Nursing Grants, Nursing Scholarships

Nursing Grants and Scholarships for Nurses

Nursing grants and nursing scholarships are really of great help to financially incapable students. Being in a medical profession requires obligation and compassionate feeling towards the indigent who require medical help. In this day and age, this line of work is not limited to only females, and now males are also taking up this field as seriously as important so that they can attain a good job in the medical field. To back their studies, numerous private and public institutions have risen and are now working to support candidates to study further in medicine by offering nursing grants and nursing scholarships.

Studying in the medical field is not as easy as it may be; it does not only require being dedicated and always being ready to study hard and learn, it also requires money. Many individuals have the dreams of becoming a professional in the medical field one day; they have all it takes and the necessary potential to thrive and exceed in this field; however, not many of them have the capability to be able to sponsor themselves through these schools.

To support their studies, these students often look for a way to be able to continue their studies. They always search for organizations that grant scholarships to candidates who are looking to be professional and a successful nurse in the nearer future.

Owing to the fact that this area in the medical field is important, just like any other field, there are many governments as well as Non-profit organizations that have been established to assist these candidates by providing grants to applicants who have completed their bachelor’s degree (BSC) and further wants to forge ahead to attain more knowledge in their chosen field by doing Master’s in medicine.

While this measure is brought about to help these individuals in furthering their career path, to better simmer down the number of applicants and also to get to select the best candidates, there are some eligibility criteria which was put it a place to be followed by each hopeful candidate to be able to apply and get these grants.

Nursing is a highly esteemed job for every gender to assist the indigent in need of medical aid. The symmetry of males taking up nursing as a career has amplified over females choosing something really akin. Tragically, to have the adjunct fill in as a medical worker, one must get tutored for the equal, yet the education system is genuinely expensive. In this way, medical caregivers (nursing grants) are available to assist the lesser lucky nursing candidates in achieving their dream of finishing advanced studies.

Out of the many nursing grants that are in existence, numerous are being sponsored by governments while others are being granted by privately owned like the scholarship being granted by top American website that provides health information, Healthline, owned Red Ventures.

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There are many other nursing scholarships that can be applied to. However, we suggest that you apply for all the nursing grants that are easily accessible to you to ensure that you have speedier and better outcomes.

As you may have known or may have not, scholarships for nursing schools are usually awarded major on the specialty of an applicant in the profession. Candidates hopeful of getting the nursing grants are also required to meet the standards (e.g., academic requirements) set by the bodies awarding the nursing grants before they can be considered qualified for specific nursing scholarships.

While not all of these nursing grants focus on attracting both males and females into the field, there are many that focus on attracting applications from both women and men and are extended to both undergraduates and graduates students.

Governments and charitable organizations give scholarships to students who want to further their education they could not because of finance, schools, companies, and individuals also offer these grants.

Nursing Grants, Nursing Scholarships
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Following are some best scholarship options to apply for in 2022;

Nursing Grants and Scholarships for Nursing Students

Nurse Corps Scholarship Program

Candidate: Full-time nursing students who commit to at least two years of service at a Critical Shortage Facility.

Full Information/Application:

Amount: Full tuition and other schooling costs.

NLN Nursing Education Scholarship Award

Candidate: Master’s or doctoral students enrolled in accredited programs who have completed at least one full year of study.

Full Information/Application: NLN Nursing Education Scholarship Award

Amount: $8,000 (maximum)

Lighting the Way for Nursing Scholarship

Candidate: An LPN/LVN currently working in post-acute or long-term care and seeking a BSN or higher degree.

Full Information/Application: Lighting the Way for Nursing Scholarship

Amount: $5,000

2022 Healthline Stronger Scholarship

Trusted American health information provider, Healthline, owned by Red Ventures, is partnering with The Nature Conservancy to grant four students working at the intersection of health and climate change.

Full Information/Application: Healthline Stronger Scholarship

Amount: $5,000

AfterCollege/AACN Nursing Scholarship Program

Candidate: This nursing scholarship is open for students enrolled in an AACN member institution and is a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree in nursing. Special consideration is given to graduate program students who have the aim of becoming a nurse educator, finishing an RN-to-BSN or MSN program, and students enrolled in an accelerated nursing program.

Full Information/Application: AfterCollege/AACN Nursing Scholarship Program

Amount: $2,500

American Indian Nurse Scholarship Awards

Candidate: Nursing students of Native American descent with the goal of pursuing a career attending Native American healthcare needs.

Full Information/Application: American Indian Nurse Scholarship Awards

Amount: $1,500

Bethesda Lutheran Communities Lutheran Student Scholastic & Service Scholarship

Candidate: Students of Lutheran with a minimum of 3.0 GPA and is in pursuance of an undergraduate degree in any area of service to individuals with developmental disabilities.

Full Information/Application: Bethesda Lutheran Communities Lutheran Student Scholastic & Service Scholarship

Amount: $3,000

Deborah E. Trautman Future Nurse Leader Scholarship

Candidate: Graduate Nursing students who are graduates and have the desire to attain leadership positions in academic nursing.

Full Information/Application: Deborah E. Trautman Future Nurse Leader Scholarship

Amount: $3,500

Hurst Review/AACN Nursing Scholarship

Candidate: Nursing students with at least a 3.2 GPA and are enrolled at an AACN member institution.

Full Information/Application: Hurst Review/AACN Nursing Scholarship

Amount: $2,500

Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) Scholarships

Candidate: Students of Hispanic descent studying full-time and are enrolled in or accepted to undergraduate or graduate colleges or universities.

Full Information/Application: Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) Scholarships

Amount: $500-$5,000

Please NOTE that these nursing scholarships are still open as of the time of compiling this list, and depending on when you are reading this, the application may still be ongoing, or the application may. If your case is of the latter, you may have to search for other available nursing grants or wait till the following year to apply. Subscribe to our push notifications to be among those who get notified early about nursing scholarships.

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