SpinalTrax Lumber Traction Device Review

SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device Review: Is SpinalTrax Scam or Legit?

Back pain and other lumbar issues can be tough to tackle, especially if you regularly suffer from them. One of the best remedies for back pain is spinal traction, and SpinalTrax device has created the perfect device for this purpose.

The SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device promises to relieve back pain and other symptoms related to spinal issues through traction therapy, but how effective is it?

Read this SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device review to find out how well it works,  whether it’s worth the cost, and if this device can live up to its claims.

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If you have back pain and looking for a cheap and effective way to cure it, SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device is an affordable and reliable back pain reliever that can work wonders in just a few days.

SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device Review

Approximately 80% of adults experience back pain at some point in their lives, and they find it tough to find relief. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) reports that lower back pain is the most common cause of work-related disability and one of the most significant reasons workers miss time.

There are a variety of treatments available for lower back pain, one of which is Lumbar Traction. The lumbar traction can be done in many different ways, but it is common for people to lay facedown on traction tables.

There are two different sides of the table that are entirely separate. Physicians might or might not strap your legs to the table before rotating the lower half of the table so it bends in a way that will help stretch your lower back.

lumber traction table

Lumbar traction is a type of physical therapy that, when combined with exercise, can alleviate lower back pain or sciatica. And as a result, it decreases tension and alleviates back pain.

Lumbar traction enables the vertebrae in the lower spine to stretch, widening the space between them.

As a result of this, the spaces are separated between the vertebrae of your spine, which reduces your back pain, improves your mobility, and helps you take pressure off pinched nerves (like sciatic nerve). 

SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device is a traction table that helps relieve pressure on your spine and lower back.

The device uses all-natural therapy methods that have been proven effective for relieving spinal conditions such as herniated discs and sciatica. Using the SpinalTrax device regularly will result in improved blood circulation, less inflammation, increased range of motion, and reduced pain.

What is SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device?

SpinalTrax is an innovative, at-home therapy device that incorporates various clinically proven therapy for relieving lower back pain. These clinically proven techniques include

  • Intelligent infrared light phototherapy
  • Low-frequency pulse electrotherapy
  • Adjustable heat therapy
  • Entire body EMS (Electromyostimulation) massage therapy
  • Dynamic spinal traction therapy
Woman sleeping on SpinalTrax device

Lower back pain is widespread, and nearly everyone will experience it at some point in their lives; hence SpinalTrax device is designed to provide relief by applying traction to the spine.

SpinalTrax lumbar traction works by stretching the lumbar (low back), opening the intervertebral spaces, and relieving compression caused by poor posture.

We all indulge in poor posture at least once daily, which causes lower back pain. For example

  • Sleeping for a long time in a poor position like the sofa
  • Sitting in a poor posture, like putting one leg over the other
  • Standing with one-foot support; lack of exercise etc.;

All of these are what compress (as poor posture) and cause the lumbar spine resulting in lumbar discomforts and difficulty to care for.

SpinalTrax lumbar traction device is suitable for combating the following symptoms

back pain symptoms

  • Lower back pain
  • Numbness in hands & feet
  • Hip pain
  • Poor back posture
  • Herniated or slipped discs
  • Pinched nerves
  • Numbness, tingling, cramping, or burning pain (sciatica)

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms and want to combat them, SpinalTrax Lumber Traction is your best bet.

Benefits of SpinalTrax Lumber Traction Device (SpinalTrax Review)

The following are the benefits of the SpinalTrax Lumber Traction Device

1. It enables you to stand tall with confidence and feel energetic by restoring your natural spinal alignment and correcting your postural imbalance

2. You can use the SpinalTrax device if you have lumbar muscle pain and discomfort, lumbar disc herniation, and wishes to restore the natural curvature of the lumbar spine to a certain extent.

3. SpinalTrax device is also suitable for young people who lack exercise, prolonged bad posture and have sedentariness causing back pain.

4. Middle-aged often have low back pain caused by lumbar disc herniation. They can use the SpinalTrax lumber traction device as their auxiliary training equipment.

5. SpinalTrax saves you time and money as it becomes your in-home physical therapist

6. SpinalTrax Lumber Traction Device eliminate back pain naturally, so you can finally ditch those harsh painkillers

Woman with SpinalTrax device

SpinalTrax device is not only a dynamic back stretching but also warms your waist, promotes blood circulation, and unclogs blockages using its vibration massage.

This SpinalTrax Lumber Traction Device performs a full range of exercises to relax and stretch the lower back muscles by engaging different vibration patterns and various intensity levels.

Electrotherapy stimulates muscles to relax and relieve muscle pain without drugs but conducting the current requires the skin to touch the silver pad directly.

In the Auto Mode and Complete Body Electrotherapy, 2 or 3 of the above functions will be performed, and other functions can be selected separately. External electronic pads can also massage the whole body; back, legs, shoulders, etc.

SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device Features

Here are the features of the SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device

=> Dynamic Spinal Traction Therapy

Several people have reported significant chronic pain relief from using the SpinalTrax device. The SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device employs decompression therapy to reduce pressure on the spine and correct the natural curvature of the lumbar region.

The dual air pressure, also known as dynamic, allows the back muscles to relax and ease the tension, enhancing the range of motion and increasing circulation in the spine to promote healing.

=>  Entire Body EMS Massage Therapy

A great way to get both full body massage and targeted muscle stimulation is using EMS technology, which has been proven effective for hundreds of thousands of people.

The SpinalTrax device comes with Electrode massage pads (EMS), which can massage various parts of your body (like the arms, shoulders, legs, and other areas), providing relief from muscle tension by stimulating them directly.

=>  Adjustable Heat Therapy

One of the things that makes the SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device so great is its adjustable heat therapy. Depending on personal preferences, the three (3) different heat settings available on the SpinalTrax device promote blood flow to the lower back, relieve muscle spasms, and decrease joint stiffness.

=>  Low-Frequency Pulse Electrotherapy

Low-frequency pulse electrotherapy is a new, FDA-cleared treatment showing promise for those suffering from chronic back pain.

The SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device comes with a low-frequency pulse which helps target spine-related injuries and their consequent challenges to speed up the healing process, prevent sciatica flares & disuse atrophy and maintain blood circulation and range of motion.

=>  Intelligent infrared light phototherapy

While infrared light therapy has been around for decades, it’s only recently gained traction in Europe and North America. Infrared light is a form of electromagnetic radiation that falls between visible light on one end of the spectrum and microwaves on another.

SpiralTrax Lumbar Traction Device uses intelligent infrared light to activate deep tissue repair, which results in more effective and faster pain relief through cellular regeneration and repair.

SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device Specifications

SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device looks like a long-awaiting solution to your back pain.

To know more about this product, let’s go over the SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device specifications to see why it works the way it works and compare it to similar products or back pain therapy.

SpinalTrax Lumber Traction Device Specifications

  • Ergonomic design for contouring natural spinal shape
  • EMS Therapy for stimulating muscular blood flow and providing instant back pain relief
  • Smart Heat Therapy stimulates blood flow and promotes faster healing
  • Stabilized based for enabling the use of SpinalTrax lumber traction device on any flat surface at home
  • Dynamic Traction Therapy for improving posture and restoring spinal alignment
  • Build in intelligent low electrotherapy for targeting and relieving sciatica pain

SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device VS Other Lumber Traction?

Here is why SpinalTrax Lumber Traction Device is better than other lumber traction devices, as well as getting therapy from a doctor.

SpinalTrax vs other lumber traction device

You can also start using the SpinalTrax lumber traction device from today. All you need to do is place an order for your SpinalTrax delivered to your doorstep (with free shipping) and relax using your device for 10-15 minutes per day to rejuvenate your spine to its natural position. Spinaltrax is a safe and effective means of relieving back pain in your home’s privacy.

SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device Pricing

The following are the available pricing packages for the SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device.

SpinalTrax Device Pricing

Best Value Package: This is the best value for the SpinalTrax device and the cheapest one. It comes with the SpinalTrax deviceCOST £272.95 (Get it for just £184.95)

Ultimate Neck and Back Relief Package: This package is the most popular. It comes with VertexTrax and SpinalTrax device – COST £503.95 (Get it for just £384.95) [RECOMMENDED]

Supreme Whole Body Relief Package: This is the most significant savings of the SpinalTrax device. It comes with a VertexTrax device, SpinalTrax device, and KneeCare Pro – COST £708.95 (Get it for just £549.95)

Note: These prices and discounts are valid as of the day of publishing this SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device review. Click here to visit the SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device official store to confirm if these discount prices are still available before purchasing the product.

Also, you cannot buy this product anywhere other than the manufacturer’s website (directly). Do not pay any vendors claiming to have this product. Click here to go to the official company website.

How to Buy the SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device

(SpinalTrax Lumber Traction Device Review)

Follow this step-by-step guide to buy your SpinalTrax Lumber Traction Device.  

Step 1: Go to the website and select your preferred package

The first step is the decision on the package you want to purchase. You can choose the best value package, the ultimate neck, and body relief package, or the supreme whole body relief package based on your needs.

SpinalTrax Ultimate Neck and Back Relief BUndle-min

I recommend buying the Ultimate neck and body relief package, which comes with the VertexTrax and SpinalTrax devices. You can get this package for just £384.95, which is about 23% savings (£119.00) (Click here to slash 23% off your purchase). Click the buy now or Add to cart to continue.

Step 2: Select your payment method

The next step is to select your preferred payment option and make your payment.

SpinalTrax device payment information

You can pay for your SpinalTrax device through Shop Pay, GPay, or Paypal. So, select your payment method, enter your credit card information and proceed to pay to place the order.

Note: You don’t need to pay for shipping. SpinalTrax offers free shipping worldwide.

However, depending on your location (country), your order should arrive at your delivery address between 5-30 days after getting the receipt when your purchase is completed.

Step 3: Fill in your shipping information.

Lastly, you must fill in your shipping information, including your country, name, address, and phone number).

SpinalTrax device shipping information

You can include your email address if you wish to receive an update regarding your product shipping and other exclusive news, offers, and hot deals from the manufacturer.

The information you provide will be what the company will use to send your order. So you want to cross-check the data (email especially) before clicking “Continue to Shipping.”

Upon clicking “Continue to shipping,” your order will probably be shipped within 24 – 48 hours.


SpinalTrax has a 30-day return policy for their customer. If you purchase the product, you have the duration of 30 days to request for refund if not satisfied. However, you cannot request for refund/exchange/return if you have already used the product.

Unless the product (SpinalTrax device) is damaged by the time you receive it, you cannot request for refund for any other reasons (including change of mind, found cheaper, damaged external box, dissatisfaction after use, or surplus of requirements)


SpinalTrax company is located in Australia. Although there is no specific address and phone number on the manufacturer’s website, however, you can reach out to the manufacturer behind the SpinalTrax for more personal information about SpinalTrax Lumber Traction Device at [email protected] OR go to their official website www.serenelivingco.com

Consumer Reviews: SpinalTrax Lumber Traction Device Review

Man sleeping on SpinalTrax device on hand

Thousands of customers have used and reviewed the SpinalTrax device. Here are what they say after using SpinalTrax Lumber Traction Device.

I received mine for Christmas from my husband, and wow, the SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device is the best thing for my back pain. I don’t think I moved off it all day the day I got it. It’s unbelievable how good the massage and traction functions are. I am so excited to see how well it works over time.

– Jasmine

I like how it stretches AND massages at the same time. Stretching alone feels good, so everything else it does feels like a little bonus at home. Now my husband won’t stop stealing it from me.

– Regina

This device feels fantastic after a big deadlift season. Sleep comes easy to me after using the SpinalTrax device.

– Matty

I have been using it consistently for 5 weeks now, and I cannot reach my toes (I used this as a determiner if this worked). My back has been stretched to its max, and I love it. Very happy with my purchase.

– Dariah

A million times, YES, to this device! I’ve spent years trying to find the suitable device for my needs and FINALLY have found it. I am so grateful that this has provided the relief I needed as it was a bit expensive but SO worth it.

– Amelia

It’s the best back device on the market.

– Addi

The electroshocks are amazing. It’s like having a tiny massage therapist working into your muscles.

– Selena

100% satisfied with the support this provides. I have had years of back pain, and the SpinalTrax device has provided me with such ease in moving.

– Greg

5/5 stars great product, so much relief.

– Dan

The brilliant, SpinalTrax lumber device has helped my lower back feel more flexible.

– Lar

Since the pandemic happened, it was harder to see my physio. SpinalTrax Lumber Traction Device has been a lifesaver for my lower back, especially since I have to sit for long hours.

– Kathy

My Thought

One of the most common ailments people experience is suffering from back pain. And while there are many treatments available, none of them beats SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device.

There are plenty of reviews about this product online, and I have also shared my review here.

The truth is, I’ve been using SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device for over two weeks now, and I find that my back pain has diminished significantly.

It was also effortless to put together and took me only about 15 minutes. Some even said that it doesn’t offer enough traction, but in my experience, it offers just the right amount.

And if you think it’s too expensive, consider how much money you’ll save on doctor visits or medication, and the price seems more reasonable.

So, I think SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device is worth the investment for anyone who suffers from back pain because it can be pretty painful when you’re unable to sit up straight or stand up properly due to your condition.

Frequently Asked Question (SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device Review)

We have combined all the frequently asked questions you might have regarding SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device. Here they are.

Is the SpinalTrax Lumber Traction device safe to use?

Yes, the SpinalTrax Lumber Traction device is safe to use. The FDA approves the products, and before each device is shipped out, it is carefully quality tested to ensure it works to its fullest.

Can the SpinalTrax Lumber Traction device reduce my back pain?

Absolutely. The SpinalTrax Lumber Traction device is a medical-grade device that supports managing and treating your lower back pain.

Where can I use the SpinalTrax Lumber Traction device?

You can use the SpinalTrax Lumber Traction device anywhere (on the floor, carpet area, or sturdy bed), providing it is on a flat surface. If you want to use it on a bed, you can place a towel or blanket over your mattress for comfort.

Can I use the SpinalTrax Lumber Traction device on my upper back?

You cannot use the SpinalTrax Lumber Traction device on your upper back. We recommend using the SpinalTrax device to relieve lower back pain only, as it was designed to be used more comfortably in the lower back for optimal effectiveness.

Is the SpinalTrax Lumber Traction device for everyone?

Unfortunately, the SpinalTrax Lumber Traction device is not recommended for everyone. Patients with Osteoporosis or Osteoarthritis should not buy this because their bone density will decrease and might result in more issues. Ensure you speak to your doctor before purchase.
Patients with pacemakers or heart conditions should also refrain from using this product and other EMS functions. Before purchase, please consult your treating practitioner if you have undergone spinal fusion within the past year. And lastly, you cannot use the SpinalTrax Lumber Traction device during pregnancy period.

Are the SpinalTrax Electrotherapy pads safe?

Absolutely yes. The SpinalTrax Electrotherapy pads have been quality tested and assured of safety. They run a current similar to those that run through TENS machines. As we recommend intermittently starting, the pulsation may take a little while to get used to.

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