BlackOps Tactical Watch Review

BlackOps Tactical Watch Review (2022)

Among all the tactical watches in the market, how do you know which one to choose?

BlackOps Tactical Watch claims to be a unique tactical watch that combines affordability and functionality in one timepiece.

Is it true? Is BlackOps Tactical Watch Scam or Real? Should You Buy BlackOps Tactical Survival Watch?

Are you getting a great deal by purchasing this tactical watch, or should you spend your money on something else?

You can find out the truth by reading our BlackOps Tactical Watch Review.

Let’s dive in.

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Tactical Survival Watch

(BlackOps tactical watch review)

When you find yourself in a survival situation, you’re probably worried about drinking water, eating food, and getting somewhere to sleep. But what about a survival watch?

It is necessary to pack and be an essential part of a survival kit. Sure, they can be helpful when it comes to daily routine and make finding your way when you’re lost.

Comes to roughing it through tough challenges, gritting your teeth, and powering through is what makes you a survivalist.

And when it comes to versatile, rugged, and easy-to-wear gear that helps you make the right tactical decisions, nothing beats the survival watch.

With so many technological advancements, it is easy to think of survival-oriented gadgets for outdoor activities. A survival watch, for example, is widespread.

Advanced smartwatches now contain a more comprehensive range of features than ever before.

Among other tactical survival watch out there is BlackOps 21-in-1 Tactical Survival Watch.

BlackOps tactical survival watch review

This tactical watch includes everything you need like a compass, whistle, cigarette lighter, fire starter, magnifying glass, wire saw, luminous dots, and much more for outdoor use.

There is no need to bring all survival tools with you. It is a perfect companion for various outdoor activities, including travel, camping, mountain climbing, and hunting.

Whether you miss your way in the desert, a jungle, snowy mountain terrain, or a wilderness, you’ll be alright if you stay calm and keep yourself grounded. The whistle and compass of a tactical survival watch can assist you in finding your way back to safety.

Also, if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere with your friends, you can easily blow the whistle (in your tactical survival watch) to make your friends find your precise location quicker.

And also, your friends who own the same survival watch can choose to respond to you by whistling as well.

BlackOps Tactical Watch also has a military-style look with its fashion sense and an appealing feeling when worn. The case is constructed of high-quality hard ABS plastic, with a stainless steel bottom cover to ensure durability and protection against the outdoor elements.

Designing this BlackOps tactical survival watch was challenging for the manufacturer (I guess) since they had to pack in all the essentials for an outdoor situation and make them compact enough for easy carry.

In addition to hunting, fishing, hiking, kayaking, and camping, there are a whopping 23 excellent functions perfect for meeting your needs, and its clean, sophisticated look suits all types of settings.

What is BlackOps Tactical Watch?

(BlackOps tactical watch review)

BlackOps Tactical Watch is an exceptionally sturdy waterproof tactical watch made of military-grade materials, with features not limited to telling time.

blackops tactical watch

The tactical watch is not just to tell you what time and day it is but also has features everyone would appreciate, especially if you’re a fan of outdoor activities or a survivalist.

It is necessary to have a tactical watch during your most strenuous periods, and having one ensures that you’ll have all of your needs met and that you’re safe.

Multi-functional tactical watches like BlackOps are rare to find.

Apart from the traditional watch, many wristwatches do not include practical tools such as a compass, firestarter, safety whistle, LED light, paracord, bottle opener, screwdriver, and a T-shape knife.

However, these are all available inside the BlackOps tactical watch, which is surprising.

BlackOps Watch features

BlackOps tactical watch claims to have a 21 in 1 feature: a compass, thermometer, time dual display, paracord, bicycle banner, fire starter, tool card, survival whistle, SOS led light, card pin, bottle, and bottle opener, etc.

Let’s explore the features below

Features of BlackOps Tactical Watch Review

Tactical watches aren’t just for soldiers and severe outdoor adventurers; a survival watch is vital for outdoor recreation—whether your preferred hobby is fishing, hiking, camping, rock climbing, or one of many outdoor sports.

The following are the features available in the BlackOps Tactical Survival Watch

Fire Starter

Fire is life for all survivalists. A fire starter is a must-have for survivors looking to start a fire under any weather conditions, especially extreme ones.

Thankfully, there is a fire starter built into the BlackOps tactical watch for you to start fires even in wet rainy, and undesirable conditions.

Military-Grade Waterproof

BlackOps tactical watch is a design made by military team veterans, so you can be sure that it’s both durable and dependable.

The watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters, which is pretty cool. And you don’t have to worry about getting caught in even bad weather without your watch.

T-Shape Knife

This black ops watch includes a removable, sharp-edged T-shape knife that you can use as a blade or a screwdriver.

Timekeeping features

BlackOps tactical watch, like any other tactical watch, has all the timekeeping features you will ever need, including alarms, stopwatch, calendar, countdown timer, and much more.

Two years of battery life

Another great feature of the BlackOps Tactical watch is its 2-year extra-long battery life. So you don’t have to worry about changing your tactical watch battery every 6-months.


Your BlackOps tactical watch can be your compass to give you directions if you meet yourself in an unfamiliar location or place. You can rely on Blackops watch to lead you back home.

The tactical watch has a rotating bezel (you will find it around the face of the watch). This rotating bezel will show the cardinal directions for you.


The BlackOps Survival watch comes equipped with a thermometer to help you monitor sudden temperature changes.

The thermometer can help you understand the temperature rating of your gear; if your sleeping bag claims to work at 20° Fahrenheit, but you’re cold in it at 40°, the thermometer on your watch may tell you it’s time for a different sleeping bag.

Safety Whistle

Safety whistles can signal to others around you that you need help and will assist search and rescue teams locating you if you are lost. The BlackOps watch has a detachable safety whistle to use when seeking help from your friends or nearby people.


Having a BlackOps watch is almost like having a Swiss Army knife built into your watch! The tool card has been crafted scraper, bottle opener, saw blade, wrench, bike banners, and a hexagon spanner.

LED light

LED light is very bright and can illuminate the darkest night. The BlackOps watch has a LED light SOS button that may be used in emergency seeking help.

Paracord Umbrella Rope

The BlackOps watch has a knitted paracord rope over the wrist belt, made of high-quality 550lb paracord, for building tents, setting animal traps, and many other emergencies.

Advantages of Having BlackOps Tactical Watch

If you’re like me, you don’t have any interest in spending $200 on a watch that only tells time. Fortunately, there are other selections for people looking for tactical watches that don’t break the bank.

But what purpose does a survival watch serve exactly?

We pay close attention to time, so many times each day. In a way, our daily lives are virtually defined by it. When we can’t pay attention to our devices, we are left in suspense to find out what time it is.

If we want to maintain our schedules and be productive, it’s important that we watch our time.

This doesn’t negate the need to tell the time in a scenario, which often leads to the perception that your life depends on how well you can keep track of time.

Having a high-quality survival watch is a great idea if you want to complete these tasks.

The BlackOps watch is built with Survivalist in mind

BlackOps tactical watch is built with Survivalist in mind, including a variety of tools that every survivalist needs like a compass, thermometer, safety whistle, paracord, and emergency LED light.

The watch is a perfect companion

This watch has all of these things, plus it’s a companion that is easy to carry and easy to carry in all circumstances.

The BlackOps Tactical Watch itself is splashproof, but you might need a more waterproof option if you’re scuba diving. It also has an adjustable wristband length, and one size fits most wrists. I can tell you that it’s comfortable on my wrist and doesn’t feel awkward.

Whether climbing a mountain or in a tight spot, this watch will be your sidekick in these challenging times.

BlackOps Tactical Watch Review Pricing

These are the available pricing and packages for the BlackOps Tactical Watch

Note: These discount prices are valid as of the day of publishing this BlackOps tactical watch review. Click here to visit the BlackOps 21-in-1 Tactical Survival Watch official store to verify if this discount price is still working before purchasing the product.

Also, you cannot buy this product anywhere other than the manufacturer’s website (directly). Do not pay any vendors claiming to have this product. Here is the official company website.

How to Buy BlackOps Watch

Follow this step by step guide to buy your BlackOps tactical smartwatch

Step 1: Go to the website and select the watch you like to buy

BlackOps Tactical Watch Package

Step 2: Fill in your information

BlackOps tactical watch customer information

You need to fill in your information (name, email address, and phone number). The information you provide will be what the company will use to send your order. So you want to make sure you cross-check the data (email especially) before moving to the next step.

Step 3: Enter your Deliver address

BlackOps tactical survival watch shipping

Here you need to enter the address you like to receive your package. These include filling in your country name, town/city, house and apartment number, state or province, and zip code.

Filling a wrong delivery address may result in your package not arriving. So make sure your delivery address is correct.

Step 4: Make your payment

BlackOps watch payment

The last and final step to complete the purchase is to make your payment. You can pay for your tactical survival watch by using your credit card. So, fill in your card information and click “Proceed with payment” to place the order.

Depending on your location (country), your order should arrive between 10-18 days at your delivery address.

blackops tactical watch review


By ordering for BlackOps 21-in-1 tactical survival watch today, you can enjoy free shipping. Or you can pay $9 shipping tomorrow.

Final Verdict

Whether going hiking, camping, participating in sports, or finding yourself in an emergency, a high-quality survival watch can be priceless regardless of your outdoor activities.

Even if you wouldn’t typically find this item among your interests, a survival watch should be a part of all survival kits.

With natural disasters such as tornadoes and earthquakes becoming more common, it’s imperative to be prepared with gadgets and accessories to help survive. All these survival and navigational tools are at your fingertips, and with them, you might have a better chance of survival.

Based on our research on the BlackOps Tactical Watch review, we have found that the BlackOps Tactical watch IS NOT a scam.

Here’s a consumer review on BlackOps Tactical Survival Watch.

BlackOps tactical watch consumer review

It is an excellent tactical watch for survivalists, which is perfect for any form of leisure, such as animal watching, camping, and security, and it’s also a perfect companion anywhere you are.

If you are like me, who want a high-quality watch at a relatively low price; you can consider the BlackOps Tactical Watch feels. With an exclusive 50% discount, you can get the watch for just $79.99 today. Time to accompany you in your adventures or provide crucial assistance if and when needed with BlackOps 21-in-1 Tactical Watch.

BlackOps Tactical Watch FAQ

What Is The BlackOps Tactical Watch?

The BlackOps tactical watch is a built-to-last from military-grade materials and is suitable for any situation. Perfectly fit for outdoor adventures, mountaineering, climbing, military exercises, and camping. And, of course, it looks great on your wrist to use in everyday life.

How Much Does BlackOps Tactical Watch Cost?

The BlackOps Tactical Watch costs $79.99 (if you order for 1) and $66.66 per 1 (if you order for 3), which seems pretty affordable and a pocket-friendly price than a high-quality tactical watch that costs around $159 or $400.

What does the BlackOps Watch 21-In-1 include?

The BlackOps tactical watch includes SOS led light, paracord, dual time display, fire starter, survival whistle, bottle opener, a compass, thermometer, card pin, bicycle banner, compass, tool card, etc.

If you like exploring in the wild (like me), you will face different difficulties every time; however, the BlackOps tactical watch will help you anywhere you go.

The BlackOps watch is safe and helpful for survivalists with over twenty-one powerful high-quality features and multi-functional functions.

How long is the delivery period?

The delivery period of the products is a maximum of 15 business days from the conclusion of the contract, but typically 10 business days on average.

For more information about your shipping and the delivery time, click here

Is the BlackOps tactical watch waterproof?

Yes, the BlackOps watch is very suitable for diving. It is 5ATM waterproof, which means it can go up to 50 meters deep in the water.

How long does the BlackOps watch battery last?

The BlackOps Tactical watch battery can last for two years, extra-long battery life for a watch.

Are there small sizes?

The BlackOps watch comes with a magic sticker that makes it adjustable and expands to fit any wrist size. The watch has adjustable wristband lengths varying between 10.24 to 11.02 inches, and these sizes can accommodate any wrist.

If you have any other questions, visit the website or contact the manufacturer.

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