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How to use essential oils for pink eyes: showing 3 overall best oils

So you wake up to a swollen and encrusted eye. Likely conclusion is you may have a case of a pink eye. It may take time and a ride to your doctor to relieve the symptoms. Using essential oils for pink eye, though, can help clear the infection or hold the symptoms at bay until you obtain further medical treatment.

In the meantime, you have to call in sick to any appointments you have, because you don’t want to spread the virus. This article talks about, pink eye, its symptoms, essential oils, usage of essential oils and the advantages of essential oils for pink eye.

It is noteworthy that you should not place essential oils around the eyes or directly on them.

Definition of a pink eye

Pink eye is also known as conjunctivitis. Pink eye is the infection or inflammation in the conjunctiva: which is the clear tissue lining inside of the eyelid, and covering the white of the eyes.

It is one of the conditions that affect children and adults most of the time. The most common cause of pink eye is a Virus. Bacteria, allergens, and irritants are other possible causes.

The length of time you are infectious depends on the type. In about ten days, the infection may eventually clear away on its own, although the symptoms may continue for more than a month.

Usually, it is a mild infection without the need for professional treatment. But you will want help as soon as possible while you suffer from it.

Symptoms of pink eye

  • Sand or gravel sensation
  • Discharge that varies in colour, like yellow, red, grey, or white
  • Swelling of the white of the eye
  • Crust forms on your eyelids and lashes
  • Anyone is at risk of developing a pink eye. Often the trigger does not matter except how you handle it.

Definition of Essential oils

Essential oils are gotten using either pressure or steam by removing natural chemicals from certain plants. Such oils hold the fragrance of plants and medicinal substances. There is a high concentration of chemical compounds in essential oils, which provides them with more therapeutic potential than the plants themselves.

Properties that essential oils for pink eyes should possess

Essential oils used in the treatment of pink eyes should have the following properties;

When possible, please ensure that your oils are not synthetic or fake. It would be best if you chose USDA approved organic or third-party checked for purity.

Essential oils for pink eyes

Let’s look at some essential oils for pink eye that can provide you with some immediate relief from a pink eye

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil decreases redness and tissue inflammation in the eye. Lavender oil properties repel known viruses and bacteria that cause pink eyes. Additionally, it also helps to reduce pressure and serves as a pain reliever. And, it’s also a beautiful sleep aid.

How to use Lavender essential oil for pink eyes

Add a drop of lavender oil to your choice of carrier oil, e.g. olive oil, coconut oil e.t.c. Furthermore, add 3ml of distilled witch hazel and mix well in a spray bottle with approximately 30 ml of distilled water. Then, spray dilution 15 minutes before going to bed on bed linens.

Above all, when working with essential oils, always use glass bottles.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil over the centuries is used to destroy microbes and repel toxic viruses. It has strong properties of monoterpene that offer a broad range of benefits, such as stimulating the immune system, which provides the body with an extra boost while battling against the pink eye.

How to use Tea tree essential oil for pink eye

Combine four drops of essential oil from your tea tree into a carrier oil. Then rub the neck (front of the neck) with it. The oil will penetrate the body quickly and circulate towards the tissues of your eyes.

Helichrysum Oil

Helichrysum oil is also known for its immune system boosting properties. Redness, pain and swelling that often occur with the inflamed pink eye tissues reduced with the use of this oil.

Helichrysum oil has a potent compound of terpene that activates breathing mechanisms and elevates the spirits.
This oil’s scent is certainly one of a kind.

How to use Helichrysum essential oil for pink eyes

Put a drop of the oil directly on a clean cloth. Then, bring the fabric near you and bring it over the mouth and nose, always inhaling. You can also put in a diffuser a few drops and experience a session of aromatherapy.

What are the advantages of using essential oils for pink eyes?

The use of essential oils for pink eyes offers several benefits. Firstly, instead of conventional treatments, the growing concern of antibiotic resistance will not be increased by essential oils. They can help you manage your symptoms before you get to a doctor as well.

Secondly, essential oils are generally safe when used correctly with little or no side effects or reactions, so you may choose to use them in combination with any recommended medications by your doctor.

Ultimately, for a variety of ailments, ancient medicinal texts advocate their use. And most essential oils now have the support or confirmation of their claims through modern science.

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In conclusion

You can use any of these essential oils for a pink eye the next time you or a member of your family contracts it. The use of essential oils can help alleviate the symptoms and clear up the infection more quickly than you can shout back to work or school or any other activities!

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FAQs on Pink Eyes

What are the symptoms of pink eyes?

The symptoms of pink eyes include:
1. Sand or gravel sensation
2. Discharge that varies in colour, like yellow, red, grey, or white
3. Swelling of the white of the eye
4. Crust forms on your eyelids and lashes

What properties should essential oils for pink eyes possess?

Essential oils for pink eyes should possess the following properties:
1. Anti-viral properties
2. Anti-fungal properties
3. Anti-biotic properties
4. Anti-inflammatory properties.

What warnings are associated with the use of essential oils?

Two warnings are associated with the use of essential oils, they are:
1. You should never place essential oils directly in your eye or around them.
2. Always use bottles when working with essential oils

What are the best essential oil for pink eyes?

There are many Essential oils, but here are 7 best:
1. Lavender oil
2. Myrrh oil
3. Tea Tree oil
4. Clove oil
5. Roman Chamomile oil
6. Eucalyptus oil
7. Peppermint oil

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