Are fig newtons healthy read before consuming fig newton

Are Fig Newtons Healthy? READ THIS Before Consuming Fig Newton

The typical cookie is not a Fig Newton. They genuinely include whole wheat flour and natural fruit. However, compared to Oreos, they have more overall sugar per cookie.

What’s the deal with these fruity cookies, then? Are fig newtons healthy? Even while Fig Newtons are a little bit healthier than most cookies, they still don’t do much for your health.

Newtons are made with fruit; the remainder is sugary extras. While Newtons may include some fiber, it is only around one-third of what 100% whole-grain snacks like Triscuits have.

We’ll go over Fig Newton nutrition in more detail below. We’ll examine if these cookies lead to weight gain by reviewing the sugar they contain.

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Are fig newtons healthy

Do Fig Newtons Contain a Lot of Sugar? Fig Newtons have a high sugar content with 12g of total sugar for two cookies (6g per cookie).

fig newtons
fig newtons

Only 1/3 of the sugar in Fig Newtons comes from fruit; the remaining 2/3 is added sugar. Compared to Oreos or Chips Ahoy, Newton cookies have higher overall sugar per cookie.

Each Fig Newton cookie has roughly 4g of added sugar and 2g of fruit sugar.

 As a point of comparison, one Oreo cookie has about 4.7g of added sugar without any fruit sugar.

For women, the American Heart Association advises limiting added sugar intake to 25g per day and for men to 36g per day.

As a result, six Fig Newton cookies for women and nine for men would satisfy your daily allowance of added sugar.

Even though fruit sugar, especially dried fruit, has a higher glycemic index than added sugar, it can occasionally cause blood sugar to rise.

So, if maintaining blood sugar management is vital, take caution.

Fig Newtons: Do They Make You Fat?

eating fig newtons
eating fig newtons

Are fig newtons healthy? Given that they contain high-calorie ingredients such as sugar, wheat, dried fruit, and oil, Fig Newtons may cause weight gain.

They may not be very satisfying because they contain little protein and fiber. On a plan to lose weight, consumption of Fig Newtons is in moderation.

The balance of your total caloric intake is the most crucial factor in weight loss.

Additionally, foods with a low-calorie density are ideal for eating if you want to lose weight more quickly.

Foods with low-calorie density frequently have high fiber and water content. Take into account whole grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables.

The opposite seems to be almost true of Fig Newtons.

They contain some whole food components, such as whole wheat and figs, but they also have a lot of calorie-dense substances, such as refined flour, sugar, and oil.

However, eating Fig Newtons does not necessarily mean you will gain weight.

You won’t gain weight if you eat one or two Fig Newtons. However, consuming the entire package each day might. The whole picture is everything.

Generally speaking, one food won’t instantly make or break your diet. Some of the most crucial elements in weight loss are calorie balance and portion sizes.

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What Kind of Exercise Is Needed to Burn Off a Fig Newton?

Most people would have to run or walk for roughly half a mile to burn off the caloric content of one Fig Newton (around 50 calories).

Every mile you run will typically result in you burning roughly 100 calories.

Whether you are running faster or slower, even if you are walking—the rule remains valid. However, a fig Newton contains about 50 calories.

Alternately, you may spend roughly 15 minutes trampolining, 10 minutes gardening, or 5 minutes working out with kickboxing.

Fig Newtons: Are They Low Fiber?

Are fig newtons healthy? Each serving of Fig Newtons contains roughly 1g of dietary fiber (two cookies).

The fact that figs and whole wheat flour are used to make Newtons gives them more fiber than most other cookies.

Their fiber level is considerably less than that of snacks made entirely of whole grains.

Most people don’t consume enough fiber, although it’s essential for better nutrition.

Low-fiber snacks frequently cause blood sugar to increase more and leave you feeling incomplete, which may encourage overeating.

Additionally, eating a diet lacking fiber may make things worse.

Each serving of Nilla Wafers contains 0g of fiber, compared to “less than 1g” in Oreos. So Fig Newtons aren’t all that horrible in comparison to those cookies.

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Are Fig Newtons Sodium-Rich?

Are fig newtons healthy? Each serving of two Fig Newton cookies has 95 mg of salt. For cookies, this is a relatively typical range.

The salt level of Oreos and Chips Ahoy is similar per serving, usually a little higher (depending on the flavor).

Concerns Regarding Fig Newtons

why fig newton are not healthy

The following are the concerns regarding fig newtons.

·        Fig newtons are highly processed

Though processed foods are tasty and convenient, they are never good for your health.

Research connects such foods to various issues, including a higher chance of heart disease, cancer, being overweight, and even death.

Additionally, processed foods may increase the risk of developing depression.

The processing stages partly contribute to the issue because they remove numerous natural chemicals and nutritional components from the original meal, leaving you with a subpar replacement.

Additionally, some of the ingredients are of poor quality. They enhance the dish’s flavor but have no positive effects on our health.

Another factor is that Fig Newtons are delicious and keep us returning for more.

It explains why overindulging in processed food, a behavior that can result in various health issues is so simple.

·        Fig newtons are additives

Additives are frequently used in processed foods for texture, flavor, and cost efficiency.

Some businesses do an excellent job of avoiding chemicals altogether or using only the most natural ones.

But you also find soy lecithin, sodium benzoate, and a few more ingredients in Fig Newtons in addition to natural and artificial flavors.

These kinds of additives are not known to be harmful. Numerous studies even imply that the amounts we consume are pretty safe.

The issue is that these components are still unidentified and have not been used by humans for a very long time. There are numerous other sorts of additives, which are also present everywhere.

Furthermore, we frequently consume various processed foods, but whole foods only have a small number of additives.

When we do, those little sums tend to build up rather quickly.

Given the complexity of human health, the tendencies are incredibly alarming.

It might be challenging to determine how particular foods and substances affect our health. It’s also simple to overlook issues.

It is the reason why many people are wary of additives.

Some people may avoid additives, while others limit their use while prioritizing whole food items and cooked meals wherever practical altogether.

·        Fig newton contains high sugar content

Two Fig Newton cookies include 12 or 14 grams of sugar each, which is high compared to other cookies. Given how little the cookies are, that’s a lot.

Since sugar is well known for its numerous health risks, including increased inflammation, a higher chance of obesity, and type 2 diabetes, the issues here hardly need to be explained.

Although figs naturally contain a lot of sugar, inverted sugar, and corn syrup, it also includes extra sugar added to make up about two-thirds of the sugar in Fig Newtons.

Along with the naturally existing sugar in figs, there are now three different forms of sugar. Seriously. You don’t need that at all.

·        Fig netwons are high in carbs

Fig Newton’s high carbohydrate content is hardly surprising, given how much sugar they contain.

Each serving of the original version has 21 grams of carbohydrates. That translates to a cookie with more than 10 grams of carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates can benefit nutrient-dense foods like vegetables, grains, and legumes.

However, it is not true of the carbohydrates found in highly processed foods.

These carbohydrates frequently lead to a plethora of issues, raising your chance for some diseases as well as weight gain.

Fig Newtons are a terrible choice for keto diets and people with diabetes due to their high carb content.

It’s interesting to note that figs’ high fiber content may benefit people with diabetes.

Contrary to popular belief, Fig Newtons contain substantially less fiber and significantly more sugar per serving.

Should You Avoid Fig Newtons? Are fig newtons healthy?

Fig Newtons are ultimately a highly manufactured food with scant redeeming qualities. Even the whole grain variety has a low fiber content and a high sugar content.

The figs may provide some vitamins and antioxidants, but this is hardly a justification to eat the cookies.

By adhering to fresh figs instead of Fig Newtons, you’d experience many more advantages.

If you still enjoy Fig Newtons despite the mentioned issues, you don’t have to avoid them but rather take them in moderation.

Even if you include specifically processed and much fewer foods in your diet, you can still maintain good health and a fulfilling life. The secret is to be mindful of your diet and portion sizes.

Instead of eating through the entire packet in a few days, doing so might mean occasionally enjoying two Fig Newtons.

Final Thought

Are fig newtons healthy? Fig Newtons are a portion of processed food that is low in nutrients and high in added sugar and carbohydrates.

Please never consider fig newtons to be healthy, though you might be able to enjoy one or two occasions as a pleasure. They aren’t.

Also, remember that fig Newtons will never provide the same advantages as figs. They are overly processed, have too much sugar, and give very little fiber.

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