NeckRelax Reviews for neck pain relief: Detailed Overview and consumer reports

So you’ve ever suffered neck pain severely that you feel like choking? And probably you might have seen several neckrelax reviews online and social networks but yet to take decisive measures on the best neck relax massager to purchase. This neck Relax reviews explain the causes of neck pain, prevention of neck pain and best way to use neckrelax massager for the treatment of pains around the neck and shoulder region.

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Introducing NECKRELAX MASSAGER (The Product) – A Proven HomeMade REMEDY for NECK PAIN treatment (Neckrelax reviews)

Reviewed By: Healthweakness staff


neckrelax review
Neckrelax reviews

Many of the world’s population suffer from neck pain; it can be very discomforting and can interrupt efficiency in our daily activities. So many remedies have been engaged as pain relief for neck pain. It’s somewhat sad that these remedies did not relieve the pain as wanted; even the widespread application of ice and specific stretch positions have done very little of the job. People have even taken to a massive intake of pain relief drugs, but these drugs have adverse effects in the long run due to the voluminous intake (Infact, WHO only recommend the intake of pain relief pills only on occasions where it can’t be avoided and otherwise prescribed by a physician).

People go as far as consulting the aid of physiotherapists but at what cost? A lot of people do not have enough to consult a physiotherapist or even go to a spar. People are faced with the problem of pain, discomfort, and little funding.

A solution would be of great help; a solution like the Neckrelax massager. A product with the “all round requirements” your neck deserves. It solves the problem of neck pain at a frighteningly affordable price and gives you the comfortable mind-blowing experience of a spar in the comfort of your home, offices and so many other accessible places of your choice. The neckrelax device will take you to the moon and back with its advanced technology coined to solve not just the problem of neck pain but also to leave you feeling refreshed and whole with adequate blood circulation.

What is the Neckrelax massager?

Neckrelax is an advanced tech massager with infra-red heat for muscle tissue penetration, electronic massage effect, and an ultrasound pulse impact.

The neck relax device helps in proper in-depth massage of the Neck, with its impact reaching the Neck’s muscles and tissues. This in-depth muscular outreach helps to lose the muscles to prevent stiffness; promote and maintain adequate blood circulation. The positive effect of NECKRELAX can not be exaggerated; its mind-blowing portability allows you to use it in any place of your choice.


The Neck Relax advanced but easy to use tech massager has a whole lot of advantage and benefits over other neck pain relief products. We shall sum-up the 7 core advantages and benefits of neckrelax massager later. But first, here are the 12 PROS of NeckRelax massager.

  1. The Neckrelax massager is affordable and can be purchased by anyone from any country of residence around the world apart from the few countries listed below this post.
  2. It has an immediate effect of relief on the applied region of the neck where the pain is being experienced.
  3. It is comfortable to use and gives a standard spar experience.
  4. It can be used anywhere of your choice regardless of what you are doing. Be it in the office, at home, during exercise and anywhere you dim it fit to relax the neck.
  5. The neckrelax massager cures neck pain without side effect and positions the neck bone virtually in other to prevent further neck damages.
  6. It can be used during your daily routine and task. That is to say, the neck relax massager allows you multitask.
  7. It does not require professional experience to operate it.
  8. It is a simple and easy-to-use technology with advanced functionality.
  9. When applied for the first time, it immediately stops escalation of neck pain into adverse body pain.
  10. It saves you a lot of money. You only spend small money onetime to purchase this machine and you reap the benefits for as long as you keep it safe from damage.
  11. The company offers a onetime sales promo with a 50% discount price of USD78.99. This is an added opportunity for new customers to leverage on the promo and acquire a lifetime neck pain reliever both for themselves and for the family.
  12. With the 30 days money-back or replacement guarantee as offered by the company – Prestige Alliance Limited, you can confidently purchase the neckrelax massager and if the product didn’t come as described, you return it back to the company and ask for a full refund or replacement in accordance to their terms of service.


  • Affordable: Neckrelax massager per our review is very much affordable compared to other pain relief products out there. So anyone can own the Neck relax massager, unlike so many neck pain relief products that something is traded for something; (for some, if it’s cheap is not good enough and if it’s good enough, it’s not cheap.) Neckrelax device is of high quality and very efficient to the solution of neck pain relief. The product is, even more, cheaper now with extra 50% onetime coupon discount price offered by the company. You can click here now to access your 50% discount on the go
  • Portable: The NeckRelax device looks like a headset and can be carried around; it is not heavy, and the size makes it even more portable. It is made up of plastic and a portable pad that makes it comfortable on the Neck and can be adjusted to fit the Neck just perfectly the way you would prefer it for easy relaxation.
  • Effectiveness: When you read further, you will see reviews and testimonies from happy consumers and customers who have used and are still using this product. The NeckRelax pain reliever is efficient in action, very functional and does the job of neck pain relief even better than you expect. The infrared heat enables an in-depth massage which helps to lose the tightened muscles and also regulates tissue treatment and replacement to already damaged tissues in the cervical region of the body.
  • No task interruption: The NeckRelax massager does not need any special attention when in use, therefore, it can be used while other activities are being performed. For example, the NeckRelax can be used even while in the gym, performing house chores, and even at the office while carrying out other essential tasks.
  • Instant report (Customer’s Testimony): The Neck relax massager has an instant pain relief effect when used. Within minutes of use, the pain disappears. The instant pain relief is due to the electric impulse it uses on the neck. Unlike most products and neck pain remedies, Neck relax does not take years, months, weeks, days, or even hours for its effect to manifest on the neck region where it is being used; instead, it takes just a few minutes into use for the neck pain to disappear.
  • Comfortable to wear: NeckRelax massager has the letter “C” liked shape; this enables the device to fit when worn on the Neck. It keeps you 100% comfortable when in use, and it posses two comforts granting pad that allows the Neck to relax very well while using the product. It is so comfortable and nerve relaxing and can make you sleep quickly after a very long day.
  • 30 DAYS MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE (Buy with confidence): As we explained earlier, if you are not positively excited with your NeckRelax after purchase, the company offers you a 30-day money-back or replacement guarantee on all your purchases upon return of the product. So with this assurance covered by the company, you have nothing to RISK trying out this amazing Neck Pain relief machine. After purchase and you fill satisfied, then you recommend to your friends – If you don’t like it, you return it back for a full refund of your money.

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neckrelax reviews


There are only but a few disadvantages of NeckRelax massager. These include:

  1. Not having a neckrelax massager at home is a self-acquired consequence you may live to regret as there are limited stock available.
  2. NeckRelax pain reliever is only recommended to adults from 18 years of age and above for health safety purposes. This thereby deny children from enjoying the wonderful benefits of this awesome neck pain killer.
  3. The sales marketing of NeckRelax massager is limited to certain countries around the world. Check the full lists of excluded countries in the FAQs tab here.

With every advantage comes a disadvantage but you can agree with me that NECKRELAX massager has more advantage over other related pain relieve devices than it has a disadvantage, this put the device at better positions than any other neck pain relief product.

Neckrelax Reviews (TECHNICAL OVERLOOK)

  • Hardware: NeckRelax massager is curved like a giant-sized blue tooth device and can also have a headset’s shape. It has a very comfortable double massage pad with a durable thermosetting outlet plastic. It is portable and comes with an extended cable.
  • Battery: It has a battery life of about seven (7) hours of constant use due to the inbuilt reliable triple-A dry cell battery. With Triple-A dry cell battery, the machine stays active for as long as 7hours before needing a recharge.
  • Flexibility: With the “C” shape and flexible allowance by the two sides of the NECKRELAX device makes it flexible enough to be adjusted into a comfortable position that would suit whoever is using it.
  • Padded Extensions: NECKRELAX DEVICE comes with two padded extensions which can be placed on any part of the body that you desire to massage. These extensions have sticky surfaces that can be mounted on any part of the body as well.
  • Advanced Ultrasound Technology: The device is made of ultrasound technology which generates a sound wave of high frequency. It uses the mechanism of vibration caused by sound waves which penetrate deep into the cervical tissues and help promote proper blood flow within the tissues, this in return delivers oxygen, disposes of worn-out tissues and relief pains in the Neck.
  • Electronic Pulse Technology: This induces little amount of electrical impulse through those extended pads with sticky surfaces, when placed on the body. The transfer pain signal to the brain through the spinal cord is interrupted by these generated electrical impulses.
  • Infrared Radiation Heat: The heat generated by infrared rays has an in-dept penetration into the skin and enables the adequate flow of oxygen and fast tissue repair, which helps to relieve pain in the Neck.
  • Operational Program: NECKRELAX massager has six programs that allow you to choose the intensity of the device impact; it is better described as control options. It enables you to set the device intensity that best suit you and the pain you feel.

    It is very portable and can be used anywhere, in offices, hotel rooms, at home, even during an exercise.


NeckRelax reviews

Neckrelax as a digital gadget that helps relax your neck muscle and relieves your neck region’s internal stress; the device has an operation mode, and the modes could be selected to suit the user. Different modes and intensity range from one to six (1 to 6) – this increases the infrared heat into your muscles and tissues to neutralize whatever causes the pains and afterwards relieves the pains.

Muscle pains could result from a lot of causes that we encounter in our daily activities. At times they could occur in our mode of posture. The pattern of taking a nap and sleeping during exercise and sports could lead to significant discomfort that could disrupt a lot of a person’s activity.
Common examples of these neck pains are degenerative disc disease, neck strain, osteoarthritis, cervical spondylosis, spinal stenosis, poor posture, neck injuries such as whiplash, a herniated disc, or a pinched nerve (cervical radiculopathy) and others. These pains come with several symptoms such as neck stiffness, slight and significant headache.

Infrared rays are substitutes for the regular massage we have been using (ointment and hot balm), but due to the slow reactions and effectiveness of the ointment, the infrared is a safer substitute with a minimal reaction to the body. The infrared heat should be targeted to the exact source of pain in the neck region.

The company has made the device to create room for adjustability, so the Neckrelax gadget could be adjusted to positions where the user feels the pain the most. This feature enhances the device work efficiency by ensuring that the infrared rays heat can target the pain source.

The intensity of the infrared’s heat can be increased and reduced according to the amount that the user feels relaxed in. This feature is enabled for adequate control of the device to avoid side effects from excessive exposure to infrared rays.

The neckrelax massager as reviewed also has a heat enabled sensor to record the amount of heat emission into your system and effectively regulates the heat for you to feel comfortable while it does the massage on your neck region.

This product also possesses a good and reliable battery life to accommodate the time frame for multiple massages. With the durable triple-A batteries, you can use it s as frequently as possible and not worry about the battery life when you need it at crucial moments.

It is very mobile and can be taken to any place and used conveniently at any given time.

The device have been reviewed appropriately by expert and have been designed to suit users perfectly and operated very quickly, and users don’t have to spend a lot of time learning to use this product as the product are very easy to operate.

It offers a wide range of services and has a good display. All instructions and words are boldly written and can be seen very quickly with the right colour enabled.

Most importantly, NECKRELAX massager is very affordable because of the use of lean engineering practices, and it is ensured that only the required features are enabled for the user and at great prices.

Who should purchase this device? (NeckRelax reviews)

The neckrelax tech massaging device can be used by all classes of individual from 18 years of age, and at the comfort of their choice. Be it a man or woman, public servant or a labourer, entrepreneur or an employed office worker can make use of this device to ease stress or stop the pain around the neck region.

NeckRelax massager should be kept out of the reach of children to avoid abuse. This product is not necessarily for only older people and people suffering from neck pain or any other chronic diseases; everyone can use it anytime to ease stress, which, In turn, stops pains in the Neck. It also increases blood flow, which is essential in every human’s system for proper function.


NeckRelax massager is sold at a very low price, hence it’s very affordable to all class of individuals. It is sold at USD157.99, but if you are just ordering for this device the first time, you can rush now and utilize the 50% discount promo of USD78.99 set for new customers this month.

Other effective neck pain relief products that performs same functions as the neckrelax massager cannot be sold at such amount, most are sold at a high price of about USD300 to almost half a thousand US Dollars.

Neck Relax Cost

NeckRelax massager also comes in 4 different packs. Each pack has its own set-out cost and the higher the pair of product in a pack, the lesser the price of purchase with an extra 50% discount added to the package. See table below for cost prices per pack.

1Pack 1 (Comprises of 1 single Neckrelax massager)$157.98$78.99This is the “SOLO NECK RELIEF PACK” and it’s for only you.
2Pack 2 (Comprises of 2 Neckrelax massager)$315.96$144.99This is the “COUPLE’S NECK PACK” – one is for the husband and the other is for the wife.
3Pack 3 (Comprises of 3 Neckrelax massager)$473.94$196.99This is the “MAXIMUM SOOTHING PACK” – the most ordered and the best recommended deal for a family of 3
4Pack 4 (Comprises of 4 Neckrelax massager)$631.92$254.99This is the “FULL HOUSE RELAXATION PACK” for the entire family. It is best fit for a complete house
The neckrelax cost table containing EXTRA discount offered by the company.

Also, every valuable and trusted product from a reputable company has to be sold with legal insurance that guarantees a consumer to place a “return and refund order” if such product fails to come in safe and sound as described. The NeckRelax massager comes in with a 30-day long money-back or product replacement guarantee. So feel like a king while placing a purchase on the company’s website as you have got absolutely nothing to RISK!

neckrelax reviews
Buy neckrelax massager With a 30days 100% money-back Guarantee

HOW TO BUY (NeckRelax Reviews)

Buying neckrelax massaging device is very easy. You can buy directly online from the company’s website or buy from retailers in your country.

Follow these 5 easy steps below to buy directly from the company’s online shop with an extra 50% discount waiting for you upon confirmation:

  1. STEP 1: Click here to visit the company’s online store and allow the system to confirm your 50% promo eligibility status.
  2. STEP 2: Select any of your preferred Order Quantity (In packs)
  3. STEP 3: Fill in your card details for payment. (Your private online banking details is highly protected and can only be seen by you)
  4. STEP 4: Fill in your personal information which should include the correct address you would want your order to be shipped to. If you make mistake in your information, you may find it difficult to clear your product from your postal office new you.
  5. STEP 5: When you have done everything from step 1 to 4 correctly, then click on “COMPLETE PURCHASE” to finalize and process your order.

Click on the button below to make a purchase from the company’s official store.

neckrelax reviews


So you’ve purchased your awesome neck pain relief device. It’s paramount that you know how to use it for an efficient result.

Learn how to use the Electric neckrelax massager in this 2 minutes video

NECKRELAX REVIEWS: Steps on how to use the neckrelax pain relief massager to treat Neck Pain:

  1. Place your Neck relax on your neck region and place those extended massage pads to areas within the upper back, and other parts of the body that has possibly been stressed and needs relief that you want to massage.
  2. The extended pads have a gel-like surface so they can stick to whatever part of the body you desire. Just use a clean damp towel to wet the surface on which the extended pad is to be applied; this will help the extended gel surface to stick to the body.
  3. Now you can turn on the Neckrelax device and make sure it is running effectively before going unto regulating the intensity of the machine. This intensity choice has options from one to six progressively such that option two is higher than one, and so on progressively.
  4. Activate the infrared and select the intensity from the range of 1-6. You can reduce the intensity at any point in time as the intensity determines the amount of heat into the neck muscles.
  5. Sit and relax while the Neck Relax massages your Neck and part of the body of your choice on which the extended gel pad is placed. Minuets into use, the neck pain problem would be resolved, and adequate blood circulation starts.


We’ve also taken some time to capture consumer reports online on neckrelax device. On an excellent benefit of thought, you can check out the reviews from people who have used this product below.

I am quite impressed, I expected just a minimum pain relief like other neck pain relief products, but Neck relax doesn’t just relieve the pain; it also leaves you feeling rejuvenated. Thumbs up

Martins – Texas
neckrelax reviews
Neckrelax review from a Jennifer L.. She is a happy end user

The cool product you have here, I’m glad that I purchased. I look forward to a full-body pain relief device from this company. Is this possible?

James Hendrix
neckrelax reviews
Neckrelax review from a Heather P.. He is a happy end user

As a single mother of 3, I still couldn’t do other things after work stress and home calls, until I was introduced to this product by my colleague. Now I have got a simple to use massager for my relaxation after the day’s work

Jennifer Jordan
neckrelax reviews
Neckrelax review from a Gary R.. He is a happy end user


You no more have to ignore or leave with the discomfort that comes with neck pain. NECKRELAX saves you both money, time, and that comfort you are missing out on. And its portability gives you the privilege to carry and use the device anywhere and at any time of the day.

Such quality and effective product sold out at a (50%) discount is something you don’t see every day. And since the company offers 30-days money-back guarantee with all the testimonies from happy retail users out there, we highly recommend you to buy one for yourself and your family. When you receive your product and wasn’t pleased with what you saw, you can immediately package the product back to the company and request your full refund.

Neck pain is one of the ailments that many people ignore until it results to a chronic complications. You don’t have to wait till you suffer this ailments or faces similar symptoms as listed here before you apply precautionary measures.

Owning a NeckRelax massager for your self-use is the best gift you can offer yourself Now to always maintain a healthy body and firm neck.

To grab the special 50% promo offer now, you can click on the “ORDER NOW” button below.

neckrelax reviews

P.S: We include products we think should be useful to our audience with special discounts direct from the distributing company. If you make a purchase through the links on this page, we may earn a small commission which will have no negative effect on you.

FAQs on NeckRelax Reviews

Is it safe to use NeckRelax Massager?

Yes, it is one hundred (100%) percent safe to use the NECKRELAX massager because all the materials used in the manufacture of the device went through the Tensil test and highly recommended by physiotherapists.

The Tensil test helps to indicate the durability and quality of the materials been used. And to prevent overexposure to infrared radiation heat, the device has a default limit to which the intensity can be increased. Also, the operational program enables you to pick the level you are comfortable with. The neckrelax review has more detailed information on the use of this product.

What is the product guarantee (Neckrelax Reviews)?

NECKRELAX comes with a 30days money-back guarantee which enables you to enjoy this product and entertain a refund if it gets faulty within 30days of purchase and if the usage is in line with the company’s refund terms of service.

But the condition applicable to the guarantee is that the fault must develop on its own and no account will a refund be made if the fault was caused by low maintenance: rough handling or misuse of the product. Click here to visit the Neckrelax company’s website for further details

Does NeckRelax massager has a side effect?

It has no side effect and can be used freely without the fear of hidden side effects. The confidence that the NECKRELAX gives enables retail users to have peace of mind while using it.

Is there any exception for people with a specific illness before using Neckrelax massager?

NOT AT ALL!! There is no exemption to people with any illness whatsoever.

If I make my order for NeckRelax massager, when does the product get to me? (Neckrelax Reviews)

Depending on your country of residence, this product would get to you between 7 to 30 business days. It would take a longer time to get the product delivered to other father countries with slow postal delivery – the number of waiting days depends on how far the destination country is.

Can I make an instalment payment for the product (Neckrelax Review)?

No, you cannot pay on instalment because you are purchasing from the company’s online store, and instalment payment is not allowed for online transactions.

However, if you have a dealer in your country of residence, they may offer you instalment payment whereby you collect the neckrelax device only upon completion of payment.

How long will I use the NeckRelax massager for me to notice a progressive change in my Neck?

As earlier said, NECKRELAX is an instant pain relief device. It does not take any time higher than 10 minutes for you to notice a progressive change in the Neck region where the pain is being felt due to stress and other factors.

Can children use the NeckRelax product?

NO, it cannot be used by children. The only exception experienced while using the NECKRELAX is the fact that individuals under the age of eighteen (18) cannot make use and share in all the exciting comfort that this product brings as advised by specialists. But not to worry because this restriction is not forever.

Are there any shipping fees applied when purchasing NECKRELAX device?

Interestingly there are no shipping fees applied when you make a purchase of this product from the official store during the promo period. However, the company places an $8 flat shipping fee outside the promo period.

So all you have to do is to pay for your product and the company takes care of the shipping fee to any location and country of your choice.

How safe can I perform a transaction on the company’s website?

The company’s website is very safe, protected with Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) and does not take chances in securing customers transaction detail as it is of great importance. The company’s payment system is also verified by McAfee Secure, Norton by Symantec, AES, COMODO secure, Verisign, TRUSTe verified, and Paypal verified – So you can confidently make that transaction with no fear.

Is the NeckRelax massager shipped to every country in the world?

The NeckRelax massager is sold and shipped to every country in the world aside the following excluded countries:

Afghanistan (AF)
Antigua and Barbud (AG)
Anguilla (AI)
American Samoa (AS)
Aruba (AW)
Åland Islands (AX)
Azerbaijan (AZ)
Barbados (BB)
Burkina Faso (BF)
Burundi (BI)
Saint Barthélemy (BL)
Bermuda (BM)
Brunei (BN)
Bolivia (BO)
Bonaire (BQ)
The Bahamas (BS)
Bouvet Island (BV)
Belize (BZ)
Cocos (Keeling) Islands (CC)
Democratic Republic of the Congo (CD)
Central African Republic (CF)
Congo (CG)
Chile (CL)
Colombia (CO)
Costa Rica (CR)
Cuba (CU)
Cape Verde (CV)
Curaçao (CW)
Christmas Island (CX)
Djibouti (DJ)
Dominica (DM)
Fiji (FJ)
Falkland Islands (FK)
Federated States of Micronesia (FM)
Grenada (GD)
Georgia (GE)
French Guiana (GF)
Guernsey (GG)
Greenland (GL)
Gambia (GM)
Guinea (GN)
Guadeloupe (GP)
South Georgia (GS)
Guatemala (GT)
Guam (GU)
Guinea Bissau (GW)
Guyana (GY)
Heard Island and McDonald Islands (HM)
Honduras (HN)
Haiti (HT)
Indonesia (ID)
British Indian Ocean Territory (IO)
Iraq (IQ)
Iran (IR)
Jersey (JE)
Jamaica (JM)
Kiribati (KI)
Comoros Islands (KM)
Saint Kitts and Nevis (KN)
North Korea (KP)
Cayman Islands (KY)
Laos (LA)
Saint Lucia (LC)
Liberia (LR)
Libya (LY)
Saint Martin (MF)
Marshall Islands (MH)
Mali (ML)
Myanmar (MM)
Mongolia (MN)
Northern Mariana Islands (MP)
Martinique (MQ)
Montserrat (MS)
Malawi (MW)
New Caledonia (NC)
Norfolk Island (NF)
Nicaragua (NI)
Nepal (NP)
Nauru (NR)
Niue (NU)
Panama (PA)
French Polynesia (PF)
Papua New Guinea (PG)
Saint Pierre and Miquelon (PM)
Pitcairn Islands (PN)
Palestine (PS)
Palau (PW)
Réunion (RE)
Seychelles (SC)
Sudan (SD)
Sierra Leone (SL)
Somalia (SO)
Suriname (SR)
South Sudan (SS)
Sao Tome and Principe (ST)
Sint Maarten (SX)
Syria (SY)
Chad (TD)
French Southern and Antarctic Lands (TF)
Tajikstan (TJ)
Tokelau (TK)
East Timor (TL)
Turkmenistan (TM)
Trinidad and Tobago (TT)
Tuvalu (TV)
Uzbekistan (UZ)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (VC)
Venezuela (VE)
Vanuatu (VU)
Valais and Futuna (WF)
Samoa (WS)
Yemen (YE)
Mayotte (YT)
Zambia (ZM)


Which company manufactures and distributes the neckrelax massager?

The NeckRelax massager is distributed by Prestige Alliance Limited. A US-based company with their head office address located at “48 Bi-State Plaza #617, Old Tappan, NJ 07675”.


Support Email Address: [email protected].
Support Number/Phone: 855 378 9408 (Toll Free – US and Canada)

This neckrelax review is awesome and I’m cool to buy! Where can I find the company’s online store’s link?

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