its temperature are all you need for this process.

  • The first step is to rub the thermometer on your clothes.
  • Turn on the thermometer and take the body temperature. It has been proven that continuous rubbing of a thermometer on cloth increases the thermometer’s temperature.

6. Fake a Fever By Eating Foods That Will Increase Your Temperature

Some foods can quickly increase your body temperature.

How to Fake a Fever By Eating Foods That Will Increase Your Temperature

  • Before the thermometer is placed in your mouth, start by consuming something hot, like a cup of tea or soup.
  • To get a higher reading, you can place a small quantity of the warm liquid in your mouth while placing the thermometer.
  • Avoid taking foods or beverages that are too hot because they may burn your mouth.
  • Eating hot, spicy foods like harissa, jalapenos, peppers, and chilies can also increase your temperature.

7. Fake a Fever With Exercise

You may find this strange, but it is possible to fake a fever after working out.

How To Fake A Fever With Exercise

  • After exercising, all you need to do is hide beneath a blanket. This strategy will increase your body temperature.

8. Fake a Fever By Vomiting

Sometimes the only symptom of a fever is an increase in body temperature. If you want to prove more than being ill, you can also fake vomiting.

How To Fake A Fever With Vomiting

  • Enter your restroom and try vomiting while leaving the door open. That will convince your parents that you are ill, and they will agree to let you take the day off.

However, avoid doing anything to the point where you end up in the hospital.

9 Fake a Fever By Heating Your Forehead

Heating Your forehead is another effective method to fake a fever because when you tell someone you have a fever, they instinctively touch your forehead.

How To Fake a Fever By Heating Your Forehead

  • Carefully pour hot water over a cloth, place it on your forehead, and leave it there for three to five minutes.
  • You can also place a hot water bottle or heating pad against your forehead as an alternative.
  •  Ensure a towel is placed between your head and the heating pad to avoid burning yourself.


Now that you know all about how to fake a fever. It is not wise or advisable to fake a fever. However, this article does not advise you to fake a fever. It is just for informational purposes so parents can know when their children fake a fever.

This information is also vital so that kids will know their parents are aware of their actions and stop doing them.

As a child, It is best to be open and honest with your parents or others close to you if you need a break from school instead of faking a fever, which might cause your parents trouble.

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