How to Get Rid of a Double Chin Without Surgery

How to Get Rid of a Double Chin Without Surgery (9 New Research)

A double chin, also code-named submental fat, is a loss of definition of the jawbone or soft tissue under the chin. In this article, we will be discussing what causes a double chin and how to get rid of a double chin without surgery.

What is the Cause of a Double Chin?

How to Get Rid of a Double Chin Without Surgery
Before and After getting rid of double Chin without surgery

There are two probable causes why a person may have a double chin. These two causes include being an overweight and bony deficiency. The causes are differentiated below;

Commonly in overweight people, the layer of subcutaneous fat around the neck sags down and makes a wrinkle, producing the appearance of a second chin. This fat pad is at times surgically removed and the corresponding muscles under the jaw shortened (hyoid lift).

Some other reason a person might have a double chin can be a bony deficiency which is commonly seen in people of average weight. When the mandible and, by extension, the maxilla bones don’t project forward enough, the chin, in turn, will not project forward sufficient to allow the sense of a specified jawline and chin.

In spite of the low amounts of fat in the area, it can appear like the chin is melting into the neck. The extent of this deficiency can vary drastically and usually has to be treated surgically.

With genioplasty alone, the aesthetics deficit in some patients can be defeated. In others, the lack of forwarding growth might warrant orthognathic surgery to move one or two jaws forward. Early maxillomandibular advancement is usually the only causal treatment necessary to preserve average life expectancy if the patient suffers from sleep apnea. 1

How to Get Rid of Double Chin Without Surgery

While surgery may seem like one of the fastest ways to get rid of a double chin, not many can afford to pay to get one. According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery report, double chin surgery costs between $1,200 and $12,700 — depending on the approach by the surgeon.

There are diverse ways to get rid of a double chin; however, this article will discuss several methods of removing a double chin without undergoing any surgery.

They are non-invasive, non-surgical procedures that come with little to no risk. These procedures are more suitable for persons who might not otherwise seek out cosmetic treatments.

They include:

  1. kybella
  2. coolSculpting
  3. hydrolipoclasy
  4. coolMini
  5. exercises,
  6. diet.

Kybella Method

Kybella is a cosmetic injectable that was invented to treat “submental fat.” It is the first injectable designed to contour away from the dreaded double chin. The method is also one of the best substitutes for liposuction or surgery, with minimal pain and post-operative bruising and swelling.

Kybella is the product name for deoxycholic acid (cholanoic acid), also a bile acid. Deoxycholic acid is one of the secondary bile acids, which are metabolic byproducts of intestinal bacteria. The two primary bile acids secreted by the liver are cholic acid and chenodeoxycholic acid.

Frequently, sodium deoxycholate, the sodium salt of deoxycholic acid, is used as a biological detergent to lyse cells and solubilize cellular and membrane components. When mixed with phosphatidylcholine, Sodium deoxycholate is used in mesotherapy injections to produce lipolysis. It has also been used as a substitute for surgical excision in the treatment of lipomas. 2

Produced by Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, Kybella helps destroy fat cells in targeted locations when injected into submental fat. The cellular debris, which is the dissolved fat, gets cleared into specialized immunologic cells’ lymphatic and circulatory systems. This slowly takes place over the span of several weeks. As for deoxycholic acid follows the same path; it gets metabolized and broken down and then excreted as waste.

In the early 2000s, researchers at UCLA discovered that the fat breakdown caused by PC/DA (a combination of phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholic acid) was actually due to the deoxycholic acid—the active ingredient in Kybella.

In the United States, Kybella is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for reducing moderate-to-severe fat below the chin.

Kybella is a lasting fix to a double chin as the fat cells, once destroyed, will no longer store or accumulate fat. Once the desired goals are accomplished, a patient shouldn’t require any additional treatment.

For the cost of getting a Kybella injection, pricing varies from patient to patient since each Kybella treatment plan is unique. The number of regimens a patient will require will play a vital role in the total cost.

Only 1-2 treatments are generally necessary to reduce a double chin. Suggestions are that receiving three to four treatments spaced eight to twelve weeks apart is better.

If you have average to fuller fat under your chin, you may be a great candidate for Kybella. Often, the treatment is recommended to patients who lead a healthy lifestyle yet can’t get rid of stubborn chin fat.

Finally, it is worth noting that Kybella is not a weight-loss treatment, so it’s not a good fit if the primary objective is to lose weight.

CoolSculpting Method

Another non-surgical body contouring procedure to remove a double chin is CoolSculpting. The device uses cryolipolysis to eliminate unwanted fat.

Based upon the presumption that fat cells have higher chances of getting damaged easily by cooling than skin cells (e.g., popsicle panniculitis), cryolipolysis was created to apply low temperatures to tissue via thermal conduction.

The non-invasive applicator delivers controlled cooling within the temperature range of −11 to +5 °C (+12.2 to +41 °F) to the skin’s surface to freeze fat cells under the chin to the point of destruction. The level of subjection to cooling brings about cell death of hypodermic fat tissue without evident damage to the overlying skin. It appears predominantly applicable to limited discrete fat bulges.

While the process is not entirely known, it seems that fatty tissue that is cooled below body temperature but above freezing go through localized cell death (“apoptosis”) afterward, a local inflammatory response that slowly bring about depletion of the fatty tissue layer — over the course of many months. A definite temperature level and exposure are determined to avoid frostbite, such as 45 minutes at −10 °C (14 °F).

According to Wikipaedia, once the fat cells have been torn down, they are constantly broken down and removed from the body by the liver. Undesirable effects include bruising, numbness of the skin, and transient local redness, which are the usual side effects of the method, and the effects are expected to subside. Usually, sensory deficits will reduce within a month. The impact on peripheral nerves was investigated and failed to show permanent detrimental results. 3

The average cost for a single treatment varies depending on where you are based. Price in the US spans $750 and $1,500, with UK prices about £750 per area to be treated.

In the United States, the CoolSculpting method is FDA-cleared to treat visible fat bulges in the submental area, thigh, banana rolls, fat underneath the buttocks and upper arm. The procedure is also FDA-cleared for use on submental area treatments.

Hidrolipoclasy Method

Hidrolipoclasy is a procedure that involves injecting a hypotonic solution into an area of fat and then subjecting it to ultrasound waves for 15 minutes, benefiting from the cavitation effect that it has.

The treatment, usually carried out with very thin needles, can be associated with lipolytic substances as the liquid is injected deeply, directly into the adipose tissue. As adipose tissue has little enervation, it is painless or practically painless (depending on each patient’s tolerance). Then ultrasound for aesthetic purposes is applied during a lapse of time with the volume and the region injected.

This application is painless and almost pleasurable as a massage in circles is performed all over the treated area with the tip of the equipment, which emits the ultrasound waves (totally unnoticeable) and comfortable heat.

Although it is not a very well-known treatment, hidrolipoclasy has the effect of liposuction but is slower as it is performed weekly. After the treatment is completed, a lymphatic massage (manual or with equipment) is performed later to complete the treatment.

CoolMini Method

The manufacturers of CoolSculpting have designed different handpieces to optimize results with the CoolSculpting machine, depending on the body part being treated.

The CoolMini is one of the many applicators available for the CoolSculpting main machine. It is specifically designed to reduce chin fat more comfortably and efficiently than their other handpieces. It is applied to small pockets of fat, primarily double chin and other areas such as armpit fat or knee fat.

As regards the cost and number of treatments, cost varies greatly depending on the area of the country in which you reside, who is performing the treatment, experience, and discounts offered. Your provider is perfect for determining the cost per cycle and how many processes you will need depending on the size and fat in the area. On average most people that do the CoolMini for the double chin get 2-3 cycles.

Using exercises

Although there’s no scientific proof that doing chin exercises can help you get rid of your droopy jaw, there’s anecdotal proof.

HealthWeakness has researched and streamlined some exercises with the possibility to help tighten and tone the muscles and skin in your double chin. They include tongue stretch, pucker up, neck stretch, straight jaw jut, bottom jaw jut, and ball exercise.

For how to do each of these exercises, several fitness channels on YouTube will help you effectively carry these exercises.


Let’s not forget that what we take in an individual is what affects our body. Unhealthy eating can cause many problems to one’s body, including the possibility of having a double chin.

If your double chin results from weight gain due to unhealthy eating habits, losing weight by eating healthy and carrying out daily exercises may make a significant change in getting rid of it.

To help achieve this, we put together some healthy eating guidelines you should cultivate; they include;

  • eating four servings of vegetables and three servings of fruits — all of which are recommended to you daily.
  • Avoiding processed foods,
  • replacing refined grains with whole grains,
  • eating lean protein (e.g., poultry and fish), healthy fats (e.g., such as olive oil, avocados, and nuts),
  • low-fat dairy products, and reducing your sugar intake will also help you in achieving your goals. Practicing portion control is also very necessary.

To promote weight loss, doing a moderate physical activity of about 45 minutes daily and up to 300 minutes per week is recommended. Strength training twice a week is also suggested. 4

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Takeaway (How to Get Rid of a Double Chin Without Surgery)

There are few similarities between the treatments. Each treatment can dramatically improve the chin area, eliminating excess fat to leave behind a smooth, defined jawline. They are also non-surgical and require no anesthesia or downtime.

While progressions are feasible after a single treatment, most patients will need to undergo a series of treatments with both options.

Because both methods have unique advantages, side effects, and the ability to target fat, your dermatologist should evaluate the unwanted fat to determine which treatment is best for your individual needs and downtime.

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