Blaux Portable AC

The Blaux Portable AC review (Why it Remained the No.1 for summer)

Blaux Portable AC reviews: Climate is changing. Winter is not as cold as it was, and summer is getting hotter. In fact, in most areas, the heat is unbearable. While the environmentalists are trying to get the cooperation of countries to ensure the preservation of climate, the question that arises is; how to be comfortable in this scorching season? When talking about getting comfortable in hot seasons, we are talking about getting cool and refreshing air sources. And not just getting a source of cool and refreshing air, but on a steady basis.

At the forefront of this steady source of cool and refreshing air are portable Air Conditioners. These devices are literary, messiahs, lifesavers. Their exciting advantages and features make for an exciting summer experience.

In these portable air conditioners, placed at the higher pedestal, is the BLAUX PORTABLE AC. From records, testimonies and reviews, it has been proven that the Blaux portable AC is one of the best sources of cool and refreshed air. The numbers never lie, and the case of the Blaux portable AC is not an exception. This product is king at delivering maximum superb comfort in scorching seasons.
The question that may come to your mind on seen the headline is; WHAT IS A BLAUX PORTABLE AC?

What is Blaux Portable Air Conditioner?

Blaux Portable AC reviews
Blaux Portable AC

The Blaux Portable Air Conditioner is a small device, a mini desktop portable air conditioner designed to provide cool air and refreshing the “room air.” It is a mobile device that can serve as an air refresher and a source of cool air. The blaux portable AC is designed to be a significant provider of comfort to customers, anytime and anywhere. The blaux portable AC is an energy-saving device that comprises features and significant parts that make for an effective cooling system. Due to these reasons, the blaux portable AC is one of the best cooling devices in the world.

The Blaux Portable Air Conditioner rising brands when it comes to portable air conditioners. A well-designed product, the blaux portable AC has climbed the number one sport when it comes portable air conditioner. A product of one of the most trustable brands, BLAUX, the blaux portable air conditioner contains world-class features which have crowned it king.

Features of the Blaux Portable AC Reviews

  1. Ability to regulate cool air and/or switched to a regular fan: The blaux AC contains a unique feature of being an air conditioner, which dispenses a cool breeze to drop the room temperature to the level stipulated by the user. Added to this, the blaux portable AC can be switched to a regular fan. This adaptability feature makes for the optimal use of the blaux portable AC in any weather condition by the user. The blaux portable AC was designed to serve customers; to give them maximum comfort; this is the reason for the presence of this feature.
  2. A fast cooling system: The blaux AC review is designed by its manufacturers to release a cool breeze really fast. I mean a record time quickly. The AC is programmed in such a way that within thirty seconds, it dispenses 2.7m/s of really cool and an utmost refreshing breeze. The system of blaux portable AC is manufactured to be a rapid cooling device. To this end, the product is one of the fastest, if not the fastest, cooling conditioner.
  3. Type C charging port: An essential feature of the blaux portable AC is the USB-C charger, which is commonly called a type c charger. This recent USB connector is straightforward to use, and it is more potent than other USB types. It is used to charge the blaux AC quickly. Thus, within minutes, the blaux portable AC is fully charged and ready for optimum use.
  4. Big rechargeable 200mAH battery: A very crucial feature of the blaux portable device is its battery attributes. Not only is it rechargeable, but it is also prominent in capacity (200MAH). The part of it being rechargeable entails a cooling system that can be boosted wherever and whenever. It could be charging while providing maximum comfort. All you need to do is ensure it is plugged into an energy outlet. And should there be any reason why the blaux AC review is not plugged into an energy outlet, this feature makes it possible for it (the blaux portable AC) to dispense cool breeze while it harnesses already stored energy in the battery cells. The effect of a 200MAH is an easy charging battery and long hours of cooling without an energy outlet. Therefore, a blaux portable AC makes for fast charge and long hours of cooling without an energy outlet. Amazing!
  5. Three fan speed: No doubt the blaux AC is designed not only to give maximum comfort to the user but also to serve them. For this reason, the product contains a three-level of fan speed which could be increased or reduced, depending on the wanting of the user. These three-level of speed exist thus, from a minimum level to the maximum level and finally the extra-maximum level.
  6. Big tank capacity: The ability of a portable air conditioner to generate cool and refreshing air is tied down to the presence of water in the system. Therefore, the blaux portable AC review makes use of water to dispense cool and refreshing air. Thus, it contains a large tank capacity aimed for storing water for the provision of optimum comfort for the user. With a tank capacity of 300 ml, the blaux portable AC is a certified beast in ensuring cool refreshing air.
  7. Portability: The small size of the blaux portable AC review is one of the key features of the product. This feature is in the name of the product. The whole essence of the blaux portable AC is to provide maximum comfort to the user, anytime and anywhere. Thus, what better way to achieve this but to ensure that individuals can carry this device around. As a result, the blaux portable AC is small to ensure that it can be mobile anytime the user requires it.
  8. Durability: The blaux portable AC review is a long-serving cooling system. An average blaux portable AC lasts for six months, with no hassles of maintenance and other miscellaneous expenses such as repairs. Also, the battery of the blaux portable AC is very much durable, ensuring a consistent generation of refreshing and cool air for the user.
  9. Low noise: Most air conditioners make noise, portable or otherwise. However, this is not the case with the blaux portable AC. There are no external sounds that will affect your focus and make you lose concentration. Without seeing it, no one will probably know that the blaux portable AC is there. It is that quiet: no loud humming sound or fan rotation, just quiet with maximum comfort.
  10. Energy-saving: Probably top of the list of the numerous features of the blaux portable AC is that it saves energy. Its design makes it possible to conserve energy and therefore slash the electricity bill by a considerable amount.
  11. Affordable: The blaux AC reviews are cheap in every way, from money spent on it to the fact that it does not spike the electricity bills. The blaux portable AC is affordable by almost all and sundry. These amazing features are what endear the blaux portable AC to the users. The technologies used by the manufacturers are remarkable, giving the blaux portable air conditioner super excellent capabilities, with the sole aim of providing maximum comfort to its user, anytime and anywhere. And this it does and is doing.
  12. Small Area cooler (For PERSONAL USE): The blaux portable AC review is not designed to cool a wide area. It is meant for personal spaces. Thus, to enjoy the optimum effect of the blaux portable AC, you have to limit the area’s size. The primary feature of the blaux portable AC is personal use. So, wanting the product to cool an entire hall or apartment is like expecting a fire to catch under the rain.
  13. Adjustable Louvers: The blaux AC features air filter technology like adjustable louvers. The blaux portable AC contains adjustable louvers. These are blades that could either be closed or opened in order to protect air going in or coming out. One of the intermediate functions of the blaux portable AC is to produce refreshed air, thus, the presence of the feature; adjustable louvers which filter the air and then make a very refined air.
  14. Sleek Design: The aesthetics design of the Blaux AC is yet another key feature worthy of note. The blaux portable AC does not fail in this category. Comprising of a sleek outside compartment, the blaux portable AC reflects sheer beauty.
  15. Mood Lighting: The blaux AC has a unique feature which is mood lighting. This feature enables the user to change the light to any color of his choice. As in the name; “mood lights,” the user can be able to change the light to one which reflects his current mood or desire. This brings about intimacy, a cool room to your taste, as well as lighting to your taste.

The exciting features exhibited and annexed into the product, the blaux portable AC has produced some exciting advantages which have endeared the blaux portable AC to probably all and sundry. Let us now talk a little on the Pros (Benefits) of this product to consumers.

Benefits of the Blaux Portable AC to consumers

  • The Blaux speed: One of the exciting advantages of the blaux portable AC is its speed in dispensing cool air. What customers want when they put on an air conditioner is that they get comfortable as quickly as possible. This was how the blaux portable AC was designed to be. It dispenses 2.7m/s of not only cool air but also a refreshed air. Thus, in seconds, maximum in minutes, the whole room temperature will be cold. And the customer gets comfortable very quickly. This, no doubt, is a record-breaking advantage.
  • Ability to save energy: Everyone wants a product that saves energy. Nobody wants to spend a lot on the electricity bill. Most countries have high electricity bill rates, which is scary. Thus, the whole advantage of the blaux portable AC being an energy-saving air conditioner is a lifesaver and, as such, led to the record sales of the product. The blaux portable AC is designed to deliver comfort at a very low energy-consuming mode. Most people have denied themselves the comfort of using air conditioners because they hike electricity bills. However, since the emergence of the blaux portable AC, such individuals can get comfy without worries. It is no doubt that the blaux portable AC is nothing like the regular air conditioner. It is definitely more.
  • Very Portable in shape: Imagine carrying comfort and succor around you. That you are not perturbed because you have the ultimate weapon, where anytime and anywhere you can have access to a cool and refreshing environment. This is what the blaux portable AC is renowned for. It cools your personal space. It makes it your heaven. It gives an effect such that; if for any reason you had to exit the area which the blaux portable AC is cooling, you will ensure you be done quickly with what you are doing and return.

    A blaux portable AC weighs less than two pounds (that is when it is unfilled with water) and only 7 inches (18cm). And it comes with its carry handle, which makes it easily mobile. You bring the cold with you whenever and wherever. As such, the blaux portable AC can be used anywhere, be it the office, school, at home, and so on. This is one of the reasons why people crave the blaux portable AC.
  • Strong and Durable: The durability of a product is a very key advantage. It is what individuals look out for when they are buying. And in this aspect, the blaux portable AC is not found wanting. The life span of the blaux portable AC is a welcomed advantage. As stated earlier, an original blaux portable AC can last for more than six months. The exciting thing here is that it is not a less quality product that gets spoilt. Thus, in those six months, you will not need to make repairs. The money spent on the purchase of the blaux portable AC is very much worth it. No regrets, no had I known.
  • Very cheap: The product is affordable in every way. That is to say, to get a piece of the blaux portable AC is not expensive. It was not designed to be a privilege of the rich; rather, it was intended to be a “blessing” in every way to everyone, both the rich and the poor. So the thoughts that the blaux portable AC is definitely beyond your pockets should be killed immediately. This is because, according to the official sales page of the blaux portable AC company, the company placed the product very cheap for your maximum comfort without throwing tons of money.

    Apart from this, the blaux portable AC is very much cheap to maintain. No need to waste tons of money on repairs; this is due to its durability. This is very much an effective advantage. Also, almost everyone is scared of how the bill piles up during the use of a regular AC. Then comes the saviour, the blaux portable AC, which provides maximum comfort at very cheap rates. Is this a major advantage of the blaux portable AC? Certainly, YES! To understand the affordability and cheapness that comes with using a blaux air conditioner, have at the back of your mind that in heat/summer conditions, one uses an air conditioner from morning tonight. So you could calculate the bill if you were using a very high tariff-consuming air conditioner.
  • Low Noise: A regular AC is known for its trademark noise, the humming sound. This is a dent in the use of a regular air conditioner. The blaux portable air conditioner, however, is as silent as the grave. This encourages focus and concentration, especially in the workplace, as well as ensures the smooth flow of sleep. As such, this also a core benefit geared from the use of the blaux portable AC.
  • Multi-Purpose: the blaux portable air conditioner can serve as a conditioner and fan. This very function encourages a multipurpose air conditioner. This is an advantage because the needs of the user are satisfied in every way; should they want intense or mild cold, the blaux portable AC can deliver effectively without hassles. It also serves as a humidifier which not only refreshes the room air. Thus, dry air is sucked, and fresh cool air is provided. This is a great benefit for you as a consumer.
  • Large Capacity Battery and Water Tank: Another core benefit of using the blaux portable AC is its large capacity, battery, and water tank. These are massive advantages. A long-lasting battery entails prolonged comfort. This is a major advantage, especially in developing countries where electricity is not constant. So, imagine that when there is no electricity, you can still enjoy, feel refreshed, and comfortable. This is awesome.

    The blaux portable air conditioner also has a large tank capacity tank used for storing water. The key element responsible for the blaux portable AC to be able to produce a refreshed air is water. Thus, the more the water capacity, the more of the level of refreshed air released. This has a lasting effect on individuals and has become a verifiable benefit to the use of the blaux portable AC.
  • Rechargeable battery: The mere fact that the blaux portable AC comprises a rechargeable battery is an advantage. This extends the use of the blaux AC, as well as its relevancy. It can be used anywhere and anytime, without the need to connect to electricity, so far it is charged. So imagine you are in a setting that the energy outlets are not any way close to you, and you need to get cool and comfy, then blaux portable AC is available. Combined with its portable nature – the blaux portable AC is a market shocker.
  • Environmental Friendly: This portable AC has no side effects on the environment. It is built with technology that does not produce pollutant that has negative consequences. Also, unlike regular air conditioners, the blaux portable air conditioner does not drip water, thereby causing a nuisance. Its system is built in such a way that the surroundings are not polluted and affected. This is an advantage. Imagine taking it to work, and it is an environmental pollutant. You definitely will not enjoy the blaux portable AC. However, it is not an environmental pollutant. Neither does it make use of any chemical like Freon, for example; it only needs water which it ensures does not spill around.
  • Sleek and Beautiful Design: The blaux portable AC is sleek as it is effective. The aesthetics of this product draws the user in mass. Everyone wants something beautiful, especially one that they will be parading around. And the blaux portable AC does not lack in this aspect. It has a very beautiful outlook that draws the eyes to the product.

    Apart from the blaux portable air conditioner looking sleek, it is very effective. No doubts that with all the features of the product, it is effective. It cools the designated size environment; this it does well. It ensures that dry air is sucked and replace with fresh air (i.e., the role of the humidifier). You do not have to worry about a case of all hype and no performance. This is because it is a certified benefit that the blaux portable air conditioner is very much effective in all cylinders.
  • Easy to Install and Use: No one wants to buy a product that is complicated to use and install. To this end, a benefit to the use of the blaux portable AC is how easy to use. No many buttons and all that. It is straightforward to set up.
  • User-Oriented: The blaux portable air conditioner is designed to serve you, the user. As such, every feature of the blaux portable AC was created and put in place to give you an optimum level (emphasis on optimum) of comfort and satisfaction. This is the most significant advantage to the use of the blaux portable AC, as all your desire for a cool atmosphere will be made a reality at the slightest command given to portable AC.

How does the Blaux Portable AC work?

Seeing from the trends on for years now, this product is the king in the market, and to enjoy the product fully, one has to understand how it operates.

Blaux Portable AC review
How to operate the Blaux Portable AC

A blaux portable AC makes use of the lithium battery, which is a set of electrically charged batteries present in most portable devices. This lithium battery is rechargeable. The blaux portable AC also makes use of a USB type C cable.

The blaux portable AC reviews operate via the principle known as thermoelectric cooling – a process that makes the surrounding environment cooler. To give maximum comfort, the blaux portable AC makes use of two currents; AC and DC electric currents. One of the currents remains at room temperature while the other cools down the surrounding environment, temperate to a really cold level.

The blaux portable AC interacts with surrounding atmospheric air, intending to ensure a cool surrounding. Thus, as the air passes through the blaux portable air conditioner vent, it cools it down and then releases back into the atmosphere, a fresher and cooler air.

As stated earlier, the blaux portable AC cools a surrounding environment at the speed of 2.7m/s. To ensure it is working well, endeavor to charge the air cooler and switch it on. This helps with the durability as a fully charged battery of the blaux portable AC increases the lifespan.

Furthermore, to get a refreshed air, pour the water in the given tank 300ml tank within the air conditioner. After you have done that, adjust the water shades (i.e., curtains) and turn them on. Having turned it on, the blaux portable AC has two holes by which it blows air. One such hole is used to clear the dirt and stuffy air in the surrounding environment, while the others blow a refreshed and already cooled air into the surrounding environment.

The process as to how the blaux portable AC works is not in any way complex, and neither is its daily operation. And as such, the blaux portable AC, as well as most portable air conditioners, are fast becoming alternatives to the regular AC.

Is the blaux portable ac as an alternative to regular air conditioners?

Back then, regular air conditioners were regarded as the savior of mankind from terrible hot conditions. However, with the emergence of portable air conditioners, especially the blaux portable AC, the regular air conditioners are fast retiring. Why would they not be heading for extinction? The modern features present in the blaux portable AC make individuals crave it.

In terms of energy saving, regular air conditioners are large consumers of energy. At the end of an intense summer period, the electricity bill is literarily over the roof. However, the blaux portable AC is an energy saver. It has been tagged maximum comfort for minimum cost. You do not have to worry about the bills piling up. For this reason, people are rushing for the blaux portable AC over regular air conditioners.

Also, the portability of the blaux portable AC gives it an edge over the regular air conditioners. The fact that you can carry comfortably with you all around is an incentive for craving the blaux portable AC. However, the regular air conditioner is not portable, and this does not bode well with most persons. So, they go for the portable blaux AC.

Furthermore, in the aspect of noise-making, everyone knows that a regular trademark noise is the “humming sound,” which disturbs sleep as well as focus and concentration in the office. This is not the case of the blaux portable AC; its quiet operation, no loud noise, which encourages sleep and concentration, serves as an incentive for individuals to choose the blaux portable AC over regular air conditioners.

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There are probably a thousand and one reasons why the blaux portable AC is an alternative to regular air conditioners. Is it durability, multipurpose functions, affordability, and so on? The blaux portable AC tops the standard air conditioners in all aspects. And this endears it to the hearts of individuals.

Apart from the fact that blaux portable AC is a better choice over the regular air conditioners, it has been certified as the top leading selling portable AC currently specialists. Thus, what makes the blaux portable AC the best over other portable air conditioners is in the user reviews.

Why is the Blaux Portable AC King Over Other Portable Air conditioners?

The blaux portable AC is currently the king in the domain of portable air conditioners, no doubt. The reason is not farfetched; the blaux portable AC possesses unique features which give it an edge over other portable air conditioners. Some of the reasons are thus;

Firstly, the humidifier technology present in almost portable air conditioners is very much different in the case of the blaux portable AC. It is designed to sniff out stuffy and dry air from a surrounding environment and replace it with a refreshed air. It also takes care of your allergies, such as dry air, stuffed sinuses, and dry skin, making you feel better. The same cannot be said for other portable conditioners.

Secondly, the blaux portable AC possesses cutting-edge technology, which gives it an edge over other portable AC. For instance, the mini USB air conditioner cooling fan is not rechargeable. This, of course, is a disadvantage as the blaux portable AC is rechargeable and therefore makes for optimum comfort.

Blaux Portable Ac reviews
Blaux Portable Ac reviews

Also, the LEMAITEH portable air conditioner stays only for 3-5 hours after intense charge, whereas the blaux portable AC lasts for 8 hours straight after solemn charge.

Finally, the blaux portable AC comes from a trustable brand, BLAUX, renowned for a quality product. They have had their name written in the sands of time regarding providing the weapons for beating extreme heat conditions.

blaux portable AC review Consumer reports

Video: Blaux portable AC reviews

Why buy a blaux portable AC? There is no better way to prove the quality and sheer awesomeness of a product than reviews and testimonies. And in the case of the blaux portable AC, there are a lot of reviews from customers and consumer reports. This shows why you should buy this product.

Here are what users (both consumers and customers) are saying about the blaux portable air conditioner

Anita from Kenya says, “ever since I got a blaux portable AC, I have been able to beat extreme summers. Maximum comfort at home; maximum comfort at home; I love this product!”

Davies from Ohio, USA reports, “very easy to install, very easy to use, the blaux portable AC cools your personal space, giving you maximum comfort.”

“I need not worry about the bills at the end of the summer period. All thanks to the blaux portable AC,” Emmanuelle from Hawaii says.

There are a lot of reviews and testimonies on the amazing nature of the blaux portable AC both on the company’s official website, Amazon websites as well as other online stores. This goes a long way to prove that the blaux portable AC has been confirmed tested and trusted. Here are more of the consumer reviews:

Fast delivery, thank you, for that. Keeps me very cool in my home office and I love the fact that I can be chilling while my husband likes it hotter.

Carmen W. Toms River, NJ

This is a space saving device. Sits on any desktop and very small, but produces clean cold wind. I love the fact that it has a special water filter. That is a big plus to have clean air.

Heather M. Bakersfield, CA

This unit is amazing. I use it to cool my work space because I have a desktop and notebook and two monitors. It just gets too hot, but the Blaux Portable AC does the trick.

Jason L. Hempstead, NY

Blaux Portable AC on Amazon

You ask, can I buy the blaux Portable AC on Amazon? The answer is a “YES”! but why would you prefer to go through a third party store while you can directly buy from the company’s website at

If you would prefer to check out other company’s portable air conditioners on Amazon, Click on this link to see lists of all best rated portable ACs on Amazon

How much is Blaux Portable AC?

The Blaux portable air conditioner is sold in different price ranges depending on the pack. Although the product is made affordable to an average earner, the more pack of the product you purchase makes it, even more, cheaper as if one is buying as a retail seller.

  • 1 Blaux Portable AC (Personal Cool Pack): Sold for $192.29.
  • 2 Blaux Portable AC (Too Cool Pack): Sold for $384.58
  • 3 Blaux Portable AC (Three’s Company Pack): Sold for $576.88
  • 4 Blaux Portable AC (Mega Cool Pack): Sold for $769.17
  • For EXTRA bulk Purchases: Request a custom offer from Strong Current Enterprises Limited (The company)

Beat the actual price (TODAY SPECIAL OFFER) – Click here to get up to 50% price slash down on the Blaux AC from the company’s official store.

Which company produces the Blaux Portable AC?

If you are looking for more information on Blaux portable AC, customers reviews and consumer reports, returns or you want to have a bulk purchase deal with the Blaux company, here are their contact details:

blaux portable ac
Buy the Blaux Portable AC today at 50% discount
  • BLAUX COMPANY NAME: Strong Current Enterprises Limited
  • BLAUX COMPANY OFFICE ADDRESS: 68308, G/F Kowloon East Building, 12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong.
  • BLAUX COMPANY EMAIL: [email protected]
    • North America (toll-free): 844 846 5344
    • United Kingdom & Ireland: 03308 082207
    • Australia & New Zealand: (08) 7282 2012


This blaux portable Ac reviews why it is a near-perfect device designed to deliver maximum comfort to its user. It is no wonder why the product is currently topping sales in the category of portable air conditioners, especially during summer every year.

The Blaux company “Strong Current Enterprises Limited” has offered 30 days money-back guarantee on the purchase of blaux portable ac; so this gives you an assurance that your money is safe while you want to try out this awesome air conditioner. After purchase and you don’t feel satisfied, use their above contact details to create a refund ticket.

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