best car insurance in california

Top 10 Best Car Insurance In California

Car owners in California are required by law to acquire car insurance which is the main reason why you may need the best car insurance in California to partner with.

Up to the limitations of the at-fault driver’s policy, the insurance covers medical expenses, lost wages, car repair costs, and other damages. The minimum liability coverage needed in California is 15/30/5, as required by law.

Most California car insurance companies provide liability coverage with levels higher than 15/30/5. Such additional protection is optional. The more limits, the more cost-effective the policy is and the more protection it provides.

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Car insurance

Car insurance is a contract between you and an insurance company to which you pay premiums in return for protection against monetary losses resulting from an accident or other impairment to the car.

best car insurance in california

The insurance provider pledges to reimburse your losses by the terms of your policy in exchange for a premium payment. You may choose the level of coverage to match your specific demands and budget due to customizable pricing for policies.

Policies often have renewal durations of six or twelve months. An insurer will let you know when your insurance has to be renewed.

What does a good car insurance cover in California

Drivers in California are required to have the minimum amount of the following car insurance coverages:

  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage: Provides some financial protection for the party who is not at fault if the at-fault party has little or no car insurance.
  • Bodily injury liability: If you cause an accident and a driver or pedestrian is hurt or killed, bodily injury liability will help cover the costs.
  • Medical payments: It covers medical expenses for anyone riding in the driver’s car.
  • Comprehensive: Numerous vehicle damages not caused by accidents are often covered under comprehensive coverage, including incidents with wildlife, theft, and natural disasters. A specific amount is always deducted from comprehensive coverage.
  • Property damage liability: Assists in covering costs when an accident is your fault for damage to people’s possession.
  • Towing and road service: It can help tow your car to the closest shop for repairs or provide services like gas delivery or battery replacement when stranded on the road.

What Are The Best Car Insurance in California

The following are the top 10 best car insurance in Califonia

1. Metromile

Many reliable vehicle insurances exist in California, but Metromile is one of the best car insurance in California that stands out from the competition with its cost-effective and practical usage-based policies.

The Pulse, a small gadget used by Metromile to track distance, can be installed in your car in a few minutes. It’s one of the safest options for California drivers.


  • Very affordable prices.
  • Only cover the actual miles you travel.
  • A useful smartphone application.


  • Long-distance commuters may find it difficult to budget for fluctuating monthly premiums.
  • Adding a monitoring system to your vehicle.

2. Wawanesa

If you want more than just the minimum required liability coverage for property damage and physical harm in California, Wawanesa is our top recommendation. They are also one of the best car insurance in California.

In addition to the mandatory state liability coverage, the insurer offers 10 additional optional coverages with a wide range of deductibles and limits.

It’s simple to choose and buy a personalized policy using their user-friendly online quote tool. Wawanesa has reasonably priced full-coverage insurance, and it is best-in-class customer service.


  • Highly regarded client service.
  • Low-cost premiums.
  • Runs a 24-hour hotline for claims.


  • There are a few discounts.
  • Drivers with many traffic violations are not approved in the mobile app.

3. Safeco

The minimum standard of coverage isn’t always the best option, but Safeco is the one to go if you’re on a tight budget and need to keep costs down.

In California, a basic policy with the required liability limits of $15,000 per person, $30,000 per accident, and $5,000 for property damage was offered at just $65 a month.

Safeco is another best car insurance in California that you can confide in.


  • Among the most affordable premiums for the bare minimum of insurance
  • Electronic claims submission is quick and straightforward.
  • Earn money by avoiding claims.


  • Only accessible through independent agents
  • California does not have a safe driving awards program.
  • Poor mobile app ratings.

4. The General

The General is the most sympathetic insurer in California for high-risk drivers who have had many traffic violations or accidents that were their fault in the last three years.

The General is the most outstanding and economical option in California if traffic violations have skyrocketed your car insurance rate.


  • Rates remain low even after repeated violations
  •  Issued SR-22 certificates.
  • Top-rated mobile application.


  • Not a cost-efficient choice for competent drivers.
  • 10% penalty for terminating your coverage before the end of the term.

5. State Farm

Another best car insurance in California is State Farm. With reasonable rates and discounts made especially for young drivers, State Farm is the perfect insurer in California for households with a new licensee.

State Farm makes insuring your child (adolescent) affordable.


  • Low prices for teenagers.
  • Numerous reductions for new drivers.
  • Highly regarded client service.


  • High premiums for adult singles.
  • Getting a quote is challenging.

6. California casualty

California Casualty offers special rates and advantages that are not available to the general public, making it the best car insurance for nurses, teachers, firefighters, and other essential service workers.

California Casualty wants to ease the financial burden on these professions by lowering the price of car insurance.


  • Tailored coverage at a low cost for workers.
  • Discount for purchasing both renters’ and homeowners’ insurance at once.
  • Choice of paying premiums through payroll deductions.


  • Only accessible to a select group of occupations.
  • Very few digital tools.
  • Low toleration for traffic violations.

7. Progressive

Progressive insurance is another best car insurance in California, although California is home to several excellent car insurance companies.

Progressive consistently offers comparable prices regardless of the driver’s age, driving history, or history of accidents or drunk drivers, in contrast to other auto insurance companies that give lower premiums for specific drivers.


  • Exceptional customer service.
  • Straightforward claim service.
  • Outstanding financial strength rating.


  • Limited add-on coverage.
  • Paperless.

8. Allstate

Regarding customer and claim satisfaction, Allstate is in the middle of the scale and does not offer minor car insurance rates in California. But as a sizable, reputable insurer, Allstate provides a wide range of policy coverage alternatives.

It provides customized options in addition to accident forgiveness and the standard set of choices provided by most auto insurance providers. These include coverage for ride-hailing services, classic automobile insurance, and auto insurance for trips to Mexico.


  • Accident forgiveness.
  • Insurance for sound systems.
  • Roadside protection.


  • No gap insurance.
  • More expensive premiums than rivals.

9. Esurance

Esurance currently delivers the lowest statewide average premiums in California due to its increased pricing competitors for car insurance. Esurance should be your first call if you’re seeking cheap auto insurance in California.

Although Esurance is a core component of Allstate, their application procedure is entirely online and prioritizes quick acceptance.


  • Switch and save money.
  • Online application process.
  • DriveSense driver surveillance program.


  • Few alternatives for coverage.
  • More significant premiums than some rivals.

10. Geico

Not only does Geico have the second-lowest car insurance rates in California, but it also ranks sixth in customer and claim satisfaction.

But the fact that the company offers significant discounts plays a big role in why its premiums are so low. Geico offers more incredible discounts than Progressive, despite greater availability.


  • Cheaper premiums than many rivals.
  • Various discounts of all kinds.
  • Excellent financial ratings.


  • Add-ons with limited coverage.
  • Utilizes third parties for a few additional product lines.
  • No gap insurance is available.

Our recommendation

When it comes time to insure their vehicles, California drivers have many options and need the best car insurance in California.

If you ask us, we would highly recommend Metromile car insurance company because they were able to provide the sample drivers with the best rates in addition to the ease of using digital tools.

They are also reputable for their cost-adequate insurance and stand out from others in many ways.

Bottom Line?

Even while health and homeowner’s insurance may seem essential, if you own a car, whether or not your state demands car insurance, having insurance coverage can save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run.

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