Knee compression sleeves

Knee compression sleeves (Benefits, Features, Kinds & consumer reviews)

What is knee compression sleeves?

Knee compression sleeves are patellofemoral knee sleeves that help prevent lateral displacement of the patella. The circa knee sleeves reduces knee pain progressively till it stops completely. It’s extended straps give healing compaction by engirdling the muscle and ligament together.

The polyurethane content makes it spandex in nature. This attribute permits flexibility when putting on the Cira knee sleeve. Circa knee sleeves are easily accessible; it can be worn under your jeans and any other cloth material without being noticed. Imagine going out in style and also in comfort despite having inflammation or strain on your knee; there is the kind of confidence boost that Circa knee compression sleeve will offer you. The sleeves can be worn on a single limb or both legs.

Kinds of knee compression sleeves

knee compression sleeves
KINDS of Knee Compression Sleeves

There are several kinds of knee compression sleeves produced by different companies. We have researched and reviewed these 25 knee sleeve companies below based on different factors including efficiency, gender, age, appearance, performance, and price. So feel cool to make your choice:

  1. Circa Knee compression sleeve for sports and knee pain relief (Best from Caresole)
  2. Shock Doctor 2090 Bio-Logix Knee Brace (Most purchased knee sleeves on Amazon with 5 stars)
  3. UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve
  4. BLITZU Knee Compression Sleeve
  5. Iron Bull Strength Knee Sleeves
  6. McDavid Hex Knee Compression Sleeve
  7. Mava Sports Knee Support Sleeves
  8. Neenca Gel Pad Knee Sleeve with extra Gel
  9. Pure Support Knee Sleeve with stripes
  10. Jiufentian Copper Knee Sleeve
  11. Bauerfeind Sports Knee sleeve
  12. CAMBIVO 2 Pack Knee sleeve/brace
  13. PowerLix Knee Compression Sleeve
  14. Bear KompleX Compression Knee Sleeves
  15. OMAX Knee Compression Sleeve
  16. Rocktape Assassins Knee Compression Sleeves and Knee Brace for Weightlifting, Cross Training & Working Out
  17. Vitavrio Fitness Compression Knee Sleeve
  18. Rehband Knee Support Sleeve
  19. Physix Gear Sport Elbow Brace/sleeve
  20. PICSIL Knee Sleeves Support & Compression for Weightlifting, Powerlifting & Cross Training Women & Men
  21. G-Form Pro-X Knee Pads and knee compression sleeve
  22. Women’s Compression Socks for Muscle Support, Relief, and Recovery. Also great for Medical, Running, Athletic, Diabetic, Travel, Pregnancy, Nursing.
  23. BERTER Knee Compression Sleeve Support for Running, Jogging, Sports – Brace for Joint Pain Relief, Arthritis, and Injury Recovery
  24. REDBACK Knee sleeve
  25. Sportout Knee Brace Support and compression sleeve

Browse for more “Best Performing knee compression sleeves” on Amazon below.


Let’s briefly review the Circa knee compression sleeve by caresole.

Features of Circa knee compression sleeve

Circa knee
Circa knee compression sleeve
  • Breathability: Circa Knee Compression sleeves have ventilated build up, air passes, and neoprene material that allows the penetration of air through the sleeve while it is worn. This feature prevents skin irritations due to excess heat. It also curtails the darkening of the skin area of the knee.
  • Neoprene material: The Circa knee compression sleeve is made with a neoprene material which makes the knee sleeve very soft and comfortable for use anytime, any day. This feature can make you forget that you have a knee sleeve on. It provides maximum comfort feel.
  • Elasticity: This feature is quite exciting. The polyurethane content of the knee sleeve makes it elastic. Polyurethane is a polymer with NHCOO linkages, and it is used in the production of elastic textiles and foam.
  • Contoured pad: Circa makes their knee sleeves with an inner contoured pad that gives room for the knee cap. This helps to relieve the pressure the knee cap is exposed to. It also helps to align the knee cap onto proper placement.
  • Flexibility: Apart from the elastic nature of the circa Knee Compression sleeves, it is flexible and gives no restrictions to your movement when you put it on. This is why you can run, exercise, and take part in major and minor sporting activities. The circa Knee sleeves still give room for the 180° movement in the knee joint. It exerts the proper pressure for different sizes; that is why you have to make sure you know your size before purchasing your desired Knee Compression sleeve.
  • Science of function: This is about the functionality and how the Circa Knee sleeve heals the knee injury. The science is about those processes that you can’t see, but they happen. And they are known by the manufacturers because this is the principle of functionality they set up for this exceptional product. Circa Knee Compression sleeve uses the science of heat generation, compression, muscle, and bone alignment; it also creates an environment to enable fast tissue healing.

How to use knee compression sleeves

In this review, we are using caresole knee compression sleeve as a case study to explain how to use knee sleeves in general.


  1. Pull the knee sleeves up to your knee region, then position it for your knee cap to fall into place with the contoured pad build into the knee sleeves in other to give room for the knee cap.
  2. When that is done, extend the left side strap to the right and right-hand strap to the left to make an x shape below and above the knee cap making the knee cap stay in the middle.
  3. Then you hook your strap depending on the kind of hook provided for you. There you have it; you are all fit and ready to go for your daily activities or sports activities.

10 Effects of Circa Knee compression sleeves

Circa Knee Compression sleeve is very effective on the knee. The knee sleeve supports, heals, and protect the knee from lots of things, which are listed below:

  1. The knee sleeve produces heat around the knee joint.
  2. It promotes a positive increase in the rate of worn-out tissue replacement.
  3. It evenly spreads out the pressure applied to the knee joint.
  4. It helps to align the bones into their position in the joint.
  5. It helps in treating inflammation in the knee joint.
  6. It helps in the healing process of a fractured knee.
  7. It helps reduce the chances of a sprain. And when the knee ligament is sprained, it helps in healing and reduces the pain felt.
  8. Circa Knee sleeves help to reduce pain in the knee caused by a punch to the knee surface. It also reduces the pain felt when you hit your knee against a solid surface.
  9. It helps to prevent strain in the knee muscles.
    It helps to protect the bursae against bursitis of the knee fluid sack.
  10. It supports people with arthritis to prevent excess weight on the knee.
  11. When weight lifting, circa Knee sleeves, helps prevent you from exerting excess weight on the knee joint.
  12. It protects the knee from injuries like bruises due to falls and accidents.

Maintenance of Knee Compression sleeves

Knee Compression sleeves are relatively easy to maintain as they are not destroyed by water. You should store them in a cool, dry place.

Make sure to dry them after using them while exercising to remove all the sweat that must have been absorbed. Do not handle them roughly while washing them manually.

Knee sleeves are not to be left under the sun for too long after it is dried. This measure is to prevent degradation of the durability level. Do not wear undersized or oversized knee sleeves.

Please do not keep the Knee Compression sleeves in places where they are exposed to infestation by insects that can eat them up. It is not safe when exposed to insects; irrespective of manufacturing the company.

For circa Knee sleeves and it’s kinds that have straps, do not stress the straps excessively to prevent expansion.

And lastly, wash it twice a week depending on your frequency in the use of Knee sleeves. But if you do not wear it daily, you can wash it two to three times in two weeks.

How and Where to buy Circa Knee Compression sleeves

The circa knee compression sleeves can only be bought from the company’s online store. It is a 24hours store and can be accessed at any time and from any place in the world:

  • Visit the company’s official website to place your order. Circa knee compression sleeve is on a 40% discount promo. The knee sleeve formally sold at $62.38 is now sold at $24.95. Circa also offers a huge deal that allows you lifetime access to their product; you can always exchange your old circa knee compression sleeve for a new and more advanced one after a progressive period of using it.
  • Circa is also giving a one month (30days) warranty for their products. Therefore, a refund is made possible during the first month of use. Always indicate if your purchase is for a male or female knee compression sleeve and choose how many pairs you would love to purchase. Circa applies a shipping fee of $7.95 and does not have any hidden charges involved.

What are the Purchase policies attached to Circa knee sleeves by caresoles

Caresole made its terms, condition, and policies known to every potential buyer of its product. They provide a site safe enough for online payment with no complications or fraud tolerance. Circa Knee Compression sleeve can only be purchased on their official website. You can only see the original product available due to the restriction in the knee sleeves’ production. This purchase policy prevents the product from being refurbished. The product producers put buyers into consideration, that is why they offer 40% discount to first time buyers. And even extra discount for users who buy the knee compression sleeve in large amount.

Circa knee compression sleeve provides you with a warranty for a replacement for as low as $4.29; this is a lifetime insurance that allows you to exchange your old circa knee compression sleeve for a new, better, and advanced one as time goes on. All you have to do is return the old one with a deposit of $4.29, and the company replaces it for you. I guess now you do not doubt that circa offers the best packages in knee sleeves’ trade.

Benefits/Advantages of Circa Knee compression sleeves

Circa Knee compression sleeves have numerous advantages over other knee sleeve products and companies. Imagine enjoying pain relief in an affordable and stylish manner. These and a lot more are what circa knee compression sleeves can offer.

  1. Circa Knee Compression sleeve is made with a very flexible elastic-like polyurethane material, making it very flexible.
  2. Due to its flexible nature, you can wear the circa Knee sleeves during any activity at all. Just carry on your daily activities without even remembering that you have a knee sleeve on.
  3. It has a very comfortable knee sleeves design; it does not promote any form of discomfort while you use it. Circa Knee Compression sleeve is indeed a big-time relief; you get to treat your knee in both style and comfort.
  4. It comes in a contoured shape that gives enough room for your knee cap so it wouldn’t cause you an injury due to excess compressive pressure on the knee.
  5. With Circa Knee Compression sleeve, be rest assured of complete healing; after using this knee sleeve and sometimes while in use, your knee will be completely back in shape, and you can go back to any sporting and daily activities like you were never injured.
  6. Unlike other knee sleeves, circa Knee sleeves, are very easy to wash and can be done in the comfort of your home. It is way more comfortable when you use a washing machine. In the absence of a washing mashing, soak the knee sleeves in water for about twenty minutes to remove all absorbed sweat; use a clean piece of cloth or sponge soaked in detergent water and rub the knee sleeves surface gently. There you have it! Your circa Knee Compression sleeve is looking all clean and new.
  7. Due to the neoprene material used in the manufacture, the knee sleeve is very soft, comfortable, and breathable. This feature prevents excessive sweating on the knee when you put on the knee sleeves.
  8. It is instrumental in healing knee injuries and restoring balance to the leg as a whole.

Consumer Reviews from customers who purchased Knee compression sleeves

There are lots of reviews we sourced out from verified buyers, consumers, and users of the knee compression sleeves. Here is a few of them.

I feel lucky to have come across the circa Knee Compression sleeve. At first, like every other knee sleeve, I was reluctant to use it because of the feeling of discomfort that clouds me whenever I have a knee sleeve on, but this! This product is very different. This circa product is off the edge in providing comfort. Whenever I have this circa Knee sleeve on, I do not worry about my regular bone displacement due to a tear in my ligament. I walk in an aura of confidence.

Ray JohnsonFor Circa Knee compression sleeve

I am a banker, and I started using knee sleeves in 2012 due to a car accident. It’s been tough for me because the bank only let me break the dress protocol for 3years before my bank asked me to stop putting on those very obvious knee sleeves to work. I was devastated until I came across a flash sale conducted by the Circa Knee sleeves company, it seemed convincing, so I decided to try it. I can wear it under my office trousers without being detected because of the slick and thin layer.


Very comfortable and fits well. Currently wearing mine everyday to work and they last. Provides decent protection around the knee without affecting mobility. Great thing is that others don’t notice that I’m wearing this. Sleek design!


Both of my parents suffer from bad knee pain and a lack of support. According to them, this knee sleeve gives them the support and comfort they need while allowing them to move around freely. I am glad I found these knee sleeves for them and highly recommend these to anyone with elderly parents.


I have tried so many different types of knee sleeves since I have wore out my cartilage 10 years ago. These knee sleeves are very comfortable and provide excellent support. In the past I’ve overpaid for cheap and useless knee sleeves. At the end of the day, these are the best knee sleeves I’ve ever purchased.


My knees used to hurt when I would go up and down the stairs. Now I have bought this knee support brace and I feel much better. It seems that my knees have the strength to support my daily walking. Great product!


So these come in multiple sizes but for some reason they don’t let you pick if you’re buying here on amazon. However, if you’re looking for a women’s small it seems like that’s what you’re gonna get, and because I was, I’m really pleased with the product. It fits perfectly and works great. No pain walking around and you can wear it under anything and because it doesn’t restrict movement I can even dance in it!

CHRISTINE FROM USA – AMAZOn review on knee sleeves

I purchased one sleeve at a marathon expo after trying many brands while recovering from meniscus surgery. I loved the sleeve enough to buy another for a matching set at another world major marathon expo. All of the other braces, support systems restricted movement in my leg while participating in action sports.

These allow me to run freely without the vibration from ground contact. I have not had any pain- I wished that I found them earlier. I wear the cwx tights in the winter and the shorts in the summer. For summer training these are wonderful as my legs are allowed to breathe and if it gets too hot, I can roll them down. I am purchasing another set to have on hand as an extra pair. I love that they can be washed and that they dry quickly.

They are not binding or constricting. I have them in a large and they fit my quads and calves perfectly. When ordering, I would measure the circumference of lower quads and upper calves for a good fit.

Hope this helps !

However, the size is not listed on Amazon and i received a ladies small and had to give away

dEE FROM uSA – Amazon review on knee sleeves

I have been wearing braces for many years because I love playing tennis and I have bad knees. I have been wearing brace from $500 to $150, from Donjoy to K2. I didn’t know there is better knee brace until I tried shock doctor BIO-Logix. It fits like a glove to my knee, of course you have to make sure the measurement is correct. If anyone is looking for a knee brace, I highly recommended this one. Make sure you have correct measurement according to the instruction. It includes additional pads to add onto the knee brace so that it can fit perfectly. It fits so well that you can wear it all day long.

Troy from usa – Amazon review for “Shock Doctor 2090 Bio-Logix Knee Brace”

Over the last 11-12 years I have worn out 3 of the Shock Dr braces item #805. I tore out my ACL in my left leg around 1987, at that time orthopedics had no fix for ACL tears. In 2005 a VA orthopedics surgeon accepted my case {the first 4 surgeons rejected my request for help}, and scoped my left knee about 2 months later. Everything was great for almost 2 years, then it started buckling and locking again everything went back to the way my left knee was before the surgery, and a periodically reoccurring pain stinger that happen whether i’m using the leg or not. And orthopedics claims i’m to young for knee replacement. The crunch in my knee is all that is left of my meniscus so I can’t get it scoped again. The braces help prevent the buckling and locking so I can have at least full mobility while wearing the brace. The braces the VA is willing to give only last about 2 months before falling apart. The 3 previous Shock Dr braces lasted years, and I wore the material out the stitching and stapes are still intact. The new Shock Dr,. I just received today looks and feels like it is superior to anything I have worn before. Kudos to your product and thanks for making my life better, being a disabled Vet. I need all the help I can get/afford.

Richard from united state – amazon review for “Shock Doctor 2090 Bio-Logix Knee Brace”

I suffer with severe OA in my left knee. I wanted to hold off on a knee replacement but needed something to keep my knee stable. After a lot of comparisons I decided on the Shock Doctor Bio Logic knee brace. This was the best purchase I’ve made to date on Amazon. I have no more knee pain and it fits like a glove. So taking time to get correct measurement is very important. I had to give 5 stars.

maxx l, from united state – AMAZON REVIEW FOR “SHOCK DOCTOR 2090 BIO-LOGIX KNEE BRACE”

I had an ACL reconstructed about 8 years ago. Last year my doctor said it has become abnormally loose and may need to be fixed. I could feel myself losing alignment in my back and hip. I was constantly at the chiropractor get adjusted. I also would get a lot of pain in my knee and physically I was slowing down and gaining weight. I even stated eating differently. I can’t afford to miss work, so for the past year I started wearing a knee brace. I began with a standard wrap around brace that connected with Velcro. Slowly it began to no longer work. So I got a new brace and the same thing happened. I upgraded to a shockdoctor knee brace with bilateral hinges. It was great! But after awhile, it began to give. Mostly because the material was no longer what it was when I bought it. So on to another brace. I decided on this biological brace. It reminded me of my previous Don Joy brace I had after my ACL was injured. That brace is no longer usable because it’s old and well used.

This brace by shock doctor is awesome! Of all the braces I’ve owned, this one has gray stability. I can feel the energy back in my body. I’m more mobile. No knee pain. No more being lethargic. No more constant twisting and turning to pop my back. No more hip pain. And it came with a nice sleeve, so no chaffing of the skin either. I hoe this is helpful for those considering a knee brace.

Roy Orosco from the united states – AMAZON REVIEW FOR “SHOCK DOCTOR 2090 BIO-LOGIX KNEE BRACE”

Excellent knee brace. I have a $1,500 custom made brace rhat doesn’t fit as well as this. I feel safe and my knee feels secure. Comfortable to wear all day even without the sleeve and not bulky. Very happy I bought this.


The knee brace is solid and good quality. I’m using this for my badminton games since my knee started to hurt before this.

It has a slight rigidness and it gives me more confidence during my play.

May need to get used to your friends saying it looks like a bionic leg.


I’m 65 and play competitive singles and doubles tennis. I’ve had meniscus surgery to my right leg and then I started have issues with my MCL because that is the dominate leg for me that does a lot of pushing off and twisting. I wanted the best knee brace that would keep me in the game and prevent further injuries due to my age. I’m not 20 but my knee thinks so and I play in younger groups. I got a medium since that was my mesurment.

First time I put it on – The molded plastic had a nice fit, I didn’t need any added padding. There was a discomfort from the inside hinge pressing against the bone. At first, I was thinking I may not be able to live with this. I wore it for a little while and it too tight at the inside hing when I stood up straight and a little relief when I sqauted slightly. So the true test was the next day I had a singles match. I didnt put it on till I was at the court. Long story short – I beat this guy that I rarely beat, My leg felt secure and maybe the padding allowed my leg to sink in enough that it didn’t bother me. So I would recomend this for active sports rather than just walking or as a daily brace. But give it a good workout before you send it back.


Video: Best Knee compression sleeves reviews | How to Use!

Just as it is to Neck pain, a lot of persons still suffer from knee injuries not because the problem doesn’t have any proven solution, but because they have given up after several trials while many are yet to try any form of treatment at all. We advise you to visit a specialist so they could recommend the best treatment that should work on your knee after diagnosis. The knee compressions sleeves could serve different purposes, it could be used for the treatment of knee injuries and at the same time, be used as knee pads for sports and to ease walk efficiency.

Circa knee sleeve offers treatment in style and comfort. Very affordable and effective. The neoprene make-up helps proper ventilation, the polyurethane nature makes it flexible and elastic-like to fit anyone possible, and it comes in different comfortable sizes for grab. Circa has a very considerable return and purchase policy, and you can make an exchange for a new one with a small amount of money. They have a very reliable site that guarantees you high-level security while making your purchase. And so much more benefit.

We recommend the circa knee compression sleeves to anyone who is suffering from arthritis and other knee-related injuries that are not yet in their acute stage. We also recommend it to athletes and families who engage in several sports activities.

knee compression sleeves

P.S: “We include products we think should be useful to our audience with special discounts direct from the distributing company. If you make a purchase through the links on this page, we may earn a small commission which will have no negative effect on you.

FAQs on Knee Compression sleeves

Would excessive wear of knee compression sleeves cause irritation to the skin on my knee?

It will not; the neoprene material used in manufacturing the circa Knee Compression sleeve makes it breathable and allows proper ventilation to prevent irritation or darkening of the skin around the knee area.

How long do I have to use the circa Knee sleeves before I see a difference?

Circa Knee Compression sleeves use a slow but progressive mechanism to heal the inflammation or ligament tear properly. So you can use it for a short or long term period depending on your doctor’s advice.

Must I be on medication before I can wear the circa Knee Compression sleeve?

No, you do not have to be on specific medication in other to use the knee sleeves. It is a progressive correction asset, just like your braces and medicated classes.

How long can I use one knee sleeve?

The durable nature of these knee sleeves makes it possible for you to use it as long as you wish to, but you can exchange it with a little money to have another design and don’t miss out on the new upgraded features. Check the policies above to know how you can enjoy this benefit.

Can I put knee sleeves on while sleeping or taking a bath?

You can put it on while sleeping to prevent pain or worsen your injury due to a wrong sleeping position but not while taking a bath.

Do knee sleeves come in sizes?

Yes, they do. Men’s sizes are a thigh circumference of about 18′ and women’s, a circumference of 13′ to 17′. But note that they have unique size measurements for plus-sized persons. Do not panic if you do not know your measurement. To know your size, measure 5 inches above your knee in other to find the center of your thighs and then measure with a flexible measuring tape. In the absence of a standard measuring tape, use a flexible material, possibly a rope. Make it go round the center of your thigh; do not make it too loose or too tight. Now mark the meeting points on the string and straighten it on a rule to attain your size.

What are the side effect of using circa knee compression sleeve

The only disadvantage recorded from the research and customer reports is that users need to change their knee sleeves because they want to look different every day. This challenge limits the fashion sense present in the use of the circa Knee Compression sleeve. But you can put on dresses that cover the knee sleeves entirely without being noticed because it is skinny and comfortable.

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